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basically only thing comes out of this is that he confirms he thinks Hans was cheating in the Sinquefield Cup


And that he will not be playing him in the future. That is very big news for organizers. If you want to have Carlsen there, you can no longer invite Niemann. This will limit Niemann's ability to play the top players.


Maybe not, Nieman is under 2700 (for now), there are plenty of players a head of him that would be invited to the same events that Magnus would. Unless his rating improves it's reasonable to think that they may not cross paths unless it's a big event with lots of players like World Rapid and Blitz.


Oh, I thought he had crossed 2700 with the last OTB tournament.


2700 chess has him at: > 40 ↑9 Niemann 2698.8


That's fairly close 8-)


Briefly, in the live ratings, but then dipped back below it later in that same tournament.


Fortunately for Hans there will be lots of other strong tournaments he can play in next year. The only two super tournaments that come to mind in which they probably won't invite Hans if they want Carlsen are Tata Steel and Norway Chess.


The real interesting thing will be the candidate cycle. All 2700s (which Niemann is reasonably close to reaching) are more of less a part of it in some way. Will they invite Carlsen, so we can finally get some Carlsen v Naka games, or will they choose the youngsters? Niemann might never get the possibility to play in a candidates cycle over this. Which is fair if he did cheat OTB, but not if he didn't.


Other than some wildcards, there is no subjective invitations for the candidates cycle. Since FIDE is in charge of these events, they won't stop Hans from playing until they take official action against him. Btw, the candidate qualifying events are the World Cup, Grand Swiss and Grand Prix (combining with the GCT next year). Since these aren't private events, they're not privy to who private organizers want to invite.


Note that the statement allows for a different interpretation: "His cheating history caused me to be suspicious during the Sinquefield Cup game. Because that affected my ability to play my best chess, it changed my perspective *on playing known cheaters* (as opposed to whether or not Hans was actually cheating during the tournament)". Obviously, most people's first interpretation will be different, but in a legal case, this technicality may protect him.


And that he believes that Hans has cheated more than he admitted to. You could've guessed it beforehand, but now it's out there. Also that there appears to be some kind of agreement in place that doesn't allow Magnus to tell us more, I think?


I mean, the guy has admitted to only cheating when he was caught. That's convenient. Like telling a judge I've only ever sped 5 times which happened to be the 5 times I was ticketed by a cop. Or "hey I never ever ever drink and drive, it's just not me, except two times when I was caught."


Requiring permission from Hans to speak openly - interesting point there.


Likely a C&D from a lawyer or something to that effect where he’s told magnus if he defames him he will sue etc. *edit* I am not a lawyer plz stop replying questions I do not know I am merely posting on Reddit lol


This reads like it has been proofread by a dozen lawyers to word it extremely carefully.


You mean, it makes sense? I'll take lawyerspeak over the supertankers full of nonsense that has been spilled into the chess ocean recently.


Lawyer here I prefer the chaos.


your name is pink\_zoidberg. i'd let you defend me in court against anyone. a lawyer with a thirst for chaos is exactly what i would need.


His name is Pick, not Pink O.O


He is on sound legal ground while he states his opinion because an opinion cannot be defamatory. He can not, however, state that Niemann is a cheater because that is a statement of fact and could be defamatory or slanderous if spoken.


> an opinion cannot be defamatory Entirely dependent on the jurisdiction. In Canada, for example, it may still be. And multistate defamation can be messy in terms of jurisdiction.


As a lawyer, I can't wait to see all of Reddit's armchair JDs show up to this thread and give a detailed analysis of libel law without indicating a jurisdiction or citing any sources.


Excuse me, I'm a Law Graduate from Club Penguin University, and I'm more than qualified to discuss the finer points of libel law. Suggesting otherwise is slanderous and defamatory, and I will not sit idly by while you attack my reputation. Prepare to be sued for everything you have.


Oh you'll love this thread then lol Every single one.


