Texas’ abortion ruling (Senate Bill 8) has gone into effect and this is pushing me to get sterilized

Texas’ abortion ruling (Senate Bill 8) has gone into effect and this is pushing me to get sterilized


Fuck Texas.


once upon a time I considered buying property there due to the super cheap prices and super nice houses. But now?? Fuck no, you literally can’t pay me to move there.


As an expat there is a decreasing amount of places in the United States that someone even *could* pay me to live. Honestly if I got citizenship elsewhere I would heavily consider just washing my hands of it and giving up my US passport.


I have considered moving abroad numerous times and still do! Were you able to locate a job abroad before moving or are you a retiree expat? My main concern is that my career field can be info-sensitive so it can be hard to get a job in a country where you’re not a citizen. It’s mostly 2-4 year contract work with chance or renewals or take a pay cut to work non-profit.


The former, and hopefully in a long while, the latter. I got an MA in education in 2017 and was lucky enough to get a job offer as I was in my last semester of the program, moved abroad that fall. The grand thing is I took out \~50k in loans to get that MA and I'll have those paid off by the end of this school year. Teaching has a bit of those concerns depending on where you go, just in terms of it is usually 2 year contracts, but I think is probably more stable than some other fields. It is extremely competitive, but there is that contingent of teachers that once they get abroad they dont tend to go home, of which I am one, hopefully. At that point it just depends on the school one is at, city, country, fit, that kind of thing. If you do a good job most schools would rather keep someone they already have than have to go hunting for a new teacher. ​ Edit: and I will add that living abroad has been so, so much better for my mental health. Watching the US crumble slowly from abroad and have all the shit minimally affect me has been... well, good. And concommitant there are so many things that people in the US think are these massive issues and that are these extremely charged topics that where I'm at are just not even questions. Abortion being such an issue for instance to my students is routinely just flabbergasting for them.


Your edit is one of the major reasons for my interest in living abroad. I look at news and think “I don’t want to live here anymore” and have thought that if I lived abroad I could at least have some emotional distance. My only reasons for staying at this moment are job security and some elderly family members who I may not have much time left with. Other than that, I don’t feel any attachment to my home country anymore and even feel some bitterness which is pretty sad. I told myself that I’ll wait to see which candidates run for the next presidential election and if I feel the US will continue to be this unstable, I’ll start searching for jobs abroad to jump ship.


Boston feels like one of those few places, but man it took me awhile to get the means to come out here and pay out the nose for rent. I've been to Europe and even worked there for a short time. Quality of life just feels better there in a number of ways, though of course that depends on the country.


Each to their own I suppose - just Boston to me felt like a neatish city to visit for me with an undercurrent of problematic issues... though I should admit my perception is likely colored by my sister who lived their for 3 years and hated it by the end as well. But fundamentally quality of life is often better elsewhere in my experience. Even in supposed "less developed" countries in Europe that can be very true, there's just less crushing pressure, more safety, all that (honestly my quality of life is better where I live than it was in the US, though most in the US would scoff if they hear it and likely just immediately parrot bullshit they hear on fox)


There's a reason the properties are cheaper. Weather/bugs/politics. Location location location.


Don't forget the lack of regulations


But we need more people like you here to get these people voted out.


As a Canadian person, I'm so fucking sorry to all Texas women. I cannot believe this shit can be legal and accepted, it's 2021 for fuck sake. Let women make choices on their own bodies!


The sicker part is the betrayal of some of our fellow women whose absolutely approve of this.


They are brainwashed, pick me girls.


This sadly common, im from iraq and my aunt is convinced that iraq is one if the best countries for women rights We literally force a woman to marry her rapist by law, and abortion is flat out illegal


Exactly this! I can't believe that women would okay this shit! Not at all. What can I say, though. A clump of worthless fucking cells is more important than a living, breathing girl or woman. Gotta save the fetus. It will be a future tax payer!


Same here, Canadian, and it's horrible to see from here. I really appreciate living where this type of thing isn't happening. It's like watching the Handmaid's tale! Speaking of which, I never did get to see the last season, I guess I don't need to now!!!


