CMV: Floyd Mayweather fighting Logan Paul diminishes his legacy and minimizes the professional boxing scene

CMV: Floyd Mayweather fighting Logan Paul diminishes his legacy and minimizes the professional boxing scene


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In 2012, Prince Harry beat Usain Bolt in the 100m dash. He only had the opportunity to race Bolt because he's a celebrity/royalty. He won because he had a fast start. It doesn't diminish either of their legacies because the whole thing was clearly just for fun. This "fight" between Mayweather and Paul was just a goof. It made a lot of money though sheer hype, but it obviously wasn't a real boxing match. Normally this type of thing is just a goof for charity, but in this case, both fighters kept the money. That part is tacky, but the rest of it is no big deal.


>In 2012, Prince Harry beat Usain Bolt in the 100m dash. If you're talking about this https://youtu.be/5LRWoiLEzx0 ....then I think that's very different circumstances than a legit match between two people hahaha but I feel what you're saying


I thought the boxing match was an exhibition match not a serious one.


Yeah, that's a really stupid comparison to make. He didn't "have a fast start," he just took off while Bolt wasn't looking as a joke. And Bolt didn't even run after him.


People said that Muhammed Ali fighting well past his prime would ruin his legacy. Doing things like fighting a pro wrestler in Japan would ruin his legacy. People said Jordan coming out of retirement a second time to play for the Wizards would ruin his legacy. That bumbling around playing minor league baseball would ruin his legacy. Jerry Rice on the Seahawks, Willie Mays on The Mets. the list goes on and on. In every case the same thing happened. People forgot and time remembered the great. Mayweather fighting Logan Paul will be a trivia question in a few years.


>then I think that's very different circumstances than a legit match between two people hahaha but I feel what you're saying This was not a "legit match" in any way, shape or form. It was titled an 8 round "exhibition". It did not have a weight class , it didn't have any judges, there was no scoring and there was no winner declared. It was nothing more than 2 guys putting on a really bad show for a ridiculous amount of money. Next time, a monkey might fight a horse..


>>then I think that's very different circumstances than a legit match between two people hahaha but I feel what you're saying > >This was not a "legit match" in any way, shape or form. When I say "legit" I mean marketed, advertised, sold, and taken relatively seriously. Obviously not as serious as a title boxing match. But this event was legitimately put together to showcase the two of them boxing. That's what I meant by "legit". Very different than prince Harry simply running on his own while in the presence of Usain Bolt and a camera 😂😂


Mayweather literally said it was legalized bank robbery so eh. It was kinda legit but obviously not when you have one of the greatest if not the greatest boxer ever going against Logan Paul who is mainly an internet personality.


I think you need to stop using the word "legit" to describe it. You can't call something legit if they don't follow any of the normal rules of the thing. This boxing match was less "legit" than the NFL pro-bowl or the NBA all star games. No one expects to see real effort football/basketball, it's all for the entertainment and money. At least they declare winners and have refs calling the games though, this boxing match didn't.


If by showcase you mean put together to draw an audience, then yes. If you mean to highlight their boxing, then no. It was very clearly put on as a spectacle, and Mayweather was very clear that he just did it for the money and wasn't gonna fight for real.


No one took it seriously


This wasn't a legit match. The comparison to a charity-less charity match is a fair one. If this had been for a good cause, it would have ended up similarly.


This wasn't a legit match. Mayweather said before the match he was just gonna coast and give the fans a good time. No scoring, no winner, not a legit match by any stretch.


I thought the boxing match was an exhibition match not a serious one.


"Legit match" ... huh? This was and always was, billed strictly as an exhibition... NOT a legit match where two dudes go and slug it out for a belt.


Mayweather doesn't care about the sport of boxing, it's just the best and easiest way for him to make lots of money. He'll fight Peter Dinklage if the purse is right.


How was this a legit match? It’s a amateur boxer celebrity vs the world champ.


It wasn't a legit match though?


It wasn't a legit match, hence "exhibition" match.


