Not sure what your asking. I’m not a surveyor but I think survey data is the correct term for these point groups. A surveyor takes them with a total station and then imports the points into civil 3d to creat a surface and topographic map. Are you looking for real world survey data to use instead of making your own “random” points to use as a base? I doubt too many companies would just send their proprietary data to a random person on the internet. Might have better luck walking into a surveyor’s office near your university and asking them in person


My State has a GIS that I download contours from and use those to create a surface in Civil3D. You might try doing something like that. Or look for sample survey data that AutoDesk or someone might have published as a part of an online training course.


Agree. r/civil3d may have more ideas u/chidori99, but the built in tutorials come with CSV files of points to use.


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Maybe tell us what you're trying to do. Creating a surface using both points and alignments... I've never found myself combining points and alignments (corridors) in a surface. Whatever you're trying to do, I have a feeling we can help find a better way to do it than building a surface that way.


If collected in the field by a survey crew you'd normally call them cogo points, topo points, or just the point file. The raw survey data will be slightly different, likely raw GNSS data or raw angles and slope distances. Points are those measurements reduced down to northing, easting, and elevation. Most companies end up exporting "P,N,E,Z,D" which is point number, northing, easting, elevation, description.


You need to add your points into a point group before you add them (as a point group) to a surface. Lookup “creating a surface civil3d” on YouTube.


Typically when you receive a survey. It should have spot elevations and contours. Hopefully the DWG also has COGO points so you could create a existing condition tinn surface. However I do not recommend using points to create a finished/proposed surface. This should be done with feature lines and/or corridors.


If you need to play around with them, look for aes LiDAR files for a location you’re interested in.