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I’ve got some Black walnut laying around outside… I’m gonna need to cut me some off and see if I can make something with it


Any chance you could ask your brother what he uses to get the divots where you rest the cigar? I'm working on converting a cigar box into an ashtray for a friend. I've glued a fuck ton of my collected bands into the interior and I'm starting the resin process today, but I don't know how to get the divots on top to hold the cigars.


For sure! I'll ask could be awhile but I'll come back.


You could probably use a forstner bit. That's what I would try, anyway.


Thanks! I figured there had to be a bit I could buy for my drill but I wasn't sure what it would be. I'll look into that when I get to that point in the process


I actually got a reply.... He started out notching with a file. The used a dremmel, and a syringe wrapped in sand paper.


What all wood work does he do


He uses different types of wood from all over, and makes resin creations. I have some coasters made with purple heart, and green resin. When I was just there he had a green resin river table don't recall the wood but looked awesome! Pretty much anything.


I love the wood grain and coloration of Black Walnut, Black Oak has similar streaks and colors in the heart wood.