Same here, like both sides of my family are devout Christians. All I have to say is follow your beliefs, but dont force themon others. My closest friends are pagan and christian.


I'm in the same boat as you guys. Fell away from my religion when I was 17-18ish and never looked back. At first my parents & siblings were kind of disappointed and concerned, but they eventually accepted it and don't bug me about it anymore. Whenever they bring it up or the topic of religion comes around, they know I'll speak my truth and that I know just as much religious material and a great deal of science in order to bible bash and pontificate all day if they really want to pursue it. It has been a beautiful life without religion. OP, If you need anymore additional support, Reddit has some great communities here like r/atheism and r/exchristian, as well as specific ones like r/exmormon that will share your views.


Im in the same boat. My whole family are hindus and when i was 15/16 it broke me how sexist the religion actually was. Imagine my grandmother who prays every day of her life and devotes every fiber of her being to her religion being forced to sit behind all the men during the praying ceremony. It just didnt make sense me who barely even believed in one of the billion gods was treated better than than her who was forced to sit behind a red rope. Thats when i questioned the religion itself and it all fell apart. Havent told my parents yet they are stubborn motherfuckers and i have no clue how they would react though ny sister knows and accepts it.


Good soup


r/atheism as a great community?


r/atheism is a bit of a cesspool nowadays, I wouldn't call it great...


you have to understand that a lot of atheists out there do not have the pleasure of being able to voice their disbelief. Because sadly enough they are under the threat of exclusion, jail, torture, or death. These forums are practically the only place where they can vent their frustrations against the status quo of belief.


While I understand your point, what I've seen I understand to be far beyond "venting frustrations".


It’s just a circle jerk of people rejecting religion. This sub can be resumed as “if you believe in a god i won’t talk to you and will immediately think you’re stupid”. I don’t think atheism is about insulting anyone who believes in a religion. Edit : I would like to add that a dick will always be a dick, whether he uses the Koran, the Bible or Einstein’s physics laws.


Atheism isn't about insulting people, it's just a lack of belief in God, but there are people who insult other people in every sub on Reddit. It's hardly surprising that any sub that is about holding a specific view about the world has people who look down on people who don't share that specific view. If they didn't think atheism is the most sensible view of religion/God, they wouldn't be atheists.


To me it doesn’t matter if you believe in god or don’t believe in god. It’s all about the person you choose to be.


You do you.


This. So many people feel the need to express themselves in what they believe in. I get it, you have to be a part of something and you need to find yourself and your purpose, but why tf do I need to know what your "religion" is. If you don't believe in anything, at least believe in yourself. Religion is something that is from the ancient times, it is fucking old and outdated and it has faults, just believe in yourself and don't bash on other people if they believe in something else but don't bother expressing loudly and obnoxiously about that shit. Nobody should care in the year 2019.


i stopped believing god when i realized that my family only prayed or went to church when we wanted something to go our way. we prayed for cause not for love. at the moment i'm an atheist. i believe some people are religious because they're scared of the consequences if they're not. i accept death and the idea that there is no afterlife, some people have not accepted this thus making themselves trust religion. it's okay to drift away from religion, just don't forget your morals.


I stopped believing when my dad passed away; I was a Christian teenager, he was an atheist but the most good person I knew. He would share everything he had, and yet the commandments he broke totted up to eternal damnation. Everything fell apart for me in that moment: none of this makes sense, good people can’t just go to hell because they don’t believe in god, and anyway, who really wrote this stuff?


Frankly, I can't imagine the sense of wonder that must be missing in the lives of the religious. Imagine looking at a rainforest or mountain range or up at the stars and thinking "yup, God made that. No mystery there" instead of wondering at the billions of years of dancing forces and matter coalescing to create them. Looking up and knowing that the light of the nearest star has travelled four and a half years through space to fall on my eyeball, which itself is a marvel 4.3 *billion* years in the making! We're all just people lightly stuck to an extremely fragile spinning rock, hurtling through space. If that isn't enough to make you want to be kind to your neighbour, I don't think fear of divine punishment is a good substitute.


I am a Christian and I can honestly say that it doesn't take away from the wonder of it at all. Creation is incredible and there is so much to discover! The fact that there are still so many mysteries and unknowns is just more confirmation for my faith.


Never lose that curiosity. I think it's the single most valuable trait a person can have.


believing in god doesnt take away wonders and mysteries


You do you homie. Check our r/exchristian it could help you. But a word of warning. You can't unsee what's behind the curtain, and I wouldn't tell your family


I just checked it out and thanks for the subreddit👍👍👍


Join us and get free virtual hugs :) Congrats on getting out!


Personally I’m not religious so I leave you with this. Choose what you want but remain open, and remember there is no proof there is a god but there is also no proof that there isn’t.


