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37 because 38 would be ridiculous


I hope this is a Clerks 2 reference


Try not to get jabbed on the way to the parking lot!


My love for you is like a truck, Berserker


Would you like to making fuck, berserker


Did he say “making fuck?”


After 3 I'd say let's cut out the middle man and fauci can ejaculate directly into my ass hole


You could simply sign up for **Pfizer plus**. Pay a small monthly fee for the booster flavor of the month for the rest of your life with Pfizer Plus. Never be left out, and if you sign up for Pfizer plus today, you'll get an awesome Pfizer hat and hooded sweatshirt, and a chance to win an autographed Dr.Fauci syringe.


Damn this was funny. Not as quite as funny as the person ready for Fauci to cum in their asshole, but it's up there.


The REAL Fauci Ouchie


That's what we'll call the final booster; that's the insemination one. I think I read at 80, or however old he is, that he's still running. He should be able to give as many boosters as necessary.


Wait is the syringe used by Fauci? Else not interested


This month is the pumpkin spice jab


I'd do it for a cameo in his next movie


Is that the one where the send the syringe to your house or is that the premium package?


That’s the upgraded plan, only high level officials get to claim they did it themselves.


Pfizer premium is when they send a drone to your house that gives you it, takes a photo, and changes your fb banner automatically to: “I got the xth shot!” And you will then be a better human being and superior than those who are behind you. Booster shot 28ths are terrible uncaring people.


Thats what i said when the vax rolled out, its gonna be a subscription for your ‚health‘.


Stealing this I’m sorry


This is why I come to reddit...thank you


He probably would double condom. Then the next day use 4. Then the next day 0.


Holy shit, this is the endgame isn't it? Fauci just wants fuck us all up the poohole.


I'd like to fuck his b-hole with a telephone pole.


Film it, we'll call it T-Pole for the B-Hole


Settle down Beavis


I read that in Butthead's voice.


Gonna be shittin dicks by christmyass


Puts a new spin on the fauci ouchie


It seems appropriate that I delivered the 666th upvote to your comment.


Just downvoted to keep it as 666.


All praises be to lord fauci, the nut buster


This is the way


Had two, and that’s it for me. Felt like shit with chest pain after the second.


None. I’m not going to get any booster shots. Done. No. More. For. Me.


Was it mandates that got you, or just common sense telling u don’t wanna be a sheep? (I may phrased it funny but I’m serious, I’d like to know!)


Never getting a booster. Already regret getting it in the first place. Was happy I am able to see my grandparents (which was the only reason I did it), but no booster for this guy


Stand your ground omg, if people keep complying soon you'll face homelessness because you don't want the 3rd shot. It's never ending if you comply. I have a kid too but this hill I will die on


Agreed. If only we as a human race would simply not comply. They’d have nothing. No power. No say. We’d still be living in a 2019 world. Ugh.


20 bucks for the u.s, 30 outside. This is phozers cash cow. If their lapdog keep pushing it we will never see an end. Just different strains and new baddies... the war economy is over, welcome to the medical economy.


I was one and done. I reluctantly got the first to appease family. Now that I don't want the second, they want nothing to do with me. How supportive and understanding.


Just lie. I regret not lying from beginning. Say u got the second and be done w it. Ur not any more dangerous than they are


They’ll probably demand proof


Easy to forge


Not in certain states that use QR codes and databases..


Not forge it for legal purposes. Just to show his family so they will love him again.


Lmfao this comment is fucking hilarious bro hahaha.


How absurd that this is an easily-imagined dynamic. Our overlords have shat in the punch bowl so hard.


Your family has access to the vaccine databases?


That’s insane wtf




You even met them half way.


