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Son, I just looked at your profile, and if you fucked her in the ass with that monster, and it didn’t rip her guts out, she was no anal virgin. I’m thinking this is a troll post


Idk id consider myself to pretty girthy(about 6in) and my first time trying anal with my gf went pretty similar to his story. It’s possible my gf could have been lying but by that point in our relationship and with everything else she told me i cant fathom why she’d lie about that


Take a gander at his profile. He’s bigger than a girthy 6 inches


6 inches in circumference not length Although my length is also 6 inches lol Seriously whats with the downvotes?


What do you have a volleyball for a penis?


6 inches around and 6 inches in length isn’t crazy


Seriously idk what im getting downvoted for


Reddit is weird.


how does a 6x6 cylinder sound like a volleyball to you?


Lol Google a 6x6 cylinder and the size of glass that populates in the images is wild


You have no idea how much more confidence I have now that you called that a “monster”


the vast majority of cocks are between 3-5 inches. less than 5% are above 7 and almost none over 8. so most guys see a cock that extends past the palm of a hand and automatically think monster lol


even as a lady i think thats a pretty big cock 😅


Has to be the angle or something. I think it’s normal sized.


exactly. the point he made was that pretty big =/= monster therefore he, i assume now feels that if that's what people call a monster then he's godzilla if he's slightly bigger i feel similar, i can tell I'm much larger than him at 8" , so I'd guess he's 6-6.5" with a proper measurement. but people will probably guess he's 8-9 inches bc that's what they think "bigger than normal" is and they think guys like me who are almost always the biggest they've been with must be 11" or 12". not even close


that's completely untrue. many longitudinal studies have established 5.5-6 as the male average, regardless of ethnicity, country, etc. the distribution of sizes has been shown to be approximately normal. 4 and 7 are roughly the 5th and 95th percentile respectively. 8 will put you at the 99th percentile, which means there are still 1% of men with longer than 8. the accepted upper limit is closer to 9 although it's exceedingly rare. 10 has never been measured in a clinical study


incorrect the most reliable studies without self reporting and professional measurements came to 5.1" as the male average i never mentioned "country or ethnicity" so it sounds like you just want to change the subject to argue lmao that's literally exactly what i said. plenty of high 3 inchers, plenty of high 5 inchers, but fewer above 6 inches 8 inchers being "almost none" IS 1% statistically speaking i never said 8 was the upper limit 10 inchers are bc they haven't been verified ANYWHERE, medical or otherwise. 9 inchers aren't worth mentioning since they're even more rare than micro penises. neither were relevant to my point that most guys dicks about fit in their hands. i notice you avoided that main point despite claiming my comment is "completely untrue"


saying the majority is between 3-5 implies that the average is 4 with a normal distribution, and then you just admitted it's 5.1 (the average does range from 5-6 depending on different studies). a more accurate statement would be the majority lies between 4-6 you also have to take into account the difference between studies that measure stretched length vs those that measure medically induced erection (the latter being more relevant) in my own opinion reading about this I would say ~5.7 is most likely the true average erect length also, I only mentioned ethnicity and country because lots of people have misconceptions about there being a difference, not you particularly


again you dodge the main point yet fail to recant your assertion that my claim was "completely false" the main point despite the details is : "most men's dicks mostly fit in their hands" whether that be 3.7 inches or 5.7 inches is irrelevant, bc the point was never the exact numbers the point was an incredibly general generalization. you intentionally tried to get lost in the weeds and change the subject just so you could try to plug your racism and call a stranger less intelligent than you despite you being incorrect on the very details you're trying to split hairs on. all the studies that do proper measuring - bone pressed, medically induced and medical professional measured - show as one would expect - that dicks run SMALLER than one would think, not LARGER. guys fudge their dick size and round up when given the chance, it's just how we are apparently. and you're wrong again bc I'm absolutely one of those people that believe in science even when it hurts my feelings. Asians do in fact have SLIGHTLY smaller dicks on average and a slightly higher percentage of micro penises. and some African countries DO in fact have slightly larger dicks on average AND slightly larger percentages of larger sized dicks at the top end. if the myth you're referring to is that Europeans have small dicks that's false bc studies show they're pretty average. it doesn't even make sense to say that all races have the exact same penis sizes. Samoans are generally large strong people. certain tribes from paupau nu guinea are very short people on average. African women really DO have bigger butts than other races. sexual selection and evolution are a thing. the only people wanting to pretend like penis size is the ONLY characteristic that isn't influenced by race are people with small dicks or unintelligent people with big ones. I'm not racist and I'm not stupid, I'm aware that racial science get into trouble very quickly once people bring up non physical characteristics like IQ with jews supposedly being the smartest by far. obviously that's where it gets controversial and rightly so bc there's obviously going to be higher bias and many other factors when it comes to something mental. we don't have the tools or science yet to know mental differences for sure yet. but that doesn't mean we need to deny physical characteristic differences just bc some ignorant people are going to use them as ammunition to bully Asian people or assume EVERY black man has a large dick. that's those people's racism, and even if you say everyone's the same those people will still be racist bullies.