> there is also no proof there isn’t. No one believes anything without evidence. No evidence = no believe




I hate that argument so much. Like why would I put my faith in something when I could just, not put my faith in something and actually try to find a definite answer


I have been watching a lot if Matt dillahunty recently on YouTube. They go through a lot of the same questions but actually have some decent response when people try crappy answers. Have a look


Which to me just seems sad and closed off. This quote for example is my favorite. Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. Arthur C. Clarke Mind you this is about aliens but the same logic is there,


You shouldn’t start to believe something because it’s sad or “closed off” not to. Theorizing is acceptable, but your epistemology is tripping dawg.


I think the innocent until proven guilty thinking could also be applied here. It hasn’t been been proven that he isn’t real so people should be allowed to believe it if they want. Just because me and you don’t believe it doesn’t mean we should force others to not believe it as well.


If someone chooses to believe something they must have evidence? So by that logic, anyone that believes in God must have proof... Unfortunately, people are not all so logic and all of us hold beliefs that have nothing to do with proof.


Lots of people believe things without evidence. Everyone who believes in any form of religion has faith (belief without evidence) usually as a result of indoctrination. People believe all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories without evidence. In fact, I suspect that more people believe things without evidence these days than people who believe things as a result of evidence.


Now Eli was ninety and eight years old; and his eyes were dim, that he could not see.


That is not at all equivalent to faith in god though.


As the great philosopher Jack Skellington once said, “Just because I cannot see it/ Doesn’t mean I can’t believe it!”


Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence! That's why agnostics exist


Agnostic = atheist. Self-proclaimed agnostics are all atheists who are afraid of that word and trying to avoid labeling themselves as atheist.


The parallels to climate change are spot on. [Disclaimer: I am the biggest hippie in my friend group because I am terrified of resource exhaustion, water wars, poisoned skies, carcinogenic byproducts, etc. I drove a damned hybrid a decade ago] But so many people believe in God/CC because everyone around them does, and you can't prove that it doesn't exist, and my pastor/scientific community claim that it's true and we all have anecdotal evidence. And even if it isn't true, it's encouraging us to be better people and if it never existed we will still have lived better lives because of it. So many people are big on climate change, which is leading to great environmental reforms, but their faith in it is no more valid than any other religion. "But they built climate models!!" You could build a model using linear regression that predicts global annual temperatures using median home value in Topeka, number of romcoms filmed 3 years prior, percentage of books published by authors with an M in their first name, etc. Anywhere else this would be considered classic correlation instead of causation, much like "well I prayed for the promotion and I got it so prayer works" I still agree with 99% of proposed changes to stop climate change, but it's stunning to me that people want to use it as a religion rather than a science.


That’s why I’m agnostic. There is proof that pretty much every story on the Bible is false however. God didn’t just create the earth and then Adam and Eve. Dinosaurs were on the earth way before


Maybe dinosaurs were the real Adam and Eve all along? Did you ever think of that? And then Cain did taketh Abel in his mighty jaws And rendered him asunder, so that his blood runneth down. And when God came to Cain, asking "Where is thy brother?" Cain spaketh unto Him, saying "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"


You should be open yes but saying there isn't proof that something doesn't exist ergo it could, is illogical. You could say that about anything


There literally is not any evidence to support God’s existence. He can say there is no proof, because there isn’t. It’s anything but illogical. It’s 100% truth.


Proving a negative is not a thing bro, either you prove something exists or not


There is no proof that unicorns don't exist either.


The fact that there is no evidence for god is exactly the evidence for there not being a god, as it is impossible to prove a negative. There cannot be evidence that God doesn't exist, therefore all responsibility for proof lies on those claiming he does exist.


There could be a god. but certainly no proof right now. Best advice, don't make this public till you're in college or have a job. Some parents go crazy when you tell them you're atheist and can even kick you out of the house.


This is good advice.


After about twenty years in the church, I left Christianity and am now an atheist (and a pastafarian obviously). The doubts you are having are natural when you give serious thought to what Christianity actually teaches. Keep questioning and searching for evidence. You can also seek support at /r/atheism/. Just be careful how and when you let your family know. That doesn't always go well.


Our pasta, who art in a colander, draining be your noodles. Thy noodle come, Thy sauce be yum, on top some grated Parmesan. Give us this day our garlic bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trample on our lawns. Ramen.


I think this is the best version I have seen of this prayer. And I am now hungry.


This. This would’ve helped me tremendously. Way to go stranger.


I wish I had helped you with this advice at the time. Oh well. There will be others in the future I suppose.


We can only do what we can do.




I am agnostic myself. Just because there is nothing to indicate there is a god doesn’t mean there is anything to indicate there isn’t one. But yeah, I support and commend your skepticism and open mindedness.


Yeah most atheists are agnostic atheists simply because you cant disprove Russell's teapot...


Exactly, most people tend to confuse agnostic and atheist as mutually exclusive, but you can actually be both, and most atheist are also agnostic, I'm one of them


Right on, gnosticism is the degree to which something can be known. I'll go even further by saying most of us are gnostic atheists toward Zeus...


