The book has a misleading title, it was not written by Fischer at all and mostly consists of some bits-and-pieces back-rank mates. [Refer to the wiki](https://www.reddit.com/r/chess/wiki/improve) for a list of recommended chess books.


it was my first chess book a few years back i was probably around 1200 at the time and it was pretty easy but a good read. im 1900 now. in reality the book doesn’t really have anything to do with the play of Bobby Fischer but rather it serves as a basic tactics book. it’s actually quite nice to complete since it reviews many basic but key tactics if I remember right


I personally don't think anyone knows for sure how much Fischer actually contributed, it's an okay starter book for how to play to basic tactics. Easy to understand, currently I'm reading the much denser *The Game of Chess*, which teaches endings, a LOT of tactics, and openings.