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If you are posting on this place, you don't have to worry about fighting anyone. You won't meet any of the requirements.


I'm glad your strategy wasn't taken when Germany started invading their neighboring countries in the 1940s (1939?).


no nukes (that kills millions at once) at the beginning of WWII


Nukes wouldn't even be used. It'd cause too much damage for too long to be viable for capturing land.


Austria must surrender to Germany to avoid a second world war


And Putin threatens and gets what he wants and that will be the end of it?


Not spicy, stupid.


If we’re talking about what other people in the world “should do” for the sake of everyone else, it’s actually really interested that you settled on this solution rather than Russia leaving


Look, if Ukraine wants Russian troops to be in Russia, then all they need to do is just surrender and get annexed by Russia. Boom, easy, Russian troops are back in Russia. The pro-russian sentiment in this sub is crazy these days. I wonder how much it’s costing Putin.


"If you don't want to be raped, stop resisting and simply provide your consent. Boom, then it's no longer rape."


Pack it up everyone, we just solved *crime*


That’s not how it works. Russians would need to stay forever to keep the population under control. The government capitulating wouldn’t change that. Ukraine would still be at war. There is no option but for Russia to retreat. If you want to spare lives.


That was sarcasm, bud


The sentiment exists because of the distrust the western media and governments have sown, not because of Russian misinformation


Why do you think there is so much distrust of the western media and governments? Because of Russian and Chinese misinformation and influencing In social media. Troll farms are a real thing. Now that's not to say the US government does not have reason for the people to mistrust it, but it has been brought to light largely because of this.


Yeah, I’m not sure you can blame the controlled and unrelenting roll out of the vaccine, lockdowns and divisive politics on our enemies. There’s been a specific western dystopia to it all so far, Sure there’s bound to be some in there but Russia is not influencing my local news network in Australia, they’re liars and disinformation specialists themselves.


Thinking you live in some kind of dystopia while in reality having the best living conditions that mankind has ever seen requires a special kind of ignorance and victim mentality. You being able to sit on your ass all day typing out stupid comments on reddit while thinking you're living a terrible oppressed life would be hilarious if it wasn't a serious belief of yours. You've never experienced true systematic oppression and that's painfully apparent.


The sentiment exists because of a *ton* of sockpuppets and chronic contrarians who knee-jerk to the opposite of what they perceive the mainstream to be. Not to mention a rather large group of people who are completely binary in their thinking and need to buy in 100% to either one side or the other.


Seriously. Someone please forward OP’s message to Zelenki because I’m sure he couldn’t possibly have any concerns on his plate right now greater than the personal whimperings voiced by OP. I don’t mean to personally attack but OP’s post might take the cake for the dumbest, most inane, and selfish thing I’ve ever seen expressed on Reddit. There ought to be an entirely different kind of award for this brand of Redditing.


Appeasement doesn't work when dealing with dictators. The last time it was tried, it led to a world war anyways.


And do what exactly , become part of Russia?


That is inevitable... at this point it is that, or fight WWIII with nukes and everyone dies.


putin has little support *from his own people*, your statements are asinine


Is freedom not worth war?


Are you trying to say that [freedom isn't free?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVkTmnJkAN8)


You American? So you're free to do what exactly? Go to the strip mall? Buy a burger? Watch some Netflix? They can do that in Ukraine whether it's under Russia or Zelensky. If you are an American you've watched your constitution shat on over and over. But you want to fight for Ukraines freedom?


Seriously, and acting like the American government wouldn’t do the same fucking thing if Russia was pulling the same type of shit on the Mexican border is ridiculous. This whole thing is so fucking hypocritical.


So the people of Ukraine should surrender becouse your afraid for yourself lol


Would it not be easier for Russia to stop the war and leave? Or is Russia getting their way the only answer?


If you were getting invaded, would you have the same cowardly stance?


Go to bed, Ivan. You've had enough vodka for the day.


