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There are a lot of posts recently that should be in lateStageCapitalism . I think people are confused about what a conspiracy is, and the decay of humanity.




It’s also not even true. It varies state by state. NY gives 8 weeks. We pay into it through our state taxes. Fathers get it here too. I got like 4 weeks when my son was born.


4 weeks is practically nothing though! 4 weeks your bajingo is still bleeding and swollen and feeling like it’s going to fall out! I couldn’t imagine having to leave my newborn with my fanny feeling like it’s down by my knees and having to go and work.


It is true on a national level, which is what this map is showing. Only 11 US states have some form of paid family leave.


thats like one state. only 11 states total out of 50 have a form of paid family leave


Why do you think there is no paid maternity leave? Could it be due to massive lobbying from corporations (I.e the elite?) Yes.


Isn't the paid maternity leave programs funded by the government In all those social democratic countries?


It’s often a combination of both. In Finland it’s both the government and the employer.


In many yes, not that that is a reason not to do it despite what massive propagandists have trained the public to believe about faux panic about national debt and 'how to pay for it'


We would have 6-8 months in the USA if people were truly "woke". Some places in Europe give 9 months, so asking for 6 isn't asking for too much. They care more about trannies than they do about women's rights. We don't matter to them. We still aren't good enough. Know who your friends are. So many of them are like Charles. So many like Diana. That is a MAN IN A WIG honey boo boo!!!! You make the kids, you get kicked out for a MAN IN A WIG!!!! Still a man, always a man. There is literally a MAN with an English female's crown. An abomination to the British. Its a huge scandal across pay grades and status all over the planet. **Its so huge, ETs are recorded talking about it being a scandal.** Import your men ladies with blackmail to send them back!!!! lol So when they act up, send em back to hence where they came. lol :) We are going to fix this issue one way or another. He goes for the kids, but they ain't his. Thats a good one. Can't take them then, right??? lol


What in God's name is this meant to mean


Guess who gets the longest, highest paid maternity leave? Employees that work at Mondragon, a worker cooperative (decentralized power )where all employees have the power together to fire the boss/manger/ceo. Thanks, ok time to downvote me.


does anyone else remember when Trump was trying to push for a paid maternity leave and didn't response CNN ran articles about why maternity leave was bad?.


Orange man bad






I’m surprised but here it is: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/05/30/opinions/trump-budget-paid-leave-calder-opinion/index.html


> Editor’s Note: Vanessa Brown Calder is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute, where she focuses on social welfare, housing and urban policy. The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. > The Cato Institute is an American libertarian think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C.


I fucking hate CATO




Good catch. Show me when CNN ran an article giving fair play to the opposite view.




The above comment was about if CNN ran such an article, and yes, they did.


Why exercise after you jab is bad for you, why vitamins are bad for you or(insert anything for really good for killing parasites here and you’ll see the main steam new say it’s bad for you) My mums coughing her head off down stairs after having her flu jab but she will tell me until she’s really unwell that it wasn’t the jab but the time of year. Why get any jab if you end up well from the thing that was meant to protect you from it?


I used to get the flu every year when I got my yearly flu shot. Always. I stopped getting the flu shot probably 12 years ago? I’ve been sick maybe 3 times and never as bad.


We need more worker owned businesses. Privately held should of course still be legal but it would make communities so much better if most of the businesses were owned by the people who are working. It would provide better opportunities and more income into these communities instead of funneling it all up to the top where they spend it on God knows what debauchery. After the lockdowns, rampant inflation, and antiwork rhetoric there are many lower paid customer facing jobs sitting unfilled. We can fix this either with a decentralized coop system or we can fix it with robots. Personally I'd prefer the former as living somewhere that you never interact with other people sounds kinda bleak. The other advantage of doing that is it would provide a mechanism for people to actually push back against elites and mega corporations. You know, the things the government is supposed to do for you. Seems like a scam to me.


I’d love to know how many people would agree with this not knowing that this is what actual socialism is.


Hell yeah! Cooperatives are the best. In my opinion, [Syndicalism](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syndicalism) seems to be the best alternative to our failed capitalist system.


Upvotes only, comrade.


Comrade? Fuckin commie....


Define communist.


Someone who doesn't think like I do. Duh. If I don't like them they're a communist or socialist. I figured that was self explanatory. S/


Yup. Alot of maternity leave being paid out in Somalia


Fuck. Time to move to Somalia


The pirates don’t rob them for a few months


I kind of doubt that every single country in Africa has an effective paid maternity leave system.