Well Canada y’all were our saviors from Gilead too! 🇨🇦


Well, remember that the author of the novel is Canadian....and a lot of it was filmed in Ontario. although that whole part with Canada wasn't in the novel. I'll catch up on the last season.


True, I didn’t remember Canada being in the book. Didn’t realize the author was Canadian though! I definitely behind on the show. I binged the first season in like one weekend and man it made me depressed and I struggled not to hate men honestly! I did watch the second season, but I think only half. Have to work up the emotional energy for it!


The last season has some hopeful bits. It’s overall more optimistic and definitely worth sticking it out for.


Thanks for the info, I’ll definitely have to give it a go!


I am also half way through the second season and took a break from it to watch suits for some light hearted fun before I grit my teeth through the rest of it.


You say 'isn't happening', but don't forget to vote. O'Toole is openly supported conscience rights, which will cause us our own problems (though obviously not on the same scale as Texas.) Long story short, don't get complacent just because it isn't happening here yet.


for sure, but I honestly can't see anyone changing the abortion law... for US readers, we have NO abortion law which means it's legal. I believe the same applies in the UK.


Hopping on the top comment here to encourage everyone to donate and join support organizations! A good grass roots group is r/auntienetwork, a nationwide community of people willing to help women who need assistance getting abortions, and https://abortionfunds.org/need-abortion/ to help low income victims of unwanted pregnancy.


It's the reason I'm getting sterilized. This sets precedent for other states to follow and I live in a very conservative state. I'm not going to let this put my future at risk.


I am so thankful I had it done earlier this year! When it looked like the former President might be re-elected, I knew things were likely to go this way. I had some other things going on, and rescheduled my consult for January. Then RBG died. 😱 I was really terrified something like this law might happen (though I didn’t have this one specifically in mind) before I got it done. Then my surgery got delayed due to the freeze. But I did finally get it and I am so glad! I hope anyone currently pursuing sterilization is able to get it soon!


Same, last time I looked there aren’t many doctors in my state on the childfree friendly list, though.


This is why I’m glad my partner finally got his vasectomy.


You need to get sterilized too. rape pregnancies happen.


Yup. With a looming governor election next year and an already gerrymandered GOP state legislature in PA, I am super nervous and figuring out next steps for sterilization.


That's what's going to happen...women and men are going to get snipped rather than take the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Of course, it'll be stupid teenagers who end up with the shit end of the stick. Say hello to more teenage pregnancies and parents, abandoned and abused children of stupid teenage parents, more children being killed and more pregnant teenage girls being murdered by their boyfriends. So much for THEIR heartbeats!


They are pro birth not pro “life.” As soon as the baby is out they don’t give two shits. Yup… feeling for them teenagers right about now. Being young with an unwanted pregnancy is stressful as it is, but then to live in a state where you can be criminally charged for it? I can’t even imagine…


This is where they royally fuck up "triage what you can care about" and it shows. They're supposed to care about life, but die on a hill about fetuses that aren't guaranteed to make it full term, not even considering the pregnant person's health either. It's just not a feasible thing to care about, like me wanting to prevent extinction events, it's a fruitless effort. Caring about foster kids, orphans, and children's health in general is the hill they should be dying on. Kids who are here and currently out-of-the-womb suffering needlessly. That is something they can fix! But they won't and want to cause further suffering because of fetuses. It's just sad.


Right? All that money they are contributing to their draconian cause… could be spent helping *actual* children. But no. Let’s pay 10k to the guy who outted the Uber driver


Abused children will probably lead to CPS being overworked to death if they weren't already in that state before this shitty situation called the pandemic happened. Not like the state gov cares whether social workers get burnt out, anyway 🙃


and on and on and on, the ripple effects. More suffering and death and trauma and every time some poor kid is neglected to death or some idiot parent leaves their kids in the car while they get high or whatever, everyone will go "oh how could this HAPPEN?" And of course it will also mean more offenders in prison for domestic crimes, more kids crammed into foster care, etc. But hey let's all worship the holy FEEEEEEETTTTUUUUUUUUUSSS!


