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That's just enough time for an entire generation lifetime to pass, and for people to forget.


So as someone who's financially illiterate, what's the best option here in terms of investing? Is there some sort of life hack to escape the worst of the crash?


Caveat here, as I'm not an economist, but have an interest in history. The problem is that what happens is going to be in someway part of how governments react. And also whether you want to survive or get rich out of it. A lot of the responses are based on an assumption of inflation, but that might not be the case. For example, a lot of people say buy land or property. But the price of property plummeted during the great depression. But massive inflation (a la Weimar Germany) would mean keeping cash would render it useless. There is no cheat code, and successive governments use previous events to get something new, so it's not always predictable. You essentially want to buy things now that will retain or increase in relative value and then use that to buy something that's dropped. Historically prescious metals are best for this, the price will fluctuate, but relative value will tend to remain consistent. Most.importantly, don't store value in institutions.


Great fucking comment dude


Gold and silver is everyone’s best bet. Poor, middle class or rich.


Underrated comment!


Buy vegetable seeds ASAP!


Only to be seized by those with guns and ammo...


“You know the old saying, never bring vegetable seeds to a gun fight”




Make sure they are heirloom!




You can then replant and grow further crops from the crops of heirloom seeds. If they’re not heirloom seeds you won’t be able to harvest your own seeds from that crop in order to be self sustaining.


Heirloom seeds are what we would call "regular, natural seeds" but now in the age of GMO fucking things in the ass we have to be specific. Seeds that when harvested, you can use those seeds for your next planting. You would be surprised how much produce you can buy in a grocery store that would not produce if you planted the seeds in the ground.


I've got my own heirloom cabbage which have been in the family, nearly let them die out. Just planted my last 20 yesterday which will all go in to more seeds.


I get this reference


Heirloom! Heirloom! Is that how you do it?


The plants will be better adjusted to your area after just 2 generations.


Buy physical assets, especially those that will be useful, such as land capable of growing food on. When the stock market hits the bottom buy stock with the expectation of holding it for many years. If the crash is bad enough then precious metals will be in high demand so it’s not a bad idea to have some.


Land is useless if it’s the Wild West out there and you don’t have enough resources to defend it. How easy would it be for a rogue group of people to come take over your land if sh*t really hits the fan? The more land you have, the more armed people you need to protect it.


Unless the government collapses, the land is still yours... Now affording the tax payments to keep your land is another thing entirely.


If it ever goes that far I’m sure the government will happily take over your land to “help you protect against the rogue baddies” whether you want it or not. If shit really hits the fan, the government won’t give two shits whether your land is getting raided.


While it's definitely always a possibility, it's not what is implied by events. It's not going to be mad Max, life will be harder.


When people are starving, it WILL be Mad Max. ANYTHING for a morsel of food.


that's why a strong network of trustworthy people is precious


I don’t disagree with what you wrote. Any asset is pointless to own if it can be easily taken from you. I’m personally ready for such a shtf scenario and have been for many years. Neighbors will form security teams to safeguard against thieves, and the people stealing food will not live very long.


*Laughs in southern


This, and your gold will only weigh you down. "That guy paid in gold" will get you killed quick. Taking knowledge of how to live off the land with a few pounds of seed stuffs will eliminate the need for a bartering system. As a homeowner, I want to salvage my property, but a government in distress will kick us all off our land if other people don't come first.


Better to be in the wild west rural area than the complete gore filled blender that cities would be reduced to in the worst of collapse scenarios. There is no perfect solution, but some solutions are better than others.




Learn to manage land, learn to create tools and shelter, and you're worth your weight in gold. No one in any position to buy jewelry or rocks will be doing so if the dollar gets eliminated. The Powers That Be have been telling us to buy gold for decades in case of an emergency. They're extorting you for a commodity they name the value on. Get your gold from the source, or don't bother.


Precious metals are traded as paper stocks nowadays. Theyll follow the market. Post 1980 gold has been a horrible investment




Okay go buy physical gold and sell it for the same value that the paper gold commodity trades at.