Read. Open your mind to new ideas. Or to the defenses of ones you have. There's lot of books on theism and arguments for both sides. It's ok to question these things but it will always be your decision what to believe. And don't forget to experience life and use your own reasoning to interpret it.


Agree. I'm not gonna push you towards or against Christianity. But you should definitely read and educate yourself on the doubts and questions you might have. Don't be afraid to discover, you owe it to yourself!


I believe in most of the teachings - be kind, be truthful, be honest, be caring. I don't value mythology as something 'holy'. I listen to them or read them as stories. Some characters are interesting and some aren't. I am not Christian but I do believe in a Higher Power. Just for the sake of my sanity. It's good to know that a Super Being always has your back. It lightens up a lot of things in life.


That's fine. Now don't go thinking the world is any less magical. If anything the world is *more* interesting after you get rid of the easy "god did it", gap filler. Keep asking questions, the answers you'll find can be amazing, or mundane or amazingly mundane. There is a whole magical, miraculous order to the universe. And this one you can see with a micro, or telescope! Science, mother ducker!


So much this! The thing that irks me the most about religion is that it's a dead-end for curiosity, because any question can be shut down with "because God." There's a whole universe out there to wonder at, and there's never been a better time in history to be curious.


You realize that some of the most influential scientists of all time, such as Newton, were Christians whose belief was strengthened by their discoveries, right? It’s a major straw man to view Christianity as reducing all phenomenon to “because God.”


You'll have to forgive my disdain. It's a form of survivorship bias that I disproportionately see religious people who denounce science and seem to have no curiosity about the world they live in. Vociferous creationists and the like. "Because God" is the end point of any train of reasoning with such people. I don't see many of the science loving Christians you speak of, I guess because they have the faith or intelligence not to make a fuss about it. Also, I can forgive Newton because it would have been extremely unusual/dangerous for his health if he *hadn't* been a Christian in 17th century England.


Wasn't Einstein famously religious as well? I mean, majority of the people who are religious are not radical nut jobs and practice religion for some peace of mind. I understand why many atheists are bitter but come on. I'm fully atheist but everyone around me are pretty religious. They still have the same sense of wonder and curiousity. What I will say is they're very skeptical of modern technology and medicine because they come from a different time. That's where the criticism is warranted.


Understandable. I’ll just say, it’s very attractive to look for the worst version of your opponents to respond to. It’s natural and we all do it. I’m not an expert on Newton or his contemporaries, but during a freshman seminar in college (“history of modern thought” @ a very liberal school), I learned that Newton and other scientists of his era felt that their discoveries were examples of intelligent design, implying that such clear universal order would be more likely in a created universe vs. an arbitrary, randomly created one. His writings on the subject seemed to be genuine. Personally I think the argument has merit, and things I’ve encountered relating to beauty in math have pushed me further in that direction of belief. The main interesting thing IMO is how the narrative of science/reason vs. God has shifted over time. We went from an age where many of the great thinkers were men/women of God, to an age where the narrative is often one of disagreement. As a proponent of the liberalization of society as well as a believer in God, I wish we could get past the dichotomy that has taken hold of much of the debate. Religious people trying to force non-religious people to accept religion is a big part of the problem. But the problem has grown on the other end as well, disrespecting people’s genuine beliefs.


I've been an atheist for a very long time. I was raised Christian but started asking similar questions and not getting answers that weren't platitudes. My family got used to it so we just leave religion out of conversations and such.


I grew in a Christian family and I'm not religious in anyway but I would recommend looking into stuff to do more with philosophies and see how you personally feel. One example would be Spinoza. He was a Jewish man who lived in Amsterdam and had the same questions you have and wrote a famous book called The Ethics.


I’m most definitely going to get downvoted for this but I just wanted to say as a Christian most people have had doubts in their lives, it’s normal. Honestly there isn’t proof but that’s what faith is it’s believing although there is not true evidence. I hope you get back to it but if you can’t believe please just take some of the lessons to heart like love your neighbor.


There's no reason to believe it, but believe it anyway?


There are reasons to believe in it both within and external to Christian ideas. But yes it’s very easy to argue against it when you start with the assumption that there’s no reason to believe lol.


>just take some of the lessons to heart like love your neighbor. [http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/190098.html](http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/190098.html)


Check out r/Dudeism


I am intrigued Mr.Tubesteaks, may I ask what Dudeism actually is?