"plug your racism" you obviously never actually read what I wrote... lmfao it's not even worth arguing with you. have a good day man


damn, you couldn't admit that you're wrong any more humbly if you tried you're welcome for the education brother. have a good one


Lmao y'all are having a *literal* dick measuring competition


Exactly what I was thinking. Except I have a very tiny penis.


Maybe they were in a pool of lube and had PIV first with him fingering her bhole for a while first, lol.


You mean eating her ass, putting his tongue in her a-hole, then massage with his fingers, insert a finger and then his cockadoodledoo.


Well, not everyone is comfortable with placing their tongue in a bhole. I'm fine doing it, but my BF is not...so we don't do that.


You are absolutely correct. It's not for everybody. It's an acquired taste and feel, per say. You either love it or you don't. I love it. Lucky for me, I've dealt with people who love to do it to me.


Who’s gonna tell ‘em? Lol


I really don’t think it’s a monster. Also: not a troll post.


You’re packing a pretty large member there. I think we all agreed you have a big cock. Just glad she let you put it in her and she enjoyed it.


My god. THAT’S a penis.




Maybe he just has tiny d*ck




Moby dick was a minnow then


god i love reddit


It’s not that big.


Put that in your ass, then come comment


My ex was longer and thicker. I’ve taken his so…


My fiancés got a huge dick and I loved our first time together, learned something new about myself like I cum from anal


My bf is 8" and took my anal virginity with no issues or prep at all. I do use toys semi-frequently tho. She likely does. I fuck my ass for years by myself. Maybe she did too.


She might just take ginormous shits, I once broke ul with a girl because she once pooped a turd so large that it was probably the size of why whole arm ish. I couldn't look at her the same.


Yeah I hate to beak this to you, but she is no anal virgin.


Dreams shattered


Now I feel like I told a 3 year old that there is no Santa and Easter Bunny.


Yet there's something much better for OP....


Dreams sharted


Her 🍑 is also shattered


True story: My first time anal was with a girl I dated in college. She suggested it, said it's be fun to try, got the lube, as soon as we started she was totally into it, loved it... It was years later that I thought about it, and was like, "Wait, you think...?"


First time I tried it I literally fainted lmao! My bf at time told me I turned white as a ghost and the worst part was I was so out of it that I started asking for my little brother! Believe me it took forever to want to try it again. And if that experience wasn't bad enough, I happened to get drunk with my younger sister and I let that story out. Needless to say that little bitch thinks it's HILARIOUS to tell everyone that story out of the blue; especially to people she's just introduced me to. Lol siblings are too much sometimes. Just like a dick in the ass is too much for me😂😂☠☠☠😭


I've gotta ask, why were you begging for your brother while this was happening😂? I'm sorry😂,


Believe me, I've had plenty of time to think of an answer lol. I had just moved out of the house; I think I was still 18. I had moved from Los Angeles to San Diego and it was a fairly recent move. My little bro was my best friend growing up so I'm sure it was just out of muscle memory and feeling safe. Nothing nasty going on; just very disoriented. That was my first time ever passing out so I'm sure I was afraid. Boy, does my sister love that story.


"Muscle memory" 😂...ok....I'm sorry....I won't😂...🙃


😂😂☠☠☠ oh fuck. I let you have that one lol. I knew I was dumb for sharing this on Reddit lmao.


I mean, I've only done anal with one person, i wasn't on birth control and we were tired of condoms, and it just takes relaxing and the right position. It was pretty easy.


