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I do not understand this. The other candidate was white. How do they think this makes any sense?


And the same "Racists" elected a black woman with almost exactly the same numbers.


Not in VA, but remember Larry Elder of CA was the "black face of white supremacy?" TPTB/MSM don't care if it makes sense, because they know their viewer base isn't going to question any of it!


They will never admit the obvious. Virginia does not want the gun control they intend to push on us.


The real racists are the ones who push the victim mentality on black people. They hate strong leaders.


This. They have given the black community so much empty lip service, only to have targeted them, broke down their family structures, made them dependent on the government and then created the narrative that they are the victims of their neighbors and not the government that slowly wrecked their communities. Doublespeak proved effective. Imagine if our government actually worked towards unity rather than divisiveness.


Yeah I was going to say that lol. Literally elected the first black woman to Lt. Governor. Whatever we’re all racists apparently. Let’s Go Brandon!


No no no, FUCK Joe Biden


Let’s go Brandon 👏 👏 👏👏👏


Lets Fucking GO Brandon


Tarps off Boys Lets Go Brandon


Yes. Lt. Gov. is a black woman. I'm sure she's a white supremacist, though.... :rolleyes:


[https://i.redd.it/wtvif9v9jax71.jpg](https://i.redd.it/wtvif9v9jax71.jpg) ​ That is her.


Yeah but kamala had to work harder to get where she’s at.


Playing the role of a dead fish isn't always easy!


Because with the Democrats its all about stirring up race relations.


> How do they think this makes any sense? "If you're a white democrat, you're a racist piece of shit but at least you're a democrat. If you're a white republican, you are Satan incarnate" - Progressive Left


And the guy who won is a relatively lukewarm republican lol, he isn't Richard Spencer. They're just trying to shift the overton window.


I do not understand this: the other candidate was caught red handed paying interns to pose as white supremacists for a false flag operation


Don't forget Newsom basically said vote for him or your racist..... he was running against a black man... So the same people that constantly tell you to basically vote for any monitory, then tells you to vote for the white guy over the black guy or otherwise your racist. It's not meant to make sense, it's just meant to be a club to beat people into submission with.


The election was being framed as a mandate for CRT, or a "less white" school curriculum, anyway.


They completely ignore the other 2 candidates that won were minorities. They ignore the dem candidate was AlSO white. This is bullying of the voters and American people. Can the voters not sue for the media saying you're a white supremacist based on how you voted. FFS this shit needs to end. Sue.


Imagine saying the words black ignorance anywhere in public, now imagine going further and publishing a mainstream article with that phrase in it? This is all you need to know about who gets special treatment and who is target by their govt and institutional powers.


Their inner bigotry really comes out whenever they are angry. It's really fucked up how they blame everything on being white and being a man.


May God come back soon and end this 🤡🌎😆


The left is so fucking racist it boggles my mind.


Always has been:astronauts...




I don’t know where that quote comes from, but it certainly doesn’t bear repeating.


That figures.


So, let me get this straight. Hilary lost the election due to election tampering that consisted of dumb memes that your grandma shared on Facebook and that was evil. But 80% of major media running stories about how anyone who votes Republican is an drooling white racist who is coming to kill you and that isn't tampering with elections? Am I following the propaganda correctly?


Same like BLM are peaceful gathering but Jan 6th is pure terror...


Sounds like Virginia may have a police incident soon…


Yep, nailed it.


No, I'm sure it's mainly from the GOP voters who would go on record saying they're against CRT then have no clue what it is when asked about what is wrong with it... honestly I have no problem with it being taught at high levels like in a university where students are old enough to understand that there is room for nuance and that it's not the oversimplified version being presented of white people are oppressors and people of color are victims by default... but if we're telling that to young kids in elementary school I feel like it will instill divisions by race between kids where there shouldn't be


I agree, but we're just so far past the ability to have nuanced discussions or honest critical thought where everyone can admit when their side is wrong instead of being hypocritical. The extremes of both sides have taken over, because they have the loudest voices and when articles like this are being published - [https://www.salon.com/2021/11/04/in-the-coming-second-american-civil-war-which-side-are-you-on/](https://www.salon.com/2021/11/04/in-the-coming-second-american-civil-war-which-side-are-you-on/) \- It's pretty clear that this is all a plan to divide us and destroy this country.


