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>Middleton ran an air conditioning business in Little Rock, Arkansas for decades before becoming a special advisor to Clinton and financial director for his Presidential Campaign. My biggest question is how did he get that job to begin with? Probably a nice conspiracy behind all that.


[Here's an archived news story of him trying to make money off his connections to Clinton in 1996](https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1996-11-16-mn-65315-story.html). Apparently he was a fundraiser.


Nah, answering that is easy, barely an inconvenience. Money provides access, access provides influence, influence provides money...repeat as needed.


Nice reference.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, references are TIGHT :) I was wondering if anyone would get it, but I guess that I underestimated my audience...whoops.


I got it. It was easy. Barely an inconvenience.






Leading to Arkancide...


If he was the financial director for Clinton's 1996 campaign, which was 26 years ago, he would have been 33, since he died at 59. If he ran an air-conditioning business for decades before that he would have had to start running it at 13 at the latest. Maybe we should stop using The Sun as a source.


Inherited the business maybe?


I just did the same math before seeing you calling it out. Something here doesn’t smell right.


Uhh, if he just died at 59…. Let’s do some math. Clinton was president from 93 - 2001. That would put him at 30 - 38 years old during that time. Now, ‘decades’ is plural, so let’s say 2, or 20 years, because any more would be impossible. He started an air conditioning company when he was 10-18? (And 18 would mean he was only around Clinton in his LAST year in office)


Lol that job description immediately makes me think of that vacuum cleaner repairman/criminal fixer from Breaking Bad. Air conditioning sounds like a great excuse to drive around in a van with all sorts of random parts (both mechanical and chemical) and access all sorts of locations at all sorts of hours. Also a cash business with all sorts of markups if they want. I'm guessing it'd be great for smugglers, spooks/wire tappers and money launderers.


What if Hilary Clinton is like, a deep deeeeep undercover CIA agent and she's telling them who to take out lol


The Clintons were close partners with the Bush family. Bush sr was director of the CIA, and bill clinton ran drugs for him to fund the contras. It's not even deep cover, they're just flat out CIA assets.


I always figured it was a sweetheart deal so she wouldn't go to prison for whatever horrors are on those servers that were in her basement so she could send out personal e-mails and for absolutely no other reason lol


Mena Arkansas? This is random but does someone know the name of the documentary from several years ago now dealing with mena arkansas, bill Clinton, the Barry seal stuff when Clinton was governor, and also it had a wrestler and Tyson chicken owner involved in cocaine etc ? Was awesome


[The mena connction?](https://youtu.be/r-xtMjkul0c) Or [American made](https://youtu.be/AEBIJRAkujM)


Pretty sure the mena connection. It’s a documentary and it’s probably filmed back in the early 90s, I remember there was a coverup some murder or something in mena, and the cocaine was getting dropped by planes on the railroad tracks. Thank you for the reply I have to watch it again it was very informative and I enjoyed it, quite long iirc


Just finished watching. Had I known about Mena I’d never voted for Bill Clinton (twice). Pure corruption.


Dude cheated on Hilary in the office


https://youtu.be/TFzPAbDp1lM This is the best barry seal documentary imo. Lots of other good stuff on this channel as well.


Clinton chronicles


"Died of natural causes, in a canoe by himself with his dinner still on the table."


Buffalo rivering? Which is also in Arkansas.


Really want to take my kayak on the Buffalo sometime. Hope I don’t run into any fuckin democrats if I do.


I almost drown there, i rented a kayak and stuffed my life vest down into it. A few hours later I flipped and the kayak filled up with water and sunk to the bottom. I couldn't get out because the live vest was stuck and also wrapped around my leg. Right when I thought it was over I managed to get free, make it up to the bank and pissed my pants. Because everyone does that in the river.


That’s wild man glad you made it out alright. A younger guy near me just drowned on a smaller reservoir in high wind, I’m sure he didn’t have his life jacket on either. I wore mine when I floated crooked creek down there by myself, but I also have a stable kayak that I haven’t flipped over yet in ten or so years with it. I did drag it around some rapids that I was too chicken shit to ride out.


Thanks, one of the last things I thought was "this is a dumb way to die".


Do you wear your life vest now?


No, but it did quit kayaking.


That's crazy, did you at any moment think you weren't gonna make it? Obviously you had the fight or flight in your mind, just curious


It was probably half a minute of trying to get free. Ya, there was a point where I was thinking I was going to drown.


He didn't "Mena" do that, did he?




Well all know Clinton's tie up loose ends. Dunno why anybody would want to work with them.


