Nine European Soccer Leagues Combine Media Rights Into One Central Package

Nine European Soccer Leagues Combine Media Rights Into One Central Package


Finally the world will get to witness Norwegian football


Likely OneSoccer if anything... I'm hoping ESPN+ here in the states.


Ugh, OneSoccer, I hate that they have the Canadian National team rights, awful announcing. But, maybe this would make them up their game. None of their current crop would know shit about second tier leagues to a level that'll raise interest.


No way would One Soccer do their own announcing of these games. They'd just grab the English feed that's being broadcast in the UK or whatever.


EFL player in UK used to just stream games without commentary, I assume this will be the same.


I couldn't see another Canadian broadcaster picking it up is the issue. Especially when they're dropping leagues to OS regularly.


OneSoccer would probably also offer Canadian Premier League media rights to broadcasters in those 9 countries in some sort of deal. It'd be a win-win for both parties


Just in case you were wondering what the nine leagues are, since they buried it in the article: The nine leagues included in the package are the top domestic circuits in Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Iceland, Latvia and Kazakhstan


I wonder if more will come on the list. The rest of Scandinavia, Portugal, Eastern Europe in general, central asia, even the middle east, could all afford to join in, and it would make it a killer package for any broadcaster.


I’d love for a Canadian broadcaster to pick this up


Paramount+ or ESPN+ seems like the natural place for this package to end up. As a subscriber of the former and not the latter, my loyalties are obviously set.


I get the latter through my phone plan, so I'm hoping it's going to be the former so I have a real reason to pick it up.


Paramount+ is an absolute goldmine of a streaming service. Their Nick catalog alone is well worth the $5/mon price. Viacom CBS needs to properly market this. Especially the addition of the EPIX catalog last week makes this a pretty well-rounded package.


My main issue is that I'm not really into watching old Nickelodeon shows, and that does seem to be a lot of what they're offering at the moment. Beyond football of course.


If you don't prefer Nick, there's also a treasure trove of Comedy Central, MTV, and CBS classics as well. It's also the home of new Star Trek which is another big selling point to some.


Time to relive ‘Salute Your Shorts. “


Seems like a natural for ESPN+ in the US. Maybe Paramount Plus but I’m thinking it’s a bit too niche for them.


Really crying out for espn, especially because Northern Ireland totally works with what they currently have with UK rights. They just need Wales if they get this.


Also helps fills the ESPN+ hole they have in the Nordic countries (already broadcast Sweden and Denmark)




A good idea in the current TV market, especially streaming apps. I love what ESPN+ and Paramount +, adding so many leagues for a fraction of the price of cable.


I wonder how they’re distributing the proceeds. Too many leagues let the big teams take the lions share of the money (they often get to negotiate their own TV rights). Big money buys better players and outs then into contests with more prize money. Good players want to win championships so they are happy to sign - all the forces conspiring to build a few super teams and leave the rest of the league in a different tier. See: Germany and Spain for prime examples (there are many). The British Premiere League doesn’t do this, nor does any US Major league in any sport. That helps keep the leagues competitive to a deeper degree. It’s not a silver bullet, but spreading TV money evenly helps a lot.