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Elon Musk is not DoD’s largest contractor. Largest are Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and others.


This. Look it up. Lockheed Martin is actually the largest contractor to the entire US government.


SS: The WEF needs a stronger presence on the internet. Elon will help integrate the IoT


All I know is that mainstream media was in a panic over Musk buying twitter. MSNBC literally said that freedom of speech was the worst thing he could ever do. Keep in mid this the USA, and a statement like shows how utterly different their values are compared to American culture and values. If the mainstream media is against it, I am for it.


>If the mainstream media is against it, I am for it. What's non-mainstream media?


Rile up both sides so that one side pushes for censorship by government and the other side cheers on a billionaire "ally" making dodgy contracts. It furthers both despite a false dichotomy


\>If the mainstream media is against it, I am for it. Bro, talk about being easily manipulated...


I’m just happy to see trump and Kanye back in the mix. We love you Elon