Where was the "let's not politicise tragic events for political clout" this time around.


Yeah, that classic. And it's also literally the most hypocritical argument possible. Remember how many coal miners that had lost their jobs were early trump supporters, and made their tragic loss of job their political identity. It's literally how politics are supposed to work, the normal people make politic ideas from their life experiences. But somehow fucking school shooting survivors, who have literally seen their friends die, are not allowed to make a political thing out of their trauma?! I remember after the parkland shooting, seeing all the comments about how those survivors were just trying to get political attention. Every person who pulls the hypocritical "shooting survivors shouldn't be involved in politics" card deserves to... Yeah no, I'm not going to say that plainly.


Not just even shortly after the Parkland shooting, if you go on any of their Twitter accounts today, grown-ass men and women still harass those kids over ANYTHING they do or say. It's utterly pathetic.


Margerie Taylor Green did it in person iirc.


Seeing her chasing that poor young lad down the street trying to get him to speak to her by shouting in his face was the first time I had come across MTG and my opinion of her has only gotten worse. She is just a heartless POS, I can’t believe she has any support at all.


What a fucking cunt. She needs to be cut out of politics completely. I cannot understand how she gets away with all the bullshit she spouts.


Dude Marcus Flowers is running to beat her in Georgia. His main campaign platform is literally just “I’m not MTG” and I’m not even upset. Literally anything is an improvement


Dammit, I was thinking about doing that! I was kinda worried though because the last guy that ran against her had to leave the state due to death threats towards him and his family though, if I’m remembering correctly. I really hope he wins!


I <3 how she had no problem following the kid (he was at most 18 at the time) - a school shooting survivor none the less - shouting at him "I HAVE A GUN! STOP AND TALK TO ME!" But then... A month or so ago when a reporter is walking beside her asking about the text messages she doesn't remember if she sent (yet somehow knows the exact technical wording)... She goes "stop stalking me! I didn't give you permission to ask me questions!"


She is the epitome of “rules for thee but not for me”. Just see her comments on AOC protesting against the Roe vs Wade overturn, calling it an “insurrection” but conveniently ignoring her own request to be pardoned for her involvement in the actual insurrection on Jan 6th. She’s so fucking stupid it would be almost entertaining if it didn’t hurt so many people.


I clearly need sleep, cause it took me a whole minute to realise that "MTG" isn't "Magic: The Gathering" in this context.


AOC actually tweeted to clarify that she didn't have beef with Magic players.


Oh hellllllll yeah I don’t agree with AOC always, but it’s nice to have someone under the age of the dinosaurs in public office who’s actually relatable


And Alex Jones Infowars demanding we dig up the children to prove the coffins are empty. Even calling the families years later asking why lie.


I know one person IRL (that I know of) who buys in to the whole “school shootings are fake” conspiracy and lemme tell you, it is f’ing wild to witness that level of mental illness in person. I have heard this person say some wild bullshit but that one really takes the cake. This person also considers themselves a great empath and healer, and told me they think their life’s work is to heal the world. But has viewpoints like THAT. (And don’t get me started on their opinion of African Americans….) The whole thing is really disgusting.


And it's never the survivors or family members of mass shooting victims saying "don't make it political." My mom died in a mass shooting nearly a decade ago, and gun laws have only gotten more lax and things much worse.. So don't f*cking tell me not to make it political. The folks who say that need to offer actual solutions or stfu.


Saying “It’s too early to discuss gun control. We can’t make this political.” IS a political statement. It is a political statement in service of the status quo.


Everything they disagree with is either “political” or “woke”


>Every person who pulls the hypocritical "shooting survivors shouldn't be involved in politics" card deserves to... Yeah no, I'm not going to say that plainly. Ooo. Can I say it then? They deserve to go through the same loss that those survivors had the displeasure of going through. People who minimize the loss of happiness and peace of others deserve neither happiness nor peace. Fuck 'em.


they deserve to get stomped the fuck out


Political Clout lmao


As a dane it’s kind of wild to see the American right gloat at this tragedy and at the same time insist that the American left are the ones who are making shootings political


I mean Im European myself and I'm not surprised at all. They d burn us all down to own the libs.


