Well it wasn't just 1 mistake. He fucking missed 4 blatant penalties right infront of his eyes. Specially the one in which Malouda was brought down by Dani alves and the handball of Pique. I still believe UEFA didn't wanted another CL final of United-Chelsea. Gifted that CL to Barcelona.




ballack chasing him down the pitch screaming after the no call hand ball


Karma came for Barca three years later. They hit the woodwork four times, one for every penalty Ovrebo didn't give,


Loved that they got fucked in the Inter game too.


I have never been more convinced that a referee was bent than in that match. Whether it was just a bribe, or if UEFA had their own motives, there's no way that ref didn't have an agenda. He's lucky Drogba didn't tear his head off.


To this day, I couldn’t watch a replay of the match and my stomach hurts just thinking of that open day robbery. Gifted CL to fcking Barcelona.


Meh we got our revenge in 2012 Hollywood movie style.


Revenge was sweet, but our 2009 team was special and completely outplayed a Barca side that is now hailed as the best of all time. 2012 was miracle and the last few games were so cathartic, it felt like destiny with how we were outmanned at points. But 2009’s team could’ve left its mark on history and then who knows what that Barcelona team’s legacy becomes


I hate that we get so overlooked for best teams of all time. That team really was incredible when you look at the players and the performances, but due to shit like one referee, we are completely overlooked.


Sorry but, overlooked by who?


That's so true. I agree mate.


Honestly ain’t even exaggerating to call it hollywood movie style, beating bayern in their backyard for this biggest trophy in club football, movie stuff really.


Would love a movie to get made from it in the future


Needing a win against Valencia in the last group match to guarantee progress and smashing them 3-0, coming from 3-1 down in the first leg against Napoli in the last 16 to beat them 4-1 after extra time at home on the night in the second leg and 5-4 on aggregate, being one goal from going out in the quarter final against benfica before a screamer from meireles late on to seal it, and then those two legendary games against Barcelona and that legendary final against bayern in their own stadium Genuinely hard to write a more dramatic script then that


…Losing a popular man mid season to be replaced by a rookie. Who would have thought.


God yeah, of course, former mk dons manager (and chelsea midfield legend) was the manager too - well, the caretaker, who's taken care of everything!


We haven't gotten revenge on Utd, who I fully believe we'd have beaten comfortably in that final. We were the much better team at the time. Utd didn't even challenge Barca, it was a walk in the park.


Let’s try beat them in the league first


That wasn't revenge. Not enough anyway We outplayed the shit out of them in 09 From that 09 Barca go on to build a different aura around them


VanPersie's "after whistle kick" says hello. Fucking Barca




I was at that match. I remember walking out thinking we had been thoroughly cheated. It wasn’t just a bad call; it was a sequence of calls that seemed to go against Chelsea intentionally. It’s literally the worst I have ever felt after a live sporting event I attended.


Can't even watch replays of that


Me either.


I was in the east upper and had arsenal fans texting me replays saying that we were being screwed


He was just a pawn, I fully buy the UEFA conspiracy theories on them being desperate to avoid a 2008 repeat which was overall considered a dull affair.


instead they got a boring final between barca and an aging man united side


Fuck this and fuck that and fuck him and everything he stands for He retired a happy man with a fat check account from barca, uefa and uefolana. Fuck him and everything he ever touched Fuck fuckity fuck




They not talking about his salary, talking about the bonus he got from uefa by avoiding another all English final. He took the money, laid low in Norway for a few years then retired.




I don’t think the guy said he deserved death threats, I might have read it wrong though


Mans stupid. I dint say he deserves death threats But fuck everything he stood for and fuck him too. Man was a sellout. A disgrace to football




Watch the game, you'll get the proof




Why are you trying to defense this dude? If the conspiracy was true then we would never find any proof anyway, all it took is a meeting behind closed door and a referee who is willing to keep his mouth shut. Remember, refs are still employees, and since UEFA & FIFA is rotten to the core something like this would likely happen. On the other hands, if the conspiracy was not true and Overbo somehow failed to give Chelsea 4 penalties by his own incompetence/biases, the facts that he gave out disastrous calls in such high-profile match and the whole world got to witness it means he will get berated 'till the end of time. Sure it is just a game but to many it is more than that.