When it comes to tort law the main rule in international private law is that the court in the defendant's domicile has jurisidiction. In this case that would mean Hans would have to sue in Norwegian court and they would have to apply Norwegian defamation laws. However, this rule has many exceptions and in certain situations the plantiff has several options. My international private law, especially in non-EU - US situations, is too rusty to give a decent answer.


In the US that depends on what kind of nexus to the US the defendant has, if any, to the US. I can't say for sure how it would go but Magnus does have a substantial presence in the US. That he was recently in St. Louis where this scandal began is not going to make his attorney's life any easier should an action begin. Any kind of business relationship he has with chess.com or any other US business/entity rather firmly plants him in the US, I think.


I think Magnus would want a.US forum due to the actual malice rule. I think US law would view him as amenable to suit in perhaps Missouri and Florida. However, US judgments are often challenging to enforce abroad because other countries find the US system goes haywire on damages.


How are such arbitrations handled ? Norwegian Magnus being sued by American Hans


Trial by combat in these cases. Hans will select Ben Finegold as his champion and Magnus will select the Botez sisters.


Doesn't sound like a fair fight to me. I don't think Ben would get out alive.


Ben: oh no she blundered her sister.


*Hold on that's Hikaru Nakamura's music!*


I've watched Mr. Nakamura for a long long time now, and I can equivocally state, that he would never engage anyone in physical violence. To say so is a defamation to his good character, so if you could stop implying such nonsense, it'd be much appreciated. I hope that clarifies things.... but please do not let this clarification distract you from the fact that in 1998, Hikaru Nakamura threw Magnetos Carlson off Hell On A Board, and plummeted 16 ft through an arbiter's table.


Shouldn't be suprising to anyone. Hikaru has already sense he was threatened with legal action.


This is spicy beyond our wildest imaginations. It's essentially backing cheater Hans in a position where if he says Magnus can't speak on it then it looks like he is hiding something and if he does let Magnus speak, Magnus will completely obliterate him. Holy fuck.


Almost like he’s been outmaneuvered. Reminds me of a game I like to play.


Omg I love Amongus too!




I also enjoy AoE II: definitive edition






Nah, the ultimate game of strategy.... Hungry, Hungry Hippos


Carlsen is asking for permission to speak without threat of being sued for slander, libel, or defamation. That's giving someone carte blanche to say whatever they want about you, regardless of its truth or its impact on your reputation. It's entirely normal to decline to do that and in no way backing him into a corner. On the contrary if shows that Carlsen doesn't have any hard facts and is going on his instincts and impressions. Looks like a weak position.


What can this even mean? He already states he believes Niemann cheated more and more, so what could he want to say more then this that is prevented by Niemann's lawyers(?) - and "the truth to come out" which truth, so he just believes it but doesn't really know, so he admits he could be wrong?


This statement is carefully worded to include only Magnus' own observations and beliefs, which he can freely state. He likely has other circumstantial evidence about Neimann's actions, and he could get sued for those without permission.


I guess Magnus had his lawyers look over this letter twice then


It would be low Elo not to


Probably more like 20 times.


10$ says his entire legal team dedicated at least half a day to review and revise this statement.


source: https://twitter.com/MagnusCarlsen/status/1574482694406565888


Props to OP for getting here first.


"Sincerely, Magnus Carlsen - World Chess Champion" Is a HARD way to sign off a statement


Should've thrown in a "5x undefeated" for good measure


Pound for pound ranked number 1 chess player in the world.


I think that one might be debatable. I'd guess Firouzja has more elo per kilo of bodymass. /s (kinda)


Elo per kilo lol


Everyone knows their E/K, is this news?


Those little 13 year old GMs must love this metric!


Why bother studying chess when you can shoot up the rankings with some simple fasting?


That's the main metric used in chess boxing btw


someone needs to make an infographic


I was actually thinking Pragg


Pragg gotta be the most concentrated amount of chess talent since Paul Morphy was nine.