Hell nah, defend that homeland


Lol imagine that attitude in the 1940s, we would be all speaking German by now. You don't get it, Ukraine is just the Poland of ww2, it doesn't stop at that 🙄🤷‍♂️


I love how the Russian shill cry out shills lol


What is wrong with you


Or maybe Putin should withdraw his troops, everyday he does not brings the entire world closer to WW3


Maybe that's what he wants. He has been in power for decades and he's getting old. He wants to be infamous or make some big risky move. Absolute power corrupts absolutely something like that right


Please watch this hours long lecture about Ukraine from a professor of the University of Chicago. It's from 2015 but it explain everything in details and actually kind of predicted the war. 16 millions views. Official Uchicago youtube channel. Totally worth the hours long lecture https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JrMiSQAGOS4


No tldr??? Lol


TLDR: if South Korea (which has an antagonistic relationship with China) pursued a strategy of joining a US military alliance and acquiring nuclear missiles you better believe China would blast the entire peninsula into the Sea of Japan, civilian casualties be dammed. This is assuming North Korea didn't beat them to it. We would look on such an outcome as Korean suicide, not unprovoked Chinese aggression. The identical situation in Ukraine, wrt to Russia and NATO, had been broadcast by Russia for decades as their red line to not cross. What followed is the Ukrainians elected a comedian who played the president on TV who then enshrined such a strategy into their constitution. The fact that their military has a neo-Nazi problem is just the cherry on top, for Russia.


Wow, clicked the link and I see that I've already liked the video. This was a great lecture btw.


Exactly, I keep seeing this take—zelensky is killing his people by not surrendering. No shit! Obviously if you just surrender fewer people die. But that’s not really a precedent we should expect anyone to set… if it was, Russia could start invading the US and you could make the same argument—well if we just don’t fight fewer people will die, should just go ahead and roll over now.


But your analogy is obviously a false equivalence, because the US would actually stand a chance of defeating Russia. Ukraine doesn’t have a prayer. Zelenskiy has been begging for troops, hardware, no-fly zones all week and he’s got squat. He thought rescue was coming and it wasn’t - if he wasn’t getting so many people killed for the sake of his own image I’d almost feel bad for him he’s been suckered so hard.


Land can be regained men can only die once. Dude he's arming civilians with weapons, I get the sentiment of fighting for your country but at the end of the day it's not worth dying and leaving your family behind. The fact he's forcing males aged between 18-60 to stay is just forcing them into the meat grinder. Best result that is going to happen is either they agree to negotiations somehow or it's going to be a full scale war for everyone.


Men are so weak nowadays Jesus thank god people didn’t think this way in previous world wars


Yes die for your country it's the patriotic thing to do. Why should anyone die for a country where they can't even give their citizens something to fight for. The reason men in the past were more likely to sign up is that they had land/families and things to actually protect. If you think your measure of being a man is going to war to die for politicians and their issues then sure you do you. Personally i'd try and get me and my family out the country so my kid doesn't grow up without their father and that my partner wouldn't be left alone, Different strokes i guess.


Money. Both my grandfather's fought in the war for Canada. Fucked them both up too; neither would talk about it unless drunk, and then my grandpa would be in the trenches again. One of my grandfathers apparently seen someone blown up with a gernade close to him. I understand the reason my grandfather signed up is because he was so poor that he didn't have his own shoes, he shared a pair with his brother. He literally joined the army to get clothes and money. He didn't want to, but people were a lot poorer before the war. Thinking more about it, a lot of psychos must sign up to. What other role than soldier do you get paid to shoot, kill, and bomb people? Obviously, I don't mean most people who join the army, but it must be a position that would attract sociopaths for sure. I wouldn't go unless forced and wouldn't want my kids to go. Why do I want to go murder someone in their country because the government said they are bad? Fuck that! It's insane to me counties go to war in this day and age. How can the most powerful people in the world not capable of sitting down and discussing issues like humans


Exactly if they invade your own country then yeah i'm alot more inclined to fight, But fuck am i getting drafted to go fight in someone elses country just so i can be told "yeah, but if we didn't fight them with ukraine then they would of came for us too"


All it takes for evil to succeed is good men to do nothing, I’d give my life for what I personally believe to be right


I'm completely for that good on you but do understand that people value and believe different things therefore wouldn't die for the same things.


