Saw this in the wild! can anyone tell me if this is a real cobra?

Saw this in the wild! can anyone tell me if this is a real cobra?


Trying to be on subject, hard to tell without a walk around. But I heard a figure more than once that 95% on wild Cobras are kit based. As others have said, authentic Cobras would not be seen in the wild, except at high end car shows.


The rule of thumb I’ve seen around is “If you can touch it, it’s not real.”


There's a couple that lives near me with a real cobra and a GT40 that do drives on nice days. They had both of them at a liquor store car show a few months ago.


Look how cool they are! Prob 1M+ in their garage.




I have to agree here. Most are just Kits. Still a cool car.


Ship of Theseus? What if I have an authentic, 1965, Matt Damon style Cobra... but then every week I replace one part with a new part? What if that new part is new old stock from the same factory that made Shelby’s original parts or even procured through Shelby themselves? (Assuming everything, right down to replacing metal in the frame, a few molten ounces at a time, magically if need be) How many weeks before the car is no longer an original Shelby?


It's a kit car, there are a few things that show it, like the small lip on the inside edge of the vent above the exhaust and the curves of the bodywork around the headlights and indicators But the dead giveaway is the wheels \- They are a much larger diameter than the 15 inch wheels an original would have \- The wheels have regular studs and fake centrelock hubs \- The track of the car is much wider than an original, especially at the rear \- Those rear wheels look to have a negative offset and a genuine Cobra would have a large positive offset on the rear wheels. This is common with kits because the donor parts come from more modern cars that have much wider track and the modifications to narrow the track are really expensive


Excellent reply. It's almost as if you came here to inform!!! (this is sarcasm) Bravo, and thanks.


I always say if you see one on the road it’s probably a 99% chance it’s a replica.


Unless, of course, you recognize the celebrity driving it.


Or the loaded real estate developer/hedge fund magnate/heir to an oil fortune


I went to a restaurant by the bay here in San Diego like ten years ago and the Corvette and Cobra club happened to be there and filled the parking lot. One of the Cobra's had a plaque that I think actually said it was a real Cobra, but who knows if my memory is wrong.


Probably not real and just a replica/kit car. Genuine AC Cobras are too valuable to just street park like this


I think someone in another sub said it best. If you didn't have to pay admission to see it, it wasn't a real Cobra.


Scott Fraser says otherwise... https://youtu.be/F6obQGypjtU https://youtu.be/38d6Wcj0Fhw Yearly he attends the same autocross with an OG Cobra on loan from a good friend.


What’s the price difference? Nvm I looked it up. What we’re the authentic ones worth like 10-12 years ago? I used to see one driving around my area and don’t know if it was plausible to see one driving around back then


I believe Carol Shelbys own Cobra sold for $5,000,000 at a Barrett Jackson auction.


Original Cobras have sold for millions. The going rate to my knowledge is in excess of 1m. Albeit limited knowledge since I'm too poor to ever own one ;)


It's in a parking lot you egg


Are you too daft to notice that it’s probably a public parking lot or did you sacrifice your last 3 neurons trying to be pedantic?


Public parking lot still is not street parking, you are still just an egg


ok bud


It doesn’t matter how much it’s worth or how rare or where it’s parked, there are people that use those cares as everyday cars and we may scoff at it but it does happen so both of you shut up


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Lol no one daily’s a real Cobra.


Git em Danny!


still public parking


Never said it wasn't public, just that it isn't street parking


When you're right, but still wrong.


Wheels are too big and most cobras on the road are kit cars


Quick guide on cobras: did you see it? If yes, then kit car


In all probability it's a kit car. There are several companies that manufacturer kits in either fiberglass or steel bodies. Some are complete with drive line components and suspension others you need to get a donor car for parts. Depends on what you want to do, build it yourself or just spend a lot of money for someone else to build it for you. I had a Factory 5 mark IV with a 427 side oiler and let a guy talk me into selling it for much more money than I had in it. Oh well, I have other cars to drive.


We need to stop with these ‘are they real’ in public parking spots. Like, yeah, I am going to park my 7 figure car next a SUV with a cargo carrier on roof. Just saying…


Living in certain areas makes us really jaded when it comes to 6 and 7 figure cars. I live in Northern Virginia which is several of the wealthiest counties(median) in the US. It’s not uncommon to see Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Ferraris etc up here parked like I park my econobox Civic.


I live in Cashburn, which dealer on 28 sells these cars. Never saw one parked in Harris Teeter. Just saying


If you live in Ashburn, then you should know that there are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce and McLaren dealerships right off the 28 exit to Waxpool. You know, by the Wegmans. Not to mention the Intersport store at the end of Ashburn Road that specializes in Porsche. Just saying. Edit: kind of misread your comment. Mea culpa.


