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Fun fact, the use of almond milk dates back to the middle ages, mostly as a substitute for dairy milk on Fridays and Lent. Because the Church banned animal (except fish) products on those days.


God forgot he gave some people lactose intolerance


Mutants, we're all mutants.


As you age, naturally, your body stops producing lactase, meaning that an adult human isn't even supposed to be able to digest human breast milk. But somewhere along the line, mutations among the Indo-Europeans, probably due to an increased advantage by being able to survive more easily on horse milk and later other dairy products, took over which allowed them to continue producing lactase even into adulthood. This is called _lactase non-persistence_. That all said, most groups have been lactose intolerant and that never stopped them in the past, lol. Like 70% of Jews are lactose intolerant (coincidentally, I believe around 75% of Egyptians are too), yet they still consume dairy. And it is reasonable to assume that most of the Ancient Semites we read about in the Old Testament would have been as well.


What if God gave us almond to make milk from it as well?


Call me a heretic but I’d be willing to bet God understands why humans are making beverages from plants rather than harvesting milk intended for the animal’s children


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Why make a bunch of use cases for plants if you don't intend for humans to use them


Not to mention yanking on the tits of unwilling animals is also kind of sketch...


Almond milk was so popular among medieval European Christians that the beverage was often referred to as "The Christian Drink."


As jack Whitehall once said. WE GOT ENOUGH MILK. STOP MILKING SHIT


Even IF I were lactose intolerant, I wouldn't drink shit milk.


Just make chocky milk


I'll always be suspicious of chocolate milk. My big sister once made me one... with dirt and water.




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Almond milk actively contributes to the droughts in California, since almond trees require more water and a substantial almond industry exists there, sucking up all the water. People often want to stop raising cows for dairy because cows can have a negative environmental impact, but ironically, we created an alternative that has a substantial negative environmental impact lol