McAfee's Deadman Switch website **just updated**, now has this picture. Can anyone identify?

McAfee's Deadman Switch website **just updated**, now has this picture. Can anyone identify?


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https://www.mindat.org/loc-10167.html It's a diamond mine in Sierra Leone (spelling).


Why the fuck are all the comments being deleted?


Some things cannot be discussed on the internet. You will find this to be true. The major one i have noticed is any mention or evidence or proof being leaked to the masses of the pedophile network that runs the realm. Typically posts relating to their child murders, or where they keep the children.


So..I’m scared (not trying to be an asshole lol). The comments that were just removed were talking about that? :/


>**Some things cannot be discussed on the internet.** "Some things cannot be discussed on the **MAINSTREAM** internet." FIFY.....


This is what more people need to be talking about more instead of fighting over the covid vaccine children are literally having straight evil brought onto them enough fighting each other and let’s go after these sick monsters!










Everyone should look into what the Mining companies did to Sierra Leone in the 1990's. Long story short, they hired mercenaries to overthrow the government and put in place a new head that gave all the mining right to the two main companies involved, one was in London UK and the other in Vancouver Canada, and in the process totally destroying the country.




Barrick gold used to run the digging machines. He was suspected to be part of the trafficking rings since he helped build the tunnels. He was friends with Adnan Khashoggi. His nephew died a couple years back in Turkey. In a Saudi arabia embassy. Was dismembered. He was also speculated to be connected with the arming of Osama bin laden


Yea, their history is intresting. Barrick gold died not too long ago. So their has been in fighting between the elites on who will controll the rat tunnels(trafficking rings) hence the Saudi Prince dismembering Jamal Khashoggi. Adnan khashoggi is also intresting he was also connected to bringing down of the HSBC bank that Pablo escobar and many elites used to Launder money. In the late 80s think irancontra Arms and drug trafficking.


Id love to live long enough, or to even be able just to come back for a day long after im dead-just to learn about all the secret workings of shit that happened during my actual life time.


We gonna mention Trump bought Adnan Khashoggi’s $100 million yacht back in the late 80s from the prince of Brunei? Trump paid $29 million for it, did some light renovations then sold it for $20 million to prince al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud. Prince Waleed was the one who invited Jamal Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia in 2017 just prior to the royal family shakeup after the Vegas shooting happened a few floors below the part of the hotel he owned. End of the day it’s all one big club and we ain’t in it. There’s enough circumstantial and substantial evidence people should start to piece the sad reality of the world together but no one wants to acknowledge any of it because it’s easier to think someone’s going to come save us.


This is an interesting connectiom.




That’s interesting. I really hope that he posthumously exposes the elites and the pedos, in particular.


The system will investigate itself and find nothing wrong.


That’s why it went out to the public.


so we can all speculate on the internet and ultimately do nothing


We have to role with what gifts we are given.


I agree but the problem is 99% of people just don't have the bandwidth for it. That's why you can bring up a rock solid proven conspiracy, and when you show them it's true they just go "that was back then" essentially. People are concerned with trying to get by, they don't have the capacity and time to look into things. They just accept the path of least resistance.


Alan Dershowits is already publicly pedo-friendly with his sweetheart deal he gave Epstein. More juicy information on him might not sway people as much as you think. The most disappointing thing of the past decade or so once political and elite tribalism took full swing was seeing the populace willing to defend scummy people as long as they were on "their" team. I may be massively cynical, but until political discourse becomes less bifurcated I don't see any amount of smears really affecting anyone anymore.


Ditto. Massively cynical. Everyone’s expecting ‘elites’ to go to jail. They aren’t elites for no reason. No one will go to jail.


Me too. We need some good news


dont we though! fuck ill take any small morsel of positive news


Sadly I don’t think we’ll ever see this news. Have you heard of the Franklin conspiracy? That’s the book version. The video documentary is called the conspiracy of silence. It’s been on YouTube since 2006 but constantly gets deleted. It’s about child sexual trafficking within the White House since the 1980’s. It goes completely parallel to that poor girl in the UK who was raised to into traffick from age 12, has lost 2-3 babies by the time she was 14 and she thought this was normal. She has been blind folded and taken to hidden locations, obviously very wealthy people. She witness sacrificial murder. All of this was orchestrated by her own grandmother. Just look up “satanist cult 60minutes” on YouTube and it’ll be at the top of the list.