For sure man, just saying, a cobra is a different car to show up in random parking lot.


You’re right. I do see a few of those other marquess around town. Usually during football season. 😄


Because Ashburn is wealthy but “middle” wealthy. The way Aldie and Leesburg is. People who drive those cars, most of the time aren’t living in apartment complexes and townhouses. But go to One Loudoun? You’ll see a couple there at any time


I call Ashburn ‘new money’, a lot of people that came from middle class families (elsewhere) and moved to NOVA for jobs, and a bit of showing off about it.


Oh 100%. That’s why you see so many BMWs/Audis. They get a job making 80 out of college, their S/O does the same. Household income is at 160 so they have to flex and “fit in” by leasing a $600 a month car


For sure


Yep but they can easily be insured and easily be replaced in a few days . In the early 80s the Ford dealer in my Town of 900 in southern Appalachia had a cobra for sale for $6k They haven’t always been worth millions. But nowdays if you see one on the stewed being driven , if’s a kit car . Which is fine . The modern kit car cobras are much better handling and driving cars than the originals.


Did it hiss or strike at you? Then no


Nope that’s a kit . But a very nice one


It is a replica … most of them that you see on the street are … but it’s still a cool car.


I would Never park real cobra in a parking lot unattended!!! Never


The blue is off. Too bright. Google Ford Guardsman Blue or Ford Viking Blue.


Guaranteed its not real


Real Cobra’s are super rare. If it’s not a car show or in a museum it’s probably not real.


Side pipes are dead giveaways. They look super cool but were not a factory feature on the original few made, so I was told anyway. Looking at pictures of original 60's cobras that generally holds true but I see a few that have side pipes. Given that it's so distinctive and common on the kit cars, I'm not sure where it came from.


Everything you need to know too identify a real one. http://www.clubcobra.com/forums/all-cobra-talk/43061-60s-cobras-vin-numbers-questions.html The only real one I've ever seen was in Vegas, at the Shelby factory.


I don’t get why the default answer is “If you saw it on the street it’s not real” for every Cobra here. As if people aren’t spotting F40s, F1s, Bugattis and Monzas on the street too. I know most are replicas, but that rule of thumb should focus on how there’s a lot of replicas instead of “a ReAL OnE wOuLdN’t bE oN tHe StrEeT”.


Here I found you a paper: ​ http://www.socalsaac.org/docs/2016\_Docs/Replica%20vs.%20Origional.pdf


Largest giveaway is the radius at the edge of the window. It's always sharper on a replica than the real thing.


You have to sit in front of it and play the flute. If it dances for you it's real.


It wouldn’t be in the wild if it was real


Most likely a kit, but a quick look at center console below the shifter you would have seen a Carol Shelby AC cobra plate with production numbers.....although you can buy fake one of those too.


Yeah you're not going to see the real deal unless it's on a trailer coming to going to a car show or an auction.. those are too valuable to drive ie obscenely expensive insurance premiums with tons of restrictions


If it’s not behind a rope its not real.


A velvet rope


Made of gold and diamonds.


Its not real. No one would drive around a rare, multi million dollar real Cobra, unless they are an idiot.


People drive F1s tho, and those are very very much more valuable.


They are also infinitely more usable than this '60s death trap.


Oh absolutely, I said F1 exclusively for the “it’s too expensive” argument.


Once again, no its not. They don't get driven around, too valuable.




Seeing as though there were only 998 assembled between 1961 and 1968, I'm going to say that this is probably a replica.


I've seen a few of theses. Thankfully these sighting have been at autoX events. The drivers use some very disciplined car control!


There is a guy that auto crosses a real one. It’s nuts


Either way it looks sick




They never are!


How Do I Turn This Thing On?


This is as real as a $3 bill


Thats easy, does it hiss ?


Love how nearly every owner (gt40s too) will tell you it's real


If it’s being driven and parked there it ain’t real


I'm pretty sure it's a kit car


blatantly obvious it's a kit


Wheel well arches don't look right on the body. Wheels are fur sure not original. Exhaust is not original, side vent looks strange, but could be the angle. Roll hoop is not correct, headlight bezels are incorrect. I'm going to go with very much not original.


The wheels are definitely reproduction. You can even see the lug nuts behind the (fake) knock-off spinner.


Lol every other post be asking if replicas are real. Cmon willis


Its not.


Probably a Factory Five


Getting Dax or Gardner Douglas vibes tbh. I’ve seen a few real and many fake, never seen a real one where someone had taken off the front bumper, pretty common among the replica crowd though. Nice car regardless.


most likely a clone


99% of them are fake


If you can just walk up to it and touch it, it’s not real