Got the first shot for my girlfriend, I know stupid, After a couple of weeks I started getting these random chest pains which freaked me out so I decided not to get the second one


Never a gene based "vaccine" so will never take Pfizer, AstraZ, J&J or Moderna. Ok to take attenuated virus vaccine like Sinopharm or SInovac annually. The fact I am mocked for being "picky" and "vaccine shopping" speaks heaps


It’s looking like every 6 months if you want to keep your vax passport valid… and with movement’s to create a permanent state of emergency these could go on indefinitely. Absolute madness! Totally unfair and unethical expectation of people. Especially for a trial “vaccine” still in its experimental stage years away from being eligible for approval.


If there’s a permanent state of emergency, then what happens when there’s a real emergency? A heightened state of emergency?


State of emergency Pt. 2


I’m thinking it’ll be color ranked like our terrorism charts.


Electric boogaloo


The “real” emergency is coming… If they keep pushing people and depriving them of their their basic freedoms then they’ll soon have a “real” emergency on their hands.


Double secret emergency


There cant be an emergency if theres always an emergency…*taps head*


And Toronto transplant network is not allowing transplants for unvaccinated. This is true insanity.


Every 6 months they can beg me to participate and I will tell them to kiss my asshole. I know there's gonna be work arounds by then. I've always been a social outcast. I just need a bit of money to get my shit going


If nothing else, THIS should be a reason why not take any shot / first dose or boosters don’t matter. If people can’t see that THIS exact fucking reason is why they shouldn’t comply to rules and be monkeys then they can go and fuck themselves. Sick motherfucking bastards, giving ultimatum to people in need, people who actually need help. Not those sick fat fucks who are high risk cuz they hate their bodies but they got jab cuz “covid shots are saving lives”. Funniest thing, no one of our lives matter so I don’t know why people want to live so desperately in society like this. In society where it’s okay to do what they are doing in Australia, or Canada with this example. Where it’s okay to kill black people as you go and then throw away all those protests and what people were fighting for. Where we are eating food that gives cancers and destroying our bodies and mind. I’m sorry for writing all of these, probably unnecessary but it hurts me to see shit like this. Not allowing unvaccinated to continue with their lives and receive medical help. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE


Yeah fuckem. Can't believe that covid sickies go straight to the front of line. Like nobody else matters.


They called it a booster because it will have more sequels than fast and furious


I am going to refuse boosters. I had two shots of their "vaccine" as I felt pressured into it, but it's a lie because vaccine doesnt even stop me from getting sick or passing the covid to others. This IMO is not a vaccine at all.


It’s not just your opinion, it’s a fact. The original And true definition of a vaccine is something that provides complete immunity from Getting that disease, this does not do that. This is a therapy, gene therapy as it changes the way your body’s immune system Works, permanently.


Especially interesting that according to Pelosi, Congress exempt from the vaccine mandate…




Got the Pfizer for our honeymoon at the request of my wife. Not taking any boosters though. Fuck that. I played along to make the honeymoon smoother but now that it’s over I have no interest in getting any boosters.


enjoy the divorce


You should listen to The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Cooper on Audible. As a loving brother I hate to be telling you this but your wife should not play a factor in your personal decisions. This may sound totally closed minded and anti modern culture but there’s a science behind it. If you start off as the dominant alpha and make your own decisions, she will RESPECT you and ultimately be more attracted to you in the long run. But yes, good job at choosing to not take the boosters. I’m sure she is pushing you to do so.


Doesn’t have anything to do with gender but rather what domain you give your spouse and where you set the boundaries - for instance, it’s fine if my husband wants to choose what’s for dinner or if he wants me to take a walk with him, or vice versa. That’s called being in a loving marriage where we enjoy each other immensely - and we have been for a long time too without whatever dominant/submissive dynamic you’re talking about. But it’s completely inappropriate for him to have a say on whether I take an experimental shot and I would also never want to force him into that either.


