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Loved that 180° from Hawk, it just proved that there always was that little good in him


Plenty of cases IRL of people getting bullied as much as Hawk did ending up completely insane. His whole life all he knew was kill or be killed, and with him it was always "be killed" until he met Johnny. He only knew one way to lose the bully-target on his back at first and was terrified of everything that he saw as a threat to put it back on him again (aka Demetri). He did some obviously unacceptable things on his path from "be killed" to "kill" to "just be", not because he was a bad person but because he was lost and didn't know any other way. When you have no light and you don't know what else to do, sometimes you end up lashing out at everything from the dark.


Exactly Hawk was misguided and didn't want to go back to Timid Eli because he saw it being weak so he tried get rid of anything that reminds him of the past (Demetri, nerdy stuff, Doctor Who ) but end up driving away all people close to him (Demetri, Miguel, Moon, Mitch and Bert). It make heartwarming to see him finally at a good place in Season 4 !


I got nervous for a hot second there when he grabbed the sledge hammer


That was an awesome bait-and-switch moment when he was knocking down the fence, only to reveal that he was helping to build a sparring deck.


Thank christ Miguel got him into karate and not guns.


It's more of a 360. He got a mohawk. Then he >!lost the mohawk!<. It went full circle. Full story arc achieved.


He should have kept the Mohawk, it really added to his persona. Stupid Cobra Kai


Actually it was genius on Cobra Kai's part. They got Eli to quit karate. That's what happens when you betray your dojo, your sensei, and your teammates.


How’d you get an og flair? Didn’t see it in choices


The mods here offered it before the show went to Netflix. Idk if it's still available.


Probably missed out then. Watched on YouTube but joined the sub late


That's rough, buddy...


Reminds me of that time my first girlfriend turned into the moon


wait my first girlfriend turned into the moon first girlfriend moon cobra kai was foreshadowed by avatar confirmed


More like a spiral. In his case, it wasn't a death spiral but an upwards trajectory one (for now). If he did a 360, he'd go completely around and end up back where he started.


Ah right. An evolution in mathematical terms.


Never back down 2 is a good movie. Michael jai white teaches a kid to fight and he goes full Terry silver


mans said never back down 2 was good


It's not awful, pretty mediocre.


should have gave him more screentime when he won, its like we didnt get to see him celebrate enough


Yeah one more episode would have been great. They squeezed so much in trying to tell everyone’s story




Bullied kid gets everything he's wanted all at once, goes to his head, he gets humbled, returns to being himself. Hawk has a great arc and my personal favorite character on the show (among the new kids at least)


Villain Hawk was my favorite. He was completely unhinged and LOVING it. Watch him in the school fight. Dude looks so pumped. Walking down the hall just fucking people up. He even shoves Bert out of the way when Nate and Bert rush each other. Glad he found some peace and balance, but ima miss mean Hawk. **GET BACK IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**


I can't lie, when he beat Brucks to a pulp I was cheering. I love seeing bullies get a come-uppance.


if only it was Kyler lol


NOW I love him.>! I never thought I would cuz he was a psycho for so long.!<


Yes ikr! I liked him in season 1 but absolutely disliked him in s2 and s3. But in S4 >! OMG! What a transformation and what a character arc! He definitely became my top 3 favourite character !<


Yeah! He's top 3 for me now as well! It's so unexpected that it feels weird to even type that now.


You didn't mention any spoilers in your spoiler.


I implied that he's no longer a psycho. I see that as a spoiler.


I literally hated him lol. Like, a lot.


Me too! He did a lot of messed up things. If there's one person I NEVER suspected would become a Miyagi do, or a champion, it's him.


Especially after Hawk hating and causing trouble for The Miyagi-Do seeing them as the enemy ! Ironic he end up joining them !


Yeah! And the road there was simply beautiful! I love Cobra Kai so much! I just hope he stays there for good xD


Yeah. Before, I liked his character arc but not him as a person It's better now. I just hope he stays on the good side


I hope he brings the Mohawk back next series..made me want to get a Mohawk.


Hell yeah I remember the reveal in s1 he was badass when he walked in lol


Such an awesome moment!


The purple mohawk didn't get enough screen time and it was the best color


Agreed. Hoping we get purple mohawk back in the next season.


Oh he definitely will


SWEET !!!!!!!


Like everyone is saying he's done being hawk, but hen he went to fight Robby it did the hawk cry and he did the tattoo wing flap thing


Oh yeah..that was bad ass.


I think it was meant to be more of him coming to terms with who he is. Hawk was originally a persona he made to flip the script and he became the opposite of the nerdy Eli. That is why he hated Demetri at one point because Demetri was weak according to him. Then he realised what he had become in s3 he wanted to be strong not a bully. But Hawk still saw his Mohawk as his strength so when he lost it , he felt he was back at square 1 , weak Eli it took Moon to remind that Hawk was his confidence but it wasn't the Mohawk that triggered Hawk and it was just Eli. The best way I can explain it Eli became Professor Hulk essentially the brains and the brawn


Hawk will rock a mullet this time and he'll call himself "The Mully 2.0"


So glad that he found Daniel. Johnny strengthened him obviously and made him a good fighter, but Daniel is the sort of sensei he's been needing. Not to mention that Johnny tended to focus on Miguel and leave Hawk on his own. He will be next level with Chozen.


Lets just hope Daniel omits the 40 year grudge from his lessons 😂


I can see new, focused Hawk going all in on the Chozen attitude, no booze, no bullshit, just karate and balance.