An important note to add. People DID go to jail after the documentary came out. Unfortunately, it was the victims.


This is it? https://documentaryheaven.com/conspiracy-of-silence/


I know the video you’re talking about, she was sex trafficked into a satanic cult even younger than 12, at age 3 or 4, by her own grandmother. She experienced horrific torture and she witnessed human sacrifice, was forced to consume her own aborted babies, and more. It’s beyond heartbreaking and horrifying. Here’s a link to the interview with the victim: https://youtu.be/c2ioRBNriG8


Dunno, things are going nuts world wide... I think they fucked up and pushed too fast, the frog farm only works if it is slow... And this is going WAY fast.


Just like markets; life has highs and lows... I hope you're buying this bottom.


Not to be a pessimist but what if there is no Earthly authority above them to reprimand them. Remember George Carlins words: >It's a big club, and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club. And by the way, it's the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head in their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy.


Anybody remember last year when all the shit about Wayfair human trafficking hit the news? They shut down that talk REAL quick. And a few months later, like 3000 kids go missing from ICE camps?????


I memba. you can find drugs, prostitutes and ilegal guns being sold over facebook, Twitter, youtube, telegram, and any social media you like. Its kinda hard to find “the right place” but its there. Whether it looks like a fan page or an “onlyfans” promo. There are people doing illegal shit in plain sight and in social media sites. (Your friendly neighborhood dealer does it all the time) I mean, once you get familiar with the terms and features of “legit sites” you can buy all kinds of stuff. They even send shit over fedex and dhl which usually dont check package (most only require to pack the item on the store) people send weed, shrooms and other drugs hidden inside candy or something like that. Put it inside the package like a nice little gift for little John and it goes on its way. Now imagine if you have the budget to arrange private flights without any border restrictions (you know, like politicians and so many celebs) and you can traffic anything you want and noone bats an eye. Even better if you act like you belong and people around you usually dont give a fuck about people they don’t know.


Welcome to hotel California


What else is left to expose? They're all in on it. We don't need to be spoonfed the info by MSM when we can connect the dots...


people are still denial, we want picture, names + videos for the whole world to burn.


If such thing came about, Operation Cyberpolygon would go live and shutdown the internet until they figure a way to deal with it.


yup! they got all their ducks in a row....its why they have grown so bold!


Let’s hope the boldness is overconfidence.


The elite where literally flying around on private jets to private islands to mega mansions to have sex with teenage girls. We know all about it. We've all seen the plane's manifest of passengers, go google it for yourself. By the way, the plane's nickname was 'Lolita express', Lolita literally means seductive GIRL. These people are so brazen, everything they've done is right there, out in the open. I'm not an investigative journalist or an FBI agent and I can piece it all together. These people are untouchable. So if Mcafee can burn some of these people from beyond the grave, please do. He was into something or knew something too much. Cooking bath salts in a jungle, maybe dating raping a chemist, liberal use of teenage prostitutes and alleged murder of his dog killing neighbor don't really = murdered in a jail cell.


I always thought Lolita express was a reference to the book Lolita which is about a guy who becomes obsessed and eventually molests a pre teen girl.


Thats exactly what it means


It is...


Because it is.


Now why would someone name a plane "Lolita Express"? You don't randomly go around naming things after lolitas.


Well apparently he "gifted" a bunch of rich powerful people with new laptops and they were all bugged so he had dirt on these people


Imagine being rich enough to be in some untouchable "I can commit any crime I want with no consequences" circle, but being cheap enough to accept $1-2k worth of laptop because you didn't wanna go order one from a normal big box store that would have no care in the world about spying on you. Lol. Kinda imagining Epstein giving each rich "party" guest a wooden model mallard with a listening device in the bottom, to put on their desk.


Where did you hear that?


John said it himself here-- https://twitter.com/maybe60794885/status/1408081386062372867?s=20 - 2 min


I really have a hard time believing most if any rich powerful people would want/need a laptop from McAfee LOL If these people were as powerful as implied I doubt their people would let them use a laptop from a notorious tech mogul.