I agree with you. Each partner should be able to make their own decisions and ask their partner to do things as well within respective boundaries like you’re saying. Males should do chores just as much as females. Maybe I came off a little harsh. What I meant was he needs to be dominant of himself, not dominant over her. I’m not sure which age group you’re in but I’m in my late 20’s in a large city and the women are used to dominance because any dominant male is flagged as being “toxic” which has caused extreme betatization/submission of our gender and age group over the last decade. I am very thankful though for my current relationship. She knows exactly the way I think about all this and is very respectful, but at the same time can see through my bullshit and calls it out sometimes. But at the end of the day, we love each other very much


I thought there was a booster in the works for the j&j?


6,777 is my limit. After that, I'm outta here.


To answer this depends on the circumstances. How so? * Is there a new strain of covid going around or not? * Is there an updated shot based on the new strain, or is it the same one they're making right now? * Is there an option of a more conventional shot... like a flu vaccine (inactivated viral particle or protein subunit) or do all the options instruct my cells to manufacture foreign antigens? If the answer to all 3 questions is "yes" I'll consider a booster. If the answer to any of them is "no"... Then that's what I'll say.


Thank you for your answer. Well thought out. I prefer your logic as most questions should be answered with several additional questions. Please everyone read this answer (even if the person has different views as you). Consider obstacles and circumstances and weigh the result of a choice! How refreshing, I love it. Our medical and personal body and mindset should be treated the same. All in all… how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!


There is an option of a more conventional vaccine against COVID, though sadly not in USA yet. China has Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines, and India has a Bharat Biotech vaccine called Covaxin. All of these vaccines are an inactivated COVID-19 virus with an adjuvant, all have been shared with other countries outside of India and China. The mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna etc.) and the Adenovirus-29 (J&J) were rolled out because no one had figured out how to isolate the SARS-COV-2 virus for use in a vaccine but now that they have I’m not really sure why USA isn’t rolling those traditional type of vaccines out as well. I think more people would be willing to take them.


> I’m not really sure why USA isn’t rolling those traditional type of vaccines out as well There is the upcoming Novavax, which is a protein subunit vaccine. It's uses one antigen from the virus combined with (I think?) a tetanus antigen to get a higher antibody response.


Circumcisions are always good. How so? • Is there any proof of Covid to begin with? Or are they developing deadlier viruses in the same funded labs? • Did your last shot reduce your ability to fight any present or future diseases or cancer? • Is there an option of a lesser experimental gene therapy that doesn't reduce my white blood cell count? Maybe one that doesn't spike my immune system to focus on this one singular false pathogen while ignoring everything else it has been warding off? • Did the first 2 free shots protect anyone or those around anyome from getting it? Oh, the first two didn't work... give me a third. • Do the PCR tests have any positive, scientific data showing they can positively ensure false-positive tests? • Are you going to discredit this post because I swapped circumstance with Circumcision even though it was to prove a point? If your answer is "No" to any of the aforementioned questions I'll continue to never take a single jab.


Just to be clear all vaccines produce an antigenic response. That is the point.


But how it gets to an antigenic response is what matters.


0, when I got the vaccine I was under the impression it would prevent me from contracting or spreading Covid. Then this was reduced to “it won’t prevent the spread but it is still 96% effective at preventing hospitalization” to now where it does not prevent contracting or spreading, is 44% effective at best against hospitalization, and loses effectiveness between 2 and 7 months post injection— all this with a risk of myocarditis and Bell’s palsy as well as other afflictions. No, with the facts as they are now, I would not have taken the initial vaccine and certainly will not take a third.


Could I get that 44% stat source off you? I'm looking for research to add to my library. Thanks!




You are misinterpreting your own source. No where does it say that the mRNA vaccines are only 44% effective at preventing hospitalization.


44% is way too high, it is some low percentage of effective against early COVID, not the strains that are out now. If the vaccines were only useless, we would be in a better spot.