You know there was evil in the world prior to Ukraine right? You know Putin didn’t invent evil? What have you done about that?


underrated comment


What do they expect i'm on a conspiracy board at 2:22AM and they want me to die for the government, Madness lol.


Also if you are a female then what's stopping you from joining? I'm sure you are physically more capable than a 60-year-old male?




Love how you keep bashing people as mindless drones while buying into the "invading to denazify" bullshit. Putin didn't give a damn if there were neo-nazis in Ukraine until what, 13 days ago, and you think that's what this is about? Hell, it wasn't even in his list of demands.


Watch Ukraine on Fire - Oliver Stone documentary. He certainly did give a damn and has watched for the last 15 years at what is happening in Ukraine.


I'll watch the doc because it sounds interesting, but actions speak louder than words. When an invader with overwhelming forces offers peace under specific terms, and not one of them is anywhere related to stomping out the nazis, then you know that wasn't a real concern of his.


NATO expansion, and denazification were goals from the very beginning. After watching the documentary, seeing who was actually placed in power, and the mass interest from US/Soros backed NGOs, the West got too big for its boots again and thought they were untouchable. Now Ukraine is begging for help and NATO doesn't want to get their hands dirty. The same faces keep popping up amongst these colour revolutions of the 2000s/10s and violence and bloodshed seems to follow them shortly after. Ukraine seem to be the only "western" country in the world that has a legitimate government funded neo-nazi arm of their military, massive coincidence the Azov Battalion was invented in 2014 and station themselves in the ethnically russian part of Ukraine. Do watch the documentary though and form your own opinions, as it blew my mind.


One battalion with a neo nazi identity and pre war strength of around 3000. Ukrainian army strength pre war is 170,000. That battalion and the separatists supported by Russian volunteers have both been linked to some terrible acts. But sure, let’s keep pretending Ukraine winning is equal to Nazis winning.


Dude the entire media propaganda complex is telling you all to support both Ukraine and WAR. I am against war. You better reevaluate who is doing what the media tells them.


Yeah, either way, I care 0% who wins, just that it needs to happen ASAP.


Then maybe your "spicy take" should be that the aggressor (Putin) should withdraw all of his troops immediately because he is the reason this is happening in the first place. War is over if he pulls out all his troops


That wouldn’t be spicy though


Because I can also perceive obvious reality. Ukraine will not win, the only question is how much suffering they cause before they lose.


Ukraine is already winning, russia is doing terrible to the point they lessened their demands. Russia has lost thousands of men.


How did they cause this? 😂😂 You’re delusional bro


They cause? Sorry you gave up your milk and lunch money so easily years ago. But I guess it may have eased your suffering.


Then NATO places whatever the hell they please on Russia’s doorstep. That situation could easily escalate to WWIII, especially if that’s what TPTB intend


Have you ever given a shit about the countries we invade or...? Can you look back in life and recall that one time when you were talking to some person about how we should never have gone to (choose your selection from many) and were you always advocating for us to pull our troops out? Were you appalled and making reddit posts when we were drone striking children? Or is this all a new thing you've suddenly developed a passion for? Just curious if you are consistent or a total fucking fraud. We previously had a president who's global strategy was to stay out of unnecessary wars and bring our troops back home. The sitting president left stranded Americans in a Afganistan, did you have something to say back then when we abandoned our own? Did you vote for Biden? Do you have any guilt voting for someone so weak that both Russia and China will be doing what wouldnt have happened under Trump? I mean you believe Putin invading Ukraine is bad but, if you voted for Biden you voted for Putin to invade. So you are a Trump supporter who doesn't believe in wars? Just curious if all of your choices add up or you're just completely full of shit. Do let us know.


