Ishokan - my first Indo-European conlang

Ishokan (Išokan dinżvé) is an Indo-European language in the Ishokanic language family (Išokanik famílja dinżvé). During the breakup of PIE in my alternate history, Ishokanic developed and Albanian and Armenian never existed.

Since Armenian never existed, its alphabet never existed, but the Ishokan people were still taught how to write by the Greeks, and they created their own alphabet.

Ishokan Alphabet (Išokan Alfabeta)

Letter Name Pronunciation Romanization
A a alfa a a
B b beta b b
Г r gemel g g
D d dalta d d
E e e e e
F f vav v v
Z z zaina z z
H ʜ ita i i
Ө ө ceta ts c
I ı jota j j
K k kapa k k
Λ ʌ landa l l
M m mem m m
N u nen n n
Ξ ʒ še ʃ š
O o o o o
Π п pi p p
P p resa r r
S s sen s s
T t tav t t
Y y u u u
Φ ɸ fe f f
X x xe x h
Ψ ψ že ʒ ž
C c że dz ż


/ Labial Dental Palatal Velar
Nasal m n - -
Plosive p b t d - k g
Affricate - ts dz - -
Fricative f s z š ž /ʃ ʒ/ h /x/
Approximant - l j -
Trill - r - -

Evolution from PIE

Ishokan is a satem language.

  • *ḱm̥tóm (hundred) -> šintó
  • *ǵerh₂- (to mature) -> žera
  • *ǵʰés- (hand) -> żes

/bʱ dʱ ɟʱ gʱ gʷʱ/ become /f ts dz x v/ respectively.

  • *bʰeh₃g- (to bake) -> fego
  • *dʰéh₁mn̥ (house) -> cémin
  • *ǵʰés- (hand) -> żes
  • *gʰleh₂dʰ- (bright) -> hlac
  • *gʷʰoréyeti (to heat) -> vorjét

/gʷ/ also becomes /v/.

  • *gʷémtis (step) -> vént

/w/ then becomes /v/ in all positions.

  • *weyd- (to see) -> vjed
  • *kʷóteros (which of two) -> kvóter

/ks/ becomes /z/.

  • *h₂lékseti (to be protecting) -> lézet

Vowel length distinction is lost.

  • *h₂stḗr (star) -> stér

/ou/ becomes /ov/.

  • *oḱtṓw (eight) -> oštóv

Syllabic consonants have an /i/ before them.

  • *h₁néwn̥ (nine) -> névin


Verb conjugation

/ 1 2 3
Singular -(i)s (i)t
Plural -(a)m -(a)t -in

Past (including participle): -(e)de

Infinitive: -ir


Nominative: -e

Genitive: -o

Dative: -u

Accusative: -a

Plural: -i


First conlang!




lets see paul allens


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I'd love to see a sample text sometime


In the 5 minutes of your day! That would be a great place for it.


Reminds me of [a sketch I did a few years ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/conlangs/comments/6e1hdx/evis_ha%C4%8D%C5%8Ds_ka_an_introduction_to_tiy%C5%8Dxi_an/)!


Respect for being able to do anything with PIE


Great job . Will there be any more in depth vocabulary for this language?


I like it!