🤡Noted Biologist and Suspected 🩸 Menstruator 🩸 AOC Explains How Periods Work 🎪🍑💩

🤡Noted Biologist and Suspected 🩸 Menstruator 🩸 AOC Explains How Periods Work 🎪🍑💩


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Each time I was pregnant I knew within 3 weeks. If you’re sexually active it’s your adult responsibility to know approximately when your period is due. You ovulate approx 14 days before your period is due. Therefore, you’re three weeks along when your period is one week late. If you’re one week late you hella better pee on a stick. I’m not pro-abortion and I believe life begins at conception and I’m pretty sure the boys who grew inside of me had their own bodies independent of mine, but it’s not that hard to know you’re pregnant within 6 weeks of getting knocked up.


My wife and I had conception issues with our first child, so I learned all about this. You cannot get pregnant unless you are ovulating, and ovulation happens regularly (so much so that it takes minimal planning to know when to not have sex - just before and during ovulation - in order to avoid pregnancy). In fact, some women experience cramping pain during ovulation. Further, from what I understand the mother can feel a distinct difference in her body within a couple weeks of conception (I.e., egg stuck to uterus becoming fertilized). All this is well know and apparently biologically intuitive to most women. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason you cannot get the zygote aborted within 6 weeks of conception, not in today’s time of technology and information flow. And if I, a knuckle-dragging man who likes to shoot things and create classic rock facsimiles with my gas, can learn and understand it, then women most certainly understand it. Hell, they really ought to have a duty to understand it since it affects their bodies and the lives of those around them, not to mention the unborn child. Simply killing that unborn and developing human being in lieu of learning about your body is the absolute height of narcissistic extremism.


But pee stick is even still delayed by almost 2 additional weeks. I knew I was pregnant a week before a pregnancy test would turn positive because I charted temperature and saw the triphasic shift. By all typical indicators of knowing you’re pregnant, skipped period is not a good one, you’re already pushing about 5 weeks along.


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