Nobody is calling John a Saint. But the kind of man that will murder you over a dog, with vast resources, plenty of time, and a vindictive spirit, is the kind of guy who would go to the effort to take people down with him. John had flaws. I liked John. I hope he delivers.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend...whatever it takes to bring down these monsters is ok with me!


Why? We have pedos out in the open, but no one gives a fuck unless they're in the political party they don't like.


Jesus, all the money in the world and non stop corruption, fraud and getting in shit. Crazy


can you define "ties"




Isnt it true that diamonds arent very rare? That the powers that be jacked up the prices to get rich last century as an ad campaign about a month's salary bullshit?


Here is a picture of it & the coordinates on Google Earth for anyone curious... https://imgur.com/gallery/jpPHg5t


How the heck were you able to figure that out? Genuinely amazed. Reverse image search?


Weaponized Autism.


LMAO Stone Cold Steve Autism


the cia built anonymous and the resultin splinter factions and now the state as a free to use supercomputer made up of autistic savants


Its funny to think of a skit where people at a roundtable are discussing ways to build a supercomputer of the greatest autistic hiveminds on the internet. A guy stands up and says I have an idea. The screen just cuts to the 4chan.org front page.


Shit, so we're doing all the work for free? Goddamn intelligence agencies




Checked what different mines look like. Figured it was diamond or gold. Scooted around New Zealand mining sites as that's a place I'm interested in first when it comes to elites. I looked at the topography colors, looked for similar colors in sat data. No matches in NZ, went to Africa next where there's an abundance of mining. Checked all around Southern Africa to no avail. Went to southern Russia next. Nothing. Went back to Africa along the western coast. Bingo. Took about 45 minutes give or take.


What makes you so interested in nz regards the elites? Is it the whole buying houses and putting underground bunkers in deal? Just curious as im a New Zealander


That, your response to covid and the ability to eradicate the virus which was only matched early on by Vietnam, it's remoteness. Some other things I've read.. seems like a good place to be if shit goes down.


i knew it was a mine from the giant swirley things going into the ground


Parent company is Beny Steinmetz Group Resources (BSGR) whose controversial owner, Beny Steinmetz, has been investigated by several countries for alleged corruption-related offences.


currently sentenced for corruption... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beny_Steinmetz#Business_career


**Beny_Steinmetz** [Business career](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beny_Steinmetz#Business_career) >Steinmetz occupies an advisory role to the Beny Steinmetz Group Resources (BSGR) Board of Directors. BSGR is a natural resource company active in the fields of oil & gas, mining, metal and power headquartered on the island of Guernsey. Steinmetz and George Soros parted company ill-disposed to one another in the 1990s over a Russian business deal gone sour. Koidu Holdings, which formerly operated as a joint venture, has been wholly owned by the BSGR company since 2007. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Seriously, why don’t more reporters, journalists and those who piss off powerful people have more Deadman Switch websites? Do these sites exist for the general public?


Deadman switches are not deployed in the form of websites. In McAfee's case, the website is just a countdown for the deadman switch. We are not sure how the data dump will be released.


He's old-school, my guess is a torrent.


Go older and more secure than that, McAfee is the type of person to use airgapped physical storage mediums so he knows they weren't altered/alterable


>airgapped physical storage mediums so he knows they weren't altered A usb key in a drawer is an "airgapped physical storage medium"...


Dead man's switch websites are pointless, as you can see in the Mcafee case the original site just got taken down by the government, since they can take down top level domains in the name of "security". Even if they can't take it down they'll just DDOS the shit out of it until the web host does. The only way it could work would be to have a .Onion Tor domain hosted somewhere dodgy like Siberian Russia or North Korea.


>Dead man's switch websites are pointless, Just don't announce it. Noone checks what you have on a random debian webserver. Make it so that you have to update a file on that server every weak, and if that file is not updated the page goes online. Noone can stop this. From here the only problem is, how do you make people aware that this got online and is legit from you?


learn about blockchain. blockchain dead mans switches are unstoppable. look at what cicada3301 was creating


Wait, was that the group/individual that had the puzzles for people to figure out?