> than a legit match between two people An exhibition match is not a legit boxing match. It is not recognized in the professional scene. It literally means nothing.


As far as I know, this was just an exhibition match. Just for fun or in this case, just taking free money for a sparring match.


Well, where do we begin? 1. It wasn't a sanctioned fight. He could have brought a llama into the ring and hump Logan Paul's leg. Logan Paul could have skydived in with a chainsaw. 2. They are completely different weight classes. Mayweather would never fight in the 185lb weight class. Logan Paul wouldn't last 4 rounds in the 185lb weight class. He is fighting a 150lb person in an exhibition. 3. Floyd Mayweather is a celebrity. Part of his job is to be accessible for exhibitions and other non-contract events. He is an autonomous being who is capable of making his own decisions. This is a decision he made. 4. Any celebrity is allowed to fight any other celebrity. There is nothing preventing ANY two people (celebrity or not) from boxing each other in a legally-governed match 5. Floyd Mayweather is also an entitled asshole. He, Conor McGregor, and Logan Paul should have a 3-way orgy of their entitlement. They can do coke off of each other's dicks for all we care.


!delta I honestly don't follow boxing too much but I would've agreed with OP. All of your points are good.


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>They are completely different weight classes. Mayweather would never fight in the 185lb weight class. Logan Paul wouldn't last 4 rounds in the 185lb weight class. I dont follow boxing at all but this really got me. Paul had like 50 lbs and 5 inches on Mayweather, if its not a sanctioned fight why do the conventional rules still apply? Why use gloves? Why bar either one from using MMA hits? Paul was throwing his weight around (literally) and that's the only reason he was still vertical at round 8; the least the organizers could have done is allow Mayweather to use his experience to cripple the guy. I get that it was a show match and no titles were on the line; but with a size difference that massive Paul could have (even being a total novice) seriously injured Mayweather, to force Mayweather to fight so restrained was... Frustrating to say the least.


Mayweather is one of the greatest professional boxers of all time. Logan Paul is a decently sized dude that could probably win a few bar fights. How is it not in Mayweather’s advantage to constrain people to the rules within which Mayweather spent a lifetime perfecting his craft?


I forget if these are allowed if I'm not the OP but this really deserves a !delta I hadn't considered that last point, and it makes sense. If Mayweather broke out some BJJ, a field where he *hasn't* spent 40+ years, he'd be at a handicap to Paul and lose his hand up as a professional boxer.


It's funny you think Floyd shouldn't assoiciate with an "online asshole" like Logan Paul when, outside the ring, he's well known for beating the shit out of various women, and has even done time for it. Not doubting Logan Paul is an obnoxious person but Mayweather is a serious piece of shit.


I never said they shouldn't associate. I also never claimed for Mayweather to be a great person. But I hear you.


My point is, I don't care what Mayweather does now he's retired. His crimes are for more damaging to boxing than any silly money grabs like this could be. If it was someone I respect, I might feel differently.


Any chance of you replying to many of the other top comments that face really good responses? I’m curious what you think of them.


You said it diminishes his legacy and damages boxing. Why do you think it hasn’t already been sufficiently diminished and damaged from his prior actions? Why do you care *now*?


When someone is a known abuser don't find ways to legitimise them.


Floyd literally likened it to robbing a bank and not being retired for money. He didn’t care about anything else. Neither did Logan or any of the other promoters. They also don’t really care in regular matches do whatever fight will make them the most money


This was an Exhibition match, it was not counted on their records. If it was, I might've agreed with you. So I don't what legacy you're talking about. Also Ali and others in the past fought people equally outrageous as Exhibition matches. Their legacies haven't been tarnished at all and have instead either been more or less forgotten(their exhibitions) or have made them far more interesting.


I actually didn't know about the Ali fight. I'm glad I know now though! A few people mentioned this and I do agree it hasn't impacted Ali's legacy at all IMO. !delta


Regarding Ali's one, I can't for the life of me remember his name but it was against a guy who was trying to box him while on the floor. lol.


