Can’t believe I’m saying this but Big Up Leeds




Well they’re looking at it realistically to be fair these add ons might be bullshit like scoring a hundred goals or winning the league or the champions league which might not happen anytime soon lol 😂 Leeds want the coins now


We're giving them the money they want and Barca are telling them to take a third of that? Honestly feels like the Trump Covid interview, and Barca are Trump.


Trump covid interview was better than Barcelona's bid


we actually have a pretty good relationship with leeds as a club. it's the fans where the rivalry begins


Lol Barca are so pathetic.


Imagine the audacity of knowing the price you need to match or exceed and still bidding below that.


Haha, not to mention the state of a club that has to sign away their future assets and rights to...still bid below the valuation clearly set by the parent club. Regardless of if we get him or not I'm loving this!


They think they entitled to player because player wants them.


These cunts are something else. Barca fans are so entitled, ‘Raphinha want us so Leeds should allow a lower fee, they need to respect their best player’


The same thing are said about Bayern not lowering their price and asking for payment upfront. Lol, entitled fans don't even know their club haven't even finish paying Bayern for Vidal. Can't even register their new signings.


Pathetic is an understatement, they can’t sign ANYONE. But are still trying to screw over every other club. Shits mad annoying.


Barca: Heres 50m for Raphinha Leeds: Chelsea have offered 60/65m, please match the bid. Barca: No but we’d like to buy him for 50m Leeds: 60/65m please. Barca: How about 50m now. Leeds: Chelsea have offered 60/65m Barca: yea but Raphinha please


Leeds: Match what Chelsea is offering or no deal Barça: Don't you know who I am? We're the most popular club in the world. So...50m is good?


I always cringe with the 'Don't you know who I am?' talk.


[I always think of Ronnie Pickering when I hear that.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0dcv6GKNNw&t=105s)


“Who the fuck is Ronnie Pickering” “ME!”


Absolute belter of a video. Forgot about this one


Lmao totally forgot about that.


I always think of a judge I know who tried that on the cops, on video, after a DUI arrest. Correction- a former judge I know.


Where it gets interesting is just how strongly Raphina sticks to the narrative of 'only Barca'. Does Leeds keep him by just refusing to go lower? Does Raphina eventually give in and move to us instead should Barca go no higher? Do Barca eventually cough up the money Leeds want? Honestly, even though I want is to bring in quality players... I'm not too bothered what happens. I'm confident that we're bringing in quality players either way and Raphina is far from a once in a lifetime talent but it does seem that right now the whole situation is quite tainted. Also - Barca selling their future assets just to spend massive on a winger... when they've just let a wingers contract run down and possible leave for nothing AFTER signing him for over €100m is just baffling business. Like other level madness from them.


If he says only barca, we're fucked I think. Lukaku showed how much bargaining power players have. Barca seem to be betting a lot on upcoming success too.


If he says just Barca do we even want him?




Exactly, we shouldn’t worry too much


Leeds my best friend? Honestly i really want him, but him and deco twerking for barcelona is not the best look


It just feels like he's going to jump ship very soon with this barca flirting. I would look elsewhere.


Why would he? No fuss in media and working his ass of in a relegation candidate. Before that he worked under the most demanding coach in world fotball without whining. And if he wants to leave in 2-3 years, they better pay =)


Yeah, everyone here loves Costa who only gave us 3 years and was a complete mercenary. Delivering on the pitch is what counts.


I still miss costa


Said the same. Let him play for us, then price him 100m in 2-3 years.


No shame is selling on good players and investing the money to get better all over. Look no further than coutinho.


For real - no reason to suggest there will be any off-field drama. He's such a safe investment in my opinion in that regard + sporting sense that he'll heavily retain, if not even increase, his price tag.


Man I feel like half of the people commenting weren't around when hazard signed and good thing too. He was clear we were a stepping stone to Madrid. I don't care at all if we can sign him for a few years if he delivers where it matters.


Its left a sour taste to be honest. Get neymar instead.


Tbf, he hasn't come out and said anything and you can't blame him for wanting to play for Barcelona. He hasn't thrown a fit at Leeds, afaik he hasn't even requested to be sold despite being miles out of their league. I'm not too worried about his loyalty.


Nah we can sell him to them in 3-4 years with an expensive release clause and make a profit


Man this broke club is so fucking entitled. Also we need to give Deco a deadline to just get on or fuck off


Well Deco wants that doesn’t he? I would argue don’t even talk to him.. just let this play out for as long as possible.. Leeds will anyway not sell for cheap!


Everybody ~~hates~~ loves Leeds?




Ya no seriously some of things I’m reading in here would get you hurt even meant as a joke


Actually I am laughing at Barcelona. Embarrassing 🤣 how many players do they wanna sign? How much cash do they have? They should keep going up with the price 🤣 it’s not Chelsea who is broke so idgaf Big up Leeds I respect that club


Have barca announced anyone yet ?


they cant even offer contracts to free agents


They can't.


After they account for their second lever, it should be the BLM one. The current lever only helped by showing profit but they still can’t sign anyone until that second lever.


The "financial levers' narrative around Barcelona right now make me laugh. It feels like the end of the game in Monopoly when someone can't afford to pay their hotel stay and have to sell their houses and mortgage their properties just to get enough cash to pay their debt. Only a matter of time before they are out of the game.






Yet we gazumped you 🤣


30m upfront and then 30m over 99 years probably..


30m upfront? Brother, Barcelona can't even offer €0 upfront to a free agent right now.


Barcelona 2022: taking out payday loans to still come up short in a bid with Leeds.


How come I can’t buy things in debt but Barcelona can? 😏


Get your money up Brokealona


I'm tired


Up until recent days I didn't know I kinda hate Deco. And also I gained a respect for Leeds


I swear, we’d submit an offer for a player in fucking Thailand, and Barcelona will come in trying to hijack our bid with imaginary money


Seriously if he wants to play for them so badly we shouldn’t sign him. Don’t need another player with head in the wrong club


Fucking Barcelona, shmuck of a club


It can be a players dream to play for Barcelona but playing for a bad Barcelona team could be a nightmare. Barcelona fans will expect continued greatness but with their financial problems that will be extremely hard. Financial issues don’t just go away especially if they continue to make expensive purchases.


Barcelona is embarrassing itself


Leeds are proper chels


Always rated Leeds


Unpopular opinion- let him go, if barca has the money and he wants it, then fine. Lukaku is still too fresh in my mind of signing a player who never initially wanted to be there in the first place. Personally don't think he's worth the leveraging offers against each other.


What are they playing at? They know they don’t have the money. I guess they’ll just keep hanging around until Leeds are forced to take one of their shit bids because Raphinha doesn’t want to play for us. What a joke. Like I’ve said before, he’s not a good enough player for us to go through all of this. Let him go if this is how it will be.


Leeds would be happy to keep him if it increases their chance to stay in the league I guess because the Prem has insane amounts of money going through it


It’s a possibility, but I think the most likely scenario is Barcelona gets close enough to our offer for Leeds to take what they can get or Raphinha realizes it’s not between Chelsea and Barca and instead between Chelsea and Leeds and he’ll pick the one playing in UCL. Regardless I feel pretty comfortable as the club who both has the higher bid and is not mortgaging our future for a few flashy signings to keep fans excited.


Agree, would not be fun if he didn't really want to play for us.


actually Raphinha is open to playing for us. He just prefers Barca more.


So he doesn’t want to play for us. He wants to play for Barcelona. He could be a Chelsea player at any moment if he just says the magic words, but he doesn’t.


But him preferring one team to another doesn't mean he doesn't want to play for us. If he didn't want to play for us, we probably wouldn't be in the running in the first place.


Mate, he’s literally twerking for Barcelona to sell more of their media rights so they can come in with a bid that Leeds will accept when we’ve already reached an agreement with Leeds and have a contract waiting for him on the table. Whatever you want to call it, it’s not something I want to be a part of. I wouldn’t be mad if we just moved on. He’s not good enough to deal with this.


I wouldn't be mad either if we don't get him. I'm just saying there hasn't been any truth to him saying he doesn't want to play for us. Regarding that media rights that Barcelona sold, it's only £229m and it seems like they may have better priorities than raphinha like getting lewa so I still think we have a good chance. I do believe that if Boehly doesn't get a definitive answer soon then we'll move on to other targets. Just gotta relax a bit and lets see where this goes. If we get him, great. If not, we move on.


So can we try to go for Dembele?


Christ my dislike for Barca has reached an entirely new level after the last few months.


Do we want a player who doesnt want to be here? I dont know about that..


Fk off. Let’s pull out. Stringing us on as an insurance plan.


Deco fuck off. Your old broke club can’t afford to own its own stadium lmfao


What does Raphinha want? If he wants Barca then let him go


Leeds are Gs for that, respect 🤝


Agent Leeds just saying no to Barca


I can see Barca and Deco telling Raph to refuse to play or train if Leeds don't accept their bid.


Presses "Tell him to sack his agent" button from Football Manager


I’ll take a Raphinha and then send him over to Barca for Pedri 🤝


It’s almost fascinating how good of a “brand” Barca have, even if the club is in shambles and they don’t have a stable economy they somehow still manage to attract top players.


Of course they want to respect our bid we’ve got 60-65m upfront Barca have fuck all probably 40m paid over 10 years 2 packs of manchego and an academy player that can only play in the months of April May and September.


If he wants to go to Barca just let him. I don’t care for players who want to be elsewhere.


Slight concern is we end up with a player who doesn't really want to be at Chelsea and just ticking over until Barcelona are in position. But if he's 100% in then hopefully it gets sorted soon as.


I feel like Chelsea should give Deco/Raphinha a deadline, say 48 hours. If the contract hasn't been accepted then the offer is withdrawn. They've had plenty of time to think about it already.


To all those suggesting we should pull out of this race- cmon guys! We have the upper hand.. a big chance to take a piss at an ungrateful Deco and A bankrupt Barca! Loving this!


We don't want another player making eyes at someone else ,. we should pull out .


We have a lot of business to do in the transfer market. This is a waste of time if Barca aren’t going to raise their bid.


Rivalry? What rivalry?


Feel bad for him. Good player but only clubs interested are us gunners n barca. You’d think a decent club would want him.


Better off going to Newcastle than Chelsea or Barca


If he sacks Deco as his agent after all of this that could be very telling


This doesn't sound right. Seems like his heart is at Barcelona.


I hope barcelona take him hes overpriced


I cba paying £65m for him when he's openly desperate for Barca. Offer Alonso a £0 p/w contract with a £5m bonus per volley scored and we're fine up front.


Hey guys I know I can't offer the same price as the other guy but like pleaaaaassseeeeeee!!! I Barcelona is a joke.


I wouldn't call offering $5 and an I.O.U scribbled on the back of a napkin "trying until the end"


I bet Leeds gonna sell to Barca for 50mil


I mean no surprise that Leeds wants to actually get paid 😅


Barca is indeed very trying.


Its insane how many barca fans think leeds are at fault for not decreasing the price, and that leeds should respect the player's wishes etc.


Honestly if Raphinha is holding out on us then we should be looking at other options and be completely ready to back out of the deal if it goes on too long. We can't be dealing with a player who isn't committed. Problem is that we've not been linked with any other right wingers except for Dembele.


We should just withdraw the bid. Player doesn't respect or want us enough. Hope barca can't find the funds and the bugger can stay in Leeds for another year instead of playing champions League