As a Korean, I also agree. Those Americans are batshit crazy. I was educated in the US in the 80s and 90s and the older I get, the more thankful I am that I came back to Korea after college because Korea has gotten exponentially better to live in since then, and the US seems to have just slid off the cliff into the abyss.


Don't worry, they'll just retweet this same tweet but with Highland Park now and collect their gun lobby check. And then rinse and repeat for tomorrow's mass shooting.


These people seriously think if a solution isn't 100% effective, then there's no point in doing it. Examples: This ("Shootings still exist!") Covid vaccines ("You can still get Covid!") Masks (See above)


Or something like, ‘worst blizzard in decades means global warming isn’t real.’


The thing with this is the fact that these horrible weather conditions are being caused by global warming. And the people who are unironically saying this shit is the reason why we've started calling it climate change and not global warming


It's a tongue in cheek name from the left wingers that live here. We are not connected to the giant united grid that all other contiguous states are something something Communism. Buy Power from the Freedom Grid\* today! \*Every home and building must set their A/C to 85 Degrees this summer the "freedom grid" will explode.


Also, "let's not require any spending on our 'Freedom Grid' no matter how many people die in blizzards and heat waves" (I'm Texan)


“A parachute doesn’t guarantee that you survive, so you shouldn’t use it”- Americans probably


That’s basically the Republican Party at this point


Agreed. For some reason, this is a very american world view. And wrong, just to be clear.


Unfortunately America's biggest export is bad ideas. These people are legion everywhere now.


> if a solution isn't 100% effective https://youtu.be/4dVcaWyNN-Q > So unless you can get rid of 100% of crime, it's not worth doing - > Yes


See the thing is, we're all shocked to hear about a shooting in Denmark - yet a shooting in America might as well be a routine traffic report. That tells you everything you need to know. Edit: And before I get one more comment telling me that America is larger than Denmark...per capita stats exist, people. And in gun deaths per capita among developed nations, guess who is still in the lead by a long shot?


Honestly I expect to hear something about some type of shooting on the news every week


Just had one, at least six dead and many more injured. Highland Park, Illinois. Rooftop sniper opened fire on a parade. White male 18-20, slender build, long dark hair.




It just means we need more guns. That's literally the only solution. No other solutions available.




I don't know, I think the M240 may be more effective as a float mounted weapon. 7.26 is a better round for anti mass shooter protection. But if you really want to protect the floats then a couple M2 50 cals and MK19 fully automatic grenade launcher would be the best. /s


just give them all gau 2 avenger 30mm miniguns as seen on the a10 warthhog


And less doors. If they just had fewer doors to this outdoor shooting we would have been fine.


We've tried absolutely nothing else, but this is the only way, we've been assured by ourselves that this will work again.


If only everyone was carrying sniper rifles to stop him!


To stop these kids from killing each other, we have to arm all of them. One bad guy with a gun can't take on an entire classroom of elementary school kids if they all have guns


The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a sniper rifle on the roof is a good guy with a sniper rifle on a different roof.


But what about the other bad guy on the other roof scoping the good guy?


The problem is we don't have enough roofs.




Where's the good white guy with a sniper rifle guarding the parade when you need one? Huh? Huh? Checkmate leftists. If it weren't for wokeness this wouldn't have happened.


I mean, they have more mass shootings than days in a year.


The USA averages more than one mass shooting per day, let alone a week.


The USA runs at just over 11 mass shooting per week. [[src]](https://www.npr.org/2022/05/15/1099008586/mass-shootings-us-2022-tally-number?t=1656963460891)


We literally had a shooting 2 city blocks over this weekend, and my wife and I looked at each other and just said oh shit, then went back to our phones. Then I started to think about how desensitized I was to active shooters and got real sad.




In my country, historically, people have always tried emigrating to the US. Even my parents tried. I have fond memories of school there (this was a few years before Columbine). A while ago I was reading in a sub of my country about a guy who decided to come back because (among other things) his kids were having these drills and he really didn’t think it was healthy for them to grow up with the fear of being randomly shot at in school. I thought it was a testament of how terrible it is that one of the most coveted situations in this country (to achieve “the American Dream”) is simply not worth it, and this person preferred coming back.