Preferably none. Got the Pfizer after fda approval because I would have lost my job if I didn’t. Unfortunately I’m not in a spot to throw away my job over a shot. I got kids. Shits wrong af being forced to get the Jab or face being homeless


I’m sorry people aren’t being empathetic towards you. Having a family to look after and a whole world plandemic must be real tough. You did what you thought you had to do, just don’t be anyone’s fool


What if your job requires continual boosters for a decade?


Well obviously things shouldn’t get that far. If they do then humanity would be long ago fucked. I do my part and won’t be walked over by anyone. Be resourceful and trust yourself.


I agree that they shouldn’t but the current admin shows that they will slowly push further and further. Just asking to see how long before you would refuse or keep going.


Me too. Got the vax for my job.


Zero. I'm off this train. I calculated that I would find close to zero support being unjabbed, and that has proven true, as now jabs are mandatory where I work. But people have had enough. Forced boosters will not go over well.


Jabbed twice. Sick AF for six months with no end in sight. I’ll never have a booster, per my infectious disease doc’s orders.


Aw man. I see this happening to my sister and it is heartbreaking.


The random dry heaves from looking at food commercials on TV is the most bizarre thing, but the heart, nerve, and brain problems are wicked. I'm wondering if I will ever be free from what the jabs have done to me.


My Mom has a serious autoimmune disorder that is very rare and incurable. She got her booster two weeks ago. My Dad will not even consider getting a single shot. They support our decision and I support theirs. My Mom did say after the booster was the sickest she has felt after having the vaxx.


I took the [email protected] like most people in my country but everyone i know and people i have talked to would not take a booster shot Edit: im from iceland


At some point people are just gonna offer the person administering it a few bucks to have them shoot it in the trash instead and walk out with an update on the card. Can’t say I didn’t consider this the first go round...


Dude, that's a damn good idea. You think someone would take a $50 to do that amd send me on my way?


I’ve been wondering this same thing but scared to get a closed minded doc and that’s probly some shit they put you in the gulag for in 2021


Don’t let them take you to the gulag


Smart man.


No boosters for me.


I won't be taking any boosters. I had the Janssen vaccine, and side effects were pretty fucking rough. Not looking to go through that again.


1-2 per year for the next _years? 😶 and they get paid $4/shot….times how many billion people that are willing… are we sure this isn’t a money grab? Seems very profitable. Why don’t they take some of those profits and create a vax that doesn’t require a lifetime of boosters. Like one that just works.


Treatments > Cures


Painfully simple yet so elegant.


My ins paid 40 bucks for me to get jabbed.


The billed rate in medicine is not indicative of the reimbursement they receive. It’s one of the the completely ridiculous aspects of medicine. You bill 100% of the fee screen rate, but are paid based on contracted rates set up between the provider and payer (full fee screen rate less contractual adjustment). So you won’t know what they were actually paid.


I understand how ins works and I read the EOB. They ended up paying the hospital 40 per dose to administer the shot.


I thought they were paying people $100 to get jabbed? Did that not work out for them or did they run out of money?


No they didn’t pay me, the hospital billed them.


They get paid 20 a shot, 40 if double jabbed




I'm fully vaccinated. I will not get the boosters unless forced to. I refuse to carry a vaccine card no matter what.


> unless forced to So what if they force you to carry a vaccine card?


It will soon be a QR code you scan from your phone and it will tell them your vaccine status, which will allow you to move about.


Allready is in canada


Soon?... I just downloaded my QR vaccine passport today because otherwise I won't be allowed in my university.. I'm jealous it didn't come to your country yet




No boosters.