Technically this would go to some 5 year old with 600 elo and weighting 20 pounds


Nah that’s the 1500 elo 9-year old I lost to last week who looked 50 pounds soaking wet.


Or go full Heyman "The Reigning NotDefending Undisputed Chess Champion of the World - Caaaaaagnus Maaaaaarlsen!"


Magnus, son of carl, the first of his name, the reigning world chess champion, undefeated, undisputed, Greatest of all time, poker champion, destroyer of dreams, anti cheat creator, drunken master.


I'm a 5-time undefeated World Champion. Now CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKAAAA!!! \*does a spinaroonie\*


Hans Neimann! We coming for you n... \*shakes head\*


yeah lmfao that shit was raw


"Magnus Carlsen - World Chess Champion" is your last book move


"World Chess Champion for so long, that most can't remember who the previous Champion was" (Without looking it up, I am *almost* sure it's Anand lol) Edit: Wording was odd


The Queen's Gambit 2: The Real World is turning out to be SPICY.


If I was the best in the world at anything, ya damn right I'd sign off with my title every chance I got


Should’ve said 5-time world champion lol


Sincerely, Magnus Carlsen - Back to back to back to back to back world champ and the most electrifying man in chess entertainment


This is one of the greater mic drops I will ever see in my life. Doubly so if these allegations prove true


The most gigachad signature


That last paragraph is very interesting what does he want to say with Niemann's permission?


I imagine with some “form” of permission from Niemann, Magnus could say anything without risking defamation


mfer asking for permission to defame him lmao


"ayo fam, can i throw shade at u real quick?"


Magnus wants to say Hans turned him into a newt


He got better


My guess is either there’s evidence of online cheating that, per chess.com’s terms, is private without the user’s permission to release OR (more likely) he needs Hans to agree not to sue him for defamation before he calls him a cheater (which won’t happen).


Think chessdotcom have said Magnus hasn't seen their data. Though I am doubly curious if Hans has ever used Chess24, because Magnus would have full access to that data.


Doubtful that Magnus would have access to that data, but Hans has played on chess24 - at a minimum he has played in the online tours and banter blitzes. Of course, if the data chess24 had on Niemann indicated he had cheated there there is absolutely no way he would have been invited to the event last week.


Presumably he wants Niemann to admit he's cheated more often then he's admitted. Whether he's saying this because he thinks he has 100% proof, or is just more like he's 70% confident that it's true or something, who knows.


It's a strong move. He's basically saying to Hans that he had to say publicly that he had nothing to hide, which he wouldn't if he is not cheating. An innocent man here would totally welcome the accuser to dig his own grave, ruin his own reputation, get sued. If I was Hans, and innocent, I would absolutely respond publicly to say what you have to say and accuse me properly, I have nothing to hide. It's a great move.


We are supposed to stay hard and wait for chess.com statement if we wanna know. Magnus and chess.com plan on edging us for another week or two at least imo.


"Make it clear you won't sue me for libel and I will say whatever I feel like saying".


new big brain strategy: if you’re going to play Magnus Carlsen, tell him you’re a cheater just before the game starts


This way he ruins his opener and can't equalize on your shitty moves.


"I believe that Niemann has cheated more - and more recently - than he has publicly admitted." oof


These are BIG ALLEGATIONS, confirms that he suspects OTB cheating too. Still, in terms of proof, a whole lot of nothing, but it is promising that he says he is limited for now, meaning he has something more. Edit: Also prime European time to drop drama lol, 9:30 pm here


Dropping right in the nation leauge half time for maximum European entertainment


He probably was too busy watching




Everyone talked about how uncharacteristically poorly Magnus played during that game, but this colors that in for me a lot. Assume Magnus was playing poorly because he was spending way too much energy and attention studying Hans himself because he was highly suspicious he was being cheated. Maybe even played intentionally off/unique lines to see how Hans responded to those moves. It’s very interesting indeed. Also, Magnus coming out and stomping the field in the tournament that was just held, just to make sure everyone is clear he is still in TOP form, and his game against Hans was a fluke in more sense than one.