CPS is overworked everywhere. Not enough people to handle all the cases, plus some of the bullshit ones that come through (i.e. someone let their 10YO walk to the park down the road because that’s a no-no in America). And there’s probably been an influx now that kids are starting to go back to school and life and things can actually be reported again.


i’m 19 and i have to wait till i’m 21 for my heath insurance to cover my sterilization. and i have to be 21 just to sign the informed consent form. not to mention the time i have to spend looking for doctors who will actually sterilize me


Have you gotten the depo-provera shot or anything in the meantime?


i’m on birth control pills right now, but there’s always that 2% possibility that makes me paranoid


Yeah, absolutely the same thoughts here


get a paraguard non hormonal IUD and also get an nexaplon implant. that way you will be protected with two types of contraception.


I’m going to have to sit down with my niece and make sure understands everything. I’ll probably talk to her parents too and at least start the discussion of birth control. Her dad might be difficult to convince, but she’s the right age and it’s for her safety.


Your niece needs to get on birth control immediately. Rape pregnancies happen. I know several who have. Protect her at all costs.


Not only teenagers, but poor people too. People with money will still be able to travel to another state to terminate it, but poor people will be forced to carry on with a child they cannot support. It's torture.


Y’all are looking at this wrong, this is basically carte Blanche to murder your rapist right before your abortion. After all if you’re going to jail anyway might as well murder your rapist, and you’ll be protecting other women. Plus then rapists will maybe not rape?


To be clear, I'm NOT saying murder is okay, but I am really hoping that the law of unintended consequences kicks in here and the women of Texas come up with a way to make there be an outcome of this bullshit law that the religious fanatics bringing it in just did not anticipate, and REALLY don't like. This comment is a good (if unrealistic) example of the kind of out of the box thinking I mean. Put those thinking caps on ladies, it's something to pass the time until you can save up enough to move out of Texas, at least


They are pro second amendment so this could work. Pop a cap in a rapists ass


His ass wouldn't be the first place I'd aim for...lol


Murder? The rapist gets off too easy that way. There are other ways of making him suffer, if you know what I mean. The effects last a lifetime. Now that's my kind of punishment.


I am NOT saying murder is okay, but I hope the men suits who put this law into effect get SHOT dead.


uh, that's not how the bill, now law was designed. It doesn't attack the person going in for abortion, it targets the support system this person would rely on. People supporting the abortion, even just verbally can be sued by individual actors in court and fined. It also targets the abortion clinics in Texas (of which there are <19 I believe, so they'll make quick work of that probably). The most effective thing to do for pro-abortion people would be to relocate all clinic personnel especially doctors and nurses to places outside of Texas. Then liquidate the holdings for funding, doing so after a settlement under the guidelines of the new bill would lead to less market value. We just can't protect abortion support systems against 5.9 million Texans that voted republican in the 2020 election and would be primed to act as quasi-paralegal enforcement to sue support system plaintiffs. We can get a better deal now than later so timing is key. Next we need to dedicate some of the money to setting up an underground railroad of abortion medication with instruction pamphlets, ideally in a small bundle that can be discreetly mailed or hand delivered utilizing mailing lists built on a web of trust. It's important to stress the effectiveness of cell architecture as pioneered by the IRA and used by various terrorist groups. Small isolated cells of individuals have less exposure to risk and smaller webs of trust. SCOTUS basically caused the bill to become law by malicious inaction and the current democratic majority in congress is too slim to not be hampered by moderate dems in pushing for relief for Texan women. In the meantime you can write false but seemingly probable occurrences of abortion in [here](https://prolifewhistleblower.com/anonymous-form/) to help maximize possible leads to tie up resources so they're way less efficient in processing. Or you could just spam the site to try and get some ddos attack to happen (edit: semantics)


