A New Crisis for Climate Science?

A New Crisis for Climate Science?


What is called "climate science" these days is immune to crisis as it isn't falsifiable. =) Climate *politics* on the other hand is becoming an increasing mess, as it seems that the public is becoming more aware of the costs of implementing the draconian measures for allegedly saving the planet and still they are clearly completely ineffectual according to the very models cooked to produce results with alarmism dialed to hysterical levels.


& we can totaly bet the Warmers will ignore THOSE problems, as well. Climate change is NOT science. It's junk science, because their proponents violate scientific methodologies of observing and reporting ALL the facts, not the warm-mongering, fear mongering they have always stated. The Snows of Kilimanjaro are STILL there, Al!!!! Years after their scores of times reported disappearances of snow, were Falsely claimed. And which are ALWAYs, in All Ways, wrong!!