So youre gonna trade physical gold for goods. At a determined value i presume... most likely the value determined by the commodities trading prices aka the paper price


Step 1: dont be poor


Bic lighters


Just bought a 50 pack. What's the worse that can happen? I have a lifetime supply of lighters?


Which time did you buy them? ;)


I see what you've read there!


zero debt, a garden, a gun, a bit o land.... Prepare for a couple back to back world wars as economies straighten themself out..


Help me understand the zero debt part. Considering taking a loan for some property, is it bc you're paying back on the loan with dollars worth less than before?


Do your research. What makes sense for one person may not make sense for another. Interest rates are likely to increase, and if they don't inflation is likely to keep going up for quite some time. Even if they do there's a chance inflation is going to be high for an extended period. An inflationary environment can actually be a not terrible time to hold debt, because it can make it easier to pay off. On the other hand, property prices are also likely in a huge bubble and may crash after you buy... but if you plan to live there for a long time that may or may not bother you. It's a complicated, personal, important decision, and as a general rule of thumb no one should ever take financial advice from reddit. Ever.


I guess I’d just rather not owe anyone anything. I’d rather them owe me. They don’t like that situation, and they’ll fight you for it.


yes. Look into how the real estate all worked back in the 20's crash. If you don't structure your deals right, you can get balloon payments (ARM'S) all sorts of penalties from the bank, resulting in foreclosures...etc. (keep in mind the banks know all these tricks and scenarios) Most think that after a crash the banks go out of business and the loans are lost but... eventually after the crashes, the paperwork comes back around a year or two later with the odd riders on the paperwork that very few ever read.... In general its a VERY good idea to not be in debt, or over leveraged WHEN the crash happens... General rule of thumb


The current currency will be discarded for a new currency which you don't have. The old currency will be able to be exchanged at 10k to 1 for a few weeks.Anything that can be repo'ed will.


Property, vegetable garden, guns and ammo, food, tobacco, gold... You get the idea


Historically, the best option for long-term retail investors is to just ride the wave. If you're buying monthly as part of a 401k, just keep doing that if you have the means. When the market bounces back, you'll have more shares than you did before. If you convert everything to cash after taking a 30% loss and then wait for everything to bounce back before buying back in, you've locked in those losses and will miss out on some gains. If you had done that in March 2020 when things were looking grim because of covid, you would have missed out on some pretty big returns over the next few months. Now if you had a crystal ball and could perfectly predict when the market is going to rise and fall, then obviously the best option would be to sell everything at its highest and buy again at the lowest.


It took like 25 years to get to precious highs .... If you're yonge sure... Maybe the answer is to buy some insurance...