Yes, I believe the goal of that was to get together a team of individuals to create an unstoppable dead mans switch for journalists who may be at threat of being suicided if I recall correctly


Go ahead and make one. A simple website is incredibly easy.


Notice how the accounts, websites, and manifestos of mass shooters are no longer online? yea. they can shut that shit down from the top.


Most hosting companies will shut them down for not complying with ToS


Whatever you take from that site, you have to be cautious of. It’s NOT the same site that went live after McAfee died. That site got taken down and this one was put up to keep the timer going. No way to know if that picture would’ve actually appeared on McAfees original site.


What’s theorized to happen when the countdown hits zero?


Since no one has given you an actual answer, the theory is that when the countdown ends, the supposed deadman switch will trigger the release of the 31TB of incriminating data McAfee claimed to have on a bunch of world leaders & "elites."


Why was the site taken down? I mean what reason was given to the public?


That’s what I thought, however it’s been hinted that that’s why the apartments in Florida collapsed to bury it all.


Where was that hinted?


Supposedly there was a Pat McAfee who lived in the building, but I'm having trouble finding info on this. I saw a video clip before of a reporter at a press conference asking about him in relation to the building collapse.


Pat McAfee, the podcast guy, the greatest NFL punter of all-time. How dare the NWO go after him.


One of the best yinzers of all time


Wait and see honestly. No one knows.


Well I wouldn't say no one knows. Anyone who's been active on this sub for longer than 2 years definitely knows not a god damn thing is going to happen 🤣 but wait and see, we shall.


I bet when it hits zero the image changes to [this](http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/207/210/b22.jpg)


You son of a bitch haha


I knew what it was going to be and I still clicked it


Woah, that is dark.


"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down"...


Confetti guns!




You have to type in numbers and the countdown starts agian.. Wait im Lost.


The person that made the site sells off all of their ponzicoins at near peak price and run off with the cool million they made off of the gullible.


$whackd is already at a really low point now. The exact opposite of what you said has a better chance of happening imo


The balls drop? Or a video of McAfee shows up with him hysterically laughing and trolling us Or a line of code that was hid deep within the McAfee servers activate. All begins a large hash encrypted data transfer in and out of all computers running McAfee software via the update system. The people presently running the company didn't even notice the inconspicuous code. Or Rick Ashley video Or a link to receive your free decoder ring 100% free no purchase necessary shipping and handling do apply Or Max Headspace Most probably definitely has something to do with Max headspace I doubt it would have anything to do with a new dancing bananas emoticon. What are the likelihood that people behind this can keep a secret long enough. Maybe the band Europe's 1986 Smash Hit simultaneously plays on every radio station through the emergency broadcast system which is protected by McAfee software. Oh I know.... A sign comes up that says "thank you for following" " stay tuned for our next exciting installment" " the big reveal in exactly two weeks" I know for a fact that it's not john podesta masturbating while justice Roberts shoots a naked kid in the head execution style. I mean really why would they need to make this big to do with a countdown and all this yada yada for that.


I’m rooting for the Rick Astley video or The Final Countdown plays simultaneously on every radio station thru the emergency broadcast system.


How did the original site get taken down, if it was taken down that seems incredibly suspect as it is a private url? That’s censorship beyond the average Social media ban that’s taking down IPs they don’t like a big friggin deal, do you happen to have links I’d like to check this all out for myself


Link to website?


Just throwing this out there: https://panamapapers.investigativecenters.org/sierra-leone-2/


Oh my goodness


Holy….. I’m going to be so disappointed when this all turns out to be nothing lol


First thing I thought was “moloch owl”


[koidulimited.com](https://koidulimited.com) Koidu Kimberlite Project, 2 Pipes Tankoro Chiefdom, Kono District, Eastern Province of Sierra Leone


Check the Google images uploaded for Koidu holdings. About 15-20 pics in is a magazine/manual about NWO. Also random pics of kids. One pic a guy is standing & there’s random clothes at his feet, including a bra. ETA: link Koidu Holdings +232 78 265881 https://goo.gl/maps/TqBDfqu91AGH6vgy9


Wtf: [https://i.imgur.com/3lneMQE.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/3lneMQE.jpg)


wtf is this review: "Hayden Cook 4 reviews a year ago went caving, massive leech came jumping out and it sucked me dry. i have no more blood left in my body. i had to my whole body amputated from my head, as it had no blood. diamonds were amazing."