So this is the thing- it’s probably easier for some people than others, because there are people who have sphincters that are too tight. And I don’t mean that in a way to shame people whose sphincters aren’t as tight. Tight sphincters actually can cause a lot of health problems, like fissures, abscesses and fistulas just from having a bowel movement. One of the old treatments they used to have people use was anal dilators-basically butt plugs that started small and got bigger. You can take a guess on how I’m so knowledgeable on this topic. Anal sex has always been a big no for me. It would destroy me. But I imagine a lot of people don’t even know they have sphincters that are too tight until they’re older and have already tried experimenting, and probably wonder why it’s so uncomfortable for them when so many people say it’s really enjoyable. I was 29 when I got my first fissure.


I've had a slight tear from not enough lube at one point and FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK i feel bad for you 🥺 That's extremely interesting tho TIL I think i knew about it as a teen and that's why anal scared me for like 5 years XD I've just learned so much that my brain needs to make space for animal facts that aren't human XD


Get this person cute kitten pics, STAT!








My first time went pretty smoothly and was very enjoyable too.


Same, it’s entirely possible she was an anal virgin


Username checks out


That’s not necessarily true. My ‘first time’ was pretty much what happened to OP. Lol it was like “Oh, wait. I didn’t know I liked that…. Hm………” 😂


kinda false, he could be on the smaller side and or they went slow. also maybe she sticks somethin up there sometimes, ya kno like by herself lmao. my first time was anticipated so plugs beads and other toys hours before hand made it easier too.


You are right, maybe that hole got some training and/or he is hung like a mouse.


Look at his profile.


it’s 9am for me why did you make me look


I had to see it at 7am. Have a great day!






True. Or at the very least it will hurt like hell the next day if it’s your first time. She’s lying.


Dudes lying to drive traffic to his page. Go on and click on it. Is anything on here real?


I have no idea why I would do such a thing. Plus it sounds like you’re driving traffic to my profile. Nothing here from me is compelling anyone to click on my profile.


Who's gonna tell him he ain't her first anal😂


I will




Mfw it was not a joke.


There was girl named Amanda in my high school. A group of us called her AA. Only a few people know why. Well, im sure more now. But, she always swore it was her first time.


She went like a small battery?


No, she like to get plowed in the ass because she was a good christian who.....girl


AA i believe is a medium size battery


Your thinking triple A


Anal Amanda, good one 🤣






Why they downvoting you, you got it right lol.


We are laughing at you not with you


This smells like a lie. You're an extremely horny person, given your previous post history... Also this isn't really a confession, you're just a weirdo.


How does this make him weird ?? Wth..


Using the confession sub to play out his fantasy about anal and blatantly lying is weird.


Sure, maybe he is a troll, but don’t yuck someone else’s yum :(


Pretty negative comment overall. Not really needed or warranted. To clarify, this isn’t a lie and me replying to you has already wasted too much of my time.


He says, five days later.


Yea, I don’t tend to log into this on a daily basis. Far too busy!


I will never understand why someone feels the need to post their dick all over a website lmfao


Women post nudes all the time and suddenly it's not okay for men to do it?


My bf had never done it before me for the same reason. I love it and asked if he'd be interested. He was immediately smitten. I think the only thing is I need to let him know if he needs more lube, go for it! He's having a hard time getting off, and I think it's because the lube runs out. But other than that, he is definitely a fan! So another tip (no pun intended) is to make sure you're super lubed and keep that way.


The way it worked out was that it was actually very dark. She lubed me up and guided me in, so I had no idea really how much was used. We just kept communicating really and asking each other if it’s still ok and feeling good. I’d imagine I was pretty slicked up down there 😊


Lol... she probably just told you it was in her rear. Better hold your breath for the next 2-6 weeks.


Humble brag.


I don’t think there’s very many true “confessions” here.


Idk how anyone enjoys anal. It just makes me wanna 💩 every time and I have once before but luckily the dude was using a condom 🤷🏻‍♀️


I can see how anyone would want to do that without a condom


Yeah it gets pretty messy. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never really enjoyed it.. aside from the fact that a lot of dudes don’t do it properly and end up hurting a girl. It’s painful as hell.