Buy insurance? I don't follow


Puts are a type of insurance, originally


What does one gain with it, I'm not being a dick I'm trying to learn


Options allow you to buy what is a essentially an insurance contract. In exchange for a premium, you buy the option (but not the obligation) to buy (call) or sell (put) a financial instrument at a given price (strike price). Options are traded with a minimum size of 100 shares of the underlying. Hence, if you have 100 shares of SPY (An ETF that tracks the S&P500) and you don't want to sell, yet expect that there is a good chance the market will go down within the next X months, you buy a Put option to sell at a given price. If the market falls, you can either excerisze the option and sell your 100 shares at the contracted strike price (regardless of the market price), or you can sell the contract as the value of the contract will appreciate in value similarly to the spread between the market and strike price + whatever is left of the remaining and decaying premium. That's why it's usually better to sell rather than excersise. Additional, if you don't sell the underlying, you don't take a capital gains hit (which could be large if you held the underlying for years or even decades). If, on the other hand, the market does not fall, the options expire worthless (as in the case of insurance, you do not get your premium back if you do not get into an car accident). The whole concept began with famers looking to de-risk their for the pricing of their yelds due to the temporal difference between planting and harvest. A famer would -for example - buy an option to sell at a given price, but if prices were higher then they sell at the higher price. The buyer is the one 'writing' the option. Options have grown to cover pretty much everything you can buy with a broker now. With an online brokerage account, depending on the size of your portfolio and your risk profile, you are able to both buy and write options (although, unless you are a whale, writing options is extremely risky, especially if uncovered/naked - the writer can be exposed to infinite risk). I've heard of options traders refusing to go bankrupt taking a decade to pay off a trade they put on... Most people layely, myself included at times, though, mostly buy options to make leveraged bets without owning the underlying security to obtain leverage in a directional and temporal bet (I think this stock will trade above X price within Y months). Because options are cheap relative to buying or shorting the underlying and each contract allows you control 100 shares, you are able to make outsize gains but your losses are capped at the premium paid. Now, say you take a lesson out of the wallstressbets crown and dump your entire account into calls... You will either make 10x your account or go bust, or less likely something in between. This is basically what the psychopaths over there are engaged in day in and day out. There is also a whole gang of people that like to write options (theta gang) while owning the underlying. This is also a good strategy but it only works well with large portfolios. Say you own the SPY and you bought it at $100 (100 shares, so $10,000 entry for SPY) You write options with a strike of 150 which expire in 6 months. If the price goes above 150, you are forced to sell your 100 for 150, profiting you 50x100). If the price does not reach 150 in 6 months, you are not forced to sell anything but you keep the premium. Not financial advice.


The question is, can I do this on Robinhood?


You can, and the whole experience is gamefied... This was the big controversy during that whole GME thing.... I don't know if you need a minimum account size on RH to write options (with most brokers in Canada you need 25k to write naked calls or puts), but you can definitely do it all. They have a fancy interface that even explains advance options strategies (spreads) for the average retail investor which were covered in my 4th year finance course or are covered in level 2 CFA... which is nuts Google "buy options Robinhood" I'm sure there will be a tutorial or two or a million


Don’t use Robinhood, look what they did with GameStop.


Yeah but you could sell stock and hold the cash in your market account until the drop happens, no? Then buy in again.


If you're able to time it all perfectly, yes. Most people don't. They panic sell after the dip has already started and lock in the losses, and then buy back in way after the recovery starts and miss a lot of it.


The best option if you arwnt invested now is to invest AFTER the crash. It'll make its way back up.




This and SPY puts


Please, avoid cryptos at all costs. They're still too much linked to fiat and markets trends, unlike gold, silver, copper and all the "refuge values". Also remember that, in a recession, the price of primary goods normally drops as fast as it can, so, if you like the risk, you could try to go short on these types of ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities, such as Crude Oil)


You could always open up modest put positions against the spy along with parking some cash in a currency or asset that won't devalue as the dollar would through massive amounts of inflation and an economic recession/ depression. Better to hold assets able to retain value as opposed to dollars/ cash that would diminish.


Hard assets. Precious metals, real estate, etc.


Land over houses, housing is set to get nuked as well


Idk abt that. Supply is way short of demand to a ridiculous degree. On top of that, anyone with a brain now realizes real estate is about the only safe asset. Liquidity is on the sidelines waiting to pounce as soon as it sees a dip.


Look at the demographic changes coming, over the next 15 years they’ll be an over supply of houses. Plus new home construction is booming


If you don't want to go the prepper routez gold and silver are good hedges against inflation. They won't make you rich by themselves but you're 100k worth of gold bought today will have the same purchasing power in 20-50 years but those same 100k in cash would be worth half


If you ask for financial advice on reddit you're likely to end up with all your savings in shitcoins and meme stocks.


GME, not a FA


GME isn't really looking like a hedge against the crash though, is it? A few weeks ago it was over 150 and now it's what 93?


The GME stock is so overshorted with synthetic shares (naked shorts) created out of thin air that when the rest if the market comes crashing down, the hedgefunds that shorted GME lose the value of their leverage (which they need to keep their positions) and will face a margin call, meaning forced liquidations and a skyrocketing price for GME as shorting parties (or their backers right up to the FED) are obligated to buy and deliver real shares to people who bought the synthetic shares. And most people know what the game is, and they won't be selling theirs for cheap.


