Any thoughts on why this listing isn’t going for more?

Any thoughts on why this listing isn’t going for more?

  • By - zsdka


It's PGX, there are 19 bids on it, and 3 hours to go. Look at the sold price in about 3 hours, I bet a good portion of the bidders will be trying to out snipe each other in the last 30 seconds. I have seen things I was bidding on more than double in price in the last 30 seconds.


It was sold for $7,101


My guess is maybe because it’s pgx? Stupid reason not to buy it, though. That, or sometimes there are auctions that slip through the cracks. Who knows? But I’m sure it’ll jump significantly in the last 10 seconds. Edit: looks like it’s listed under wholesale and tpb’s or something? Maybe it was just harder to find than others.


I have one PGX book. The grade is completely inflated. I would not buy another.


Pgx....probably missing the MVS and has Color Touch on the cover...


And has ‘first appearance of The Punisher’ written on the label 😂


PGX sucks and the grade is most likely wrong. Also bids will fly in within the last 5 minutes


As some others have mentioned, most of the action happens in the last minute. I’ve seen books triple or more with 30 seconds in the clock. And frankly, people who bid early are just making sure everyone pays more.


Right, when you bid early it doesn't matter if you are winning if you plan to just snipe later. I will bid to remind myself to come back and snipe, it doesn't matter if I get the high bid when I initially bid on something though.


It doesn't matter what the bid is until the last 10 seconds. I've seen auctions go up $10k+ within a few seconds, this current price is practically irrelevant.


$6,450 now with 1 hr 35 min to go…


PGX nuff said


Can somebody update us?


$6,450 with about 45 minutes left.


6,550 with 25 min left


A few comments. 1. As many said, the price is irrelevant until the time is 0:00 remaining. It is an auction. 2. Once books get above $1500 the market becomes quite small. Not too many people can afford a paper relic at that price. So expect the price to fluctuate fairly widely for these pricier books.