Never played Italian opening, would it get me past 1200 ?


Italian is probably the most logical response to 1 e4 e5. IMO immediately striking in the center is the best way to go about playing it at the 1200 level. Some videos with good ideas for occupying the center quickly with development characteristic of the italian game: Max Lange with 5 ... Bc5 by Simon Williams https://youtu.be/ZHbAcaUQzKU Giouco Piano by Hanging Pawns https://youtu.be/4x5Y62g4UhI Scotch Gambit by James Canty III https://youtu.be/00hM8NR2B_g I think playing these ideas will give you a leg up in the opening against 1200s, but improving tactical vision and seeing attacking ideas are relatively more important for increasing your rating.


Depends on your play. I started Italian but I’m a big fan of the Spanish/ruy Lopez now. Much sharper.


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