Anyone who is offering this as financial advice, especially in a context like this, should probably be clear about how speculative and risky it is. There's no concrete evidence at all of heavy shorting on GME, in fact all of the publicly available data says quite the opposite. Yes, yes, it could be fake or fraudulent, (though I don't believe it is) but that's something that investors should be aware of. If you want to gamble a little money because you believe the squeeze thesis, why not I guess, but using it to hedge a crash is a terrible idea. Under no circumstances, let alone now, should anyone be pulling their money out of other parts of the market and investing all of their savings in GME. Oh and additionally the fed is under no obligation to bail anyone out even if the MOASS thesis was correct. I saw the justification for this, and apparently it's basically just an explanation of the chain of lender of last resort? Just because you are the lender of last resort, doesn't mean you have any legal obligation to give loans to bail someone out, it just means you're the last institution that can do so.


It's certainly a gamble, with a maximum 100% loss (in the case that a debt-free expanding tech company goes bankrupt) and unknown but pretty fucking high maximum profits if the market mechanisms aren't a complete fabrication. There's plenty of evidence in data points. They might not blow the case open individually, but together they paint a pretty damning and vivid picture. There's so much weird shit going on with this one stock's data and market movements (and ridiculous media coverage/coverup) that there's no way it isnt shorted illegally many times over. The naked shorters are completely fucked and just kicking the can, while they can. There's a goddamn RICO case on their close associates, and they're most certainly already being investigated by the FBI/DoJ. Actual info on the superstonk subreddit.


That was really my main point addressed in your first paragraph. It's a gamble. You could lose everything by trying to invest in Gamestop as a market hedge, which is what this thread is about. As for the rest, I don't believe any of it. They're not really expanding much, and it's great that they're debt-free but they're also losing money consistently every quarter. They're also not a tech company, they're a brick-and-mortar retailer. The only expansion they've made into tech has been creating an NFT marketplace just in time for the bottom to fall out of the whole NFT space. I haven't seen any convincing data points that there's any illegal naked shorting going on, it's all highly speculative. I also simply don't believe that the whole economy is hinging upon this epic battle happening between hedge funds and retail investors in Gamestop. I truly believe that Citadel and the other big players could not care less about GME.


You don't lose everything by buying and holding a stock unless you put ALL your money into it and the stock goes to zero. On the other hand, you can lose everything and more by SHORTING a stock, especially something so idiosyncratic as GME. I think of buying GME as buying a few lottery tickets, except that the odds of winning big are crazy good. If you don't believe the thesis, you're free to check and debate it on superstonk. So far, nobody has been able to disprove it with any real data or mechanism. >They're also not a tech company, they're a brick-and-mortar retailer. Okay, now I see how little you've actually studied this case. GameStop's expansion into Amazon's territory and into digital assets has been groundbreaking for the past year. Get with the times! :)


I think the odds of winning are really bad, I would put a MOASS scenario at probably a 0.0000000000000000001% chance of happening, and that's allowing some kind of split in realities and timelines created by CERN or something. Debate isn't really allowed on superstonk, and I don't really have any interest in debating it anyway. I don't go out of my way to tell people not to invest in GME-- but when someone says they're looking for a safe haven during a market crash, and they get GME as a suggestion ffs... I feel obligated to point out how this is a really terrible idea. As for it not being disproven, most of the DD is based on misconceptions about how markets work, and this has been pointed out. It's just impossible to "prove" that the whole financial world isn't out to drive gamestop in the ground while illegally naked shorting it to insane levels. If you want to believe that you'll always find a way to rationalize how the information is flawed or manipulated.


Okay, but why should anyone give your arguments any credit when you already proved how little you know about the stock market ("you can lose everything if you buy a stock") and the case of GME ("it's not a tech company")? Since you don't even know the basics, I don't believe that you've witnessed Superstonk's discussion culture to really have anything to say about it.