C'mon man that's not proof




I haven’t watched the interview but the least he can do id be apologetic for his disgraceful performance as a referee that day. He still lives in denial, that’s what upsets/riles fans even more.


If he can't handle all the threats, he shouldn't take the money then.




Yeah of course there is no proof but no professional referee can make 4 big mistakes unintentionally. Death threat is part of being a referee with that kind of ' mistake '. Bin men in Birmingham are not doing the job part time.




Answering your curiosity, players receiving abuse or hate typically based on demographics or countries. I'm not saying it's ok but that's part of the job of where you're playing. Sport player industry mainly receive this kind of treatment based on the 'heat' of the fan. Referee included. Anything else mate ?


He was an awful referee in Norway as well 😭


I can never forgive and forget this person. He deserves all the hate.


He looks like Nino from Kitchen Nightmares USA


respect nino


Hello my name’s NINO


“Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my actions “ - tom clownbro or whatever he’s called, in that interview probably.




UEFA probably paid for his psychology degree as well!


This was definitely a stitch up; what a prick. He’ll always have his part to play in our folklore though.


That was one of the best Chelsea teams in history, Ancelotti had us flying. Barcelona still brag that they won 6 that year but yeah I still remember that day just at bad as that final in Russia.


Good! Should’ve been investigated for fraud, or blatant match fixing. Psychologist you say? Go analyze the effect you had on chelsea fans and crawl into a hole lol


Uefa investigated and concluded that no, they did not pay him off to avoid another all English final.


Cuz eufa investigating corruption in a eufa game is so reliable lmaooo.. no conflict there. Well be that as it may, chelsea fans everywhere still hurting from this game lol


He retired just after we won the champions League? Coincidence? I think not


Why am I watching a video of a guy in a Tottenham shirt 🤮


I dont trust anyone in a Tottenham jersey.


Major kudos/respect for Michael Ballack (one of my favorite players) for controlling himself to not go full "Will Smith" on the ref and slap him like Will Smith did to Chris Rock at the Oscars!


How difficult is it to at least read a Wikipedia article or two before making a video. He is a psychologist that was also a referee for 13 years. He refereed in the Norwegian league since he is Norwegian and was also a UEFA and FIFA referee for CL and national teams. After the Chelsea game he continued refereeing in Norway, and eventually retired and focused on his clinical practice as a psychologist. He works now with sports psychology and is doing a PhD on the topic of mental stress in sports. He was the sport psychologist of the Norwegian handball team and also holds lectures for the Olympic/top athletes. He has many seminars online, but I have only attended ones in Norwegian. I am also a chelsea fan, and while that game was a utter disgrace he is a intelligent man with a lot of experience in the field.


No sympathies




He's a cunt.


Fifa shafted us because English clubs ruled then, previous year utd chelsea final didn't want it 2 years in a row, look at drogba end of game he's tellin u what happened! We would've beaten Utd in final then too awesome side we had.


Good. Fuck that guy. I don’t even like thinking about that day


least annoying spurs fan


Why is he jerking off that string?


Not even a Chelsea fan but this came up on my reddit feed for some reason. Just wanted to say even now I think this game was utter bullshit and Drogba was 100% right. I will never forget this game even though I had 0 investment in the outcome


Good. Karma for the injustice and now look at the state of Barcelona. We are coming back for our ucl this season, let’s go blues !!


Why does this man have on a headset with a mic while holding an earbuds mic in his right hand?


The biggest robbery of all time, that Barca side was good don't get me wrong but still we managed to be the winning team that night, Pep and that Barca side wouldn't have been as highly claimed as they are if it weren't by that match


It wasn’t a mistake. It was an agenda.


Some referees do be deserving it


This has just made me angry, seeing this guy’s face again. An absolute travesty of a night.


meh, we get our sweet revenge in 2012. If things are fair in the world, id say we deserve to win in 2008 and lose in 2012, but oh well. That 2012 run is something magical, same with our 2021 run. That's how we like to win our CL haha!


What happened to Tom Henning Ovrebo? He lost all credibility and his job. Oh, so exactly what should've happened. Good.


Plot : he received enough money to stop working for the rest of his life


Cry more


He wasn’t that bad🤪


It’s been close to a decade and a half since this debacle and we have won 2 Champions leagues since then. Move on.


my hope is cancer - - - lots of cancer