Because some countries like Somalia almost completely lack a legitimate government


And yet they still have three months paid maternity leave and the U.S does not. A quick google search will show this to be true. [link](https://www.forbes.com/2009/05/04/maternity-leave-laws-forbes-woman-wellbeing-pregnancy.html?sh=5c1970696c3f)


Ever..seen the news, in the last… fifty years? About Somalia…


would 37 billion solve the issue???? because thats what congress is about to give zelensky


Actually that money is going to goof old us military contractors. That money won’t leave the us.


>because thats what congress is about to give zelensky Republicans will vote for aid to Ukraine. They won't vote for mandated maternity leave. Pretty simple.


You must be new here. Why are you still focused on the whole R vs D thing? They're both against the common folk, working classes and only serve their own political elite class. Sure, there's a few outliers on both teams who genuinely have the best interests of the citizenry in mind. But the higher up one climbs the political ladder (local to county to state to national), typically the political individual is less concerned with the well-being of the citizenry and more concerned with selfish interests or serving hidden, secretive agendas and schemes.


What the commenter wrote is true, though. Dems would vote for it, generally, and Reps against it. Are you saying that isn't the case? Or that it is the case, but it's coordinated between the parties?




this thread is about parental leave. a thing most americans want, which one party is overwhelmingly for, and one party is overwhelmingly against... so...


Then why wasn't it done? They had majority in every single section of the government in 2009. They could pass anything they wanted and somehow decided the only thing they wanted to do was break Healthcare worse than it already was. Truth is, neither has the majority for it bc their donors don't want them to do it.


Obamacare has actually been very popular and pretty good which is why Trump didn’t do anything except rename it. Dems did try to pass maternity leave benefits but the Republicans filibustered it which you need a super majority to get a vote through


No no no no. That money is going straight into American mercenary pockets. Don't think for a second American money would go to another place when it could just be redistributed.


You are still whining about that money? Are you aware that money is the best investment in fucking decades? Russias military is depleted, they are politically isolated and their economy has been setback for decades. For what? 50 billion? Cheapest and most effective war ever lol


How was the russian military a threat to the US? Seems like its been 70 years of a nothing burger from them


Title is wrong, map is deceptive. Most businesses in countries with mixed economies like the U.S. offer about 4 weeks.


meanwhile, most countries don't even allow for *unpaid* **paternity** leave.


Doesn't surprise me. We don't get as much paid vacation either. Other countries have dubbed us "The no vacation nation"


> We don't get as much paid vacation either. The US actually has no mandated paid leave at all. The best we have is mandated *unpaid* leave, but who are we kidding with that?


Which makes us all a bunch of bitches. No other country would stand for this


yet they complain about all the loud American's they encounter when travelling.


A lot of responses to american's going on vacation abroad mention them being loud or whatever but usually mention that they tend to be friendly as well. It's just that we tend to stand out amongst other travelers. Like we have 4x the population of Germany and I can guarantee a German going to Belgium or France will probably blend in a bit better than an American.


This is the sort of societal degradation capitalism causes. If republican politicians ever cared about family values they'd support paid maternity and paternity leave


Man I have only noticed the past few years how greedy the US corporation and government are. Health care and medicines are extremely expensive. I seen insulin is like 10x the price of the highest price in Europe. The UK has the NHS with free prescription mostly. Most European countries have similar things in place. But man the US is crazy. The amount of aid they send all round the world and the whole west coast of America is covered in homeless. This money could help that and help mental health. Billions could go to setting up free health care for people on minimum wage and slightly above. I know the aim of a business is to generate profits and pay shareholders dividends etc. But man they could have a bit more compassion towards its own citizens.


Not just a republican, but the supreme “evil man” of the last decade, tried to get maternity leave for federal workers while in office. CNN and MSM ran hit pieces on why maternity leave was not a good thing…


Can you link to those? Curious to read them.


https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/05/30/opinions/trump-budget-paid-leave-calder-opinion/index.html It’s a pretty shitty opinion piece but here you go.


That was the only one I could find as well. The Cato Institute shitting on a progressive idea. Shocked.


It's like an ExxonMobil PR rep writing a hit piece about renewable energy.


https://www.americanprogress.org/article/trumps-paid-parental-leave-plan-wont-work-women-families/ Also, it should be noted it wasn’t proposed by trump, I believe it was written by a democrat, he championed it tho


While I agree with the essence -- UI isn't the way to fund parental leave -- this isn't CNN or other news outlets.