You wouldn't fight in World War 3 regardless of why it was happening. You don't care about anyone but yourself and nothing bothers you unless it has an effect on you personally. We get it, you don't have to yell it over a megaphone.




ok super cool internet guy


So, he’s just like you and everyone else? Selfish? Wow bro good eye, riveting tale ol chap


There's a huge difference between being "selfish" because we're born with that behavior as human beings and practicing being a selfish pos that is literally absorbed with nothing but my own well being. Thanks for playing though


Where are you from that you’re worried you’ll be forced to fight?


You sound like a courageous fella...


Fuck off fascist


It shouldn’t have happened in the first place 😐


"he people of Ukraine are not going to be murdered if Zelenski surrenders," Russia has proved that is not the case, they have been shooting and robbing civilians in controlled areas.


Would these be the civilians that Zelenski armed? Which was a good (if evil) way to create civilian casualties. They should have taken volunteers into organized and uniformed militias. Instead they had them drive around taking pot shots at Russian forces, *for the very purpose of engineering "war crimes"!*


message me and i’ll send you videos of children and the elderly getting mowed down by russian soldiers. you’re pathetic.


If a war breaks out, the first people headed over better be the politicians kids/grandkids. If they don’t go voluntary, ppl should round them up and involuntarily enlist them in the military. Or if they restart the draft , just refuse to go. Hypothetically, of course…. I would never actually advise someone to do this. I’m just saying, it should be a thing


You know this won't be the case. When their kids join the service the get cushy high profile positions, rise through ranks quickly and are almost always kept out of the line of fire. Funny how everyone is willing to go to war but no one even touches the point you just made. I also have to wonder. Are the transgender kids who rely on medication and therapy going to fight for us? You know what I think? I think we should have no war whatsoever regardless of anything short of our country being invaded until we fine tooth comb these politicians. Russia is currently saying they have proof of Bidens criminal ventures with Ukraine. Maybe it's bogus...maybe it isn't. Shouldn't we know for sure before we send our own kids over to die? Or should we just embrace our feelings and continue to ignore the fact that we are constantly lied to by these people?


...or ya know, Russia can fuck off out of the Ukraine.


The events prior to Putin’s invasion tell us why he invaded and why he’ll never give up. This is going to be painful for a lot of people.


It’s easy to sit on the outside and tell a country to lay down their arms because it affects your well being. Unfortunately they are being attacked and civilians are dying in the streets. If they surrender, all of the lives lost go to waste and ukraine returns to being under russian jurisdiction. They know better than anyone the importance of sovereignty


If they surrender then the civilians will stop being killed, no?


So basically whoever is willing to murder the most civilians gets to be in charge. Kakistocracy at its finest.


Throughout history it has been shown that people are willing to fight and die rather than be ruled by a foreign power. By your logic every European colony should have never fought for independence. Also by your logic if a stronger country invades a weaker one, the onus is on the weaker one to stop deaths by not resisting.




Very true and it would not be unlike them to do such a thing. The worst thing you can do is feed a corrupt figure more power. We have seen how that plays out numerous times throughout history


If everyone had your thinking my country would still be under rule of the british monarchy and so would alot of others.


Its not that simple. You cannot rewrite what has already transpired there. They realize that by losing or surrendering there are consequences, mainly living under an authoritarian regime. The biggest question is where does it stop? If Ukraine is left for the taking without any outside intervention, it’s a sign of weakness by the west. There are also plenty of other little factors that fit into the bigger picture like ukrainian oil being owned by NATO politicians. It’s just a difficult situation really...


No they will still be killed, if anything they might be killed faster.


If they surrender and are then killed, perhaps the situation could be evaluated differently.


Lol so we should wait until they kill people after surrender to say they might have been fighting for a decent cause?


So they should wait and see if that happens first?


No, Putin wants blood, he wants a genocide, he has publicly said he does not think Ukrainians deserve to exist.


This is like if Canada was invading the US and you told the US to stand down because only their retaliation will lead to WW3


It would be more similar to Canada invading Alaska, not the entire US (as far as size goes.) But, were that to happen, it would be China using Canada as an invasion point. Which would already be WWIII.


Alright I’m convicted, this sub is filled with Russian bots


Hurrr anti-war is pro-russia. Big brain take there buddy.


So trade war with living under the tyranny of another government? Whatever happened to dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery?


Ahhhhahahahaha .. sorry Russia .. you chose to invade.. your weakness is clear as day for all to see ... you overplayed your hand and you lie lie lie.. they give you a finger and you’ll take the arm.. or the whole body anyways.. good old bullies ... they always act the same until they get punched in the mouth


OK, Comrade


I don’t think anyone can blame Ukrainians for not wanting to surrender. And anyway, we can’t control what they do. We can control what *we* do however. And half heartedly supporting Ukraine - enough to keep the fight going, not enough to win it - is cruel and futile. My view is that we either help properly (which we won’t do) and to the point the Ukrainians can actually win, or we sanction Russia and offer to assist in negotiations, which is where I suspect we’ll get to.


Sadly, the us is known more often for blocking peace settlements rather than assisting them.


The cynic in me thinks the US would be quite happy to see Ukraine become a kind of Afghanistan - indefinitely draining Russia’s resources. I *hope* the current military support is simply a way to strengthen Ukraine’s hand at the negotiating table. Time will tell.


I think the us would be perfectly fine with every Ukrainian dying if it allowed western oligarchs to divide up russias resources.


Well that is basically what happened in Libya…


Ding ding! 💰💰💰💰


I can see what your getting at but if some other country invaded my home I would never surrender. Let's face no other country would provide aid to the u.s. if we were invaded most of the world would gladly watch Americans die. That's what they want right now Americans to go to war and die defending Ukraine. The u.s. should not be involved it's not our business.




**Hey Russia, stop it now!!** Well, that did not work. Time to face reality.


If you look at his profile, it’s all pro Russia crap. I wouldn’t bother engaging with this account since it’s only used to divide opinion.


If you look at *this guy's* account, you will see it is a paid shill who only accuses others to poison the well of actual discussion. Any intelligent person understands that the world is bot black and white, in fact, "black and white thinking" is a sign of bipolar disorder and autism. Being *against a narrative* does not make one *pro-Russia* except to autists and bipolar sociopaths.


You're deflecting by calling people autistic and sociopathic, but you're also repeatedly saying that you'd sacrifice the entirety of Ukraine to protect your own interests.


"The world isn't black and white" take your own advice there bucko


This is reality sir. You need to try harder.


Or at least say, please.


Reality is just because you can not relate to fighting for your freedom , survival of your culture. That doesn't mean others are wrong in doing so. I can understand maybe not wanting to get sucked into a war where you feel you have no skin in the game but take a second to empathize with these people. They are being invaded by a hostile government that wants what they have unprovoked other than them wanting to join NATO..


Guarantee if the congress passed a sweeping gun ban across the nation you’d fold like an omelette.


I'm gonna report you to Putin for saying that.


Yeah well Ukraine isn't going to surrender. Time to face reality.


How are you on a conspiracy subreddit and fall into MSM propaganda???


No one wants WWIII, but fuck Putin. You’re willing to see a whole ass country come under control of Russia (and think it’s due to Zelinski) all so you can kiss your teddy bear goodnight? This isn’t about power to him. There’s no president you’ve seen in your life willing to stand and fight like he is (as president). He may be the only president actually earning his role


Well Zelensky is being paid well. $1.2 billion in offshore bank accounts and a $34 million dollar villa in Miami. Yeah, Zelensky is the good guy... not corrupt at all.




“my source is that i made it the fuck up”


Compared to Putin being one of the richest men alive.


It's a big club and we ain't in it. They all want war, they're all in it together, the bankers and the puppets that are the 'leaders' of the world. The victims are the people fighting on behalf of the elites that start the wars. Men and women manipulated by their leaders through fear and their patriotism. Told that they must fight for some 'greater cause'. Nation against nation, but truly, brothers against brothers. It's ok to be proud of your country, to want to protect it. But believe that this inherit pride is hijacked by many a country's leaders - to get you to hate your fellow man, and kill another. War is real for the people that die and fight in it, but for the upper echelons, it's about the power, money, and resources. What sadness, that people of every nation are lied to and turned against one another.


So just roll over and let Putin win? No I’ll take higher gas prices to put a shitty dictator in his place


So we let Putin take over the planet?


Well yeah we wouldn't want innocent people to die trying to stop him! /s


The planet is already ruled by so many "Putins".


Republicans should ban MAGA from the party and admit Trump lost to avoid civil war.


You are pathetic


Found the paid Russian propaganda poster.


Neville Chamberlain enters the chat:


This entire war is about Crimea and Ukraine current off it’s water supply If Russia gets Crimea recognition and water rights guarantees this all gets defused. The nato and gas stuff seems secondary


That theory worked very well for the UK leading up to WWII /s.


At least this bot accepts that Russia is the aggressor.


They already wrote and directed it, now you get to sit back and watch it. You don't have to fight, but the WEF drama will play on.


Just wear the mask bro, we can't risk the rona getting any worse than it is. Just take the vaccine, man, side effects are worth not having a deadly pandemic. Just surrender to russia, it's better than a war literally no one wants. Fuck you. Straight up, fuck you and log off. You're discourse and internet poisoned. For your own sake, log the fuck off.


I don't know where you live. But let's have Russia take you over and bomb your cities just because they want to own your country. I bet you sing a different tune.


Ukraine doesn't have to do shit.




Why what has he done to illicit that type of emotion.


It's a Russian.




You think they'll have it easier if they surrender? You think nothing will change for Ukraine if they go under Russia? They'll be dragged to all their shit and horrible currency as well. It will be a massive downgrade in way of life for many Ukrainians. This is worth fighting for lol.


Oh you're a Russian bot cya


Yeah other people should give up their freedom and country so that you don't get inconvenienced. Wow you're a shit human being.


What kind of Pro-Russian propaganda is this


you getting worried ivan?


This dude has fallen victim to Russian propaganda it seems.


Nice try, Vladimir


Meh, I say if they want to fight so be it but ultimately they are being played as pawns in a bigger game of chess. If they realize this and still decide to fight that is human free will at work and I’m all about free will. Now IM not going to fight anybody that doesn’t bring a fight to me first


If they were in a cage match? Sure, go Ukraine, I like underdogs. But this is NOT a cage match and there is the entire rest of the wprld at stake...


Thats some weak ass shit. I know who i dont want next to me if shit goes sideways.


Going back in time, if the countries that Germany overtook, had merely surrendered, what would the outcome be, in your opinion? If Ukraine rolls over, so should Georgia, Latvia, or perhaps Finland or Norway?


Or here me out, putin can just pull out of Ukraine




Fuck off russian troll. Take putins dick out of ur mouth!


What is the reason he wants zelensky? How about we look at it from both sides? Is there dirt on zelensky? Turn the media off for a little while.


Love them or hate them, Russia and needs to be remain intact or be a plus one for the world to be in balance. If NATO or the West get involved in Russia gets diminished or removed the world will be completely out of balance.


Yeah, too bad people are stupid and he’s corrupt. So now innocent people will die.


Literally. Ukraine will fall, it’s inevitable. The real question is will it pull the rest of the world into it and a potential nuclear war? Seriously, zelensky is being portrayed and glorified as some huge hero when in reality the guy is very likely an extremely corrupt politician like most of Ukraine’s government. Some of the stuff that guy has been asking NATO to do would literally ensure WW3 and a nuclear war.


Genuine question - where can I find evidence other than MSM to show where people are being killed at the hands of russian soldiers. I dont want to see people being killed, im asking so I can be educated on the matter without influence from any sides. Is that even possible?




You understand that Russia won't stop if they can get Ukraine right? If the world does nothing what do you think will happen next? China takes Taiwan, everything else it sees fit to be under them..etc. You create something worse than a war ffs. Everyone are holding back right now and only aiding Ukraine. Surrender only means Russia can continue taking what's theirs. Your city could be next. Who are you willing to fight for?