Look at our earth , how perfect it is created , how the sun and moon go by. Look at nature , look at how complex things are and must have been complete to begin with like a eye.. Look at the evil there is for sure demon’s excist therefore GOD excist.. etc etc But if u dont wanne see u wont see


Look around bro. Look at life. -Lil Yaghty


In my opinion, just remember you don't need religion to be a good person. After you reflect on that things may start to fall in line for you.


agreed. good points. nasa's voyager and new horizons spacecraft have traveled far, millions of miles away. no sign of heaven. if you can't see heaven then how do you know its there? god is something people thought up before we knew what lightning is. be a good person regardless if there is a heaven


They haven't even travelled one light year away lol. But yes, I agree with your general sentiment




>Over the years, that's been muddled by people taking it too literally, misunderstandings, and some of said stories becoming extremely dated. OMG, religion is just a rabid fan base squabbling over the source material! I get it now.


This is a really good response


Atheist here. Most people I know are believers so the only advice I can give you is keep your beliefs to yourself, research all you can to have a better idea of your position, respect people's beliefs even if you find them stupid; mock the belief not the believer. Overall be respectful but don't let people stomp on you cause you think differently, stand your ground if you have to, your beliefs or lack thereof is just as important as theirs or more. Don't try to convince anyone, they're not gonna change their mind so don't bother


Same here I do believe in proof over believing


The question you need to ask yourself: "Is the available evidence sufficient to warrant belief in the proposition?" That proposition being "does a god exist?" You can follow that question down all sorts of complex pathways, but the answer can be boiled down to a simple "no". Because the proposition is an exceptional one, it requires exceptional evidence before belief is a rational outcome. No one has ever provided compelling evidence of such in a manner that can be studied, examined or replicated. Many religious folk would respond to this by asserting that exceptional evidence does indeed exist, but that's where they stop. That evidence must be subjected to examination. Is there another reasonable explaination for this evidence, other than a deity? The answer is always "yes", even if the precise details may yet be unconfirmed (many topics at the frontiers of scientific research, for example). "We don't know yet" is an acceptable answer. Religion is simply a ctrl+f that replaces most instances of "we don't know" with "God", which is an entirely underwhelming charade, all in all.


There is no proof. God *does not* exist. Your doubts are from actually thinking like a logical human being and thinking for yourself. Religion is a horrible and deceitful thing.


I understand why people need religion for their mental health. I never did. My family never does. My lonely grandfather has nothing else, and it gives him something to believe in so fuck it I guess.


I agree with this, some people just can't stand not believing there's something else out there, so go ahead, believe in an invisible Man if you so need it, as long as you don't try to convince me of that made up bullshit, I don't give a shit


Yeah, exactly that. Too bad more people didn't really understand these ideas.


Yeah, like I wouldn't mind religion so much if there weren't so many churches and so many loud idiots preaching their crap


It doesn’t matter what you believe, it only matters how you treat people. If a religion encourages its followers to turn their backs on any other demographic (homosexuals, trans people, women, people of other faiths etc), then I would suggest you find a better path through life. Kindness to other living beings is the best way of living.


Religion is cancer. Leave it and never look back.


Saying god doesnt exist with certainty is the same as saying god does exist with certainty. Most religions are probably wrong, but we have no data to make conclusions after that for now.


This right here is what actual intelligent non-religious people think, as opposed to the idiotic straw manning you see from the atheist equivalents of science deniers.


I know this isn't a debate forum but, How can *everything* be created from *nothing*?


then where did god come from?


The real, honest answer is no one really knows what/whom _everything_ was created from/by. We have some theories, e.g. big bang, but even they are not complete and remain theories. There are still so many questions that need answers. We are still searching for those answers. Now, you may choose to fill in this _void of unknown_ with your god. However, the truth is that there is no evidence to prove that he/she/it ACTUALLY created _everything_ and that he/she/it even exists.


The origin of the universe is mysterious, and the correct answer is "We don't know yet."


This premise is faulty. Maybe the universe always existed. Or maybe something can come from nothing, no one has ever observed a nothing so it’s qualities can’t be remarked upon. Also it’s not proper to say things were created from nothing since that presumes a creator. You’re putting a lot of carts before horses here.


Well that's just one of the theories about the big bang.. Other theories exists as well if you want to have different takes on the subject.


Believing in God =/= organized religion, though. Religion is more than just a belief in God. It requires you to believe certain things about God’s nature. It also involves various cultural components (holidays, rituals, etc).


I left behind belief a long time ago. If there’s ever anything you want to talk about, let me know. One thing that really helped me with the transition away from belief is embracing utilitarianism as an ethical foundation. Eventually you arrive in your thought process to questioning the basis for morality and searching for a secular substitute - I would suggest checking it out.


Who cares If there is a god, and they are fair, your actions would be judged fairly. If there is no god, or they are not a fair god, then your actions are only judged by yourself and the people around you.


What if there an unfair God who arbitrarily determines your eternal fate on things like whether you performed a certain ritual on a certain date? Just playing devil’s advocate. I personally am a believer, but emphasize the distinction between God and religion.


