Is4x12 Lost & Bound one of the most useless episode in the long run?

Lost & Bound is the episode right before Charmed & Dangerous and it sets up plots that ultimately are ignored the very next episode and remainder of the season.

We learn about Firestarters and how The Source abducts these witches to add them to his personal guard. Come the very next episode....no Firestarters or anything of the sort to be found.

Phoebe has an entire arc about not wanting to lose herself with her marriage to Cole. After C&D she literally loses herself to being Mrs.Cole Turner.

Cole is attempting to acclimate to human life. Gets a job with Paige and has what seems to be a promising future role in the show. He becomes The Source at the end of C&D and his entire human arc is thrown away.


The biggest issue imo is Piper learning to appreciate being bound as a child so she could enjoy childhood. Then proceeds to let her baby terrorist conjure dragons, so whacky dangerous shit left right and center and refuse for bind his powers for the good of the planet.


I agree. The show constantly makes the characters forget the important lessons they learned. Phoebe goes to the future (in Morality Bites) to get burn alive for killing someone with magic and then continues to abuse her magic as the show progresses.


While The Source and the Underworld council had guards, there would be no active firestarters guarding The Source because it is stated in the episode by Ludlow that The Source actually steals the powers of firestarters and usually kills the ones captured by the academy, and that’s why firestarters are very rare. Here, Ludlow freezes Tyler as he prepares for The Source to arrive and steal Tyler’s powers. https://preview.redd.it/bbymnpzu255b1.jpeg?width=633&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=550b2c799a93bb631e126bc6040c825357eddb84 The Phoebe storyline is foreshadowing what actually happens, like in Season 5 when Leo and Piper promise to work on their marriage and the episode still ends with the pending break up of their relationship.


Wasn’t there a scene of the Source that didn’t make the episode?


yah it was supposed to foreshadow the next episode


The one where he leans over a bannister like Alexis Colby in Dynasty saying "I'll get you next time, you nasty skanks"


It has one of my favorite comedic moments — when Piper is talking to the kid about their powers and she blows stuff up.


I didn't think Cole was good as a human, but I also didn't think he was good as the Source either. They shouldn't have messed with him being Belthazor or should have just brought him back to being Belthazor again. I liked him better in S5 (?) when Phoebe rescued him from purgatory or wherever he was where he was stealing people's powers.


Have you watched season 8?