Infraworks goes hand in hand with civil 3d. Revit is much different. What type of projects are you working on? Fwiw Infraworks is an awesome tool but some folks complain that it’s tough to get clients to pay for what they’re doing with it in the early phases.


Currently working on learning to design roads and pipelines


If you are going into civil, don’t bother with Revit. Infra works seems more like a toy for visualization so limited uses IMO, but I haven’t played with it since it came out. I’d say learn C3D twice as hard. The ideal cases you get in tutorials don’t rally prepare you for all the bugs and quirks and hacks you have to deal with on a real project. You could also add SSA and Vehicle Tracking if you want.


I work in civil, InfraWorks is great for integrating civil3D designs into 3D models for site plans, proposals, etc. Revit is more architectural based in my experience more suited for floor plans and architectural drawings. So really it depends on what you’re trying to get out of the software


Find out what software is common for the Department of Transportation in the state you want to work in, if you're in the US.


I’m actually planning to become a structural engineer but I want to increase my knowledge and learn different softwares.


For structural, a lot of the advanced complex design is done in Mathlab. Revit is used for buildings design, so if you want to do buildings it's useful.


If Revit's the question, the answer will always be **no**.