And am I right in thinking there is no cap on how many monetary awards a single plaintiff could win as a result of lawsuits under this law? Because you know that this means that some of the more obnoxious pro-forced-birthers will spot a lucrative job opportunity and go for it. The amount of spying on any and all women of reproductive age is going to increase exponentially very soon, I predict. Which takes the offensiveness of it to another level again!


yep, I re-read the bill. Technically no cap (not a lawyer so I might be wrong). The party claiming "relief", the hosers looking to endanger women during abortion procedures, are entitled to costs or attorney's fees but not the defendant. It makes for a very one-sided assault. Also, omg, the amount of lawerly ways to claim they don't understand how consequences work is insane and very very right wing. You can't claim defense in the name of others or potential defendants b/c they don't understand sociology. It's all vapid, egocentric, deontological bs.


It’s finna be the Salem witch trials all over again… wow


that's the only case where I think it's suitable to blame the victim: killing a rapist or abuser. Like, if you weren't being abusive, you wouldn't have been killed! Some people do make mistakes or engage in activities that may, as they say, hasten their demise. None of them deserve it, but it happens. With rapists and abusers, nah, they knew what they were doing and they paid the consequences. Goodbye Felicia!


What’s interesting about that scenario, is assuming a woman was found guilty of murdering her rapist… she’d likely be given the death penalty. But not executed until after the baby was born. Which means more orphans to live on the taxpayer dole. And you know how much Republicans love supporting children once they are born…


Wait. They think abortion in murder but the death penalty is fine? So much for pro-life. When you describe yourself as pro-life it should include all life, not just the life that is coveinient to advocate for


Yep that’s about the size of it.


I've always said it's for the best that victims don't waste time getting blown off by police and connecting themselves to the mysterious death of some stranger...


That’s… not what the bill is. It goes for the providers and people who help you get an abortion, and it’s a fine, not prison. They’ve had to do it this way to get round Roe. This is misinformation at a serious time. The policy is evil itself, no need to be hyperbolic.


My city is not on the childfree list but when abbott signed the law I immediately scheduled a consult with a gyno and a backup one in another city with a Dr from the list in case I was told no. Luckily the Dr I picked was very open and actually listened to me. The hospital tried to cancel my procedure since it's "elective" due to the overload from covid patients but I pushed back and mentioned the law going into effect as part of the reason it couldn't wait. Luckily my new Dr fought for me and my surgery was this past Monday. I plan on taking cookies or an edible arrangement for her and her staff when I go for my post op appointment.


Being a Texan, when I heard months ago this crap was going to pass I immediately made an appointment with my doctor. I’m deeply enraged about this but at the same time personally it was a push in the right direction for me to get sterilized a few months ago. I’m so glad I did too.


Glad you were able to get it done! It must be a huge peace of mind for you. However, this bill just basically tells women in Texas they are second class citizens. I’m scared many other states will follow suit


Women aren't second-class citizens! We should be *exalted* for our ability to create life, and now we can finally be elevated to the status that we always should have been! Blessed be the fruit.


No fucking joke, at the beginning of summer, a friend and I went out to listen to another friend play some music at a bar, and this 60-something-year-old man leaned in behind me, looked directly at my friend across the table and said, "Blessed be the fruit." I've never gotten the heebie jeebies so quickly in my life.


Run. O_O Run fast and run far.




Under his fucking eye... shit, that's just so warped.


May the Lord open!


I’ve been trying to figure out how to arrange a trip to California for sterilization because that’s my best chance for being able to afford it anytime soon. I hope it doesn’t get targeted before I can arrange everything.


Driving to East St. Louis is probably more affordable unless the California provider is offering the procedure for next to nothing.


I still have my California residency, so there’s a chance it’ll be next to nothing with the program I’m eligible for. Also, I’m in West Texas, so it’s easier to get to California.


donate to fund texas choice.


I just read a couple of Dutch news articles about it. Texas is mental. Absolutely fucking mental.