Dick shitter 🤔


Rusty rails


Mud train


If you go where the 💩lives don’t be surprised when it’s home 🤷‍♀️


"she had never done it." Sure. LOL. Enjoy.


You should check in with her and see how she felt about it. Especially if you're planning to have more sex with her.


Are you encouraging me to make a literal booty call? Haha I’m kidding :) we have spoken and she’s up for it if the mood takes us!


Bro, it WASN’T her first time with a cock up her ass


Who cares though?


OP was in denial


Did on accident once and the girl said nothing. We were both so drunk. After a minute I mentioned it feeling different and that's when I had the big reveal haha.


The shit on your dick was a give-away.


Dude 😂😂😂


Haha there wasnt any but the lights were off couldn't see anything


I did it on accident with my ex too. I was going for her 🐈 but ended up in her 🍑. She immediately went face first into her pillow and started crying. I felt so bad afterwards.


My ex thought it’d be funny to surprise me with just his tip and I reacted the same way!! Fucker -.-


That sucks. I on the other hand wasn't trying to be funny with her, I was just stroking my thing on her butt and somehow the tip accidentally slipped inside but I quickly pulled out.


Honest question, for you first time fellas trying anal on a whim how did you feel having shit on your dick? Did you expect it?


I am sooooo tired of sexual confessions.


It probably wasn’t her first time, maybe first time with another person but it takes some stretching out over time for it to go that smoothly usually, and if ya go too long without it you tighten back up too


Why are posts like this in my feed. No fucking thanks.


Uhmm … let me just give it to you straight, hope it doesn’t shatter your dream - she is no anal virgin.


Maybe she is or is not an anal virgin, but you experienced a new hole. I am proud of you.


Delete your account


No thanks


we should stop calling women girls


The first time I fucked a chick in the ass was awesome it wasn’t because I was sticking my dick n someone’s frickin’ B-hole but because at that point of my life I had never came inside of a girls pussy raw and I fantasized about it pretty often because I kind felt like it would be the ultimate orgasm. And that’s the next closest thing besides her mouth, right? But even if I was fucking a girl at the time who was down to let me dump a load in her I was way too scared to get a girl pregnant. It actually blew my mind how many guys over the course of my adolescent life told me that that would shoot loads in girls the majority of the time they had sex without a condom, even girls they might just be hooking up with at the time. Like what the fuck are these guys and girls thinking. Anyway cumming in a butt was not as cool as I thought it was gonna be. Really kind of meh to be honest. And the girl that finally ended up letting me do it was this super fucking hot tatted up petite chick who was like 19 and worked behind the counter at the Racetrack gas station by my house. Pierced tongue, pierced nipples…pierced clit. The same night she let me fuck her in her ass and bust a nut in it, I came in her pussy the very next time we had sex because she told me to in the heat of the moment and I was fucking stupid and said to myself I don’t even give a shit if she gets knocked up I will deal with the consequences later, she is way too fucking hot not to. Even if I tried not to, the moment she said to do it I felt it happening. So some was getting in there anyway and it only takes one sperm cell to make a baby so Fuck it right? We talked about it afterward and I felt reassured because she was like, even if I get pregnant I will just get an Abortion don’t worry about it ok? Well my dumbass did it several more times because I got a taste of what it was like and my stupid ass did get her preggers and then her maternal instincts kicked in or something because she was all of a sudden like, I actually don’t know if I can go through with having an abortion. So she spent about a month making that decision and I was gonna thug it out with her no matter what but holy shit that was a nerve racking 4 weeks before she finally decided it wouldn’t be right for us to bring a child into this world. Point of my story is stick to cumming in butts if you aren’t sure about having children.


It's different for everyone. Glad your first time was as successful!


I think communication went a long way. We were both relaxed before it too, kinda sleep if anything and then kinda horny lol.


Even better. I love waking up super horny and getting laid. All inhibitions are low and you just go for it. 😍


Legends for communicating properly! Glad you had a good time my man


What a confession living life on the edge


Good for you bro. There was a guy on here recently that could use your help on his wife


My first time doing anal with my husband (he’s the same size as you possibly a bit bigger) it was my first time at all and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it originally would be. Although lube for us was a must! Got to the point to where we didn’t need lube every time. But still very enjoyable.


My first time doing that I used my spit, didn’t have lube. She was a freak so she liked it lmao


Did she have a mole on right butt cheek?