>Still, in terms of proof, a whole lot of nothing, Could there ever be any? In retrospect I mean. You can take more measures on future games, but as for now, what kind of definitive proof did you think Magnus could potentially present?


Why would it be solely up to the opposing player to catch cheating? Security isn’t and shouldn’t be the players’ responsibility.


Definitely shouldn't be on the opposing player to catch cheating, but it's also not on the accused player to somehow prove they aren't cheating, there's no particular way to do that. I do wonder though, how tournaments will up security and ultimately, you are right, that the question of security should be handled by FIDE, tournament organizers and so on.




I understood that he does NOT have proof, because he asked Hans' permission to talk more. If he had proof, he wouldn't need to do that because there would be no risk of defamation.


Levy making his clickbait title as we speak






Levy... this is the 7th week in a row you've quit chess.


Magnus v Hans : when the dust has settled


levy, just snip and paste this exchange and call it a day


Gotta make the video at least 10 minutes for the $$$




Frankly though, despite the clickbait titles and graphics, his coverage has been one of the more reasonable.


Completely agree, especially on a platform that favors sensationalism and drama. He has been fairly level headed and repeatedly saying we should wait for more information instead of attacking people and making assumptions


I hate clickbait but it’s hard to blame somebody for doing what is statistically proven to get views and subscribers, lol. He’s the #1 chess channel in the world for a reason


He’s pretty transparent about it too and almost every video with a sensational title hasn’t exactly been been too far off from the title.


Pin of shame in just some seconds


Text version for those with sight impairment: > Dear Chess World, > > At the 2022 Sinquefield Cup, I made the unprecedented professional decision to withdraw from the tournament after my round three game against Hans Niemann. A week later during the Champions Chess Tour, I resigned against Hans Niemann after playing only one move. > > I know that my actions have frustrated many in the chess community. I'm frustrated. I want to play chess. I want to continue to play chess at the highest level in the best events. > > I believe that cheating in chess is a big deal and an existential threat to the game. I also believe that chess organizers and all those who care about the sanctity of the game we love should seriously consider increasing security measures and methods of cheat detection for over the board chess. When Niemann was invited last minute to the 2022 Sinquefield Cup, I strongly considered withdrawing prior to the event. I ultimately chose to play. > > I believe that Niemann has cheated more - and more recently - than he has publicly admitted. His over the board progress has been unusual, and throughout our game in the Sinquefield Cup I had the impression that he wasn't tense or even fully concentrating on the game in critical positions, while outplaying me as black in a way I think only a handful of players can do. This game contributed to changing my perspective. > > We must do something about cheating, and for my part going forward, I don't want to play against people that have cheated repeatedly in the past, because I don't know what they are capable of doing in the future. > > There is more that I would like to say. Unfortunately, at this time I am limited in what I can say without explicit permission from Niemann to speak openly. So far I have only been able to speak with my actions, and those actions have stated clearly that I am not willing to play chess with Niemann. I hope that the truth on this matter comes out, whatever it may be. > > Sincerely, > Magnus Carlsen - World Chess Champion **Edit: Ctrl-F Transcript**


good human <3


Plot twist: Hans Neiman has a Yami Yugi alter ego that switches during a game. It's not cheating if he has the heart of the cards.


Ngl when I was younger, I was super super into yugioh as well as chess, and would unironically pull my power from the "heart of the pieces" to win chess games like it was an anime lol. It sometimes worked lol On a related note, there should really be a good chess anime (if there is one, I am unaware of it), the anime with the piano, and the one with Go were good, so I hope someone can do one about chess. Queens Gambit was okay, but doesnt exactly give me what I want.