I got sterilized out of fear of Trump being reelected. I was glad that he didn't and thought the nightmare was over. Well, fast-forward and now we have this! I couldn't be happier that I had my bi-salp! I am ashamed of my state! Will this get to the point that even sterilization will be illegal?! It's a scary thought, but very plausible at this rate. I was fortunate to dodge a pregnancy. Others are and will not be as fortunate. All I can do is still try to help those that need the help. Even if it is helping them purchase pregnancy tests to take basically everyday after they have sex so they can find out as soon as possible. PS. Don't forget about www.plancpills.org


the literal only time i have been thankful for my cervical cancer and losing my entire reproductive system at 25... and gods was that hard to say...


Wow. I am glad that you recovered from your cancer!


thank you i appreciate that


yikes! I know someone who had that too...she had it at 28 and had to have everything removed. She also made a full recovery, but she actually WANTED kids, so she and her husband ended up adopting a kid from Asia. It's so young to get it though, did the doctors ever say why you got it so young? I'm not being morbid, my mother died of OC a few years ago so it's often on my mind.


i am so sorry for them. it sucks. i am also sorry for your loss of your mother. as for how i got it, i was 14 when cps took us from my mother and i had received one of the preventative hpv medications and i was due for the second during when cps had us and my mom wouldn’t sign to allow them to take me to dr so i never got the second. at least that’s what i was told..


okay, I thought maybe it was hereditary. As for my mother, she was much older, and it was actually endometrial, not OC. My Dr told me that sometimes it's just bad luck. No family history of any cancer at all! Meanwhile, my own fertility is gone gone gone with the wind. I had fibroids removed a few years ago and it rendered me sterile. YAAY!


I have endometriosis and I'm struggling to get a hysterectomy. I'm 21 with no kids, so I'm not allowed to make that decision 🙄 I'm sorry about your mother. That really sucks.


I'm sorry for every single woman that lives in Texas but at the same time I couldn't not be happier for not living in America. I hope that doesn't come off wrong but I can't belive that one of the most influential countries in the world is so f*cked up and backwards.


Me too. I'm not in Texas, but the stranglehold the GOP has on our country terrifies me. I've been raped before. I have experienced the utter dehumanization of the loss of bodily autonomy. I will never risk that again.


I’m so devastated to hear that, and hope you are recovering. This law is literally a slap in the face to those who have suffered. I hope there is an exodus of women from there.


Yeah, I'm doing okay. Finally in trauma therapy after many, many years. I think there will absolutely be an exodus of young educated people. And businesses will not want to be located where young educated people refuse to live, so this will have an economic impact as well.


no one ever thinks of the long term repercussions...it's all about what WE WANT THIS MINUTE! No wonder everything evolves at like a Micron per century.


As a college Texan, I am in fear of this bullshitery. Ever since SB8 was introduced and became a thing back in May, I had to go back on the pill for that reason alone and hopefully ask my doctor on my 21st annual exam to either tie my tubes or yeet them; yes, I know I'm a chicken for not bringing it up to my doctor sooner a lot of stuff has been happening and completely forgotten about on the backburner. So within my spare time, I'll be researching backup points for getting my tubes tied or yeeted to bring up to my doctor. And a side note, maybe I'll get myself a TST certificate as an early bday present.


Literally like Gilead. Old white men controlling women's bodies when its none of their fucking business what we do. ​ Edit: typo


Having concerns about living in Arkansas rn...


Same tbh. Shits not much better here.


Yeah I just looked it up and abortions have been illegal here for a while


This reminded me to fill out my ballot for the California Gubernatorial Recall Election. California’s my safety net, I don’t want it turning into Texas.


Best response I ever heard to this was "Why don't they force all men in Texas to have a vasectomy. It's reversible therefore when they can prove they can financially take care of a child and have the maturity they will reverse it and then they can start a family" Men didn't like this. Apparently they don't like the idea of other men making decisions on their body.