This might be it: Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzm2qveUi54


>This might be it: Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzm2qveUi54 Aw man now after watching this video I wanna halfway take my Delta back since this is what I based it on. This Ali fight is completely different to me because it was a fight where both men were trying a style they have never tried before and the person he fought was legitimately a fighter in his own right and not just a random popular person who wanted to talk shit with Ali. But my Delta still stands I suppose because in THEORY had Ali fought a random Joe Schmoe it would be fair to say his legacy wouldn't get tarnished.


Ali also fought Lyle Alzado in a boxing exhibition.


I’m with ya. Plus, both were legit fighters in their own right, despite different schools and trying to come up with a one-off hybrid for this fight. Though, based on that video breakdown, Inoki brought a lot of shame to the hybrid fighting style. In almost any other way for that to play out, it would have gone better. Knocked out Mike Tyson style in the first dozen seconds? Ali could have had his pick of Martial Artist who wanted to try and redeem the sport. Other boxer’s might have fought other Martial Artists. If Inoki had been able to stand with Ali, but bring him to the ground and pin him, the whole world, even Mother Theresa, would have demanded the Champ get another chance. It went the distance and there would good exchanges, but not enough punching to end Inoki and no way for Inoki to pin Ali? Still a great fight. That. I might need to wait 40-50 years for some YouTuber to do a breakdown of the Logan-Mayweather fight, but appears both fizzled. I’d also say I overall agree with you and Mayweather cheapened himself by taking a fight after his retirement that is purely a money grab. Ali’s fight at least had potential in it to bring more. This wasn’t really different than Butterbean getting paid to knock Knoxville’s clock out. But even that built up Knoxville’s circle and introduced a lot of people to Butterbean. Now… when Mayweather fought McGregor, it was at least something where another high level and professional fighter at least had some level of argument to be given a fight against Mayweather. Though, that it was McGregor’s first boxing match gave away that the fix was in:-D


Ali planned an exhibition match with Wilt Chamberlain at some point as well, which would have been ridiculous since Wilt was a 7'2 basketball player. It was cancelled due to the loss against Frazier I believe.


Didn't Tyson as well back in 2005 or so not counting his recent fight in November.


I don't think it tarnishes his legacy as much as you think it does. It's easy to say these things in the immediate aftermath, but the reality is that his legacy will be somewhat untouched 10 years from now. It's the same way people talk about basketball players at the end of their careers. It may seem like a few bad years at the age of 38-40 will ruin their legacy, but the reality is that people tend to treat these things as blips on the radar once there's some separation from it. I'd also argue that this is the logical endpoint for a sport that bases fighter salary around a mix of marketability and skill. At the end of the day, a boxer's salary is somewhat divorced from their true skill level. I suppose pride is part of the equation, but it would be hard for me to turn down the ability to make an easy 100 million dollars too.


I'm not gonna argue on Mayweather's legacy as I'm not someone who follows boxing much. But I seriously disagree it minimized the pro boxing scene as a whole. There are thousands of people who have never watched professional boxing a day in their life who purchased a PPV because a social media guy was fighting a real boxer. They then got exposed to real boxing through the other matches on the card. They saw plenty of real, legitimate boxing that night. Someone like Jack the Ripper, who went right before the main event, just got more exposure than he'd ever get otherwise. Also, Mayweather fought extremely defensively, as he has the past 25+ fights. He has had few knockouts in his last 20, most of them go to decisions. People were disappointed that the boxing fight didn't end in a knockout, but those people are (like me) not big boxing fans and think boxing *should* be all about knockouts. If the sport has evolved in such a way that even an all-time great can't put down an amateur social media villain with his fists, the sport was "broken" before the fight was ever booked.