I really want a chess anime where they scream out their openings/moves and have lengthy monologues. "Haha, you walked right into my trap. Now it's time for my ultimate move! HYPER ACCELERATED DRAGON!!!!" Slams the piece down in slowmo as a shockwave is emitted and an actual fucking dragon appears. ​ This is of course after a lengthy training montage with an ancient grandmaster.


But…Bobby-san, I want to learn to summon dragons with my pieces, not talk about Jewish conspiracies


Every time someone moves a piece, we see a montage of shocked faces: :o :O :0 D: “Hahaha! You were expecting me that I would be opening with d4, but in actuality the move that I began opening with was e4!!!”


Is there video of the entire OTB Sinquefield Cup game between Magnus and Hans? It would be interesting to watch both players closely through every second of the game.


https://youtu.be/TkUkvLqHfZM They bounce in and out to other games but they stay on Magnus vs. Hans a lot of the time


Finally somebody asked this crucial question. Can we watch footage of Hans during this alleged cheating incident?


It took me 2 hours to look at the whole footage (at 2x). As a player who has spent more than half his life playing chess on different levels, I would be upset as fuck if Niemann won me like that. He looked at the board for a total of 20min max. I really want to make a compilation video. It reminds me of Nepo in the world chess championship.


Not a nothingburger, but a somethingburger jr at best.


I mean we didn't really learn anything new other than that Han's body language made him more suspicious than he already was.


"I wasn't sure until I saw his ahegao."


" I just assumed pisces was in retrograde but then I noticed his aura was blue and immediately my spirit guide told me something was up"


This in a sport where people regularly get up and walk away from the board for extended periods to check out other matches or to eat a snack backstage.


I know it’d be insanely hard to actually prove cheating and wasn’t expecting it but Ngl the “I mean just look at him” caught me off guard lol


"He's just sitting there, NON-MENACINGLY!"


in CRITICAL POSITIONS he is not huffing and puffing like Kaspi or Naka!


we are in the endgame now.


Still theory


For Hans


He checked this line this morning


It speaks for itself


Eval bar going nuts


I believe we’ve reached a positional draw. Despite what looks like a winning material advantage at first glance, Magnus has no way to make progress unless Hans makes a major blunder.


At least Magnus has finally admitted to the implication that Hans is cheating. I wonder why he would need "explicit permission" from Hans to share more?


Because he would run the risk of getting sued for defamation


I wonder what Carlsen perceives as "wasn't tense or even fully concentrating on the game in critical positions"?


That's an interesting point. Eric Rosen did a bit last week where he hooked himself up to something that measured his pulse during some blitz games and it got up to insane numbers - like 170 I think a few times. I was honestly shocked it was so high. He always looks as cool as a cucumber. If Carlsen was playing against Rosen, would he perceive Rosen to be tense? Without a baseline for what that particular person looks like when tense, it's not really something you can make a judgment on.


Rosen speaks softly but he does look tense and concentrated when playing, for example look at when he played Magnus OTB in the simul just before the Sinquefield Cup


Go and watch Carlson v Rosen OTB at the simul before the sinquefield cup. Eric gets more and more tense as the game progresses; his eyes barely leave the board due to his complete concentration forcing him to do so. It’s pretty obvious how tense Eric is.


I recall when Firouzja played Carlsen one of the first times in a rapid or blitz his hands were shaking so bad he knocked over half the pieces, repeatedly.


I remember that Carlsen looked shook throughout most of that game. Guess this explains it


The impression that Hans wasn't fully concentrating seems a little subjective though.


When does Hans ever look like he's fully concentrating? He looks like a stoned floor mop all the time.


Hans failed the vibe check. You don’t just fail a vibe check by the World Champion and walk away scott free.


He didn't like the cut of his jib.


Yeah I agree but I was mostly talking about the fact he was already wary


I mean it's reasonably possible that this coloured his perception of Niemann. I don't think Magnus is lying here, the question is if his perception is correct. Now, surely he has the experience and skill like few others and probably has a good idea of what is ordinary and unusual. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean he can't be wrong and maybe him going in, maybe trying to look out for Niemann to possibly cheat made him come to conclusions he wouldn't have come to otherwise.