That goes towards what I failed to explain before in that a god that decides your fate on some arbitrary rite of passage and not on how good of a person in life you were is not one that should be worried about. If you do not know what this ritual or whatever is, you have no way of trying to complete it and thus it does not matter what your actions are you would be judged the same. In all honesty, I am not able to explain this as well as I need to in order to fully convey what I am trying to say. In essence, if you want to be a good person, then do it because if there is a fair god you will be judged fairly. And if there is not, you still have no real reason to be an asshole other than how you feel.


I get what you are saying, no worries. In the past I spent a lot of time thinking about exactly the same idea. I concluded a couple of things. If you were never exposed to Christianity, it would be unreasonable to be punished by God for that. I’d think at worst you go to some sort of neutral place, or maybe you’re judged in context and can still go to heaven. On the other hand, if Christ sacrificed himself so humanity could have salvation, and a person who learned of the story blatantly disrespected God in that context, I could see how that would be a problem. Like as an analogy, imagine if you spent your life savings trying to research the cure for a rare disease and then one day met a kid you saved and he’s like “nah man you didn’t do shit for me fuck you.” You wouldn’t be happy at all about that. Basically I agree that I think it’d be unreasonable to have arbitrary demands like performing x ritual. But to ask for acceptance itself doesn’t seem unreasonably demanding to me.


Welcome to atheist society


I was raised with very different and conflicting beliefs. My dad was catholic and my mom was Wiccan. While they both wanted their children to follow their own religion, we all ended up agnostic or atheist. As long as you believe that you should be good for the sake of good, and not because your scared of hell or karma or whatever, your existence I feel will be, at the end of the day, something you're proud to leave behind. There is nothing to be ashamed or disowned about.


I’m the same, I am the only member of my family who is not a Christian. I don’t believe in it at all and used to always get preached to - “you’ll go to hell” “you’ll come back eventually” “we’re praying for you”. It annoys me to no end and pushes me away from it further - thankfully they don’t do it as much and I think that they know it’s a lost cause now


Hey I'm in the same boat, but don't stress. You gotta do what's right for you.


I died as a kid and had an experience of some sort of other side. I know it's anecdotal but some things just can't be scientifically measured by our current means. Personally, i think that any sort of afterlife would be related to other dimensions. I think we are all God in a way.


If you have questions or even seek a safe space to vent, feel free to visit /r/TrueAtheism; They are a very friendly sub and are open to anyone, religious or atheist, so long as they've got an open mind.


Dude, same here.


You are very wrong. I have witnessed miracles.


Well there's no proof for either sides. Believe what you want


I had the same questions. Ultimately, I've found theres enough spirituality to be found in the Universe and it's people without the need for religion


There is no god. I’m baptised, confirmed and that other thing whose name I forgot, and I say 100% that there is no god.


I agree that it's hard to prove gods existence and the whole idea of a god seems more than a little far-fetched. But I cannot prove that god doesn't exist either and I don't really see how god could ever be proven or disproved. Can you say otherwise? That's why I think [Agnosticism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnosticism) is the only reasonable approach to god. Maybe your family would accept that view a little easier as well? Good luck either way!


This happened for me around 14. I'm 37 now. I used to spend a lot of time being pretty vocal about my beliefs (or disbelief, I guess). Now, it's easier to just say "I believe whatever my wife believes." Lol! If your family and friends are practicing Christian values and that makes them happy, I say good for them. Why do I need to rain on everyone's parade? Just so they will know how much "smarter" I am then them? Or what? My wife knows how I feel about religion and spirituality and God, but I also know how she feels about it and how much it hurts her to hear me say I'm not a Christian or any other kind of believer. So I don't bring it up. I take our family to church and we tithe. I shake the preachers' hands on Sunday and try to find and appreciate the underlying message when they give sermons. And it's a good life - for me. I suspect there are many, many more like me out there too.


Gott ist tot, my dear.


My relation to Christianity is something like "I have no proof if he exist, but I believe he does and take his words as a guide to live a good life". It's about the person you are, I don't take every sentence of the Bible as a statement, but more like ground, where u can plant anything u want, u can interpret is as anything u want. I'm into stoicism also and I find combining those two brings me peace


Welcome to the real world, time to enjoy👍


I turned atheist around 5 years ago. You are asking the correct questions. Always have a scientific approach to things, rather than just believing them. It will change your life in a positive way. But please keep in mind that many people don't care about your particular questions, they don't need those answers to follow religion. It gives some people hope, peace of mind, and there many such reasons. So although you now "realize", please be respectful towards their religions unless they themselves bring it up.


Watch the movie "The Invention of Lying."


It's not so much that God doesn't exist, it's the faith that people put into the religion. I myself can't get behind it but many can. I say good for them. Try to stay open minded about religions, politics and anything for that matter because say 1 'wrong' thing and it can lead to a lot of trouble and regret. But yeah, believe in what you want and don't ever feel forced to believe in anything else if you don't want to, just don't be aggressive/condescending in how you come off when expressing your views.