Ummm explain further. What other loose ends have they tied up


People here are unironically convinced that Hillary Clinton has killed hundreds, nay, thousands without a trace. It's basically the same cope that says all deaths post-vaccine are vaccine caused, all deaths post-contact with the Clintons is because they had to "tie up a loose end". Examples? Literally anyone who has been in relation to the Clintons in literally any capacity and has died. That's it.


When Bill Clinton dies of old age this sub is going to be so fucking lit.


Aren’t they reptilians though? For some reason I was thinking they had extremely long life spans. 🤷‍♂️


Ya I dont doubt the Clinton's are some fucking douchebags. But this loose ends shit is kinda old. Hear it all the time and yet not a trace of evidence beside. This one is fishy. But most of shots in the dark.


Seth Rich situation is a little shady.. google Clinton body count


The fuck does "Let Epstein into the white house" even mean? It's not like the man can spontaneously generate underaged women. Why is this such a horrible thing for him to have done in particular? It tells you nothing.


Also, was this a super high-level Clinton operative with insider info or was he literally the door man? Or is it in reference to him letting business people into the white house after her left to impress them and try profit off an exaggerated connection to the Clintons, which got him banned from the White House in 1996?


Clinton cartel is even more bold than Mexican cartel.


CJNG has literally shot down army helicopters it's not more bold than any Mexican cartel.


That’s not bold, that’s just barbaric. Clinton’s are more nuanced than that


It is bold for a drug cartel to attack the Army no matter how you phrase it. The Clintons aren't more nuanced as they are alledged to have crashed a plane so again. You guys give the Clintons power they don't have.


It’s quite a bit more than “crashing a plane”..


If the Ron Brown conspiracy is true, Clintons had an airport beacon moved, causing plane to crash into the side of a mountain.


Right but that would be a theory. This CJGN is verified. Also it's a cartel attacking the army of the nation it lives in. That's more bold than killing a dude I never heard of.


I can agree to that


Cartels are dangerous and committed. When exactly does a cartel running a nation become a form government?


I live in Arkansas close to Mena. Lots of people don’t realize Walmart is also globally headquartered here in the Ozarks in northern Arkansas. We also have the KKK HQ not far from there in Zinc, but they stay more active over in Harrison. It’s a pretty weird place. The local people are the most anti-globalists you’ll ever meet. But the rich folks like the Waltons and Walmart leadership live in giant estates up in Bentonville dystopian area 😂 I wouldn’t live anywhere else though. I love the people around here where I live.


Started in conspiracy ended on an onlyfans. The internet is awesome


Isn't it though?


Wow, he [gets fired for lying about being close to Clinton](https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1996-11-16-mn-65315-story.html) and a mere 27 years later he dies! Don't fuck with the Clintons, they'll get you.....eventually......


Add that to the Clinton body count..




SS: Special advisor to Bill Clinton who let Jeffrey Epstein into the White House seven times, found dead at 59. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/18539978/mark-middleton-dead-bill-clinton-aide-jeffrey-epstein/


The sun is considered a source? Oh Lordy


Just another loose end for the Clinton cartel.


Was he tested positive for Covid after death? Most likely death with Covid


Let me guess..self inflicted gun shot wound to the back of the head....


then stuffed his own dead body into a duffelbag and then lock it


Can someone Post the Clinton hit list


Look it up


Fuck yourself


This sub encapsulated in three comments.


Hilary enters the chat. Da fuq?!?


How many is that now? Seriously, anyone got the number?


The real number, the number inflated by people over 70 or the number inflated by anyone the Clintons ever spoke to? I know that one list includes a former neighbour of Bill's parents who died at 65, so I've given up on trying to make sense of any of the lists.


The one that includes the young women accusing Billiam of SA and the one that includes people on their staff and affiliated with the DNC.


Does that include the soldiers who died in a training accident (the ones who had been part of the protection detail on a couple of occasions)? I'm pretty sure that you can make a Trump death list with the same numbers, especially considering that he's been involved in construction for 50 years. I have seen quite a few iterations of the Clinton death list, but I have still to see anything resembling a smoking gun. I work as a bartender and my death list is disturbingly long (I could attend funerals every month and I've been in this business for a long time), yet I have a much smaller social circle than the average politician.


I think you could make a death list with any influential politician seeing as how they influence the conflict with other nations.


I agree completely. My point was just that any person with a large social/professional circle can be linked to numerous deaths.


Add him to the count- https://files.catbox.moe/cti46g.jpg


Add another to the Clinton body count.


Well he’s dead now, you never can be too careful


Suicide. Check out the expression on his face. He must have caught himself by surprise.


**V A X X E D**


House of cards alive. He probably knew how current admin get in due to his atm position to Clinton’s


Clintoned for sure


Article written in 1996. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1996-11-16-mn-65315-story.html


Guido went fishing on the lake and died of natural causes too.