About tree-fiddy


if I believed my risk was significant because it's something I worked through with my physician, I'd be inclined to follow his advice. if it was because some mandate threatened my livelihood if I didn't comply —hard pass. that's borderline dictator behavior. my medical decisions are between myself and my doctor, not government intervention by fiat


The vaccines and shots I've took was when a kid and I never took one since as an adult. I will never take this Covid-19 bullshit experimental vaccine shot and anyone who pressures me can go fuck themselves. I've done my research and the facts line up. I'm happy to lose my job, family, and etc so I wouldn't have to take it. I'm fine with people choosing to take because that is their business.


had one Pf. (against my will basically) for work and regretted it (I have antibodies yeey - pretty sure I’d be perfectly fine without it and with getting the 'Rona) . Got the exception from the doc and ain’t gettin no ‘inoculations' no more until I’m alive


I’m not getting a fucking booster that wasn’t the fucking deal


I’m not getting a single booster


I’m an icu nurse. When I start seeing vaccinated 30 year olds in the unit I’ll gat a booster. Until then? I will decline for the moment. I hope we are right about the vaccines I really do:. I’ve taken them and most of my family and friends have. It doesn’t seem to be helping anymore, are numbers are worse than ever. Most of the patients don’t have the vaccine but a lot of people by me are vaccinated. I sometimes don’t know what’s up from down anymore .


None. It’s a money making racket for American big pharma.


💯 and they need to sell every last dose before they expire so they can make every penny.


Just send them to Canada, they already approved the use of expired vaccines. You can even mix and match different companies.


Wait, what? You guys got vaccinated?


So much for being nice


Zero. I got my "Fully Vaccinated" card and I'm not chasing after moving goalposts.


What if they void that card yearly if you don’t keep up?


I'm retired; what are they going to do, fire me?


I took both and won't be doing a booster. If I need the booster to fly I'm not sure. My reason for getting the shot is pretty ridiculous looking back, we got paid for days out of work sick from the shot and I didn't have money for a vacation so I was like fuck it I need a break.


They're plan is to booster continuously until there is zero covid.


It’s the new “flu” just a endless sickness that’s a guessing game with shots


In comparison to what we were told about the two shot regime… to flatten a curve… etc, and data since which has been seeping out, my position on a booster is that I’m not feeling comfy with it or any others to follow. I’ll observe the other precautions before a booster, ty.


0, I'm going to lick subway poles instead


I got my first, and proof of vaccination to be able to do shit for now. I'm waiting to see what type of crap they come up with now and if the majority of people will keep following. After the vaccination, I mostly feel the same. But I am feeling a strange feeling in my balls and heart. Mainly my balls. I'm guessing this bitch stops ur testosterone so u are more complacent. Anyway, the body has a way of rebalancing it self. If it can't even do anything to protect u from the virus after a few months. It will for sure not be effective unless you take it couple times a year. I'm not doing that shit. Bankroll and I'm outta here living off grid


After reading the comments i truly believe a vast majority of the word will be labeled unvaccinated by Christmas.


The numbers please ! the survival rate is 99.00 something ..... they got us all into a masspsychosis - now everybody is in fear relax guys


I've been vaxed for a while but the only way im taking the booster is if they shoot me with a dart gun full of it.


Being that I was coerced into getting the first, I will be getting no boosters. I had natural antibodies and never felt sick, so there is no reason


I’m out on the boosters in general tbh


Pure blood to the fucking end. Come at me with a needle and you better be immune to lead poisoning.


Bruh, pure blooded what?




I can't believe how many people are OK with this. Oh well, every booster will lead to more side effects so it's just a matter of time before more join us...


If a 3rd is mandatory yeah nah fuck that


What has 2 thumbs, loves getting blowjobs and isn’t getting any boosters whatsoever ? THIS GUY


2 is enough for me. No boosters.


I reluctantly Got jabbed twice although I had covid (they wouldn't consider my natural immunity despite having done an anti body test showing positive). So I got 2 doses to keep my job. I was very angry about it. But I won't take anymore boosters in case they decide 2 wasn't enough. I'll then think about what my options are.


My mom is 90 and will refuse the bonus shots. I'm still pure.


Good on her .she lived through world war 2 and she can see through the bullshit


This right here is actually why I think they hit the old age homes and targeted the elderly first. And indigenous populations that have had enough experience with the truly heinous ways of these people to know better as well.