Not only a little subjective, its very subjective. Saying that Hans wasn't tense throughout the game as a tell when they have only played OTB classical chess one time is a bit much for me. Seems like he was paranoid and was looking for tells that weren't necessarily there.


Magnus has some valid points but that portion reeks of confirmation bias by him


I mean Magnus thinks Hans wasn't even paying attention to the game... He absolutely thinks Hans cheated in that game.


Well now I need to go rewatch it.


In my opinion (which is worth a pile of dirt), after re-watching some of it, Niemann uses the same mannerisms and body language in that game during his own moves that he uses in all the other rounds in the cup (both before and after Carlsen's withdrawal). So it seems like Magnus went into this game worried about cheating, and then formed his opinion and emotions around that. Then again, I haven't played literally thousands of OTB chess games like Carlsen has, so if wants to render his expert opinion of how an opponent should generally appear, then I guess I'd have to take him at his word, but Niemann didn't look any different during that game than he did during any other. So if Niemann was cheating (and then not cheating in the later rounds), he's a pretty good actor.


Confirmation bias could be a huge factor here but I also think it is hard to measure what Magnus meants by watching the game in a video. I also think he wasn't talking about his overall mannerism as much as to his state in certain positions. I don't know, It's hard to judge the validity and significance of this observation from afar


If hans wasn't cheating at sinquefield, then holy shit he destroyed magnus on an emotional level


Hans psychological elo is off the charts.


Step one, get caught cheating repestedly Step two, play magnud ... Step 4, profit


Wow, so he even wanted withdraw before the tournament. Guess he's known about Niemann's history for a while?


Nepo also said that he was aware of his past, not happy about him replacing Rapport and asked for extra measures to be taken. Source: https://youtu.be/DT7WhzbZPmE


You knew just now lol, caruana said this before confirming


Fabi "Isn't this common knowledge?" Caruana


There are so many aspects to this. I think Magnus is right to be angry about the setup prior to the game. The fact that Niemann was a last second invite, how he didn't want to play because of his feelings about Niemann due to his history, and how he wanted the tournament organizers to increase security. I think his biggest mistake is still playing anyway, but only making a stink because he lost. As they say - "chase is a race".


Hikaru even suggested on stream that the high elo of chess were suspecting Hans for a longer time now. (I believe he said that like 2 days ago)


Ah, but he said nothing about Hans Niemann's invitation to play nude. I thought (wishfully) that Magnus would release a statement: "After thoughtful discussions with my team and family, I hereby accept Mr. Niemman's challenge to play a Match completely nude provided the following conditions are met: 1. Both players will undergo a CT scan and an MRI before the starting of the 1st game conducted by a panel of 3 doctors (1 each chosen by myself, Hans and FIDE). 2. Both players and a panel of 3 arbitrators(appointed by FIDE) will be dropped on St. Helena Island. No communication with the outside world by any party is permitted. 3. Game moves will be transmitted to the outside world using morse code via a light tower. 4. All games will be played completely nude. (Arbitrators have an option to wear clothes). 5. The player with the bigger junk (as measured and ascertained by the arbitrators) will decide the colors for the game, thereby alternating the colors for next games. 6. A player getting an erection would be considered an illegal move. The play will resume after 5 extra minutes are added to the opponent's clock. 7. In case of a tied match, a mini match of rapid and blitz games (and if needed, an Armageddon) will follow. 8. In the case of Armageddon, refer to point 5, for choosing colors. The exact dates, time controls, no. of games in the match, the duration of match, number of rest days will be finalised after discussions with Mr. Niemann and his team. I hope Mr. Niemann accepts my proposal. Sincerely, Magnus Carlsen - World Chess Champion (cuurently...) . . - World Naked Chess Champion (soon...) . . - GOAT (always)


You sir have my vote for FIDE president. Now, to figure out how to get the right to vote...