He had full control of congress for 2 years and would have gotten every democratic vote in congress if he really wanted it. Trump doesn’t get credit for bullshitting once. He call for the death penalty for drug users and dealers more often


What’s this about death penalty for drug dealers? Is this a recent comment I haven’t heard about it but I also try not to follow politics and the news too much. As to the maternity leave, the bill I’m speaking of passed, like you said with bipartisan support




So he just stopped trying after that?


It was passed… it’s just greatly restricted, only for federal workers, and technically they borrow from their future selves. That’s why it doesn’t count in the traditional sense of maternity leave


Most Republican politicians do support it though? Why are you encouraging further division in America? It isn't "us" vs "them". We're all in this together.


Okay most support it so why don't they do it? Surely it would be a great vote winner? Or are they only okay saying they believe in it without hurting their corporate backing?




Your agreement says otherwise. Go back to Russia!!1!1


And I wouldn't be surprised if you told me that somehow my tax dollars are subsidizing the leave across the globe 😅


It's easy to fund social services when you outsource your national defense to the US.


What a bunch of bullshit lol the European Union as a whole has 1.3 million active military personnel (And not of the meme kind like the Russian Army does, these are proper soldiers with modern equipment), do you actually think we *need* the US to defend us?




Well we can’t even define what a woman is


Where does this “Doesn’t have” statement come from. I have many friends who have received paid maternity leave…. US Military members even have it…. So… Where’s this data derived from?


Government mandated paid maternity leave. Some businesses choose to give it to their employees, but this is optional. It is not mandated.


Oh true, government mandating things always works out well….


I was only answering your question. I wasn't moralizing.


A Pavlovian response to a trigger word......almost as though you were brainwashed!


Well, in this case it's worked out so well worldwide only the shithole countries don't have it....


In the case of things like parental leave, yes. The government mandating them does work out well.


And yet Government not mandating things works out even worse.


Lemme guess, you’re a pro lifer


Damn, wrong again! I’m a fuck the government. What the fuck are you doing on a conspiracy sub? 😂 You trolls are hilarious.


“Pro lifer”


Not every business offers this. My wife got 2 weeks off even after having to have surgery...


Which I agree is fucked. But this statement is misleading. As it claims it doesn’t exist in America. However it does exist, just not under the specificity of which OP desires. Therefore it’s a misleading argument.


The point of the post is that in those other countries it's mandated to have those benefits. Yes some people have them but it isn't remotely across the board.


In other countries it's a right. In the US it's a privilege reserved only for *some* of the peasants.. You're the one changing parameters to fit your idea, it's clear OP was referring to government protected leave; your "but my master let's me have off 5 days" take clearly isn't the same thing. E: spelling, am stoned


I have 2 babies and do not work for our government and had no paid maternity leave.


The vast majority of businesses give their full time employees generous benefits. It's just not government mandated, because that is not a proper function of government. Even paternity leave is a thing. Big time. And getting bigger. So the mother takes X months off when a baby is born and then the dad takes Y months off after.


"generous benefits" is being extremely generous. So is "vast majority". Stuff like FMLA varies by state, and I'm not an expert, but you typically need to have worked for a company full-time for a period like 1 year before you qualify. And then the time off is measured in weeks, not months. And it's not paid -- it's just a guarantee that you can't be fired. Paternity leave, if it exists at all, is often much shorter.


>Paternity leave, if it exists at all, is often much shorter. It does and yes it is shorter and in my state, has to be shared with mother if using FMLA. My work has 6 weeks paid paternity leave and my wife used all her weeks from her employer and whatever available from FMLA, she was home for almost 16 weeks. I figured 6 weeks was enough for me lol. We have that 1 year rule but the good thing is once you’ve worked 1 year, you have another 6 months or so to take those 6 weeks paternity leave.


Sweden has 240+240 days, for mum and dad


Most American government Jobs do paid leave and can be different from office to office. The USA majority of it people don’t like each other. If something is to good for one group of people or a person it becomes unfair or hand out. This is in both republican and democrat parties are guilty of double standards. Nobody can get paid a decent living, health or retirement. Most people don’t realize in 10 years there will be nothing for them to retire with. Work hard and pass away poor.. the American way..


