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Not just cbdc but digital ID that will be linked to health records aka vaccine passports and the social credit system.




Yeah this isn’t some new plan. “They” agreed to it in 1992 as Agenda 21


I’m still on Agenda 19, damn WiFi is down again,


Can we have links to this Agenda proposal?


Are you serious? This is a known commodity literally for over 30 years. I’m not scouring the net because you’re too lazy to do some research


Wow. I was not expecting that. Jesus you know everyone is not over 30 years old right? >I’m not scouring the net Idk about you but I save all the links for shit I research. Hey bud. Life is a lot easier if you aren't an ass. If this is how you react to things in general you must argue with people a lot. Good luck to ya mate and hope you can find happiness. Also happy cake day. :)


I’m not trying to argue. It’s easily something you can look up on your own before even asking the question. I’m not looking to debate or prove my statement. Stop being so sensitive. Everything isn’t an attack on you personally


> I’m not looking to debate or prove my statement. R/conspiracy A place that we should ask questions. A place where many accuse eachother of being bots or paid shills. >Everything isn’t an attack on you personally Right back at ya. I already looked it up. I used google and it gave me a biased answer though. If we want to fight against the government, sharing info is our best weapon. Here is the link for everyone to see. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agenda_21 Have a good one and hope you learned something out of this. ;)


They have been dumbing us down for years and now all of the kids 20 years and younger are social media dependent. When they social media succubus tell your kids to eat bugs because itw sexy and trendy they will.


It's not just "what if". That exactly what it's for. WWIII is ment to destory everything and truely usher in "the great reset"


"It sure would be a shame if you had a cascading series of unfortunate accidents." -WEF network


Are you serious??? How is this even a question… of course it’s intentional


>A ravaged world population begging for scraps after a pan continental conflict and depression North , west, east, north east Africa is heading right into that. As is south Asia and central and west Asia, the Caribbean, and eastern Europe. Not just a consequence of destruction of currency [ a la state of India and Nigeria ]. Global warming, destruction of artisanal fishing, poisoning of surface waters. Just call it Thielism / Dullesism. WW III began the moment that the Dulles brothers got assigned control of the Federal government in late 1945.


Unfortunately I believe that's where the world is heading, also.


Not a what if


No shit


What do you mean ‘if’?


Damn! Nothing gets past OP! 🤣 I kid, I kid.


Bingo! 💯👆




Welcome to r/conspiracy. Now you're using your head for more than a hat rack.


What if...


Microchips and social credit score


Think bigger.


Hey, he is catching on!


Now you’re thinking with portals bud




I'm thankful I'm exempt from selective service because of my TBI but I'm not thankful that ww3 is a real possibility. Atleast I'll become a pile of irradiated dust in the comfort of my own home


No, no and great reset is a myth.


Is WWIII, this thing that hasn't happened, intentional? Hard to say, really, because of it being imaginary and everything.


Everything thats g9ing on is 100% planned. We dont just get our freedoms removed randomly without the excuse of false flag events


yeah everybody knows fiat has to fail there is no way around it money created out of debt creats more debt which becomes unsustainable. When the monetary system fails the liklyhood of war rises. They have put there money on a new even more controlling systems, but alternatives have been created. The next years will become intresting and we will have to choose how this unfolds. Please don't go to die for your Overlords, choose revolution be it peacefull or not.