This statement is only true if you believe all of the following. 1. The fairytale of boxing being the noblest and least corrupt sport ever created was violated by this event. 2. All of Mayweather’s other fights were top tier in the peak of their prime contenders or champions. 3. Mayweaters legacy is directly tied to having a 100% pure record without a single blemish, record padder, tune-up, or cash grab along the way. 4. The legacy of a sport (boxing) that predates the Olympics is directly and inexorably tied to the actions of a 5’8” 150 lbs man born in Michigan in 1977. 5. That being “accessible” as a champion fighter is a bad thing despite John L Sullivan being wield famous for his take-all-comers approach to fighting. If you don’t know the Great John L then I can’t help you and you have no business discussing the “legacy of boxing.” 6. That all the time and effort Paul spent developing his fan base, brand, and marketing expertise wasn’t him earning his place in this exhibition event. 7. That this exhibition event was somehow unique and unprecedented in the history of boxing or at the very least on another level to the idea of a champion boxer getting in the ring with professional wrestlers (the fake kind) like Ali and Tyson were known for. 8. That getting shots at major fights wasn’t a popularity contest all along or at least partially so. 9. That this event was in any way anything more than an exhibition fight between two businessmen wanting to please both of their considerable fan bases and make money. TLDR: this is what boxing always has been. It’s not new. From John L Sullivan, to Ali, to Tyson boxers have taken part in events exactly like this one. So either the legacy of boxing was already tarnished or t never existed in the first place.


It only diminishes his legacy if for some reason you thought it was an actual fight. The event was an exhibition.


Who cares how accessible Mayweather is? He's retired. This fight doesn't change his 50-0 record. This wasn't a title fight. It wasn't even a sanctioned boxing match. It was an exhibition match. This fight is no different than if he were to dress up as Ronald McDonald and go 8 rounds with The Hamburglar. If anything, it gets more people talking about the sport of boxing, which is good for the sport.


>As a boxer who ... only fought the best of the best of those who legitimately earned a shot at the top through winning their way to the top You might want to learn more about boxing.


Did punching his wife diminish Mayweather's legacy?


Remember that time Muhammed Ali fought a Japanese professional wrestler? No one will remember or care about one little joke fight in a few years.


1. Floyd is not "arguably the greatest boxer of all-time". Sugar Ray Robinson is the greatest boxer of all-time. Floyd is arguably top 20. Most Boxing heads have him between 20-30. Boxing is a 120 year old sport with guys far more accomplished than Mayweather. Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Harry Greb, Muhammad Ali, Sweat Pea Whitaker, Joe Louis, Willie Pep, Julio Cesar Chavez who was like 100-0 before he lost. Ect ect 2. Boxing exhibitions are nothing new. Ali fought a Japanese martial artist and got his legs shredded for his troubles. Larry Holmes fought Butterbean. Oscar De La Hoya fought Shaq so did Mosley. Boxers are prize fighters after their careers are over there are only so many avenues to earn pay day and thats usually silly exhibitions fighting no hopers 3. 3.. Mayweather legacy is completely intact no matter what he does in retirement. You are taking his 5 championships in 5 weight divisions, 20+ title defenses away. You arent taking his victories over Jose Corrales, Juan Castillo, Ricky Hatton, Arturo Gatti, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Pacquiao ect ect away from him. Whatever Floyd Mayweather does to play around in retirement has no bearing on his fabulous boxing career.


> CMV: Floyd Mayweather fighting Logan Paul diminishes his legacy and minimizes the professional boxing scene Isn’t his legacy one of the GOATs? Do you still think this? If so, how is it diminished? As far as the boxing scene, isn’t the fact that people saw it growing the scene instead of shrinking it?


>isn’t the fact that people saw it growing the scene instead of shrinking it? I think this gets into a question of growing the scene versus diminishing the stature of boxing to the general public. If the NBA decided tomorrow that every game would be played shirtless and there would be concerts between every quarter, I have to imagine they would get more eyeballs. But it would somewhat diminish the NBA from a basketball perspective, at least in the eyes of the public. I think a similar thing is possible here. By encouraging gimmicky fights like the one yesterday, you sacrifice some legitimacy in the eyes of the general public for increased viewership. I don't know which one is preferable, but I don't think it's unreasonable to say that fights like last night give boxing a different image that inches it closer to spectacle than sport.