I know how you feel since I’ve been in the same boat for a couple of years already. It was tough on me at first since I’ve felt that I wasn’t able to tell anyone how I feel fearing that I would be looked down on. Now my intermediate family knows about my beliefs and they still treat me same which came to my surprise. But, my parents are still trying to find a way for me to convert back and they still force to do religious activities with them even though it’s not helping much for me. I wish I can tell them to stop but I know that they’ll just guilt me and I’m still not comfortable talking about that subject with them. I don’t even want to think about if the rest of my family finds out as well.




I never believed in God. I remember when my dad was forcing me to go to church. As a kid, I was only bored there. But when I grew older, it all seemed like bunch of bullshit to me. But I went to church anyway just to make them happy. My mom died when I was 14 and that's when I completely lost my fate. I wasn't only sceptic about God, if he even was real I was sure that he was an asshole. Otherwise my mom would still be alive. I hate the mentality my family has about that situation. They always say "God needed an angel, that's why he took her". What a bunch of bullshit! When I was 20 I came clean to my dad. I told them that I don't believe in god and that I won't be going to church anymore. His answer to that was "You know where the door is" as if "you are not welcome here anymore". After some time he cooled down but he is still always talking about religion and is trying to "turn me around". He still thinks I will get marriend in church and baptize my child. He is always using an argument "Your mom would like it if you got married in the church." I will probably get married in secret and my family won't be invited. When it comes to baptizing my kid, they will just have to deal with it.


Yh that's a difficult one but I guess it goes back to the chicken and egg scenario


I became an unbeliever (or fell away as others so dramatically put it) when I left home in my early 20s. My dad was a baptist pastor, and we had been missionaries when I was little. When I left home I realised I had to teach myself evolution (in place of the 'intelligent design' dribble that my school taught as fact) and philosophy (to understand ways of thinking, universal vs relative moral law, all that). It was terrifying at first. The fear of going to hell. But the more I learned and let myself question, the less I believed. And the less I believed the less afraid I was about going to hell being a real consequence. It was a sort of feedback loop. Until years later I would think "crap what if I'm going to hell. Oh wait it don't believe in that..." My family and I are close and we have healthy debates about it, but mostly agree to disagree!


Religion is fine but if they force it on you then fuck them


I've just had an argument with mom. She wanted me to go to the church and fast and I did it exclusively for her. But now she wants me to confess to the priest and I just can't. It's not happening, she doesn't understand. Religion is a whole mafia in my country.


God is not small enough to be limited to heaven. Think about it, if He is the creator of the universe than He has to be bigger than and outside of the limits of what we can perceive. So where is the proof? That depends on the specific question. The reality is that people have an idea that science and the Bible cannot coexist and thus they think you must reject one or the other. However, there are many scientists, doctors, astronomers, historians, and archaeologists that use both. I am none of these but I do know of many of them. Before you write off Christianity I would encourage you to look into the people that have asked these questions and found answers that point them back toward the Bible. Not just those that encourage you to jump ship without having done the research themselves either.


I had doubts around 15 and clung to what little faith a had until I was 22 out of fear of damnation. That's no way to live, and when I finally had the balls to really let it go it was the most freeing experience of my life Being faithless doesn't make you a bad person. I wish someone would have told me that when I needed to hear it.


I’m the complete opposite. I grew up around atheists and my friend invited me to a week camp and my whole entire life was changed. I saw God through people and i knew that science wouldn’t change them ever. I don’t know how it was when you grew up, but I encourage you to keep reading the Bible and stuff like that. I hope you find your way back and I’m praying for you.


I'm not trying to be snide here. It's a 100% serious question because it's a statement I cannot fully wrap my head around. Please don't take it the wrong way sir/ma'am. What do you mean when you say "I saw God through people and that science wouldn't change them ever"


Questioning what you've been brought up to believe is a natural process, and not something to stress about imo (although it can be stressful). It's just part of developing into your own person. If you feel it's worth it, maybe do some research of your own; talk to your family (if you think they'd be open to a discussion). Something worth keeping in mind is that whether or not you believe in God or an afterlife (many religions have neither) doesn't necessarily have anything to do with whether or not you're religious. This is hard to grasp for people brought up in the formerly Protestant, now secular West, where religious debates between Evangelicals and Atheists revolve around literal interpretations of texts, evidence and "proofs", whereas in other cultures (except for the Islamic world) this sort of literalist/fundamentalist mania (on both sides) is largely absent. Religion is a way of living life, not a set of intellectual presuppositions. Studies have shown that faith is primarily about *community*. If your church community is a supportive one, I personally don't think there's any reason to cut yourself off from that just because you're having doubts. My dad's an evangelical pastor. When I was a kid I was a hardcore fundamentalist (creationist, the whole shebang). I've since arrived at a much more sophisticated, and dare I say, nuanced understanding of religion and religions. I'm no longer an Evangelical--as far from it as it's possible to get, in fact (which my parents know and are chill with), but I still maintain connections to our church family because they're good people. Do I believe in the literal-factual existence of God? I don't know and I don't really care. I don't think it particularly matters. Am I still a Christian? Heck yes. The liturgy, literature, art, music, values and traditions of Christianity give immeasurable meaning, purpose, peace and hope to my life, as they have to European Civilisation for the last 2000 years. Religion makes my life better (there are numerous studies demonstrating the positive effects of religious belief on mental health and overall wellbeing), and it's *this* life that matters. Other people are naturally free to think and do otherwise; I bear no ill-will to them, and would like it if they bore a little less ill-will toward me.