Do you consider £600/month (~$720) a living "wage" maternity? What a bullshit this is. You get 80% of your salary fo 6 weeks and then statutory maternity for 9 months. That is sooo generous and you can definitely pay off your bills and survive.


Wait so not are abortions mostly banned they also don't get paid maternity leave??? Wtf.. that makes no sense.


Why you think corporations support abortion


Its because people vote neoliberal democrats or Christian/neoconservative republicans. Neither of which have any vested interest in giving workers *anything*


This needs more context. I live in the US. I received paid paternity leave.


I do as well, 8 weeks for me. I think it’s 12 weeks for my wife. Most halfway decent jobs will give maternity and paternity leave.


Because we want our women to be wage slaves instead, for more profit and taxes. We brainwash our women to view having careers as more fulfilling than child rearing.


Can’t have mothers staying home to teach their own children, need them government indoctrinated.


SS: If you’re concerned about birth rates, you should look critically at policies that make it inconvenient to have a child in the US.


Starting with the fact that one income households used to be sustainable.


The US literally has a higher birth rate than: UK, Norway, France, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Austria, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Greece. Implying that maternity leave or other government social policies result in a lower or higher birth rate is inherently false. https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/birth-rate-by-country


This is only a problem because taxes are too high. You can't solve the problem with more taxes. That will just lead to more automation. Since there is no automation tax that's what will happen.


I mean other countries have higher taxes than the US and they seem to do a much better job at providing social programs for people and paying a somewhat livable wage to support families.


10 days a year vacation time too 😂 what the fuck is that all about? 25 is average in Europe. Ah yea it’s “the American dream” because you have to be asleep to believe it. Oh and don’t forget you lose everything when you or a loved on gets ill , great country Absolute mugs.


Correction, it's one of the only to not *mandate* maternity leave. It's still a very valuable benefit to attract employees, so many places offer it.


What’s the conspiracy here?


What?!! That’s insane! Feelin sorry for you here the UK guys!


Most of the people actually know these kind of things, as this is the basic human right.


It may said UK is paid maternity but it isn't your full wage. 6 weeks at 90% then the rest is like 140 quid a week which is a fucking joke.


Us has 0


0 mandated. There are many companies that give 6 months to mothers and 3 months to fathers, more than what other countries actually mandate. The only thing unique about the US it's left to the companies to decide and it is actually used as a concession when trying to recruit talent. Companies actually compete by offering more paid leave.


All companies I work with have paid maternity (and paternity) leave. Unsure where this data comes from, but if "government mandated" is the metric, the graphic is dishonest.


Dishonest how?


/thread. It's purposefully being dishonest.




We are all being forced to either work nonstop or starve by a handful of extremely wealthy people who own everything and pay off every elected official to rig the system to their advantage, making them even richer and forcing the rest of us to fight over crumbs. Oh wait you're right. That's not a conspiracy, that's just capitalism


My wife got maternity leave at a minimum wage job in ny.


That's not related to federal law.


Thanks job, not thanks gov


Absolutely right. As I don't really think most of the government even think about it.


So? How is this a conspiracy? Government mandating private businesses to pay for maternity leave is tyranny.


The conspiracy is that American businesses want you poor and to own nothing. You’re a wage slave you can’t even take off time to care for your newborn child.


That's not how it works in other countries. The government pay it out , it's like unemployment benefits for a set number of months, not your full wage.


The bar for tyranny is so low that is has broken through the Earth's crust and is now barrelling towards the center of the Earth.


As an American, every employed woman I know has access to paid maternity leave. Yes, it isn't mandated by the government, but most companies do provide it. America really isn't as bad as people make it out to be, so please take graphs like these with a grain of salt.


Strange how people think if something isn’t mandated by the government, then it doesn’t exist.


Pretty sure my lady got 14. Where tf do you losers work?


As a new dad I got 6 weeks paid I was thinking wtf you want me to do at home for 6 weeks man keep that shit


Um care and bond with your new child?


Forgot to add the sarcasm symbol but I did have the 6 weeks and was really pleasantly surprised about it at the time


Oh haha my bad. I get 12 weeks mandated in Massachusetts and I can’t wait for it. My wife and I are gunna offset so I’m gonna be indoctrinating my kid with good movies and punk rock as early as I can haha


Lol that’s awesome! I’ve been enjoying being a dad and just from that tidbit comment I think you will too. I know a couple guys who said they didn’t take their full paternity leave and I honestly look at them differently


Excellent. The government should never impose such things on their employers.


How do those boots taste?