Jesus Christ. If this happened once in any European country it would be a national day of mourning.


It's literally a few towns away from me and my family is laughing at memes with the news on. It's surreal.


Carlin said it best. Americans are a war like people. This is the result.


I just looked at my phone and saw that headline a couple minutes ago.


It's happening every day. It just isn't newsworthy anymore. Only the big ones get coverage now. There have been over 250 mass shootings in the US this year alone.


309 mass shootings* https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/


Literally on more than one occasion I have had the conversation of “Did you hear about the shooting?” “Which one?”


You know something is wrong in america when you dont hear news of a shooting


Watching American news: Today will be partly cloudy with a high of 75°, 7 children were shot in a mass shooting in no name county and now let’s go live to Bob Businessman and the uneducated red neck he found in a wife beater to discuss inflation and rising gas prices. It’s sad how normalized and common him violence is in this country.


But imagine if someone showed their tits on live TV, the horror


I work in retail, and at this point it's a matter of when - not if - we get a shooting at our store. Others in our area have already had their turn, so the clock is ticking.


Stay safe.


I heard three this morning in philly area.


Person died while wearing a seatbelt in a country where seatbelts are mandatory!? Can't wait to here the explanation for that!


Peson died having a swim diploma in a country where almost everybody can swim. How about that.


"...and now over to Christy with the gun-weather." "Thank you, Frank. Today you may expect a pretty high chance of Taser in the downtown area because of protests, while in the eastern outskirts there are very likely a medium amount of low flying bullets because of gang wars. There have been only around 2 school shootings in the area today, which gives hope for the rest of the summer..."


"Tomorrow cloudy with a chance of dead kids."


There was one, a few hours ago at a parade. 5 dead so far.


Also only three dead, three! How man kids died at Uvalade with the police standing right there? Who stopped other police and parents from stopping the gunman. Tell us again how it’s only the “good guys with guns” who can stop shootings.


Whilst I was reading your comment, my news app popped up and told me there’s been another shooting in America, at a 4th July rally…


She could have said in the last 7 hours and been right


One just happened 15 mins ago at a parade in Chicago - 5 dead. edit: Not Chicago, a suburb near Chicago.


yep, i don’t think we’re gonna make it thru any holiday without this year


If we were to put a "day of remembrance" every shooting in the US, there'd be no significance. They're happening almost daily at this point


More than daily, we are at the 185th day since January 1st and around 310 mass shooting as for today so an average of 1.6 per day


Yeah just wait, republicans will change the definition of mass shooting. Maybe start at 50 dead and your problem won’t be a problem no more. obviously /s


Highland Park, specifically


already more people killed than in Denmark, too


It wasn’t in Chicago though…..


A wealthy Chicago suburb to be clear


I didn't care before but now that's a huge issue! /s


Past hour* There was just a mass shooting at a pride event in Chicago. 7 killed and almost 30 wounded.


4th of July parade not pride event.


Tbf op didn’t specify which kind of pride


Pride in how our "guns don't kill people"


I have no idea who "Lavern Spicer" is, but it seems that she is unfamiliar with the concept of numbers.


god bless American public schools


Are Americans this stupid?






i currently have people unironically saying “the solution is more guns” in my messages right now from a post about a shooting in brazil. so yes


There are places in America that are now, with no indication that they see the irony, trying to keep women from crossing state lines to get abortions. These are the same people that see no problem with unlimited guns available everywhere with little to no delay or restriction. They will point to Chicago and say, hey look gun laws don't work.


No, they can’t see the irony. All they can see is how much they want to punish women


So does that make the solution to just get shot in the stomach to get rid of a pregnancy then? Like yall want guns that bad and take women's rights away? 🤣🤣🤣


Sadly, there will probably be an increase in suicides by pregnant people who feel like they don't have any other way out of a horrible situation.


No, a pregnant woman was recently shot in the abdomen, lost her baby, and she was charged. Charges were dropped after a while, but… ugh. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/27/us/pregnant-woman-shot-marshae-jones.amp.html https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-48789836.amp


But she is black. Cops said there is a law against that.