Just keep looking at the evidence people present for any gods.


So many people feel the need to express themselves in what they believe in. I get it, you have to be a part of something and you need to find yourself and your purpose, but why tf do I need to know what your "religion" is. If you don't believe in anything, at least believe in yourself. Religion is something that is from the ancient times, it is fucking old and outdated and it has faults, just believe in yourself and don't bash on other people if they believe in something else but don't bother expressing loudly and obnoxiously about that shit. Nobody should care about religion in the year 2019 its just another barrier when trying to communicate.


God is a human creature there is no such entity. Was all created for control and power and to assserve women. That is the basics of most religion


Hey, you're allowed to believe whatever you like, some people choose to believe nothing. I still don't know which theory I believe best. So I just go about my life trying to be nice and hope that helps. All we can do IMO


No matter what your parents beliefs are, you need to make up your own mind as to what you believe with everything, not just religion and god. I'll echo what another commenter said and suggest that you read as many books as you can. It isn't hard to read 10-20 pages a day, but if you do on a consistent basis, you can probably finish 10-20 books a year, which is around 100-200 books in a decade. In a decade's time the amount of knowledge you have will have fundamentally improved you as a person. Some suggestions, some of my favourites, most of them outside religion but good reads none-the-less: \- The Freakonomics series; Steven Dubner and Stephen Levitt (Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics, Think Like a Freak and When to Rob a Bank) \- 1984 and Animal Farm; George Orwell \- The Prince; Nicolo Machiavelli Any other suggestions for my guy would be welcome :-)


Same here but that's nothing special. Most of our parents and grandparents are just religious because of tradition. I also don't believe in God although you can't proof it. But to me it seems much more likely and human to just make up a story of a supernatural being that created everything


A lot of these comments appear to be focused on everyone’s external events - “my family made me pray or attend church”. “Something bad happened to someone else..” - and because of the external events, people have turned away from the idea, the feeling, the faith of believing in God. But I implore everyone to attempt a relationship with God based on your own experiences. You’re here for a reason. You’re here because Someone greater than You loved you before you were born. Do your own research. Pray your own prayers simply because you’re curious. Don’t base your conclusions on your family’s/friends’ decisions. Talk to Him like a Friend who would never leave your side. The peace you may receive just might amaze you.


Yes, we call this critical thinking. Keep it up.


They say god created the world, well science defies


Ayee. Be an agnostic. That way you can celebrate holidays for all religions and skip on all religious meetings


Personally, I don’t understand how God can’t exist.. AMA


Remember that people who hear voices of God and believe in”magic healing” abilities just may be a little insane and they might need professional help. Stay safe. There’s some real crazy “believers” and cults out there.


Believing in God is about having faith tho. No one (alive) knows where heaven is but puts their faith in it although others don’t.


God is there if you want him to be. I dont believe in the bible or quiran or whatever, however I believe there is god that started all this fuckery. To believe that all of this is just a lucky random occurance is a grim view point imo. And I like being happy.


[This](https://youtu.be/QjPhKPoVFVk) will be relevant to your interests. Rock on.


One thing to keep in mind for the people who say: "There's no proof there isn't a God" is that over the past couple thousand years, people have created some pretty elaborate customs and beliefs based on no evidence whatsoever that they're right. Also, keep in mind that while Abraham followed God's command to kill his son, if you saw a report on the news today from a guy who claimed he killed his son because God told him to, you'd think he was nuts. Basically, I'm saying that most people say that they believe in God, but they probably just like going through the motions. Things like going to church fulfill a sense of community and give a lot of people spiritual contentment, but that's pretty much where the devotion ends. You ask someone to live like Leviticus prescribes, and you'll probably get a list of excuses instead.


Do YOUR own research and come to YOUR own conclusion


Except that religions were never meant to explain god’s existence in a way that makes sense—well, bits and pieces are scattered in all the scriptures but that requires one to already know what god is before one can destinguish between the lies and the truth in those scriptures. Religious ppl are not qualified to answer your questions because their answers are based on scriptures that were written with the intent to keep ppl AWAY from god. If you want a better explanation then listen to this video here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SEwM3EuIpYc A point of view that almost no-one seems to have, and yet one that sounds very true.