Don't look at his profile. Worst mistake of my life☹️




Bet she had a horrible infection. You can't go pussy-ass-pussy even rubbing outside boss. Play safer. Educate yourself


Poor girl


This sounds like the average redditor fanfic


Good read 💀


You need help sir


Tell me you know nothing about a vagina without telling me


It feels so tight and pleasurable!!!😃👻


WTF is wrong with you people? Anal is fucking animalistic. This generation of thinking it's normal is en example of how fucked this world is becoming.


You say it's animalistic like that's a bad thing. Also heads up, the ancient Greeks and Romans loved a bit of anal, it's nothing to do with "this generation."


So you're denying that it has gone from a pretty obscure practice to mainsteam? I'm just sick of men asking "Do you do anal"? I had never been asked that in the 80s or 90s. It was never even on the radar. Now it's glorified; which is horrifying. It's painful and after all; it a shit hole. Play in the scat if you want to but don't expect others to.


Expectation? Every girl who’s ass I’ve fucked asked for it. One begged. You’re so wrong about sex. People been fucking and eating ass since before we had cities.


Youre so contradicting its amusing lol you say people shouldnt do anal, then say do it if you want. You say people expect it from you, but the only instance you list is literally just someone asking you if you like it. Your shitty logic of "people shouldnt do it because it becomes mainstream" can be applied to literally anything involving sex besides missionary lol


Ok boomer


Not my thing but I’m confused why you care what two consenting adults do. It literally doesn’t matter.


It creates an expectation that puts people who never would consider it in a position where we have to explain why we don't partake. It should be exactly the opposite. Noone should expect that a woman would take it in the ass. I don't care what you want to do; but the growing expectation is unwelcome.


Do you think your views on this subject have something to do with how you feel on the inside and less about what others do?


Hate to break it to you, but nothing is wrong with people liking anal. It’s a kink/fetish thing. If it’s not yours that’s fine but don’t shit on other people for liking it. No one is calling you fucked up for liking vanilla sex, so maybe ,possibly, stop shaming people for what they like and trying to make them feel bad or else you’re just a disgusting person🙃


It’s almost like humans *are* animals 🤔


I guess we should go back to the times where women couldn't expect cunnilingus or orgasms either. Let's go back to smoking indoors as well. "The good ol' days" Fucking scrub. Go crawl back into your black and white tv and shut the fuck up.


Holy fuck LMAO, she definitely deleted that profile because of you.. this made my day thank you! So much better than the boomer phrase! You dropped some heat on that poor ol lady




Yeah that thing can take some serious punishment.


Best part when they shit on you


You’re my new obsession


Definitely don't bring it up with your exes.


Geez I haven’t checked in on here in a while. There’s… a lot to address here. Firstly, thanks to all who contributed to the conversation, whether you were positive, negative, funny or just offended by my profile: it’s all good. This isn’t a troll post - or whatever, just something that happened to me recently. Apologies if I’ve offended anyone, by this post or the content on my profile: it wasn’t my intention. Thanks to all who shared their experiences. I believe that there are a few variables to consider and we are all different, right? Plus the situation will be different too. We were both relaxed, fairly sleepy, we had lube, we have trust in each other and communicated constantly. I think that pretty much addresses as much as I want to really go into with this. Anyway, I hope that this post has in some way helped people. Thanks again for contributing :)


This is hot


Well good for you. Happy you got there. Nice to have some help. She might be a keeper if she really likes it!


Lol…, If you want to have her demand anal … tongue fuck her in the ass … often . she will crave cock there


I got poop underneath my dick head after the first time. Was weird but I fucked like 8 women in their asses along the way. Always enjoyed it


I have a straight guy friend who prefers fucking women in the ass. Says it feels better to him. Turns out he doesn’t mind fucking guys in the ass either, but that’s just an aside.


The first time I did it I thought it was how doggie style was done. She didn't complain though so that's a relief looking back on it.


Did it hurt ?


Did she do any prep? Did you wear a condom?


Nice job, now try it on a guy and go rough on them. ThM me later.


At least by lying you got lots of likes lol




My first time doing anal didn't hurt at all. I think it depends on position though as I have also had enough experiences where it has hurt so much, I felt sick 😅