Worst part is that it's men that would shoot anyone that steps a foot in his yard for "trespassing" that also talks shit about how abortion kills babies and it being immoral blah blah smh 😮‍💨


It’s so pathetic how badly they have to mischaracterize things. BuT cHiCaGo! They have no clue how third world they’d be without our big cities, blue states, Biden voting counties that produce 70% of our GDP, etc. California literally feeds them. Red states are last in life expectancy, just like everything else.


We just need to push that life expectancy a lot lower so we can move forward...


There are absolutely people who think that a single shooting in a place with strict gun laws is proof it doesn't work. Anything to convince themselves that unrestricted gun ownership is the best way of life and mass murder is just a side effect of muh freedum.


Yeah that’s their logic on just about everything. “If solution A isn’t 100% perfect, then it doesn’t work at all and we must continue to exacerbate the problem.”


See also: mask mandates and the COVID vaccines. “You still have a chance to get it, so what’s the point?!” Uh…significantly LESS chance of getting it and significantly LESS chance of potentially dying or being hospitalized? But to them (source: I live in AZ and this is 90% of the population), since it’s not 100% effective, it’s simultaneously fake, useless, and a conspiracy.


The people who think this way are legitimately just very, very stupid. The scary thing is there are so many of these stupid people


Absolutely. These people are just not capable of seeing nuance whatsoever. They have no ability for abstract thinking. Everything is concrete, black or white, binary, however you want to say it. People wearing masks or getting vaccines get COVID, “See? Masks and vaccines don’t work!” If you try to tell them that everything medicine does is about risk mitigation and not absolute prevention, they’ll just stare at you like you’re from a different planet. Which, I guess is true in a sense.


Yeah my dad gave me this logic early on in Covid. He said, in a sort of “checkmate, liberals” tone, “if 6 feet apart works, then why do we need masks? And if masks work, why do we need to be 6 feet apart.” I felt like I was HIS dad, as I calmly explained “none of these things are 100%, but the more measures we can take the better chance we have. It’s like how cars have seatbelts and airbags so wrecks aren’t as bad, so why bother stopping at red lights? Neither thing will stop all injuries and that’s why we have lots of different safety measures.” And then he probably said something about “they’re all crooks, both sides.”


I've found many conservatives like, *literally* cannot comprehend the concept of statistics and probability. I am using the word "literally" in it's dictionary definition here, too. If something doesn't eliminate a problem entirely, it doesn't work. If they have a personal anecdote that goes against an enormous body of statistical evidence, their personal anecdote wins out.


This is the same country where people think vaccines don’t work because a vaccinated person can still get covid. They think a solution isn’t a solution unless it’s 100% fool-proof, doesn’t matter how many lives it saves. It’s really just sheer stupidity


And they’re so HAPPY over all the death. It’s ghoulish.


Or if someone with a knife kills 3 people in a crowded public space they say: "see someone who wants to kill will always find a way!" As if only 3 people would've died if the knife had been an AR.


I have coworkers who constantly say that you can kill more people with a knife than a gun. It's mind blowingly stupid


Also, knives are arms. Yet no one loses their shit when a state bans butterfly knives or switchblades.


No. They get even more stupid.


The USA is weird. It’s the land of extremes. You can find the smartest person and the dumbest person you have ever met in your life in the same room. You can find both the health nuts that don’t even look at non-organic food and 600 lbs guys who eat deep fried butter like a corn dog on the same street. You can find people who know more about your home country than you do, and you can find people who can’t find the US in a map of North America with country names on it.


It’s because of the lack of regulation of basically everything. You have rich, educated parents? Lucky you, you probably got a world class education growing up. If not, you might have lead poisoning from your public water. It’s the end result of two centuries of laissez faire capitalism.


I dunno about that man. I’ve met some smart people with close to zero education and I’ve met college educated morons. Edit: spelling


The Republican party especially the most gun nutty among them have reached fanatical religious levels of motivated reasoning, making them completely blind to reality. But yes, they are fucking stupid. So are a lot of people on the left, though it's rarer to see this level of disconnect from reality. To be fair though, UK voted for Brexit. Maybe English is just too hard


I’m an American liberal and the first to admit I’m a fucking idiot. I’d like to think knowing I’m an idiot puts me ahead of the game.