“Arbitors have the option to wear clothes” That ruins the fun


Is this a petition? Where do I sign?


Main points to me: 1. Magnus confirms the rumors that he thought about withdrawing before the Sinquefield Cup 2. Magnus thinks that Hans cheated against him in the Sinquefield Cup, not just in the past, due to seeing him not being "tense" or "fully concentrated" during critical points in the game. 3. Magnus outright says he will not play Neimann again. He also says he does not "want to play against people that have cheated repeatedly in the past". 4. Magnus implies there is more he wants to say, but he needs "explicit permission from Neimann", aka he doesn't want to get sued by Hans.


4 isn't implied. I think he bluntly states this.


I think it’s clear Magnus, and most top GMs are concerned with cheating in chess wayyyy beyond just Hans. I keep hearing that it’s an “existential threat” or that it can “kill chess.” I believe they are genuine when they say that - including Magnus. But I don’t understand why Hans has to be the focal point of Magnus’s thrust against cheating. He either has credible evidence of OTB cheating he can’t say, or he had an emotional reaction to losing to someone who has cheated in the past. And if it’s the later, I do understand his frustration but it doesn’t justify putting Hans on top of the blame mountain.


I think Carlsen definitely should have withdrawn from the Sinquefield Cup before playing Hans, like he considered doing. It would have helped his stance that he is unwilling to play anyone with a track record of cheating, rather than giving the impression that he is just a sore loser.


"He got me," Magnus said of Hans' win over him. "That f**cking Hans boomed me." Magnus added, "He wasn't even tense," repeating it four times. Magnus then said he wanted to add Hans to the list of players he won't be playing against at tournaments.


The crossover of population required for this meme is probably fairly small but damn that's a good one.


I’d wager that every sports sub has seen this at least a couple of times lol, now r/chess has one too


Signing off as World Chess Champion on a letter which starts with Dear Chess World, kinda badass


Glad I bought snacks for watching House of the Dragon


Still too many unknowns in the open even though the allegations are now clear. If this wasn't Magnus then I don't think the original conversation would have lasted past day 1


Does this not ruin Niemann's career even if he wasn't cheating OTB? He will likely not be invited to tournaments with Magnus, and makes other tournament organizers less likely to invite him in the future...


I guess he finally put in words an explanation for his actions. I expected some kind of proof though.


With this statement, the snowball will be rolling. He openly accused Niemann of cheating instead of implying it like he'd done. Niemann would definitely react to this. FIDE with their rules can now open an investigation and give punishment to either player. To us who already know what Magnus meant, it looks like a non-statement. But, this is definitely quite something.


Wow. People downplaying this but his response was more substantive than I thought it would be. Clarified he thinks Hans has been cheating OTB, believes he cheated in his match against him, even cited some of his rationale, that Hans didn’t look nervous and wasn’t concentrating in critical positions. You can draw your own conclusions on the validity of his assertions, but the reality of the situation is that this is one of, if not the greatest chess player of all time, and knows more about chess than any of us can comprehend. It’s nothing to scoff at that Magnus is this adamant Hans has been cheating OTB.


This is what I dont get. Nepo, Carlsen, Naka etc, basically some of the historys strongest chess players are saying that they don't feel right about Hans. That is not enough to punish him, but its so strange that people just brush it away like they have no idea.


man all hans had to do was furrow his brow and frown during the sinquefield cup and we would have missed all this drama


and to think someone who carefully found methods to cheat OTB with a dozen of the most experienced players in the world and yet can’t bother to fake some expressions is hilarious to me


I want Hans to go ahead and say “I didn’t cheat in any game I didn’t confessed already and I allow chess.com and Magnus to show whatever bullshit they seem to think they have” , if you are clean , nothing should faze you here


-"I'm about to end this man's whole career"