My parents are in their 80s and said no to any shot , they won’t take it .


None. I won’t get a booster whatsoever. Got the jnj because my school sucks


It's not so much how many, it's more how often. I don't think I'd go any further than yearly, similar to the flu shot.


I might take one, but never two. At that point I'll take whatever discharge they give me.


I mean, Israel is on #4, so...


Still to receive the fauci ouchie. Won't get one till the Covaxin is approved all over. Won't get the mRNA or AstraZeneca variants at all.




Had my two, I will not be getting the boosters. The whole idea behind the inoculation is to prepare the body right? I'm not so sold on the idea of continuous preparation.


I’ve already had covid once, I’ve had my two shots. I don’t think I’ll be taking the booster. It’s pretty safe where I live and because everyone’s taken their shot I think I’m willing to take the chance on the third one.


As long as the scientific data makes it seem valuable to me. Can't say a specific number. It also depends on the times between the jabs. Many vaccines need updates after a few years. But i will not do it every few months.


Honestly, my vaccine likely decreases the odds of hospitalization. I am OK with getting sick. I just want to be able to continue working. So far, I see more risk with a booster than benefit for me. That is my calculation right now.


I haven’t counted the number of flu shots I’ve gotten but I don’t get them every year. If it’s cheap and easy to get boosters and there is still significant risk of infection I will probably get them semi-regularly. If there is significant proof of harm from the boosters I would stop getting them.


Ok.. say you get them annually.. at what point do you expect your freedoms back ? Or are you ok masking and complying annually too ?


I have all my normal freedoms. I hate masks but I wear them if I need to. Thankfully it’s not very often.


Why do you need too if you're fully vaccinated though ? 4th, 5th booster? Or is this a life thing now ? I'm not grilling you, just curious on at what point you put your foot down.


To me the science doesn't back up getting any more. Antibodies decline, sure, that's expected with any flu shot, but that doesn't really say anything about memory T Cell function. Considering hospitalization stays low, even months later, that indicates to me that immune systems remember the sars cov2 virus. Do I really think I'd get fucked up by a booster? No not really, i didn't even feel the first one. It doesn't seem worth risking it though. If someone wants to argue about it I could probably out maneuver them. I get my flu shot regularly, but also never felt any side effects from that either. I also eat a lot of fruit because I think Linus Pauling had a lot of good points about Vitamin C (possibly even curing schizophrenia who knows).


I have to get a flu shot every year for my job so it really isn’t that big of a deal for me. If they put it together as one shot that would be great.


I got 4 polio shots, 3 MMR shots, get a tetanus shot every 5 years, I usually get a flu shot (which my wife has been required to get every year by her employer), will eventually get a shingles shot... i guess I don't see any reason not to get a covid booster as needed.


Ok.. say you get them annually.. at what point do you expect your freedoms back ? Or are you ok masking and complying annually too ?


0 boosters for me






The craven have fallen under the spell of a death cult and will soon be sacrificed for “the greater good”; there is no waking this sleeping giant from the pyre. The spiritually immune need not wrestle with an invisible enemy; instead honor your foresight and perspicuity.


Thank you.


Annually, like the flu shot Possibly twice a year, depending on how quickly things get under control.


Not going.to get a booster... Vaxx the rest of the planet for fk sake


Had to take the jab through a university mandate, failed religious exemption. I received 2 doses of Moderna and that’s the most I’ll ever take. That was the condition to be “fully vaccinated” at the time of entry into university (and at the time of NYC’s vax mandate), so I won’t take any other shots


What if they void your fully vaccinated card if you don’t keep up?


None. I got my two so people would lay off, I'm not getting anymore.


You just have to find the right sub reddit. I almost left reddit bc of how the other side of this shit acts on here.


I’ve been vaxxed since May. Never got covid before or after. I’m good unless I am absolutely required to get it. I hate these mandates man