Rather than focus on the presence or absence of God, I tend to focus on the presence of humanity. Just try and live your life to leave earth and your fellow mankind a little better off than when you arrived. It is vital for our survival as a species.




Idk if there is a god, but if there is one, and an afterlife, I don’t think he would care if you were a Christian or not, just if you are a good person


Let it sit a while. There's no need to do anything rash. I know it can be tempting to go off on the deep end and tell everyone. Things like this can have pretty big ramifications to relationships. You don't have to do anything or tell anyone if you don't want to. As I say let it sit. It's better to take a considered approach without rushing in and potentially blowing up your life.


Try Islam


Unfortunately there are a great many questions one can ask about their faith that cannot be answered I feel in a rational manner. There is a point where you have to have faith. Because there is nothing to support the belief but blind faith. It gives I guess people some ease of mind that they think there is something greater than they are out there. But that "feeling" or substitute for knowledge is taken too far too often to be believed in. It has been exploited to earn favor or garner monetary gain so often that I think it should just be done away with, or forced into the realm of personal thoughts, and not allowed to be practiced in any way shape or form in public.


Think for yourself. Thats always a good idea. Many dogmas are there because people are horrified of death. I belive theres noting more comforting than to think that my atoms and molecules will travel the world and universe billions of years after im dead.


One doesn't follow religion because they believe in God. They follow the principles of religion because that's how you can be a HUMAN. Why do you think religion came in the first place? People were uncivilized. To help them understand the good ways of life 'Religion' was brought into our lives. My advice to you is don't blindly follow others. First read your holy scripts and understand it's value. I'm a Hindu. Mahabharat -an ithihasam, shows many challenges faced by us humans and the methods to face these challenges. Similarly your holy book, 'The Bible' explains many such things. You want to leave Christianity, understand your religion. If you find something disturbing, seek a religious person (father) and clear your doubts before throwing away your religion. No one can force you into any religion. Be true to yourself and stay happy. :)


God dwells within you as you. You are God and you are the devil, just like everyone else. The bible is an allegory of the heavenly bodies. Every religion has stolen from another religion. When you come to know yourself as holy you will be at peace.


*You can go your own waaaaaaaaay*


It’s scary to do anything different than what people you trust your whole life have told you. Keep at it. That’s why indoctrination works. It’s a lot to overcome. I’ve sent my kids to Christian stuff their whole lives so they’d be exposed to it. I think of it like a pop culture reference they need to be familiar with. I’ve never told them anything about Religion other than there are a lot and if something doesn’t make sense ask questions. If the answers don’t make sense it’s probably not right. I also encourage them to read mythology from different cultures if I see they pick up a book from school or something. Seeing there’s not just one thing out there dilutes the influence. The other day my oldest was like I don’t think there’s a God. It’s been a long road and hard not pushing them in any direction and exposing them to lots of stuff I don’t necessarily agree with. I also take a lot of crap encouraging them to ask questions because sometimes parent logic doesn’t hold up. Tooth Fairy is still 100% plausible though. It’s all just what you’ve been exposed to. Eventually you see enough of the world to know different, but it doesn’t happen instantly.


This post couldn't relate to me any more than it does I have no proof and no reason to believe its faith based and I have no faith so what's the point but if I tell my fam than they will lecture me for hours over it


Hay as long as you and your family are good people it doesn't matter what you believe in


In terms of faith, don't let anyone, no matter who they are, tell you what to believe. It's okay to be a non-believer, and contrary to popular Christian opinion, it's entirely possible to be a moral individual and lead a secular life.


While I don't share the same beliefs as you specifically, I understand not believing the same thing as your family. It's sucks bro, good luck


Le reddit atheists here to give u your honorary fedora


At 5 years old sitting in a kingdom hall reading a story book. (Things like David v goliath Solomon and samson.) It's meant for kids but just from reading that i could see all the hypocrisies and contradictions. Who wouldn't want to believe there's some force for good controlling stuff but all the world is evidence to the contrary and there's no evidence for it.


I felt that way in my teen years. One night asked God to show itself to me if they really existed. I had a dream that night in which I was told not to doubt. I don’t think there is a right or wrong. For some, there is a God, for others there is not. We just need to understand that both are true and respect beliefs. Go with your heart, that is the only one you need to believe 💕


It's because you have a logical mind. Have fun speaking logic to anyone religious.


I'm an atheist too, but remember not to be an asshole to your family just because they follow a religion, respect other people as you want to be respected


Not from a religious background but I think to accept the idea of god and science you have to picture god as the scientific unknown, a scientific singularity if you will, and perhaps take the bible as stories to teach moral lessons rather than literal history and dont forget the text was likely manipulated by people in power through history


I feel you. My family could never know I'm not Christian. I would get probably disowned or worse. I'm 22 now, I live away from them, so they dont have to know. What they dont know doesnt hurt them...