He needed both. Daniel is great for a student with too much aggression, and Johnny is good for a student with not enough


Yeah. Learning from Johnny was needed for him to get out in the world. The problem was that the pendulum swung a little too far, which culminated in him betraying Dimitri. Breaking his arm started him back towards the center once he wrspped his head around what was going on. Daniel (and Dimitri) served as the person to catch him from regressing all the way back. His dojo was the place where Hawk could rebuild himself without being pressed too much, where he only needed to prove he was a good person.


Does anyone else notice how when Miguel gets injured in the school fight and tournament Hawk is the one kneeling by him?


Once I realized what he said all became true makes it fire


Top 3 Characters -Teens 1. Hawk 2.Miguel 3.Robby


Miguel could have kept fighting but he didn’t want to compete against other dojos so he let hawk have a chance to win while he looks for his father since he was losing Johnny to Robby and just wanted to belong. Even after everything that happened Miguel and hawk always stayed tight


Miguel was too busy recuperating to be affected by Eli's Season 3 reign of terror.


Hawk, Miguel, and Johnny are by far my favorite characters. So awesome to see him win against Robby!


The win was so satisfying against bobbie!


His mom FR sold him out when she called the school to complain. And then the principal or counsellor or whatever really drove that shit home by calling him out at an assembly like that.


He was the biggest looser. By far. Demetri was no2, but he at least was funny/good with words and wasn't picked on because of the lip. Johnny save that kid and made him into a champion. The road was bumpy but he's my fav character


Hell yea Hawk can check all those off his list now. The shows GOAT imo.


That’s why he’s my favorite character Bc he’s so relatable


My fav character. So pumped when he won the All Valley.


This warmed my heart


Hawk spinoff please.


He’s had fantastic character development! He went from Timid!Eli to Confident!Hawk to PsychoHawk to HumbledEli and now—for the first time ever—Confident!Eli. He’s now combined the best of his various phases. He’s Eli again, but with the confidence and coolness of Hawk combined with original Eli’s kindness and nerdiness. He’s finally found himself.


Am I the only one that always loved Eli/Hawk. I mean don’t get me wrong he did some horrible things but for some reason I always rooted for him. Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved the actor.


Best character.


Hawks my fave character 💕


Hawk is the best.


left side = majority of stereotypical redditors right = what majority of stereotypical redditors badly strive to be


Aww 🥰


Has he actually apologized to anyone but Demetri? He trashed the LaRusso house and the Miyagi-Do dojo. He led the charge on lots of group beatings of individual Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang students. He turned his back on Johnny. I'm not saying that they ALL have to be on-screen apologies (that would be an entire episode unto itself,) but I found his victory at the All-Valley a little bittersweet. It felt just a little undeserved. He moped around for most of season 4, because everyone was mad at him, but he didn't really seem to take much ownership for WHY everyone was mad at him. He was honestly lucky that he caught the usually congenial and patient Daniel in a bad mood or he might never have been called out on his bullshit. "You have burned bridges with everyone here." He needed to hear that from somebody.


I wish Robby won the Boys Division and Sam the Girls Division instead of Eli and Tory, then Robby would win the Grand Championship.


Dammit, I haven't seen 4 yet, this a spoiler? DAMMIT


Yes it's a spoiler What the hell are you waiting for? Lol get on it. It's an amazing season overall :) Terry Silver's return is even more glorious than was expected


You kidding me! BobbaFett. Peace maker. Ozark season 4


if you haven't seen the latest release, stay out of the subs. people forget to mark spoilers because they're so excited to discuss something.


Well guess you will continue getting these spoilers then lol!


I feel like he never really got true comeuppance from being a massive bully.


He’s done some stuff as wrll. Weird how him and Tory are treated differently.


Johnny Lawrence cures all. Next season he needs to attack COVID


A great transformation throughout the years, indeed!


🥺man I was safe from the tears because I finished all the episodes. Now this sub has me crying over karate obsessed teens all over again 😭


My man turned his life around! I actually cried when he won!


Im only on season 3 but not a fan of the character (the white kid that gets bullied and then turns into one). Miguel (and Robby) is a better representation of overcoming adversity. Hawk needs therapy. Edit: IMO basically every character on the show needs therapy.


guys thanks alot for the 1.000 upvote <3


look i love the sjow and i understand there are a lot of unrealistic things(like becoming a karate master im 1 year) but this one annoys me the most. you can barely notice the lip.


Honest to God, Eli winning this tournament surprised me, but I was so happy to see it happen. The actor did a great job showing his evolution from victim, to bully, to hero and I can't wait to see what else he puts out there over his career


My favorite character besides Johnny


Can’t believe he beat >!robby in the finals!< That was such a badass moment and character arc for hawk too. It was awesome to see him go from the kid with the weird lip, to “flipping the script” to a cobra Kai bully, to >!miyagi-do’s badass champion!<


Fuck yeah!!!


Hawk didn’t deserve redemption. He didn’t make a one time mistake he was a bully for like a whole year and did a lot of bad shit. Robby on the other hand did one bad thing and made a split second mistake with Miguel. Obviously it was wrong but it wasn’t evil like Hawk


Yeah, I agree with this sentiment. I really want Robby to win a tourney just like his dad and mentor did.


I just feel like he is unstable still, and I don’t understand him. I feel like he doesn’t understand himself.


The last one is still true though.