Username checks out Edit: y'all gotta reread his comment in Homer's voice


Wait until you see my username.


At this time, the word 'Americans' has almost become a synonym for 'stupid'!! Though, this can be applied to most politicians around the globe but naturally, we expect more from the "world power".


The American propaganda against themselves has worked exceptionally and now even hearing the word American makes me angry


No way she's ligit tryna make Denmark look bad when America is literally the definition of school shooting💀💀💀


Conservative politicians will use any example they need to get votes. They’ll use school shootings as point for more guns to prevent school shootings as long as it gets voters’ dicks hard


Many of them are, unfortunately.


Is she a Marjorie Taylor Greene clone Or are all the gun lunatics so big simpletons


They all share the same half dozen brain cells so....


I thought zombies existed only in movies and video games. It seems iam wrong


You are all wrong, these shameless scummy politicians know exactly how to talk to rile up the demograph they are pandering to. If they have to act like brain dead zombies to get their vote, they will.


Hot take. The only thing that these scumlords do know is how to rile up their base. They are brain dead zombies but also efficient.


"Mom said I get to use the brain cells today!"


MTG has spawned a hive of these idiots.


Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity, Carlson, Cruz, McConnell etc. spawned these idiots with years of fanning the flames and playing along with their stupidity. Then Trump was the natural outcome of that and they started losing control of them. Then they themselves started getting elected and all the others are like "well shit, why not me too!?". They never intended for the MTG's, Boeberts & Cawthorne's to get elected, just to keep donating and dutifully showing up to the polls. Meanwhile they wanted to keep Washington boring and get their agenda accomplished quietly. But now the inmates are fighting to run the asylum.


Yea I'll agree with that.


Some people in the comments tell me there are crazies in the other side. Sorry to inform you that the radical rights has won the race to the bottom of nutjobs.


There's millions of people that think (and vote) like this.


A little from column A, a little from column B


- The police in Denmark arrested the shooter 13 minutes after the 1st call. - The shooter was using a legal weapon in Denmark, a hunting rifle, which was obtained illegally. Guns are in fact not banned. - The weapon was not an AR-15 Assault rifle. If that had been the case far more people would've died/been injured. - Shootings do happen in Denmark, mostly it does not involve every day civilians, most they're related to some form of gang. - Denmarks only school shooting happened in 1994, 3 people were killed. Edit: Corrected from 97 to 94.


Dane here The shooting at Århus University was in 94 This shooter used a bolt action range rifle Other than that; can confirm.


To add on, obtaining a gun legally requires quite the study and effort to get a hold of. It also requires a gun safe, and the only time it's allowed out is if you're going hunting or to a gun range. Nobody is allowed to carry guns around for no immediate purpose, other than hunting or going to the range.


That’s swift action by the Danish police. Respectable.


Yes, we are quite fortunate to have competent police in Denmark


Thats because all officers are evaluated by psychologists before they are accepted into the police academy to weed out the trigger-happy racists and misogynists. It requires 2.5 years of training to become a police officer in Denmark.


Well dang, that sounds like Denmark’s got a better handle on this shit than America 🇺🇸, but we can’t learn anything from their example because that’d be taking away peoples ‘constitutionally-gifted’ rifles whose practical function *totally* don’t have *any* bearing on how many people they can shoot at once; they just “look scarier”. And yeah, maybe you disagree with that last statement, but it doesn’t change the fact that America’s attempts to prevent mass shootings are utterly inadequate, especially compared to all of the developed countries where this *doesn’t* happen.




Crazy because there's a shooting CURRENTLY HAPPENING in chicago at a july 4th parade 😥


Right the fuck now?


Still ongoing, SWAT is on scene. Supposedly the shooter is up on a roof


Wish I could say I was even a little surprised.


He is gone. They found his gun and he fled the scene, he has yet to be apprehended.


Ooh a manhunt. Lots of documentaries will be made.


Netflix salivating rn


5 dead 20 injured, no suspect in custody


I honestly don't know how anyone in America functions knowing that you could be shot going about your daily business, enjoying a parade with your family or your kid could not come home from school.