>By encouraging gimmicky fights like the one yesterday, you sacrifice some legitimacy in the eyes of the general public But only by it going the way it did. If Mayweather had knocked his ass out then we would see 'overpaid clown gets his shit rocked by a real pro'. Instead we get 'Paul goes the distance with the champ' which to me as a fringe fan makes boxing not look as cool.


Is that the takeaway? Or is the takeaway that one of the most talented boxers of all time is choosing to fight a celebrity instead of an actual boxer? Genuinely interested because I'm a relatively serious boxing fan. As such, it's hard for me to gauge the general perception of boxing because it's easier for me to distinguish between this type of spectacle and the sport as a whole. Is it specifically the outcome that gives you a diminished perception of boxing, or the fact that the fight happened at all?


Yah I am not a big boxing follower, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I get it was just an exhibition but giving a very undeserving Logan Paul the opportunity to be there was bad looks imo. Charity exhibition maybe I'd feel different, but just a cash grab, ehhhh I don't know. I explained it to my friends like how would you feel about baseball if they grabbed PewDiePie, or Ninja, or some other internet personality to pitch for a game and he did fine? Wouldn't you you think less of the rest of the players? Again, would be a totally different story if Mayweather had annihilated him.


>Yah I am not a big boxing follower, so take what I say with a grain of salt. That's why I was interested in your viewpoint. You have a different perspective on the sport than I do that's probably closer to the mainstream view, which is what I was interested in. I can see how that perspective could have a negative effect on the image of boxing, so you've changed my view from that perspective. !delta.


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This doesn't hurt either Mayweather or boxing because they are both already pretty tarnished. Mayweather is a great defensive boxer and that's just what he did in this fight, he's never been a knockout artist. On the personal side this fight makes him looks accessible and greedy sure, but everyone already knows he only cares about money, his nickname is literally "Money" lol. As for boxing, the sport is already in a bad spot, its been loosing all its fans to MMA for a decade or two now. People said the same thing 5 or 6 years ago when the Mayweather Pacquiao fight happened (that it ruined boxing, and boxing is boring now, ect. ect.). This fight got people who've never watched a boxing match to watch boxing for the first time... and probably realize how boring it is. Honestly I see all this hate just as people who don't know much about boxing wanting to see a youtuber they love/hate knock out/get knockedout and being upset because they didn't get what they wanted.


The thing that you're forgetting is money. They did it for money. Also I for one am totally in support of "public physical abuse of celebrities, the sport". The less they earn their spot in the fight by being qualified boxers, the better


First, a month from now, people talking about Mayweather will barely mention Paul’s name. Anyone who respects the boxer and athlete that he was, will still hold that respect. “Best defensive boxer and arguably greatest boxer of all time” are not likely to have a caveat as “also had a corny fight for millions”. This may not be self evident so I’ll address your point on accessibility. Fighting Logan Paul does nothing to make weather seem accessible. Logan Paul has more access than 99% of people on this planet. He’s insanely famous, wealthy, and (unfortunately) influential. Saying this makes him too accessible is like saying “Now anyone with $50 million can fight Mayweather” which is a pretty exclusive group. The fights corny. I wish he didn’t take it but only because I was disappointed in myself for thinking he might actually make it interesting. But I don’t think his legacy is affected