[Winsome Sears poised to become Virginia's first Black female lieutenant governor: 'I'm representing everybody'](https://www.foxnews.com/media/winsome-sears-virginia-first-female-black-lieutenant-governor-fox-friends) [Republican Jason Miyares claims victory as first Latino Va. attorney general](https://wjla.com/news/local/republican-jason-miyares-claims-victory-as-first-latino-va-attorney-general-youngkin-mcauliffe-virginia-democrat)


Folks need to look at those.


I find it actually hilarious that leftist celebs are taking to Twitter, claiming that racism prevailed in VA, that democracy is dead etc etc. No, bitches, it's just that parents don't trust schools and want a say in their childrens' education. Suck it, dorks. Let's go Brandon! Edit: downvoted? I thought I read the room pretty well. Oh well, let's go Brandon!


Can you imagine if they referred to ‘black ignorance’ with regards to, well, anything negative?! Absolute fucking uproar would ensue…


You read it correctly, just those that are triggered showed up first. Fjb


Yeah I think you're right lol side note, but I got perma banned from AskReddit last night for saying "Joe Biden shit himself in Rome. What happens now?" Lol my point being, libtards are seething


I got permabanned for stating a fact about natural immunity.


They claimed that Joe Biden pinching that presidential loaf was misinformation and that's why I got banned. But we all know that if you, the fucking president, shit yourself on TV, you're never gonna own up to it. So as far as I'm concerned, this topic is forever debatable lol. And I'm sorry for your ban, but fuck em.


\#metoo, multiple subs.


that's so fucked.


The shills stalk new and downvote posts/comments before they reach the top.


How is VA racist? Are there no pictures of LT Gov elect Sears?


The shills peruse constantly and immediately besiege any thread they think they can do some easy shilling on. They are literally out here on a constant watch. They downvote immediately any and all comments at the minimum and drop some wonderfully touched comments and then bounce back to r/all.


We can't vote you up faster than the bots can vote you down.


Yea, they should start teaching Critical Race Theory so that they can ban teaching Critical Race Theory. That'll learn em!


You for real or is this /s? Why would there be a problem in banning CRT if they aren't teaching it in the first place? Should be a win-win for all involved if they're actually not implementing it in classrooms.


No one should be shocked republicans are against education lol


It must be tiring having to use gas lighting and disingenuous language constantly to try and win arguments. Not being able to speak the truth or be honest ever has to really take a toll on your psyche. God bless my friend.


>win arguments We are like, way beyond that lol Conservatives have a war against CRT, an educational theory. They’re so dumb theres actually zero point trying to communicate, it’s just about beating them in elections.


Again with the gas lighting. CRT is an educational theory now? Are you implying it was never actually being taught? Please tell me that's what you are saying.


It’s literally theory In universities people study things, all sorts of things. We shouldn’t need to censor education & people thinking because literally uneducated rural people who don’t even understand theory in any way. Watch what happens when you ask a conservative to talk about CRT. They don’t know, they’re stupid


What a fucking headline.


The propagandists are literally sick from all the inbreeding. Schizos and psychopaths.


Hmmm.. where can I get some more of this ‘white ignorance’ stuff? Seems to be pretty effective.


Big REEEEE energy


I don't give a fuck about partisan politics...but imagine if a white person wrote an article about "black ignorance." They'd be exiled from society lmao


Oh goody they're quadrupling down on hatefulness. Let's see how that works again.


Is Biden not white?


You ain't Black!!!


Clinton wasn't


That depends on how many slaves his ancestors owned and also don't forget to ask Chelsea Handler she is an expert on these things.


"If you don't like my terrible policies and overbearing governance, you must be ignorant, racist or all of the above."


I still can't tell, is the news media biased towards one party? I just don't see it.


Oh look who's triggered https://www.msnbc.com/author/ja-jones-ncpn371241


When did they stop having a comment section?