I'm not fighting for this war, either. Everyone else who supports it should suit up and fly to Ukraine. So far, the best geopolitical solutions leading to instant peace have been put into context by India. Everyone else is helping fund the war, encourage it, make it worse, and escalate it to a point where it drags the entire world in.


That would pretty much be the end of peace in Europe anyway. Russia would be emboldened to take back every former USSR nation, and then east Germany, and Slovakia, and the Check Republic, Hungary, etc…Let’s just stop the bs now. The only thing Russians understand is power and money. Now is the moment.


Yeah I've been thinking along these lines in the last couple of days Today the Ruskies have offered to withdraw if: • Ukraine recognises the Crimea as being Russian • Ukraine announces that the two long contested regions are now independent • Ukraine changes their constitution so they can never join the EU or NATO These demands are not ridiculous by any means. The safety of the world is at stake ffs


[They never offered to withdraw, they specifically said the army would oversee the demilitarization of Ukraine.](https://www.reuters.com/world/kremlin-says-russian-military-action-will-stop-moment-if-ukraine-meets-2022-03-07/) Basically Ukraine would still be occupied by Russian forces forever or at least until Putin sets up a new puppet.


No none of those are acceptable. That would be like Putin taking over my bathroom and you saying that I have to let him have it because it will save the world. Putin can't keep my bathroom because you want him to. It's my bathroom. Plus he is just going to take your bathroom next.


>• Ukraine changes their constitution so they can never join the EU or NATO Did you put this at the bottom intentionally? Feel free to elaborate on how this isn't a ridiculous demand. It's clearly just leaving them an opening to try again at a later time.


They aren't even organized enough to join NATO. They already said Ukraine is too corrupt.


haha ok nice response I guess. Had absolutely nothing to do with my response to OP but ok 👍


Yea they are, Russia is asking for all the places that holds giant pockets of natural gas. Ukraine deserve the right to their resources. Ukraine has the right to be a free nation.


They are ridiculous. It's just another way of demanding surrender.


This 100%.


Exactly. This could all end and they refuse to allow it


Lmao is this kind of woke comments and actions with their “let’s just fight and protest via internet” but let’s not go to fight for what is right because we might die. That’s killing humanity faster than anything else on the planet. oh and let’s not forget the hashtag #pray(insert some dumb shit here). To show support because I’m not doing anything else for them. Fck me right?


The wheels are in motion, and this train ain't stopping till there's one hell of a collision. We all know it.


Yes. Unfortunately, this.


You mean you wont fight a war that iseral and the world supported azov. Yes neo nazis. I love how the world ignored vice coverage of this for the last 8 years. Yes a jewish leader literally made a excuse to fund neo nazis. I'm still busy supposly fighting fascism here....fyi I think putin needs to die from "natural casues" he does look pretty aged for the last 2 years if i had say.




After seeing their military incompetence over the last 12ish days you are concerned about them waging WW3? Lol. Russia is trash. Now, China. That’s yet to be seen.


All these Ukrainian dick riders in the comments are hilarious


Agree. Ukraine is meant to be a neutral territory or buffer, but he's being encouraged to drag it out and make Russia ever more dangerous, and the tensions greater. They want NATO countries to put in orders for the US MIC. Fine. But instead of having people needlessly die, get it all over with and make a deal already. Give in to Russia's demands which aren't insane. Settle it. Let's have peace and prosperity, not more chaos, more psychological warfare waged on the people of the world. ENOUGH!


As corrupt as the Ukrainian government is currently I doubt Ukrainian citizens would notice any change if Russia took over.


the best would had been they had made peace and stopped the 8 year ongoing civil war with donbass long before, but they choosed war. But now you right the best would be to surrender if they cared about their country and the people living there. there is no way russia accepts a country with a hostile government which wants join nato and tries to get nuclear weapons on its border. the war will ongoing. its now on ukrain side to decide how much people will die and how much of ukrain gets destroyed. only ukrain can stop the war by surrender. but all we have seen so far is that the leadership doesnt care about the people and they try to escalate it in every possible way. The nuclear plant false flag attack was the tip of the iceberg.