Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family.

Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family.


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Should all report Biden for being radical


Old man do you see Portland


As a port lander I have a long list of those radicalized friends. Sadly I think he only means the kind that don’t like him




That’s just an idea




Like the Gestapo…


Or Stasi


Brown shirts?


All three and then some. The Stasi used inoffizielle Mitarbeiter (unofficial collaborators) consisting of neighbors, friends, family, strangers, everyone really, to drum more reasons to disappear people and erase them from East German society. The sturmabteilung/braunhemden were not the ones reporting family to the SA or SS, but the psychos that would go out and mete out the violence and do the disappearing of people for them. The gestapo were to nazi Germany what the Stasi were to east Germany. See above. It goes on and on, but these people are all cut of the same cloth. May every last one of them burn in hell for eternity.


Anyone who questions the Authority is classed as a nutter. That's what theybwant. And through there deals with Tech and platforms it's clear they can saturate Peoples opinions. Been happening for Years. Iraq War was one add to that some very dubious things on 9/11. Very very convenient things. And RIP to anyone who perished it's horrible. But sit back and think they US came out and identified the Person's responsible for 9/11 within days and hours. Yet Covid???????? Come on it's almost comical it's that bad.


A Rwandan survivor was on this sub telling people this is following exactly what happened to them- they want to exterminate people. Us.


Do you remember where you read it? Id be interested to see what they say.


I think it was on conspiracy yesterday- can't find it now. Someone was at a dinner, I think, and talked about the similarities. There were naysayers who spoke up but were soon understanding it was very real.


They aren't trying to exterminate us lol they're just doing what colleges are doing they want to change the way of the young think like for an example since I'm black I can't be racist because I'm a minority which is stupid anyone can be racist but these women at the colleges are all about changing things to this modern feminism ideologies an to try an pin things against white men as well


Because that's what so many black people thought but look at it we're still here lol, they're changing what can be socially accepted now like the she/her an he/him or how some schools want to teach kids about genders and sexuality at a young age... It's the woke women in power who want this change which is why they changed the words in the house of congress so they don't seem sexist it's sad 🤦🏿‍♂️


Today's 10-year-olds will be the first line of party enforcers in a decade. They'll work in the Ministry of Information (social media), as police, or as double agents, rooting out the rebels from their hiding places.


that was a horrifying comment, but probably true...


Even Stalin thought that Pavlik Morozov was a 'little swine' for informing on his parents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavlik_Morozov#Later_research_and_controversy,_%22A_Little_Swine%22


He wants people to report on their friends and family. That idea never sounds right coming from some politician you don't even know.


There is a social network graph of Portland antifa out there. Just saying


I am officially reporting all of the skaters at the park near my house for being radical


So like liberal alt left antifa blm type people? Good




>SorosRothschildBloombergistan 🤣


Can I report the DNC and its cohorts?


> Can I report the DNC and its cohorts? Yes yes you can and it not only would be funny but helpful to stop something like this. Just clog their lines with BS and waste their time. I mean at some point it’s going to lead to a stasi kind of state police BUT it was always going to lead to that.




Is that quote coming from the guy who signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1985, giving mandatory sentences to addicts (particularly, weed smokers) instead of rehabilitation - all while the drugs were being ushered into the states via red carpet by agency backed runners?!?! Doesn't *quite* seem like he's all for accountability...




...Quite the person to be inspired by, *with his good deeds.* Edit: But legitimately, the quote you shared and the action I shared are incredibly dualistic. What is the intention of a quote like that when it isn't even believed by the speaker?


If find their comment radical. Who do I report to?




Because they have been brainwashed. Exactly how all people in communist hell holes were throughout history.


Lmao ironic. Are you going to be calling people nazis too buddy?


His family first, crooked old man


What is meant by radicalized? A conspiracy believer, with facts that go against the MSM agender? I hope not.


Freedom fighters. The enemy of their tyranny. One mans terrorist is another man freedom fighter.


Shady shit, taken straight from Greg Abbots Texas playbook on reporting abortion enablers.


Let the snitching begin


So, when does it start? If USA won't start that war with China anytime soon, your country will disintegrate itself. Use your totalitarian measures wisely, Joe, you can't go against the public forever.


I should report myself pronto. triggered at increasing frequency. might blow any minute and go full postal. *dear ai. I'm being sarcastic. please leave me in peace


Inb4 this turns out to be a total disaster after peope start submitting millions of fake reports or dick pics


fuck no


Soon they woll flat out label conservatives radical


This is why y'all should have cut those fuckers off when they were reading those ," How to talk ..." articles. This is also something kids that don't get ass whoopings do.