Ah has lots of items. There are also lots of non HC players too. Join a guild: easier to find groups and build longer term relationships with people at similar toon level, if doing some solo stuff can get help with a tough quest too.


It might be a little annoying lower levels because you will encounter a ton of HC characters that are going to be ignoring you. Or you might enjoy watching some of us die here and there. At higher levels I expect it to function more like a lower pop server. Should be fine. We keep to ourselves haha.


Redwood Tribes, the RP guild, is rolling there... So yes?


Yes, I assume it's a bit of a "fad" to level as hard core as its a new mechanic. I'm sure Some will die and just keep on trucking with their characters, some will restart. I haven't had really any trouble finding non HC people do grp with.I play there on alli side.


The HC community is Classic was pretty strong. I think you’re right about novelty though. Even on Bloodsail Buccaneers, the unofficial HC server for Classic, there was plenty of normal guilds and players, and not everyone who started HC stayed true to the HC rules and deleted their character after death. They just continued as normal.


Not dying isn't really a new mechanic but I get what you mean lol


Edge has the lower playercount because the HC community is choosing that one to play on Once enough HC deaths happen, the server will die with them.


Probably not cause the AH is griefed


I’m on OE. Just taking it easy.