Bruh, fundamentals do not matter in a short squeeze. Do some research before speaking with such confidence.


See this is the GME investor thing of talking out of both sides of your mouth. If you point out how ridiculous the MOASS thesis and DD are, they say that it's a growing, cutting edge tech company. If you point out that the fundamentals of the company are actually shit, it's a squeeze play. I have done research. There's no squeeze coming. There's not one convincing bit of evidence that there are all these naked shorts out there, and that the major institutions are desperately trying to destroy Gamestop. In fact I'd love for you to give me a shred of information or evidence to that effect, without just saying "read the DD on superstonk".


This guy gets it




What's the best business to start in a time like this?




Perfect.. I own literally .27 acres and live along a river.


You gotta short the market


not saying its some hack but you can buy some ibonds from uncle sam paying 9% interest. its a 10k limit per year per person but businesses can also buy 10k or as gifts for children. i think you hold it at least a year minimum before you can sell and get the money back or can hold a max of 30 years.


Yeah but the rate fluctuates every 6 months....no guarantees of the rate. And what a PITA with all the limits and hoops to jump through.


Not much risk though it's a decent way to preserve what you have. You think inflation goes down in 6 months? IDK what you mean by hoops unless your talking the junky website you have to use. It would be nice if you could put in a larger sum all at once but still not a bad place to park 10k imo.


Agreed completely. I actually already parked 10k but then was like OK now what? Like yayyy....I will make 900 bucks (whooptiefuckingdoo) and literally stay even on 10k worth of cash compared to inflation. Yayyyyy. Not really exciting once you think about it. Beats the dick in my ass without vaseline I am getting on the rest of my cash I guess but still nothing to write home about.


Yep I'm in the same spot. It'll take me a decade to get my losses back from this last few months at just the 10k. Its not some great wealth builder but I guess if I max it out with my household and business I can get 35k in there a year if I want. After 3 years have about a hundo not bad. Once I do that I'm sure the rate will plummet and will still be peanuts. No good answers here. If I could drop 100k in there today and make about 9k I'd be fairly happy versus the current state of affairs.


>If I could drop 100k in there today and make about 9k I'd be fairly happy versus the current state of affairs. My sentiments exactly! Ugh. Like...I am not even trying to make money at this point. How the fuck do I just break even?! I tried doing stable coin/Defi with Blockfi at 8% then the SEC stepped in and shut that off. There are no good options at this point. It is really sad...it's not supposed to be like this.


Commodities. Precious metals, energy, oil, fertilizer, bullets, etc. Also, international emerging market stocks may help, but caveat emptor, as everything is so inter-connected these days. Basically, anything of value which is necessary for people to live at this point. This is going to be an incredibly difficult decade for human survival. And it's just getting started.


Inverse ETFs


Debt max the shit out of your cards. Then when the recession hits and lose your job, go through the bankruptcy process. Your credit will recover in 10 years just in time for the next recession. Rinse repeat. People who went underwater during the housing bubble did this and got to keep their house. The other dumb posts here about seeds, guns, shit ain't gonna be mad max. If things really go that south you'll be able to loot food and guns off of the corpses of others.


You're pretty silly guy. You go from "shit aint gonna be mad max" to "max out ur credit cards and don't worry you can loot corpses." lmao. do you realize how silly that sounds?


Terrible analysis of what he wrote.




Yep. It's GameStop. No I'm not kidding


Putting all of your money into GameStop to hedge a market crash is like trying to escape from a fire by dousing yourself in gasoline. Have you seen the price lately? I get if you believe that there will be a MOASS, and you want to recruit people to gamble a little. But don't be out here telling people, who admit to being financially illiterate, to put their money in GME as a safe haven against the market crash. That's like the worst possible advice lol


Anything is a gamble but GME has so much evidence it’s almost illogical to not invest, do some more research


There is one hedge, GME stock. It's shorted to a degree never before seen and when marge comes calling the fireworks start. Its important to note, Direct register your shares to remove them from the DTCC pool of rehypothication.


and what happens after the squeeze?


Don’t listen to anything on Reddit for financial “advice” would be my first tip. Second one is, don’t have anything “invested” that you might have to live on or depend on in a short period of unemployment. Third tip would be don’t spend close to what you take home. Always have wiggle room for saving more, or an emergency that comes up.


Stash your Cash under your mattress


Wouldn’t cash be worthless?


For the most part yes. Look at the link. Inflation so bad you need a wheel barrel full of cash to buy a few loaves of bread https://www.ecosia.org/search?q=weimar%20Germany%20inflation


I mean that was after the Great War, where they not only spent all they had, and borrowed all they could but were hit with huge reparations cost to pay for the victors cost of war. One of the few things Woodrow Wilson did right was be the sole opposition to those reparations, saying they were too harsh. They directly led to the rise of the Nazi Empire and Hitler. After WWII the U.S. successfully pushed a new strategy of rebuilding defeated countries, look at Germany and Japan today, both huge financial leaders of the world because we rebuilt them instead of pushing them into the ground. But yeah I digress, a stock market crash is not going to cause money to become worthless, need a lot more going on than that. Throw in a long bloody civil war, then it could happen.


At the current inflation rate that mattress cash loses 8% of its value every year. Better to spend it now on things you will need in the future. I don’t expect to see prices drop on goods anytime soon.


dont be the brainlet who buys seeds and guns and gold/silver and rations... There's no apocalypse coming. Actual investment you could do from your couch: go buy some downside puts on QQQ or any other index covering tech.


I imagine owning precious metals would be better than paper. The metal markets are manipulated to hell and not an accurate representation of their value.


Buy spy puts


Good friends and nice reputation


Even at the crash, it basically just went back to normal before the peak. I think the same thing is about to happen to the housing market, and the only people who will care are the people who either bought their first houses, bought investment properties or leveraged all the equity in their houses to build swimming pools or something between 2020-2022. For everyone else, it will just be “back to normal”. Admittedly, it probably is a lot of people who spent too much money during 2020-2022.


Buy OTM spy puts


Index funds and ETFs, if everyone who sold off in 07-09 had kept their money in the market they'd have done a lot better than they did shifting to bonds.. -Literally look at the vertical axis on those charts lol


Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)


Buy low, sell high, don't lose money.


Sell your stock now. Buy when we hit bottom. Profit.


Yolo your life savings into long dated SPY puts




That's okay. I wasn't there the 1st time, so it'll be new to me. I can feel more connected to my ancestors.


We get reset every 138 years. Times almost up…


The Fourth Turning.




What happened in 1933?


Bans on how much gold you could own


April 30th 1933 us govt removed the gold back to dollar. May 1st 1933 they set law making it illegal to possess more then $100 in gold.


May 1st, of course. Coincidentally, May 1st is the historical Illuminati’s birthday. May Day: Both Hitler and bin Laden Announced Dead on May 1 https://newsfeed.time.com/2011/05/02/may-day-both-hitler-and-bin-laden-announced-dead-on-may-1/


5/1 Mayday. Area 51. Conspiracy=51 TinFoilHat = 51


Who the fuck says this?


Not as close of a match in timelines and % of runup as the picture tries to depict. * Aug 1924 = 104.06 (Baseline going back to 1915) * Aug 1929 = 380.33 (5yrs +365% Runup) * Jun 1932 = 42.84 (3yrs -88.7% Crash) * Aug 1933 = 102.41 (1yr +239% Recovery) Modern Era * Feb 2009 = 9,570 (Bottom from housing market crisis... have to go all the way back to 1996 to be at this level) * Dec 2021 = 37,464 (13yrs +391%) * 1999/2007/2013/2016 = ~20,000 (Baseline) * Oct 2016 = 21,571 (bottom before the big runup) * Dec 2021 = 37,464 (5yrs +174%) (roughly half the growth for the similar bottom to top as seen in the 1920s... interestingly this does match the 5 year bottom/top timeframe) Hypothetical... Does this mean the fall would also be over 3 years but with half as steep and volatile? And also half for the recovery?? Assuming this you'd have; * IE Dec 2024 = 20,848 (3yrs -44.4% crash bottom) * IE Dec 2025 = 25,017 (1yr +120% recovery) Wouldn't the Fed just print more money and buy the market through Blackstone again to keep it chugging along after a drop with more Quantitative Easing???... further devaluing the dollar and propping up the market? Or is inflation too out of control and they will no longer have that option? Or will they have to do that... which would ultimately destroy the petro dollar and pave the way for the new digital dollar? I think I know what the end goal is (digital dollar controlled by the centralized bank / fed)... just not sure how exactly they plan to get us there or what is really necessary for it to be adopted on the new monitary system.


The Great Depression was deliberately caused by FED and now it is caused by the same cabal again!


And just like everything, instead of blaming the actual people who caused this, everything will be blamed on "EvIl CaPiTaLisM" and free markets, which is like.... the laziest explanation of the 1929 market crash I've ever seen.


It is just an illusion... Unfortunately the markets are not free. It is a rigged game against you right from the beginning.


This time we will eat the rich for real …. 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴


Nah throw them in a deep pit and watch them eat each other like rats.


It's simple, we eat the elite.


I read that this time it could be worse than the 29 crash since we have even more debt and our economy is globalized now compare to 1929


By the looks of the graph, this would have been true for the past 10 years


Hold on to your butts


I’m in like Flynn




How much time left ? 2025 ?


Times already up


The Great Depression. It made for some solid people. The culling of the herd is coming.


With this logic 2023 will be the year the next Hitler comes into power lmao


GameStop, is it you?


On the left, the dollar is backed by gold and actually worth something. On the right, the dollar is worth less than toilet paper and will hyperinflate. There is 0% chance we are about to repeat 1929 and 100% chance we are about to repeat Venezuela


It's so weird how this economic system goes through these consistent boom and bust cycles where those with money end up buying up a bunch of the market at rock bottom prices. But that's not capitalism's fault right? Something about free markets or whatever.


I’d argue that corrupt government politicians, a pay-to-play regulatory and tax system, and a government backed World Bank fiat dollar aren’t exactly free market capitalistic principles.


The Great Depression Part 2.


Electric Bugaloo


SS: Looks like it’s about to get like in 1929 again. Fasten your seat belts.


So are you shorting major stocks to get rich?


Who is they?




What happened in 1929? Asking for a friend.


wall street stock market crash


But its transitory, remember?


chart look same so it go down! *chimp noises*


Weird how that works out aye


Wasn’t as easy to invest back then, with the introduction of all these investment apps.


There's been a recession every 10 years since 1998 and COVID was supposed to be our next recession, but it didn't kill off enough of the middle class.


Now do the one from 1929 to 2022. They are just trying to shake you out. Do the same with property values. They want you to SELL.


History is bound to repeat itself. FIAT never lasted much longer than 50 years every time it was tried...


Wait...where were the naughty flapper girls and rum runners?!?


Is it smart to pull my Roth Ira?


Not sure what that means for my portfolio.


Where did the promised roaring twenties go?


This really is not some secret conspiracy theory. Markets are cyclical. The markets are currently reacting to news of the fed increasing interest rates. Sorry mate, but this one aint really a conspiracy.


Any source material? Just curious. Either way definitely effective in making me scared for the next year.


Googles how to short stock market


The baby boomers reached peak retirement last year, one reason why the labor market has been tight. These people have their money tied up in the stock market and are unlikely to panic sell to the degree that the speculators of the 1920's did. Important to factor in all the technological achievements and affluence accumulated in this country over the last 100 years. I think we might just trade sideways for awhile, maybe many years.




Yep, those double tops...


"They say that" - who does?


Drugs, weapons and seeds. Here you go


weve had 2 crashes worse than 29 in last 15 years. relax