what do i do frl

i have lice. and ive had it since maybe December. two treatments, like the ones you get at walmart and still have it. im scared to even wear my hair down and i dont want to give it to anyone but with my home circumstances its almost inevitable. im v v insecure ab my hair so this is just the cherry on top. i feel guilty bc if i do give it to anyone i cant just tell them they got it from me. i dont even remember how i got it in the first place. i feel guilty and dirty and i havent been keepijg up my shower schedule bc i dont want to have to keep pulling out louse after louse when i just want a shower. i rlly want to get rid of them.

UPDATE: They’re gone :D it took sooooo much work but it got done and now i feel so much better! thank you all


First off, it’s not your fault. Second off, strip your bedding, wash all your clothes, get one of those lice combs, and RELIGIOUSLY comb your hair with it every day. I’d go so far as to even keep washing your bedding every day so long as they remain. So the daily schedule would be comb, wash bedding, fresh clean clothes. It would get tiring but you’d only have to do it for as long as they last. I was in your shoes once. It’s understandable. But so long as you don’t give up on the elimination routine it should be fine. Edit: make sure you get a high quality comb too


Or to save some time shave your hair off


The mayonaisse thing really does work. First coat your hair in the mayonnaise then wrap it in a scarf or shower cap. Then strip your bed and wash all the sheets and blankets. Take your pillows and stuffed animals and put them in trash bags- I think for 5 days, but google to be sure. Once all that is done, wash your hair daily and get old fashioned aeresol hairspray, put your hair up and spray it heavy with the hairspray. That will help stop reinfesting. I am sorry noone is helping you with this, but also it is stuff that you can do on your own if you have to.


Hair dye always works even if you just dye it the same color you hair is now


unfortunately tried it it


Just shave your head.




you probably have super lice if you’ve tried treatment and everything, youtube has a lot of videos on how to get rid of them. you can dye your hair, use mayonnaise and leave it in for about 8 hours for the lice to suffocate, or go to a lice clinic if you’re near any. i also suggest washing all of your bedding, clothes, and brush your hair with a lice brush daily until they’re gone.


i havent necessarily tried everything but in reality its just that my caregivers dont finish the full process and dont give the follow up treatment. and as fat as the combing goes, bc of the texture and type of my hair, it knots rlly fast, and is difficult to manage. i hate just brushing it ffs, so im a bit nervous with that one


i also forgot to say, if they don’t go away at all, i’m pretty sure you can go to your doctor and ask for a prescription.


you really want to comb your hair a lot. if you're in the position where you can buy treatment my favorite one is RID super max. it's really oily and doesn't have that unique lice treatment smell. it kills really good and because its oily you can brush your hair and comb them out while killing them. because there is no smell when you go around people they wont smell the treatment and know. the only thing is your going to wonna repeatedly shampoo over and over at least a couple times so your hair isn't greasy.


ok ive already commented but i just saw you have textured hair so this might help better. if you had it for a long time you should be able to see lots of eggs. just do a treatment saturate your hair really good and leave it in for a while. the next day brush your hair really good and make a water/conditioner spray. part your hair about two inches above your ear and brush the rest in the other direction and tie it off. it should look like a really dramatic side part. spray the exposed hair a little bit close to the scalp so it doesnt hurt to bad when you comb. if your hair is really thick comb close to the scalp and bring the eggs to where the scalp end by your neck. this should still be pretty close to your scalp. line the eggs up together. this should make it easier to get them out as much as possible. get your hair as detangled and lubricated as possible without making it so wet the comb cant catch the eggs. comb until the line of eggs is as gone as possible and move on to the other side. getting the back is hard to do by your self so just keep combing until you dont see them on the comb anymore. i did this with my sister and got it from child neglect level to just got it a little bit ago level. yours might not be that bad so this might not be as helpful to you. my sister had eggs on like every stand of hair.


ill def pitch this to my caregiver and try this thank u sm