Same. Guns need to go. How good can it be for the country if hundreds and thousands die annually from shootings which means thousands of loved ones are in grief and nursing trauma? You end up with a generation of broken people.


You know it’s bad when I could not even be bothered to fact check you. And even if you were not telling the truth by the time I read this and checked, it could have become true ….


It's in Highland Park, the wealthiest areas in the state. https://twitter.com/shannonrwatts/status/1543985129818689536


I know it’s easy to pick on Chicago and gun violence but this happened in Highland Park. A good 30 miles from Chicago and in an affluent white neighborhood. Not the demographics people like to cherry pick when talking gun violence in Chicago.


I read it as “where shootings are banned…”


This is an average comeback that likely happens on Twitter 100-200 times every day.




I'll take your word for that. However, it's a huge deal in Denmark.


It's also thoroughly misleading. In addition to the Sunday shooting we had one Saturday, Friday and Wednesday in the past week... But gangmembers shooting at each other doesn't make news.


Seven? That was a terror attack, the last shooting like this was in 1996


This post is in reference to the shooting that happened today, and the [Danish Police](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/04/world/europe/copenhagen-denmark-mall-shooting.html), have already said it has no connection or seeming motive to reasonably state it was an act of terrorism. Instead the prevailing theory is it was mental illness, and the suspect has been placed into psychiatric care. In contrast there have been [12 mass shootings](https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting) in the US, in the month of July thus far.


Don’t bother. They can’t count. The whataboutism is too strong for their non-critical thinking brains.


It’s not even a clever comeback.. it’s literally just how it is…


I want you guys to guess the time period of these stats: Denmarks gun related deaths per 100.000: 5.4 The US gun related deaths per 100.000: 13.6 Denmark: >!25 years. 1991-2016!< The US: >!2020!<


What kind of person counts a mass shooting as a PR win?


*NRA coughs nervously*


Ooooooh child, look at how fucking stupid this conservative idiot is.


"...are you going to have in the next 7 days?" would also have been a valid reply: **Illinois shooting: Five dead in 4 July parade shooting near Chicago** Five people have been shot dead at a 4 July Independence Day parade near the US city of Chicago, city officials say. Source: [https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-62042636](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-62042636)


Meanwhile, from 2014-2020, homicides by firearm in the US were >100,000. https://wisqars.cdc.gov


i was wondering how long it would take for some stupid Red to make this crap correlation


Only slightly faster than it took for another shooting to happen in the US.


How about the last 7 hours.


We’ve had three just today on the 4th of July


Now 4


17 mass shootings so far in the last 7 days. Get on our level, Denmark! edit: for those wondering what constitutes a mass shooting, it’s a gunman who injures/kills at least 4 victims.


So mass shootings are just celebratory for republicans the more dead innocent people thebigger they're smile !! What a bunch of assholes


I saw the headline about the Danish shooting and thought, "Wow, that's pretty rare for that part of the world." Last one I heard about was several ago. It was a huge deal. When it happens in America, it's a weekday. We hear news about a shooting and think, literally every time, "Not again! Wasn't the last one less than a week ago?" **Literally.** Every time. There is something seriously fucked-up with our country and its intense obsession with guns.


OOOOOOOO CHILD can you explain to me why you have mass shootings EVERY FUCKING DAY?


I wonder what the right would say when their kids or loved ones get shot


This fucking reasoning that "if you can't eliminate all evil better keep it all" is capable of getting me so mad! It's such an illogical chain of thoughts! If they could choose between every 10 years 7 people die and every week 7 people die they would choose the latter, since they "wouldn't have been to eradicate all evil!" It makes me really mad


Quiet a lot… take a look. https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting


Wtf, there's been 3 today and it's not even noon here


Happy independence day


I don't feel like celebrating this year


Yeah in the last week we've had 16 mass shootings with 8 dead and 78 injured. Just today alone there have been 3 mass shootings with over 20 injured.


The red folks are just SO EXCITED when somewhere else has a shooting too. So gross.


Its fine for the right - if the shootings are frequent enough it is always “too soon to politicise them” by talking about prevention methods. It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable.