- two members of Tuchels staff, were placed on gardening leave by Boehly and Clearlake, allowing them to remain in England with their families - it is unclear why a similar offer was not made to Tuchel by Boehly and Clearlake - Being placed on gardening leave means his two staffs, technically remain contracted to Chelsea - Tuchel had been happy and lived in Surrey, where his daughters attend school - Tuchel completed his holiday in India and will move to Munich - The third member of Tuchels staff, did not intend to remain in England after his Chelsea dismissal so there was no need for the club to place him on gardening leave - Tuchel cannot permanently reside in England while he is out of employment - Tuchel is waiting for the right opportunity to return - Tuchel rejected proposals from English and overseas clubs - according to Telegraph, Tuchel would be interested as England manager if the post becomes available after the WC


It’s coming home


I run a small business, if I employ tuchel to do something trivial once a week does that mean he can stay in the UK until he finds a permanent solution like England manager?




The work has to be meaningful and effective. In theory that's supposed to mean 16+ hours a week and were you not employed doing it, someone else would. However in practice not so much as a Wimbledon ball boy and a Big Issue seller both successfully sued that their roles met the criteria.


Brilliant entrepreneurial move!


Why do people like boehly? He’s scum


We aren’t privy to these settlement offers, so I’d say it’s premature to judge the administration on matters like this. The article even says they don’t know why Tuchel isn’t on gardening leave, maybe he accepted the terms of severance?


Being on gardening leave means the employee can continue getting pensions etc. gardening leave also normally means you continue getting paid by the club. In my job, when you resign you immediately go on gardening leave which lasts 3-6 months while you continue being paid and get all of the perks of the job without working. Completely understandable why a manager being paid millions will not be put on gardening leave while his staff being paid far, far less would be.


but dont chelsea have to pay out the rest of tuchels contract when they fire him anyway?


I think I explained my point exceptionally poorly, the manager is on a lot more money than his background staff which probably don’t cost that much. Todd getting rid of Tuchel as opposed to putting him on gardening leave when he’s being paid out millions is completely fair imo


Depends on the contract but it is a safe assumption. Most manager's contracts have some form of buy out/pay out for the club and manager to end the contract early.


He didn't leave, he was fired. He's not on a normal contract, so to properly get rid of him and not just put him on gardening leave, they have to either fully pay him out of his contract or come to an agreement somewhere in the middle. So, the idea that they'd get rid of him straight away to save money is not one that makes sense. I'm pretty sure it's actually pretty common practice to leave your managers on gardening leave because that way if another club comes in for them you can let them leave without having to pay them out of their contact or the compensation can be much smaller to enable the move.


Not having him on gardening leave allows him to immediately take another managerial job, if thats what he wishes to do. If he was on gardening leave, he would be on payroll which would prevent him from taking another managerial position. Given that Tuchel was going to be paid out his contract after being sacked, it may have been his wish to NOT be put on gardening leave so he is free to immediately take a new managerial position at a new club. Apparently hes got plans to move to Munich, so who knows if he wanted to stay in London. Theres a lot of emotional assumptions going on in this thread and not a lot of facts, that is not directed at you, just in general.


How do you know he is scum? Besides that he is a wealthy business owner and it’s easy to throw shit. Did I miss something besides the tuchel firing?


this is a hasty generalization but.. an american business owner of that stature you gotta be some baseline level of scum lol


Insert any billionaire and aspiring one in that category as well. Spud owner literally got rich by betting against the pound and lives in the Bahamas to avoid being charged/arrested in the UK.


>Insert any billionaire and aspiring one in that category as well. Now you are getting it.




Name a billionaire who isn't shady


yeah idk why i was trying to be nice fuck them


Well yes but then what does that make Roman?


the same


I don’t even know what y’all are talking about and I don’t like the old bastard.😊


why is he scum?


but u liked roman? he was truly scum.


I agree


I mean he's a billionaire owner who invested a lot of money into this club. He makes the decisions and if a coach isn't on the same page with him, he can rightly get rid.


Yeah because the situation were in now is great. Being laughed at by Newcastle fans and having literally no playstyle or defensive stability. Todd sure showed tuchel whose boss.


I think barely anyone likes Boehly, besides a few deluded people on the subreddit. People only rated him for a while when it looked like he was rattling the media with his All-Stars game idea. So it made it look like Chelsea was being “disliked” again. I called him a twat for his sacking of a guy who worked at the club for 17 years at a zoom call, the amount of dumb excuses replied back was insane.


>I called him a twat for his sacking of a guy who worked at the club for 17 years at a zoom call, the amount of dumb excuses replied back was insane. You mean the head physio who's recent record is quite bad? You haven't got a clue why he was let go or under what conditions he was let go, you just want a reason to be pissy about Boehly.


We’ve had such a great injury record since he was let go


Rome was built in a day, too


You clearly haven't got the slightest idea what precipicates sports injuries. A good physio at a top team does loads of injury prevention, that means diagnosing weakness and addressing the minor problem before it becomes a big problem. This guy clearly hasnt been cutting it.


Even if his recent record was below standard, he was still part of most of our success. Boehly let him go on a zoom meeting with having yet to find a replacement.


> he was still part of most of our success Doesnt matter what we won on the field while he was here, if his gaffes lead to injuries he is a burden not a benefit. >Boehly let him go on a zoom meeting Not the best look but pretty common these days and you don't know the context so its hard to have too strong an opinion. >with having yet to find a replacement. Just because you don't know who the replacement is doesnt mean there isnt someone in that roll.


You mean the head physio who had Chelsea as a forever fit club for nearly 2 decades and once the football calendar went insane our players couldn't stay fit? The injury issue is not a Chelsea issue it's a game issue. And caused by over packed schedule, no off season and playing unequipped youngsters waaaay too much.


Revisionary lol


He'd only been the head physio for only 7 years or so. Bit of a difference there, chief.


I called him a wanker when he sacked cech and marina, tuchel sacking just made me hate him even more. Then sacking over zoom is just disrespectful as hell


You're mad that he fired Marina, part of the old exec team, who spent 500M on absolute shit players over the last 5 years? Why on earth would Boehly want to keep her on? She has by far the worst recruitment track record of any other club in the top 6, and its not even close. Look at her incoming transfer history and its obvious that she was objectively awful at her job.


> You're mad that he fired Marina, part of the old exec team, who spent 500M on absolute shit players over the last 5 years? So he fired her and spent 300M in one window with absolutely no football knowledge all the while making a mockery of the club?


If you want to play whataboutism, we can. But this conversation is about Boehly sacking Marina, which was the correct decision given her history in the transfer market. Do you think any club in the PL top 6 would hire her after what she’s done at Chelsea? She probably would fit right in at United with their stellar recruitment strategies over the last 5 years.


Have her as a negotiator for transfers which is her speciality, not choosing players. Boehly wasn’t much better in that regard anyways


She negotiated the following deals, yeah bro she’s fucking aces. 115m for Lukaku 72m for kepa 70m for Kai 60m for morata 60m for Pulisic 40m for bakayoko 35m for Danny Drinkwater Don’t care what you have to say, there’s absolutely no defending this.


Don't forget having no contact with Rudiger's representatives


Let AC and Rudi walk away for free (BUT THE SANCTOONS!!!) after failing to lock them down or sell them for 12 months after the CL win. Set the stage for Kante and Jorgi to walk away for free by running down their contracts to -12 months by the time she left, effectively removing all leverage the club has to resign or sell them. So, she was awful at transfers, and she was awful at squad management. The latter moves will end up costing the club 200M+ in direct like for like replacements. And these mongoloids have the audacity to question why new owners fired her lmfao


Upcoming WC break will be crucial for his reputation. He has to get viable replacements in and a good Sporting director which he’s already struggling with, otherwise the next transfer window is going to look long for him and Potter.


He literally should not have done any firing until he has a DOF. Its obvious he just fired anyone who didn't agree with him and he's been waving a fat paycheck around looking for takers and he hasn't a clue who he wants.


Hes a scummer


I'm a SF Giants fan, who cannot stand the Dodgers and their bullshit. I hate he's running this club. Sad panda.


Who likes boehly??


A lot of people in the fanbase defend him constantly


He's the laughing stock of the EPL. Might as well have Mr Bean running the club.


I would take mr been over him. The whole world was laughing at us in the summer especially barcelona the cunts




He's clueless he knows nothing about football, the rules, and even suggesting an allstar game what a clown getting rid of Thomas Tuchel. Fuck the UK government they are to blame for this situation.


He's even best mates with that cunt james corden seen at Stamford Bridge, they are cancers to society like musk and zuckerberg.


You don't know the whole story. Better find out what's going on behind the scenes first before saying anything.


Only reason i could think of them keeping his staff is to possibly help potter with transition from tuchels tactics and thought behind doing certain things but thats maybe


Its probably to just make sure they're not completely thrown in a hole when they weren't directly who the club was sacking. They're just impacted as a side effect of that. Its effectively like redundancy for them to buy them some time to work out their next steps.


Yeah that kinda makes sense, to avoid a massive payout they couldve just let tuchel go and the rest could stay for a bit


They didn't keep his staff. Gardening leave is when you continue to be paid and receive benefits but no longer do any work for a specified duration. In the UK it is a pretty standard non-compete mechanism. These guys were likely offered gardening leave or pay out and gardening leave would be very attractive if they wanted to stay in the UK for some reason, for example their childrens' school (I dont know if they have kids, just an example).


Ah okay cool thanks for that info, yeah they said families so it could be kids


Ha. He doesn’t have the right to reside in the country. But we want him to be manager of the national team. Classic.


This is either good or bad depending what you make of it a think it's pretty neutral myself because tuchel can go straight into other job offers. Plus he has time for rehabilitation as well which he needs after what he went through.


This sounds bsd. But can you put a manager on gardening leave when you have got a replacement?


You can. A recent example is when we paid Napoli for Sarri despite having already been replaced by Ancelotti.


Of course you can. Clubs do that all the time, especially in Italy


Oh okay thank you for for the information!


You can and it is the norm in Italy, but it's not regarded as a positive thing normally. Restricts future employment opportunities as you would need the club's permission to talk with a new club. Means the club will profit from you if you find a new job within the contract term. The only reason it seems like a good thing here is Brexit visa nonsense


[Definition of gardening leave from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary](https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/gardening-leave): In the UK, a period of time after an employee leaves a job when they continue to be paid but are neither allowed to go to work nor to begin a new job. Important employees are sometimes put on gardening leave so that they cannot give private information about their previous employer to a new employer. This means Chelsea is not going to restrict Tuchel at all wrt his next career moves. This is **not** a bad thing. It's almost a courtesy.


Stop making sense, we react emotionally without logic around here


These days folks read a headline and immediately look for someone or something to demonize, to blame. So many immediately pointing the finger at management without a fuck’s clue as to what the conversations/settlement between TT and us was.


This headline is written to stir the pot. A few bored journos with nothing to write about for 2 months.


Very interesting. As a yank have never heard this term before


Something similar, but not exactly the same, could be a Non-Compete Clause. It's not a perfect comparison but most contracts and clauses differ on a case-by-case basis anyway.


When twitter laid off all those people they got severance for signing ndas and such.


I'd love him as England manager. That is all.


His record in knockout tournament is really good.


>It is unclear why a similar offer was not made to Tuchel by the Todd Boehly-Clearlake Capital ownership Oh it’s not personal at all


He was sacked. They arent going to keep him contracted on gardening leave. It's fair of the club to at least look out for the rest of the staff who would lose their jobs off the back of the sacking but through little fault of their own.


Gosh how kind of the club. Truly benevolent


Poor Tuchel, how is he going to survive with his measly 15m payout?


Its pretty shitty to not take care of staff if changes like that happen. Its basically redundancy for them. Of course they're given extra leeway when they weren't the reason for the sacking. If you were them you'd be pretty pissed at just being thrown in a hole by the club if thats what they did but they didn't. They took responsibility to make sure everyone could sort things out in reasonable time. They cant reasonably keep Tuchel under contract on gardening leave because they sacked him and replaced him. Its better for everyone that he be free to look for work elsewhere straight away if he wants. They'll also be keeping the staff because it can be justified that Potter may decide to bring some of them into his set up.


It isn't? Tuchel is a multimillionaire currently getting soa (edit: spa) treatment in India. Sorry, but I can't feel sorry for him on the basis of this.


Don’t know what soa treatment means, but you have no empathy for someone because of their wage? shows what type of person you are then.


No, I don't feel sorry for him having to leave England because he lost his job. It's not Chelsea's fault that the British public voted to leave the European Union. There are people in the UK working 2 jobs under crap conditions and for poor pay. They are the people I'll feel sorry for for losing their jobs. Sad he's not working anymore, but he'll be fine. If you really don't know what Spa treatment is, just look up what he has been doing in India since he lost his job. Believe me, he's one of the lucky ones lol


Empathy doesn’t mean feeling sorry for him but okay. And you didn’t say ‘spa treatment’ in your initial message you said ‘soa’


I don't know how he feels about having to leave England. I don't know the fella. The comments I responded to seemed to be insinuating that he's been treated unfairly, and I disagree with that.


Honestly don't understand how people get mad over a classic Matt Law shit stirrer. Complete non story.


People want to be angry at the current regime and need their confirmation bias. Anything that can be twisted or taken out of context is perfect.