It was an exhibition doofus. If you watched it thinking there would be a winner then you’re actually dumb lol. It doesn’t hurt his legacy. He didn’t lose, and he’s done exhibitions like this before. Just because the internet liked to hate Paul for no reason, doesn’t mean the event wasn’t entertaining. These guys have an ungodly amount of people who want them to box and will watch it. They capitalized and made money. And hate to break it to you Bucko, but most fights happen because a guy like Floyd with huge power in boxing chooses who he fights. Are you trying to insinuate Floyd never fought tomato cans? Just because they were promoted as a “boxer”? Floyd is not “accessible”. You underestimate how many people tune in to watch the Paul’s man. Floyd took an opportunity to make a shit ton of money in a fight he knew would have no winner. I’m sure he’s real upset today looking at his bank account. What, do you think Floyd is now forced to fight someone else to prove himself? Haha I love how you point out his perfect record and how he “fought the best of the best” yet since he fought Paul, all this shit he “proved” to you went out the window. 😂 yeah ok


Mayweather would not fight me or you. He ‘fought’ Paul because of the audience he brought & the money the fight generated. It was an exhibition & should be treated as such. It’s similar in reasoning as to why Floyd could be selective in his choice of opponents later in his career. Matchmaking in boxing is a skill & Floyd was very good at it. He usually wanted a fighter coming off a signature win who could be hyped as the next ‘big threat’, where in reality he was leagues above most fighters. Paul could generate a lot of money due to his following & Floyd clearly saw it as a risk worth taking. That’s why they fought. In reality, there are very, very few other people who Floyd would entertain in this scenario. In a greater sense, the ‘celebrity fight scene’ is high risk, but could be a good thing for boxing. If a top fighter loses to a relatively novice celebrity, that could delegitimise the sports. I see that as unlikely, due to the skillset attained by high level boxers. If this scene brings more young fans into boxing I think that’s a good thing.


Boxing is only about money. It's profile is so low that you can't guarantee any given "champion" is even in the top 5 of possible "best" boxers because the attention, incentives and general societal consciousness is SO low for boxing in general that the guys who would have been the best are much, MUCH more likely not to have even bothered going into boxing than they would have been 30 or 50 or 100yrs ago. Boxing is a joke. Mayweather has about the same "legacy" as a random Kentucky Derby winner from 5yrs ago. He could fight a kangaroo and encore by boxing two dozen emperor penguins, and it wouldn't change anything. Boxing isn't a sport. It's a fetish. [Edit: If you think I'm out of line, just compare NBA annual salary cap, baseball or football payrolls, top contacts in other big sports, etc. to title fight purses over the same period. Boxing is a joke.]


Mayweather is retired and he's an adult. He should be able to do whatever he wants in his free time. Especially because he is making an insane amount of money, and obviously a lot of people wanted to see the show. Since when is making money wrong? Why is it important for him to be accessible? It's not like this was a title fight or even a real fight. Rocky was a nobody who got to fight the champ and that movie was dope. If it was just some YouTube douche who got a title shot, I'd agree with you. But this was an exhibition. Also I think Mayweather is the greatest "defensive" boxer of all-time. I don't think he rises to the level of the greatest. His legacy is already one of a money-hungry, illiterate, asshole woman beater so it's not like he can tarnish that too much.


First of all, I don't understand why everyone is up in arms about this. Mayweather is retired from being a real boxer. This wasn't real boxing. This was just a hyped up spectacle. Plenty of retired athletes do all sorts of dumb shit for money and it doesn't impact their legacy. I think it was a genuine curiosity. My only real criticism is that Mayweather is the worst possible fighter for this. I'm no boxing expert, but I watched a lot of those Mayweather fights. He's never going to commit to the square off and start throwing haymakers type of fight that this spectacle deserved. Obviously we were all hoping to see Logan Paul get the ever living shit kicked out of him, and that's just not Mayweather's thing.


100% disagree. Mayweather is the greatest defensive boxer to have ever stepped in the ring, maybe the greatest ever. Mayweather is in his 40s and all he had to do In the ring was box some kid less than half his age, almost 40lbs on him and got 50-100M for it. He milked an exhibition match not even a real rated match for that much money and walked out. He said it best” this is a legalized bank robbery”.


The more you pay attention to the bullshit the more they’re going to do it. People like watching someone arrogant go and fight someone who is a legend and I believe it’s all a big game anyway. The night will pass people will eventually forget when you tubers keep this trend and pro boxing will still go on.




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Accessible for the right amount of money. No common person could set up a fight with him out of nowhere if there were no profit in it for him. He's known as a business man out of the ring as much as he is a great fighter inside of it. This was frankly a damn good choice for him financially and that's been a big motivating factor in his chosen opponents. Why should he have to bend to the will of what is expected when he can literally do what he wants with his fame, his abilities and who he wants to fight? As far as I can see he only served his legacy even better, it's like a big trolling joke to the rest of the fighting world, proving he is King of his profession and doesn't really have to bow to anyone. It's no secret that Floyd is a complete lush. He spends a million like it's NOTHING. Made the right offer and the right person to go up against he'd fight it for sure. His game has been about making bank for a long ass time. Why would he deny himself the opportunity to get far richer than he was? He'd of made what most of us could only dream of in one fell swoop. It would be stupid to NOT do it. Saying all of that, do you genuinely think he cares about professionalism or diminishing his legacy over the balance of his bank account lol? He's laughing all the way to his next fight. It's just a game to him now and he's probably always gonna win frankly.


Mayweather tarnished his own legacy to be honest. He’s a workaholic and he came from a broken home. But his record is a bit suspect from the start. He always dodged fighters and only fought them past their prime just look at what happened with the Pacquiao fight. Pac-man should’ve fought Mayweather years before the fight happened. Mayweather only took the fight when he started to notice Pacquiao beginning to lose to Father Time. He’s also a bully from how he treats his girlfriends and the way he beat that Japanese kickboxer when he was much heavier bigger and also came to the venue two hours late. He bear Dela Hoya when he was on the decline, which isn’t his fault since he was still a newcomer then. But if you actually look into his fights and the timing of them his record is impressive, but a lot of them should have asterisks next to them. Yes, he fought Canelo, but he fought him when Canelo was still green and honestly wasn’t ready for Mayweather. Mayweather is impressive for his work ethic and drive, but he’s a marketing man first and a boxer second. He won’t take a fight that he knows he won’t win and he hasn’t taken a lot of huge risks compared to the greats in the past. Definitely read “Money” to gain more insight into the figure the writing is a little rough sometimes, but it gives a lot of context about Mayweather.


This 'fight' was an exhibition, without judges, and without a declared winner. Much like his fight with McGregor, it was used as a means of entertainment. He carried Paul through the fight like he carried Conor, and he was never in it to build on his already cemented legacy - if you can't respect that his legacy was already set in stone, then your view is diluted and narrow. He was even quoted shortly after saying that he is always open to provide an entertainment factor, but is 100% done boxing, and this didn't change that stance. How you can shame a legends legacy for knowing how to utilize his name to make money and brings fans an entertaining spectacle is ignorant. What I think is sorely disregarded in your view is the fact that the professional boxing scene is already shit compared to what it once was. This fight, the Ochocinco fight, and all the other Paul fights brings a new wave of fans to a new form of entertainment - but it's not boxing at any level compared to the highest, and it was never trying to. Professional boxers will still fight each other for real status and legacy, but boxing hasn't been relevant enough to warrant these exhibitions diminishing or building any prominence. Mayweather was a GOAT before this event, and he still is afterward.


He had a cheeky unsanctioned match against a youtuber for millions of dollars. He's not more "accessible" he's a businessman. He made 10 mil+ to grow his brand, grow his fanbase (i'm sure there are Logan Paul fans who didn't know who mayweather was), and become one of the most talked about people in the world even if it's only for a couple of days. His "legacy" just reached millions of people, and if anything is being built upon to be STRONGER as he goes into the next chapters of his life. This would be his time to jump on anything social media related that he might be interested in doing, with all the publicity. As for the sport itself, It's dying, at least in the US. It doesn't have near the amount of popularity it once had. I'm sure the Paul's have helped bring a lot of attention to the sport of boxing, which in turn can bring new people into the sport, which in turn grows the sport, which is good for the sport. Yes the fight was a joke and should not have been taken seriously. You know what else is a joke? Having a 50-0 boxer named "money" mayweather fight a youtube star and think that it WASN'T for the money and that it would actually be a good fight.


