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Perfecdraw my dude. A cigar-smoking dentist designed it. Its a must have.


Use a draw tool and insert it from the cap towards the ash. Be careful not to go through the binder or wrapper. This usually works well for me I have also heard draw tools referred to as cigar daggers.


Perfectdraw is probably the only way. You can pull out a leaf or vein which could help but that’s not always easy to do. Usually that’s not advisable because it does change the blend.


What humidity are you storing at? Try a lower humidity or dry boxing them for a day or two before smoking. The tobacco plumps when it is “wet” making air flow tighter.


I'm keeping them at 65% humidity, so I don't think the humidity should be a problem.


If you want to go a cheaper route, use a toothpick or a skewer.


I've used a very narrow drill bit before.


Sounds like I might be in the minority but I just gently pinch the whole stick up, down and around the length of it until the filler loosens up a bit. Usually works great.


I tried that this weekend with a Macanudo Inspirado Black, it didn’t work, but I did crack the wrapper really badly. Maybe it’s just too dry where I live.


its a handmade product. they will vary from cigar to cigar. i usually use a spike of some sort. Some folks here suggest [perfecDraw](https://www.amazon.com/PerfecDraw-Precision-Cigar-Enhancer-Nubber/dp/B071DNRC63) me.. ive used a toothpick, a spike from a [pipe tobacco tamper](https://www.amazon.com/Durable-Lightweight-Stainless-Tamper-Tobacco/dp/B005Q0LDSC) and a [cigar dagger](https://cigardagger.com/)


As others have said, perfectdraw poker tool. Works better than anything else as it actually pulls out some of the tobacco from the tight spot. Before using the tool, I usually try to locate the hard spot (generally under the wrapper), then gently squeeze and roll the cigar in my fingers a few times to see if I can loosen it up.


The Perfectdraw Tool is available from Amazon and directly from Perfectdraw.com. Be sure to buy the new, improved version. True, that are other brands that replicate the PD tool, but the PD tool is THE GO TO item. BUT, the PD tool helps resolve defects in the interior of the cigar…defects due to construction. Truly, unlikely that multiple cigars will have the same construction problems. The first thing that comes to my mind is CIGAR STORAGE. Cigars that are over humidified have poor smoking characteristics: tight and difficult draw, constant need for re-light, uneven burn. Perhaps you might consider how your suspect cigars have been/ are being stored. Do not start storage at any humidification over 63%. Allow your existing cigars, if you think that they are at a level higher than that, to dry out. Before you start poking into your cigars and disassembling them, be CERTAIN that they are being stored correctly and at the right humidity.


What is the new improved version and what's different about it?


The spiral cutting blades are more defined and therefore more efficient.


Be curious to know if the one I got about a year and a half ago was the improved one. All I know is it has worked everytime I've had a really hard draw. Literally saves you from throwing the cigar out to at the very least smokable.


The old PD tool was/is great. New version, I think introduced about 4-5 months ago, even more efficient.