This is misleading and varies by state


How is it misleading where only 11 states offer paid leave? That only 21%


Because it says 0 for the entire country. It also shows that countries where woman aren’t allowed to drive or go to sporting events get maternity leave lol


To my mind, the conspiracy angle is that - just like the K-12 "education" paradigm itself - the goal is to emotionally and intellectually separate the child from the local family unit influence as drastically as possible - the earlier the better.


Yes! Destroy the family, destroy the country.


Because we pay for everyone's defense


How do you guys even raise kids??? In my country the maternity leave is 2 years + your employer is forbidden from firing you, and you get at least 60%(I think,might be different) of your previous pay.


So, move to one of those other countries?


In the major countries, this is very simple thing. And this is why they actually get this.


It's not the governments job. Companies and corporations determine their own policies.


Most of the policies have been like that only this is why don't really like it.


Why isn’t it the government’s job? This map clearly shows that 99% of the world views this as the government’s job. And isn’t it? The government’s job is to provide for it’s citizens. It’s supposed to benefit us, that’s the entire justification for government existing.


How did this subreddit becomes so flooded with socialist lefty crazy stupid assholes. Go start your own subreddit fuckers.


Socialism is when women can spend time with their babies.


This isn’t a conspiracy. It’s on purpose, and it’s stated in the right wing agenda. They want mothers *to not be working at all* and to be stay at home mothers. They want to remove any incentives to go back to work. It’s why we don’t support mothers in almost any meaningful form, they want them attached to a man.


It's personal choice and responsibility to have kids. Why should companies pay you to keep your cream pie?


Because a healthy society is built off connections? How can you expect a society to succeed if babies cannot even bond with their mothers?


But it provides a steady supply of prison labor!


they’ll pay for you to have an abortion tho!! kill that kid and get back to work!


Equal rights, right? Do men in US get paternity leave? No.. You're welcome feminists


Feminists and progressives are calling for paid paternity leave though


Two wrongs don’t make a right….


They should get it too.


I mean… men get paternity leave in some countries. My company gives me some amount of paternity leave when the time comes. Parents should both get some time off with a newborn, IMO. It’s a good thing for families and a good thing for society. I don’t understand why that would be controversial.


I just spent 9 months with my son as a father in Sweden. Before that my partner spent 8 months with him. That is good


I had a baby in June. I got no money BUT my boyfriend got 4 weeks PAID paternity leave. He works for Target.


lol what? men don't need to recover from childbirth and pregnancy.


Men get paternity leave in the United States. It’s unpaid like maternity leave though. Because conservatives hate people.


I worked for a company based out of the Bible belt, very conservative, huge, paid me paternity leave...


Lol...why downvote?


It's not the company's job to pay benefits like this. If it becomes mandatory companies will hire fewer women of childbearing age.


Its not paid by the companies in other countries. It comes from the goverment but based on your paycheck.


I think, like most of the government should actually get this kind of things very clear.


And the government's money comes from the higher taxes the people are forced to pay


Not true. My last 3 employers had maternity leave.


Misleading. My job has it.


Without government mandated paid maternity leave. As it should be. If you want to negotiate it with your employer, or work in an industry where it's a perk great, but it shouldn't be mandated, children are a life choice.


Because we use company provide leave. I took off 4 weeks when my wife had our child.


Maybe it's not government-mandated but plenty of companies give you maternity leave. America bad tho right guys


This is misleading. While it's not mandated, many US companies give months of paid parental leave to both mother and father.


Most of the parents have these kind of issues. And this is why they actually ask for these things.


Calling BS on this company I work at even offers 8 weeks PAID paternity leaves for Christ's sake !!!!


It’s not mandated here, it’s mandated pretty much everywhere else. Most Americans do not get it from their employer.


Why should companies or taxpayers have to pay people when they have babies? Don’t have a baby if you can’t take the time off to care for it.


Welcome to capitalism


Wait until you see how much work mothers do in the world traditional subsistence farming communities around the world… no paid leave for them. Got to keep farming and raising animals for their families or they don’t eat… Welcome to *Consumerism, where both spouses need to work to keep up with the Jones and be in debt.


thankfully for us we have millions and millions of unemployed people to pull from and a shrinking full time job market


We are at historically low unemployment rates


If you’re gone 29 weeks it’s going to be my job to automate your job away, fyi. I’ve gotten really good at it.


So you want more government intervention? If you work for a shitty company that doesn't give any then find another place to work.