Western countries will NEVER push contraception, much less sterilization. Birth rate is declining sharply all over the richest countries. They don’t want to lose any more future slaves. It will only get worse, not better


If I had it my way, I would be getting sterilized. My birth control options all affect me horribly. I never want children. If I had a child I would probably die. My parents are against me getting sterilized though. So now I’m just abstaining and hoping I don’t get [email protected] again. I fucking hate everything about this. I hate the fact Joe Biden refuses to nominate another justice or two. I hate the government for trying to ban abortion. I hate the government for trying to ban birth control (yes they did, you can look it up, they tried banning IUDs and emergency contraception in many states). I hate the men and women who know absolutely nothing of what it feels like to fear becoming pregnant or fear getting raped who push this shit the most. Fuck them. If I ever became pregnant against my will I’d kill myself and I know it’s the same for thousands of other women and trans men/non binary people too. This is what it has come to.


They don't mind. They want to punish women for having sex and trans people for existing, and they're completely on board with capital punishment.


I was raised here and love the people here, but seriously fuck our government so hard. This has caused me so much stress and pain over the past months and i've been mostly trying to avoid thinking about it. I have been pretty much celibate for 4 months anyway, but i dont even wanna take the risk until i can get my bisalp, im that afraid right now


stay celibate until your bisalp and get on birth control until then to protect yourself from rape pregnancy.


As a European, this is unthinkable for us. I used to travel to America a lot but it now feels like a dangerous place populated by undereducated rednecks. Apart from the amazing natural habitats, it offers little to a traveller these days. I’ll pass.


If any of ya'll near Dallas ever need Plan B or a ride or something, message me. I'm just across the border.


Btw what are the rules/requirements for tubectomy in Texas? Any stupid conditions there as well?


“Of course, back then the South was a very different place than it is today. A backward place where they didn't believe in science and hated others just for being different. Time has a way of changing a place and its people.”


It's making women second class citizen, and this in a modern, Western country like the US?? I always question what those kind of people do to make life better for children that are already born, and have a shitty life... The men making abortion illegal must have a total lack of empathy, pretending to be good Christians...saying that some cells are more important than a woman's life... And Texas has the death penalty? How is that justified if "you shall not kill"?


It's sad when even Arkansas is more progressive on reproduction rights than Texas. I immediately looked up states where abortion is still legal when I heard the news, just in case I ever need an out. Texas was on a short list of places I'd move but that's been scratched off. I can't imagine how the women there are feeling right now..


Yes, everyone must get sterilized.


Some humans do not seemed to have evolved in Texas. A This is absolutely brutal. If you can get the hell outta there.


It is horrific. This is about to become the new norm in other states


Is there something pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood can do to specifically target Texas/similar states to proactively offer sterilization and IUDs to this population? Even more so than they're already doing.


donate to fund texas choice and join the auntie network.


So many unwanted children are gonna be born and get the shit beat out of them...or get neglected...or even molested, it happens every day. Children should ONLY be born when both parents desire their existence 110%


Get sterilised while you can. Before they ban it, and potentially birth control too!! I can see that being next on the list of ways to control women.


I have my bisalp scheduled for November and lately I've been having a few thoughts like "do I really need to do this now? I can't go back from this." Saw this news yesterday and SNAPPED the fuck out of it. I doubt my state will ever do something this draconian but I can't take any chances with this fucked up country. I know this is what I have to do in this context. My heart goes out to all the women in Texas, this is so unbelievably cruel. Support local abortion funds and orgs y'all!


Get on birth control to protect yourself from rape pregnancy until you can get your bisalp.


Freakin' Texas


usa is just bizarre. how tf is it going backwards. things like this make me appreciate my third world country.


If a doc wants to set up an RV as a mobile sterilization unit, they could probably make some bank in TX now. I am sure the sterilization appointments are going through the roof!


I have an appointment with my gynecologist on the 20th & I am going to be be pushing fucking hard to get sterilized. Fuck sake this shit is terrifying.


Do not let up!! Bother them every day until they sterilize you!


Guess we need to make Plan B over the counter and cheap as a pack of gum.