Owl shaped


What’s better than a goldmine of data? A diamond-mine. Still, I have little hope that anything will come from Johns death. Unfortunately, I believe any information has been stopped by now. Unless this blockchain shit really is legit and just takes extra long to workout (I’m just shy of stupid and have no understanding on how it all works). It only makes sense that he would want this data dumped as fast as possible after his death. Made public before any gov tech people could cut it off. This slow burn feels like a big nothing burger. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong.


It’s well known a slow leak is better for news cycles. I hope this drags out for month or years Remember when The Panama Papers dropped all at once. Now it’s gone.


If it was real, them if it was dumped all at once, theres a good chance it may be taken down or something. Breadcrumbs may be a better alternative, if this is actually real. I'm not betting on it or anything, but I'll pay attention to it whenever it pops up just because who he was.


Anyone who knows what they're doing can keep a website online for a very long time. Only if you're using somebody else's server does it Become trivially easy to get removed.


There is data in one of the images (https://www.britbonglogpost.com/978ea96f-2740-4ea6-b1d0-288f11a48ff7.jpg) $ steghide info -p "$WHACKD" 978ea96f-2740-4ea6-b1d0-288f11a48ff7.jpg "978ea96f-2740-4ea6-b1d0-288f11a48ff7.jpg": format: jpeg capacity: 42.3 KB steghide: could not extract any data with that passphrase!


This is the most interesting part of the thread. So much random shit to drown the important things. Maybe the password comes later.


4 comments shadow banned/ deleted?


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"As waters recede, riverbeds reveal" - Interesting choice of words considering all the floods and artificial rain from cloud seeding


[transparency.org](https://transparency.org) Article: Blood Diamonds and Land Corruption in Sierra Leone ...in 2002 the mine fell into the hands of South African mercenaries and has been operated as a private enterprise ever since.


Show me your sources on that https://reliefweb.int/report/sierra-leone/sierra-leone-peacekeeping-success-lessons-learned-unamsil I'm pretty familiar with Executive Outcomes and what went down in SL. It could have all been avoided if the UN had done its job or if the CIA backed Charles Taylor wasn't fucking things up. You have to understand the diamond deal was done with EO because the UN didn't do jack. Please show me where EO still has control of the mine. http://www.minesandcommunities.org/article.php?a=11614


It’s definitely an owl!


Moloch, the Owl God. Watching over Diamonds, which are forever. There's something sinister tucked deep inside there....


It's hooting! Hooting i tell ya!


A diamond mine, good spot to have a underground base


Even better to dump bodies.


I wonder if someone wanted him dead to get the contents of the dead mans switch.


Also whatever this is popped up https://t.me/s/McafeeAfterlife


In the blackmail world, having a piece of info that you think will be very effective is called a "diamond." In Hollywood/entertainment circles, they all know how that game is played. The victim may receive a message that someone has a "diamond" and if they don't negotiate, it will see the light of day.


Diamond is also a level of MK ULtra victims that are extremely trained and useful for elites.


Diamond mine? Goes deep homeboy.


John McAfee Didn't Kill Himself 📽 : [Cyber Rebel Smeared : John McAfee Doc (2021)](https://youtu.be/iXWPaXLUxwY)


aiight guys, please be vigilant with this shit. just like Q-Anon, there are entities that love to run people like us up the walls and troll the fuck out of the fringe internet to cause bad shit to happen. be **skeptical as fuck** about this, and don't be the result they want.


So Diamond mine companies really make the majority of their money by building and maintaining trafficking tunnels for human slaves? This is also why they control the flow of diamonds by artificially inflating the price; in order to facilitate the laundering of the trafficking profits?


Holy shit, so the unexplained amount of mattress firm stores has a competitor?! Lol.