The state where the dad whose daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom got arrested at a school board meeting. Sure that is not one of the many valid reasons to vote for a different regime.


As a liberal I don't care. It's a charade anyway. People get angry at one party and then vote the other party who in turn pissed people off so they vote for the other party. As long as we have a two party system we are doomed.


Ranked choice voting is all we need to smash the duopoly. Maine and Alaska are leading the charge on that. I literally can't fucking wait to cast a ballot for a non republican/democrat and have it actually matter


I would love to see a modern president unaffiliated with those two parties. We can dream


It's simple: vote for the candidate that is more libertarian


CNN is running stories about racist dog whistling, and this same type of bullshit rhetoric to excuse the loss. These people have mental health issues. Not even joking—I’m past being upset with these types. They need actual medical attention.


Saying they need mental health implies it's curable or at least manageable. This is an active disturbance in thinking they WANT to have.


They need more than medical attention they need to full on get the fuck out of this country. Or really they should all go to California and secede from the union. It'd be great if we could just drive them all to Canada, unfortunately that super progressive country has extremely strict immigration policies and has no massive illegal alien invasions.


Digging their grave deeper...


The people have spoken!


Lol 😂


This is great, they need to keep this up so we are sure to have a red wave.


MSN is garbage. I'd rather listen to 10 hours straight of the sponge bob theme song. I'd get more out of it.


I love how it’s been normalized to consistently shit on white people by implying that they’re ignorant and all racist. Like it’s mind boggling that there is a news article with the phrase “White Ignorance” on it and there’s no outrage over it. Flip the race and you’ll have half of America’s cities set ablaze in less than a week.


SS Youngkin significantly overperformed in basically every demographic excerpt white progressive Beltway Karens, so this headline is correct just not in the way they think it is.


"white ignorance" means white beltway progressive ignorance. "Climate change" isn't talking about the weather.


The only racists I see here are the ones coming up with complete bollocks like "white ignorance" And "white privilege".


Former Gov. [Ralph Northam](https://media-cldnry.s-nbcnews.com/image/upload/newscms/2019_05/2738786/190201-ralph-northam-yearbook-pic-ew-545p.jpg)


White ignorance? Lmfao!! How about common sense? This has nothing to do with "white" people! This statement could not be more racist!


Wow. Imagine seeing the words “black/brown/Asian ignorance” on a screen in this context, or any context.


I'll take my white ignorance and enjoy life with my fellow Americans.


He won cause the democrat was fucking horrible at campaigning. Democratic Party always kills itself by assuming ppl will vote for their candidate just because. They need to start running candidates their voter base actually wants if they want to gain & hold any power. Oh well tho, they’ll learn when it’s too late


I think it also had something to do with him saying that parents have the right to veto any books or lessons that their kids are taught, but don't have a say in what their kids are taught overall. That's almost verbatim. Super unpopular idea, that, especially considering all the CRT/trans policies being pushed. No wonder he lost.


That’s what I’m sayin he was horrible at campaigning. That parents-school quote was the nail in the coffin for him. But even before that his plan and approach was just extremely out of touch. I think I could have made a better campaign and won more votes if I was running for Governor instead of him smh


That is an extremely racist headline


Yes they are furious flaunting the masonic colors right in your face. They’re so mad




So you have some semblance of evidence that CRT is actually being taught in non college public schools? I’d love to see it


Christopher Columbus was a bad man. Thomas Jefferson had slaves, he was a bad man. It's low keyed but that is what kids are told. Call it what you want.


So kids are being taught history? And that’s bad?


A slanted version that ignores the reality of the time. You can't hold people in the past to modern standards. The times are changing but that doesn't mean our founding fathers were bad men. I don't apologize for being white any more than I'd expect somebody else to apologize for being black.


Saying TJ was a bad man for owning slaves is not the same as saying he was a bad man for being white. I understand context matters… but that’s like excusing a Nazi for being a Nazi because everyone else was also being a Nazi. And again - you have yet to provide any semblance of evidence of CRT being taught in schools


Calling white people the devil and that all white people are inherently racist and evil is fucking bullshit marxist filth. It's all straight out of Saul Alinskys playbook. Destabilize the country. Go read this fucking bullshit. https://everydaypower.com/saul-alinsky-quotes/ It's literally play by play of what the progressives in this country are trying to do. It's all fucking marxist bullshit.


