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Ah yes, the "Marxist-Leninist and Mariateguist" to George W. Bush pipeline. The Communist Party of Peru and their struggle are proven more and more correct by the day given how profoundly rotten the Peruvian "left" is. Castillo's "victory" in the fake bourgeois elections has only served the purpose of making these reactionaries more shameless about their anti-communism.


Better ask Ben Norton on twitter about Castillo's supposedly "rightward" shift.


This supposed "betrayal" was guaranteed to happen the moment the dust of the elections had settled and Castillo and his rondero gang had established themselves as the new standing bourgeois government of Peru. There is no "betrayal" because they've always been clear about their goals, it's just that online revisionists cannot make sense of their own ideas and interests. The "Marxist-Leninist and Mariateguist" bit is an actual line I saw on an article about Castillo and Peru Libre a while ago, probably on Medium.