It’s going to be so sweet watching Mexicans, Gen Z, Californians and dead boomers turn Texas from shithole Red, to battleground Purple, to hard Blue, in the coming decades. Hopefully they keep banning mask mandates and vaccine passports there, because the fewer Republics, the better. Bastards


Seriously… by them not getting the vaccines/wearing masks or taking the pandemic seriously at all and it will seriously effect their numbers in the coming years and it will show. Aka I live in a family of healthcare workers and you bet your ass all of their current COVID patients are non vaxxed COVID deniers. I just worry for those who have legitimate reasons for not being able to get vaxxed and the children not old enough for the vaxxed, sucks they get roped into that bullshit


Getting a bilateral salpingectomy isn’t as bad as it may seem. You do have to be put under but it is an outpatient procedure. I felt pretty much fine the next day with only Tylenol. 11/10 would recommend!


I'm so sorry to all those in Texas. Is there any way I can help


join the auntie network and donate to fund texas choice.


I really hope this doesn't bleed over into other states. At 37 though I'm not sure I can justify the cost to pursue sterilization. I've got maybe another 10 years of fertility before these laws won't affect me anymore. The money may be better spent donating to causes helping other younger women get their abortions.


My Texas sterilization cost me 2 days off work and around $400 out of pocket after insurance. It’s worth looking into your specific costs if you find the peace of mind to be worth that price.


My husband's insurance is what I have right now and the deductible is really high and doesn't include procedures that are viewed as "Optional and Unnecessary".


Girl that’s when you use ANYTHING from your physical health history to convince them it’s necessary lol. I got mine before covid so I’m not sure how tricky that would be now, but I had a terrible history with many types of birth control and various side effects I couldn’t handle, so discussing that w my new doc helped me get mine done quickly. Good thing too cause turns out my years of severe pain was due to rampant endometriosis growth found during surgery. In any case, if youre US-based and your husbands job has an HSA or FSA you can at least start saving toward that deductible so that’s not a major factor in your decision


Question: Can women simply go to another state and get an abortion there?


Number one, it's not simple. Texas is huge and things like waiting periods and requirements for multiple visits can make it almost impossible. What is really sick is that it does restrict from leaving the state or helping someone else leave the state. I anticipate any women is going to be harassed trying to leave the state if anyone even suspects they could be pregnant.


Thanks for the answer.


Good luck! Be sure to use the childfree-friendly doctors list (in case you didn't know).


Fuck Texas


You need to get your tubes removed immediately.


Honestly, if a woman in Texas wants an abortion, she would have to have the money and the resources to get it done in another state or country. Yes, abortions are banned in Texas, but people get around them. The new rules only affect those who can't get out of them. In turn, does Texas subsidize tubal litigation and vasectomies? Prevention is not an issue, right?


Sure, only those who are privileged enough to travel out of state, take time off work, etc. are still able to get abortions. This is not only an attack on women but the lower class. The mistresses and daughters of rich folk will get their abortions else where. But if you’re livin pay to paycheck? You’re fucked


Of course prevention is an issue. The point of this exercise is to punish women for having sex.


This is the most ignorant comment I've seen all damn day.


Damn, then make sure to stay off twitter. It's been an absolute hellish shitshow since the news broke.


Fuck Twitter man…


"Honestly if a child wants to avoid child marriage, she should just get better parents or move states. Yes, child marriage is okay in some states, but people get around them."


Sounds like *someone* has very shitty sex and wants others to have very shitty sex... Good luck with your shit life. Have fun pretending like you care about other humans when you put a potential human at the core of everything -- no matter the circumstance. You don't give a fuck about said potential human until they're shot out of the womb. Literally just mad that people are having better sex than you without "consequences." Yikes.


Literally just mad that people are having better sex than you without "consequences." Dumbass, I have a vasectomy. I'm pro choice. What I am saying is that women who can afford and have the means to get an abortion are going to go around the law and get it done somewhere else. The law targets women who don't have the resources to do this. It's always been this way. The preacher's daughter can blissfully get an abortion without question because she's off at college and no one has to know.


Not with this legislation. If she confides in anyone - her pastor, a friend, her mother or other relatives or anyone in Texas finds out she had an abortion she can be legally sued & imprisoned. Soooo...bit more than just "ah yes the sad fate for the poor people/women"