Once again, pointing out that a person can do good and bad things is simply teaching history. But since you have Christ in your username, I realize I’m wasting my time.


That's not what CRT is though... Do you guys say anything that isn't just completely full of shit? Every one of you liars I argue with just lie through your teeth like it's the only thing you guys know how to do. Gaslight and LIE, personal attacks, projection, straw men, you guys have the full gamete.


What is CRT and who is being taught CRT?


They were bad men according to the moral standard of people they enslaved.


The people you say they enslaved were sold by their own people. It was a common part of their lives and not a foreign concept. If anything knowing what it is to be free was unfathomable. Trading humans as a business model was not invented by the white man. It was invented by dark skinned people of Africa and parts of the Middles East and then Asia. As far as capitalizing it and logistically making the operation a commercial enterprise around the globe, that you can blame on the “white man”.


Did Julius Cesar enslave his own people when he sold gaulish war captive into slavery ? Everybody knows it's wrong for themself to be ensalved. Freedom was not unfathomable to [Hercules](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hercules_Posey) and any other people who they enslaved. Slavery has existed before the beginning of recorded history.


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**[Hercules Posey](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hercules_Posey)** >Hercules Posey (1748 – May 15, 1812) was an enslaved African owned by George Washington, at his plantation Mount Vernon in Virginia. "Uncle Harkless," as he was called by George Washington Parke Custis, served as chief cook at the Mansion House for many years. In November 1790, Hercules was one of eight enslaved Africans brought by President Washington to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then the temporary national capital, to serve in the household of the third presidential mansion. On February 22, 1797, Washington's 65th birthday, Hercules escaped from Mount Vernon and fled to New York City, where he lived under the name "Hercules Posey". ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


> You can't hold people in the past to modern standards. slavery was bad by the contemporary standards of the time my guy


https://twitter.com/realchrisrufo/status/1454467920117964805 ... make sure to read it all, not just the top


Read it all. Again. What in there scares you?


What scares me is how full of shit you are. I gave you the proof you requested, and all you do is push it aside and change the subject. Your willingness to prostitute your intellect is nauseating.


it isn’t saying to teach the CRT curriculum but the philosophy behind it. Which is basically just not white washing history. Were you taught about the Tulsa OK black Wall Street massacre in school? I was not. That should really tell you all you need to know about the lopsided history being taught.


Is this a conspiracy? This is so common it's practically cliche.


And yet they lie to normies who swallow it down all day every day.


The media lying and scape goating a portion of the population? If you don't see the conspiracy, you need to comment less and lurk more.


Where’s the conspiracy here ?


MSM in general is a gov propaganda organization that works to divide the masses to keep them controlled.


damn…just realized i’m not on r/conservative


Who's mad?


who are they? and who are us?


Lol no one knew about the lt governor. Now they do cuz of fox. Go look at the voting gap and you will see why they say it was racist. Uneducated white vote for what they are told.




They hacked the voting machines, the CCP wanted youngkin to win, clearly.


The far right strikes again in this sub. Can we at least pretend we care about conspiracy around here?


What happen to "voting is a scam" rhetoric? I though it didn't matter what happens in politics; "they are all puppets anyway". Or does that only apply if the guy you like loses...


At the high levels, many believe voting is a scam. At lower levels, the people who fix the high level stuff dont bother because there is too much they'd have to micro manage, and it doesn't matter because if they control the Presidency, and the house and senate, and courts, they can do as they wish. At least that's what they think because if they control most of the positions of power, obviously everyone will see that they were right.


Aaaawwwwww. Lol


The left should keep up with this "white people evil" narrative. It's really working for them!


I’d be pissed too if I spent a ton of money that ended up being all for nothing


White ignorance...orrrrrrrr people just aren't so fond of the medical fascism! Elephant in the room.


Why so mean tho?


FJB Beybeeeee