Wait is that an actual conspiracy about mattress stores? I've never heard about it but have thought about how odd it was that there were several matress warehouses in my small hometown


I dont think its been proven or any evidence, but tbh it makes so much sense to be a laundering scheme. Think about it, most people dont buy a mattress every 8 years and it usually isn't from those places lol. And idk why have a storefront for things like hotels etc, providing beds to those places obviously makes a lot more money than having the public come in. And they sell the mattress like a car! You got a salesman and everything. Just so weird! Why need 3 mattress firms on one street or in one strip mall when mcdonalds hardly ever does that?


Think stranger. Hollow earth.


I want to hear this. Do string it together for me or send a link. Seriously.


Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE3hR3rMHOI&list=LL&index=10&t=21s


SS: 27 days ago, a transaction in $WHACKD led to https://britbonglogpost.com with a 28 day timer and then the site disappeared. It came back a week later, with a new tagline "The countdown continues, and it cannot be stopped". Now it has a new image, and it happened within the last hour. Use incognito if you can't see it due to cache.


The website won't load for me anymore.


Forgive me for being behind the 8-Ball, but how can I find the deadmans switch website




Lmao they took the site down.


no, it's just running slow. real slow.


Extremely extra real slow. I wonder if it's being ddos'd


I'd be shocked if someone had the power and drive to suicide him (Call It Anyone) but didn't have the power to DDOS the fuck out of his deadman switch portal.


Possibly but I also assume it's getting the reddit hug of death


Neither. It's down.


So Friday the timer expires? Or tomorrow?


Tomorrow midnight PST


Thank you


looks like an owl to me


Drink your ovomaltine


I Wonder why all these comments got deleted


Reminds me of the Kanye and jayz song diamonds from Sierra leone


Jay Z was only on the remix. The original is from Kanye's second album and didn't include any features. I know I'm being annoying as fuck but I gotta spew the knowledge I have when I get the chance nawmsayn?


I just mention both bc both were names on the ghislaine court docs


i like your style


This is the content I come to this sub for. Thanks OP!


National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC) Works with Department of Homeland Security.. McAfee mentions by name.


Crazy how it looks like the owl that the bohemian grove elitists worship


Now [britbonglogpost](https://britbonglogpost.com) has a live video uplink countdown. Are we going to get a live video from a once again having cheated death John Mcafee tonight? If so it may go down as one of the most historically epic moments of ALL TIME.


66233839-d5d6-4f6c-967b-5986c8c84437 is the file name of the png image. Does that mean anything?


It's a UUID. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier


Looks like hexadecimal, might not mean anything though.


Maybe Matt Damon can solve this if Bezos takes him to Mars.


Matt!! Damon!!


It's a UUIDv4 generated string.


The format is technically called UUID, at least that's what it looks like. Commonly used as identifiers (IDs) in large datasets. UUID = universally unique identifier. Imo, not significant. Personally I've used UUIDs in many projects. Edit: I see people looking into that ID, seriously, it's probably just a standard UUID generated for an image lol. If anything it could contain the hash of the image (also pretty insignificant). Please don't waste your time on UUIDs, you'll find quite literally nothing.


It’s a UUID. I’m sure the guy larping the deadman’s switch with his website could tell you that. He posts on this subreddit.


What’s his username?


Could just be the "shock" emoji: O\_o in map form, given the man's trolling habit. (OTOH it also looks like a five year-old's/ Picassos' rendition of an Athenian owl...)


Looks like a face


Looks like an owl. Kinda.


Watch it be something so ridiculous, like, “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine”


Those giant pits are mines. They have one like it in Lead, South Dakota.


The way those houses sprawl on crooked roads it is definitely somewhere 3rd world


So a website running a web server can’t be traced? Or at least the domain can’t be turned off by the government? I’ve seen them do worse. This just wreaks of poisoned breadcrumbs


a fully decentralised website is unstoppable. look at how torrents work then apply the same logic to web hosting combined with blockchain tech. unstoppable.


Last I heard, ISIS had a facebook presence, and the platform didn't seem to think that was an issue either. Just those darn Anti-Vaxxers lol


If this is all real, what's with the indirect and vague updates? When he died, why wasn't the ***shit ton*** of supposed information that he possessed simply released ***immediately***? If it's all real, these little games make absolutely no sense to me.. Edit - Can anyone, especially the downvoters, explain this to me?