I use triple paste or aquaphor and just put the liner directly against the skin instead of in the pocket. Works great. It does stain sometimes but I find that they wash out over the next few washes


I use triple paste and just use disposable bamboo liners!


Thanks everyone for the input!


I use Burt’s bees both the multipurpose ointment as a regular barrier cream and the Burt’s bees diaper rash zinc cream when needed (when there’s redness or for overnights)


I have used esembly rash cream and earth mama rash cream both worked great!


I loved CJ's Butter- works amazing! 9 years ago they used to have it in stick form, and that's what I used, but it doesn't look like they have that anymore. I'll probably use the Grovia stick or Balm Baby stick if I have another baby. I just really like the convenience of the stick lol


You can use just straight up coconut oil if you are interested!


That's what I've been using the last few days but for some reason it's not helping this time.


This is what I do! It works pretty well for normal diaper rashes! Anything that's pretty rough I'll have to use penaten cream and I usually just switch to disposables since I don't have any liners handy normally.


If you can't find ones in stores and need diaper cream now you can use Viva paper towels (the cloth-like ones) as disposable diaper liners. They'll keep the diaper cream off the diaper so you don't need to worry about it causing repelling issues.


Oh! I never thought of using a liner! I have some cut receiving blankets for wipes. Do you think they would work?


Those would definitely work!


I tried this and the effects were horrific on my kiddo :/. He immediately had horrible red rash and it took days to recover from. Would not recommend, or would make known it could go wrong as a cautionary tale. That said, other disposable liners made of bamboo or viscose designed worked great and were helpful at allowing us to use any rash cream we wanted or needed along the way.


Oh man, sorry to hear that! Another option for sensitive kiddos is to grab a fleece blanket and cup them into liner strips. That may be easier to find in store than actual disposable liners


Yes! I have a collection of these too I made myself, and didn’t cause my kiddo any issues! Highly recommend!


Oh no!


Motherlove is at Walmart! Or Egyptian Magic Cream (I got it st Costco a while back idk where you can get it now) both work. Seriously the best


I’ve been using Balmex and liking it. Washes out well with hot water.


I’ll use the waleda ones. But the bourdreaux (red / green) are safe too. Someone said, as long as you do proper washing it will Get out


I’ve heard the green bottle of bourdreaux butt paste is cloth diaper safe.


In our experience it has worked ok but it can leave bright white "stains," I think due to the zinc oxide. It was only really noticeable in some of my pocket diapers that had grey or blue insides.


The stain is completely fine though right?


As far as I know, yes. Just aesthetics, but I didn't really care since it was on the inside. You can also use liners, either cloth or disposable, to prevent the cream from getting on the diapers themselves.


Thank you for the input!