Imagine they actually sat him out


He’s a great keeper and the way people on here talk about him is honestly embarrassing, and such an inversion of reality that I have to assume there is some other underlying issue the person has.


I think there’s a lot of warranted criticisms posted about him, which is completely fair game and the point of having a forum about these things. The personal attacks regarding his contract situation is what pisses me off. The same people who all call for Kante’s contract offer to be rescinded. You can criticise over the top demands but to completely ignore what they’ve accomplished for us is wild. Give these guys a chance lmao.


100%. This sub just moves from one exaggeration to another and it’s exhausting


He's definitely not been in the kind of form he was in early last season (and frankly has been below par fairly often recently), but as they say, form is temporary. I think realistically his 'normal' level is somewhere between the two. A good keeper for sure, but set himself up to fail slightly with that golden patch he went through. Edit: Didn't realise this was the Chelsea subreddit. Am not a Chelsea fan, Reddit just recommends me seemingly anything football-adjacent.


> He's definitely not been in the kind of form he was in early last season (and frankly has been below par fairly often recently), I actually do agree, he hasn’t been good enough recently. He needs to turn his form around, and hopefully this is a springboard for that. I know you bring up “form is temporary”, and while it’s true that good players have bad spells, form is what decides whether you are good or bad. I just believe that for him, it’s a dip in form, and he has the tools to turn it around. If he doesn’t, then hands up, move him on, no issue from me. I still think the criticism of him is well overboard, and some of it is just nonsense (saying he is poor aerially for example, like, do you watch football? Even with a few mistakes, he is in the top tier in that regard, it’s just that you don’t see other keepers making those same mistakes cos you don’t watch them every week!).


Username checks out


It’s a reference to the game Afterparty, where the goal of the game is to set up an intervention for Satan in the afterlife, cos he’s drinking and partying too much and hell is going to shit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afterparty_(video_game) Downvotes for explaining my user name. Shrugs.


We will push another player out and wonder why they make deals quickly with other teams. Mendy can easily find a club , with defender who DONT change every week. He will be alright , we shouldn’t be stuck with kepa if Mendy wants to find a new club


The new club would be a miracle worker if they could fix his poor distribution, decision making and complete lack of presence on set pieces There’s must to being a goalkeeper that shot stopping


We played him without question for the last year before Potter and he was dreadful.


No he wasn't.


Respectfully, he was dire to begin the season. The foolish goal vs Leeds is one of many obvious errors he made in a very short span.


Yes he was


Last 6 months of the season he was definitely bad.




I'd say I'm part of that crew. I wouldn't describe him as "wank" as he always has this type of save in him. But his nervousness playing out and also straight up giving it to Benzema (ok, that was wank) definitely helped his downfall. He's still a "decent" keeper, but we should be aiming for better in our team.


good. lets hope he finds it fast and leaves


Still support the guy. The process followers write people off so soon when the bad patch hits.


Nah. Still seen a fair number of people who want to get rid of the players, the owner, the stadium, and everything in between.


Preach patience whilst also writing off 75% of the squad less than a couple months into Potters tenure 😂


Not just Potter's tentire, we literally won CL, and not by luck, fully deservedly and being the better team in nearly every game with mostly this squad, now we need total overhaul and our players are championship level.


The reality is he’s not composed enough with the ball at his feet for a team that wants to play modern football. Would city or Liverpool play him?


Yet we beat all top teams including City, Real etc with him and had thd best defense in CL. Most GK will have flaws, Thibo isn't great with ball either, I'll take him ahead of any GK we are linked with, even Costa. Every player go through bad patch, I remember Oblak being the best GK we could sign at one time and then time when he was dogshite. Mendy is in bad form but in form Mendy was better than most GKs and his flaws were manageable, I just don't write players off so soon, any GK we sign will go through similar phase too. Liverpool has one of the world's best GK, which are rare, before him they had worse GKs than Mendy. I'll take Mendy over City's GK anyday if Pep isn't the manager, as their GK is horrendous in goal, like I said you have to make do with some flaws, I'll take better shot stopper over a ball player anyday.


It doesn’t matter whether any of us support Mendy. He was sitting behind Kepa and if reports can be believed Potter wants to find another keeper.


It matters how fans act too though. It matters when they slag players on social media etc, not all but many. I am not talking about Potter, but about fans supporting their own players and Mendy for me deserves chance.


It’s what he’s excellent at. Reaction saves. Shame his area command, ball playing under pressure or not and ball retention are not as good as he is a fantastic shot stopper. He can still come good but whether he’s the keeper Potter would want to build around is another question.


What A Save. well done Mendy QATAR HAVE REGISTERED THEIR FIRST-EVER SHOT ON TARGET AT A WORLD CUP. After 165 minutes of #Qatar2022 action, Qatar have registered a shot on target


He's been immense today. Commanded the box well, proper shot stopping, off his line right on time and great distribution (almost got an assist in the first half)


The english press wanted the manager to bench Mendy. Lmao this is not the epl, they don’t throw their players under the bus when they need support.


They did? I'd be surprised if the English press cares who Senegal's first keeper is.


Did you not see it plastered on here after the last game?


The only thing I can see on here is this, which isn't the English press. https://www.reddit.com/r/chelseafc/comments/z2nzki/saddick_adams_senegal_likely_to_bench_edouard/


Yep, he’s been very good. for the goal Qatar scored, he couldn’t do anything for it, it was a great header.


Great save!! Point blank off the knee.


Boooooy what a save redemption started