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“I didn’t share this initially” “Musk and the government want people to know this” “Please do everything you can to get this video out there” Obvious who he’s working for then


He needs to be careful, or NASA will sue him for 40 trillion.


Why Sue for the salary of the janitor?


Max Spiers talked about this already, and he's dead now.


good luck to them ... a fucked up Earth is still better than living on the moon


Good luck to then


Oh snap, if Alex Jones says it, it MUST be true.


Alex Jones did warn us about 9/11 before it happened, so ya know..


After the first attack in the basement parking garage, there were MANY warnings from the intelligence community. It was carried as a story in MSM.


"They" are always so busy and industrious. I know they are bad but I'm envious of their work ethic and secret keeping skills.


It’s the globalists!!! Lololoool


Who knows if you can even land on the moon


Pre-space race scientists speculated that the moon's surface was made up of incredibly fine sand, making a landing impossible. A rocket would disturb the surface below, creating a pit several meters deep at best. This was obvious mainly due to calculations which demonstrated the disproportionate size of craters relative to their impacting objects. Then, for some reason, once the cold war comes along 99% of documentation on the theory disappears. Makes you think


They also thought it was plasma: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oCNGcbwxWg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oCNGcbwxWg) It's a certainty that the Moon and Sun are local objects and landing on them is an impossibility. NASA is adult science fiction.


Huh? People thought the earth was the center of the universe for hundreds of years, too. Even the government experts are wrong from time to time. This doesn’t prove a thing. The moon can obviously support a space craft or we wouldn’t have been able to land on it. Yes, that happened. Also, how is it possible that aliens have a base there if it can’t support weight? I mean at a certain point all these conspiracies hypothesis (these are by definition not theories) cancel each other out. Release the chains that have enslaved you into believing everyone is out to get you. Use your critical thinking skills and actually play these things out. What’s the end game? Who, how, when why, what. You get evidence or the lack thereof. From there reasonable outcomes can be understood. But without that due diligence, you’re just talking out of your ass.


Trump folks at "the highest level" want this info out there, so of course they choose a guy with zero credibility outside of flat earth circles to disseminate it


Ok so legit question. So they fine this man however much it was, one quadrillion fafillion bucks or whatever. So I just find it hard to believe he didn't have like an LLC or some other instrument with which to ya know limit his liability. I mean sure he said it but its intended to be fucking entertainment regardless of how anyone feels about it. In any case its a show a biz a program. I don't get how his own personal assets are being fined


Liability for personally causing harm.


It stays entertainment only if you’ve got half a brain in your head. Although if you’ve got half a brain in your head I don’t know why you’d find his ramblings entertaining. It’s a Jones paradox. All that said: I hope they burn that mf to the ground.


Alex Jones. The supreme authority in moon buildings! Be carefull or he won t let You go on vacantion in his dark side moon hotel.


This guy has zero credibility. He’s gonna need wolf blitzer to confirm.


Honest question...who actually takes this guy seriously?


Toddler tier theorists


people who have gone so far down the rabbit hole that they don't know how to get out


Isn’t he in prison yet?


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Why do you believe him?


Lies, but there are TONS of pyramids, structures , hell one video even looks like a sphynx , they're so massive it defies our logic. They aren't ours. https://exopolitics.org/first-man-on-moon-dies-along-with-secrets-of-what-he-saw/


Only thing Alex Jones can confirm is that he’s an angry blowhard weakling of a man who preys on naivety and disillusionment to further his aims of spreading disinformation for the almighty dollar. He’s a confidently incorrect bully. Also, who gives a fuck if anyone is building bases on the moon? You suddenly got skin in the mining game?