Ah he has money therefore I can’t empathise with him what a refreshing take


So I'm going to be pedantic and annoying as you are doing the same: How can I understand how a stranger feels about a contractual arrangement that I was not privy to? If you want me to be sympathetic to him.. no I won't. He was deemed to be underperforming and by all accounts he wasn't in a great place and argued with players and representatives of the club. He received a multimillion pound pay off as per his contract and now is free to travel the world before jumping into a dream job of his choosing whenever he wants. You want me to feel sorry for him? Lol he should be feeling sorry for me!


Read your comment, did you forget what you typed or something? You said on the basis of him being a multi millionaire and getting spa or soa treatment in India is why you can’t feel sorry for him. Which is why i said you have no empathy for the man because of his wealth.


"Sorry, but I can't feel sorry for him on the basis of this." This meaning the topic we are discussing Ie him not being put on gardening leave. You just misunderstood the comment, and said something that wasn't fair to the argument I was making. Leave it alone it's no big deal


ITT: People confidently making sweeping generalizations about how terrible the club/Boehly is. --- The actual article: > It is unclear why a similar offer was not made to Tuchel


Gardening leave is such a hilariously British concept. I'd never heard that before.


Isn't this a good thing? Means he can go and get another job straight away, such a negative spin that he has to leave England, well ofc he doesn't have a job? You can make this sound negative either way lol


It's a neutral thing. Neither good nor bad. Both decisions have their pros and cons for both the employer and employee. I can't put my finger on why but the phrasing almost seems to suggest a negative implication which is not the case.


Yeah I would have assumed it was standard


Not an expert on this, so feel free to correct but if you're on gardening leave, you can't engage about other job offers, I think. Might not be an enforced law, but is the general understanding. I think this just means he can do whatever he wants professionally, Chelsea won't sponsor his documentation anymore.


Gardening leave for managers isn't the same as gardening leave for plebs. It happens all the time in football and is done to try and avoid having to pay the manager out of their contract. In football, for managers, they'll put them on gardening leave for the rest of their contract seeing as they'll have to pay it if they fire them on the spot anyway. The reason for doing it this way is that when another club comes in to give a new contract, the club that has the manager on gardening leave has a much stronger hand when negotiating the severance fee and end up paying out way less. Never in football would gardening leave be used to prevent a manager from joining another club or looking for other options. It's used for a completely different reason in football


Our treatment of Tuchel is disgusting, just in general. Class Act, and wish you well Gaffer. (please this does not imply im not backing Potter - I am not plastic)


This wasnt poor treatment of Tuchel, this was allowing Tuchel to go straight back to work. His staff cant work for another club until their gardening leave is over. Tuchel can go straight back to work and likely got *paid.*


What treatment? Honestly this melodrama reaction is embarrassing


Oh shut it.


What’s been disgusting about our treatment?


So plastic are those that don't back potter?


Haven't we always done this with the head coach. Whys this sub surprised.


Why would multi-millionaire Tuchel not be able to stay?




Wait, that's the original?


Go watch everything with David Mitchell! He is brilliant! He got a lot of sketch shows(where this is from) and also Peep show which is one of the greatest shows ever


Particularly the “football” sketch. A great parody on how football is advertised in the UK.


Boely out, potter out, tuchel in, abramovic in


Marina in as well I'd love to see us waste another 500M on average players


Danny drink water, come on down!!!


Fairly sure we did more than just waste money under their reign, despite what this sub thinks we weren’t always ‘entitled’ to trophies


You both, out. Me, in.


This is a pretty poor look. I get why they did it but it’s still shitty


Boehly and boehlybots are right pos.


Stop being emotional and think logically. If they had offered it to TT he wouldn’t be able to accept another coaching position.


He absolutely would have been. It's completely normal in football to put managers on gardening leave whilst they look for a new job. It's normally done to try to reduce the cost of the severance fee


Fuck boehly


To be fair, Chelsea deserves to rot and sit mid to lower table for the next 10 years




Ah yes because they have a camera on him the whole time, no wonder you know that!


Boehly & co just fuck up at every turn


Yes you have, it’s called a “non-compete agreement”


Boehly is a real dickhead American, that’s the issue. Look at his fucking waspy ass son 😆 that says enough. This dude has 10 yes-men following him around taking notes while stares at his iPhone.


If he wanted he'd just get employed somewhere for 35k annum and It'd be fine.


Lol you guys are so lame with these Tuchel posts. It's pretty embarrassing as a fan base actually. Feels like a sorry dude that got dumped and can't move on. Everyone else sees how pathetic he his but himself.