Boxing has kind of been locked behind this mentality of only the best or trying to pin down who the best is etc. but I think what Mayweather did by appearing more accessible by putting boxing up as the sport and not himself as some godly champion, is they he brought more people to spectate. Boxing would probably die out as a sport if it wasn’t for events like this. Most kids don’t hear days watched because of Logan Paul not Floyd mayweather and that sort of blending or merging has to happen for the greater good of boxing. I started watching Boruto recently for example and I mean what is the point the peak of ninja shit has happened and Naruto is the strongest and it all ends? They is pretty boring. I mean do we just want boxing to fade to black since we found the best person we could? Why would anyone devote their life to boxing then? How could anyone not devoted to it reach a rank high enough to challenge the top? I don’t think Mayweather had any of this in his head but he for certain did a credit to keeping boxing alive a few more years and there is a Logan Paul fan out there right now who is probably looking into a boxing gym. They could be the next GOAT.


It was just an exhibition fight, there's never a winner. Anyone who actually knows/follows boxing knows this was a "event" to be ignored. There are kids and teens that never would have had the slightest interest in the sport before hand that are gonna watch it, love it, and find a whole new passion from it. Any publicity is good publicity. Floyd's legacy is already untouchable, pretend this never happened the man is still 50-0 undefeated one of the greatest fighters of all time. The only area you have any validity in your argument is saying it "minimises the professional scene" and that's strictly financial as Logab got paid more than some actual pros do BUT all Logan or Jake or KSi or any if these influences have done is capitalise on something any celebrity could have. It doesn't matter if you're a youtuber, actor, singer, basketball player, whatever! If a celebrity steps in the ring they're gonna bring new eyes that wouldn't normally give the sport the time of day to the screen and aslong as one of those eyes say "I like this I'm gonna follow this" then it's a business win and like every other sport now adays boxing is just a business


You're overthinking it, it's just an exhibition match and every sport does PR. There's been tons of exhibition matches over the years. Just part of the sport. And it won't be the last. YouTubers just happen to be a new type of celebrity. You're seeing more of them doing different promotions. And boxing is dying. It needs to reach a younger audience. This was a great gimmick, promote a match with a champion against a celebrity that people who grew up watching are now old enough to buy beer and watch it with their buddies in the garage. And I think you may be giving Mayweather a little more credit then he deserves. First he's well known to really like money. Secondly he was never really a great spokesperson for professional boxing bc he's such a prick and has a lot of personal controversy. Third a lot of his record is about winning decisions. Strategic boxing. (Don't get me wrong the dude can fight and I certainly wouldn't get into a ring with him for anything less then enough to set kids up for life bc he'd probably kill me) but that was his style. The reality was is Mayweather has more talent then Paul ever could have and it would've lasted 10 seconds of Mayweather just chose to knock him out in 10 seconds. Hence exhibition match.


Floyd is 50-0, World Champion. Let that sink in. He competed at the highest level for decades, while he put his body through punishment 99% of the world will never experience. You grossly underestimate the amount of talent and hard work required to achieve that. Quite frankly, it’s disrespectful to weigh-in on one “exhibition” (we knew was for entertainment, and he didn’t lose) and claim that his legacy is tarnished. I do not believe you are a boxing fan. This is like criticizing Michael Jordan or LeBron James for playing in a 1-on-1 at one of their summer basketball camps for kids.


You seem to have a pretty naive view of boxing as some kind of pure test of skill unsullied by the baser motivations. The reality check is that boxing is about money; boxers will do whatever makes the most money from selectively fighting mismatched opponents to throwing fights. This goes for almost every combat sport; they are a lot more like pro wrestling than most people think; the job of the athletes and promotions is to make it seem as convincing as possible. But if you look at the incentives, it doesn’t make sense not to manipulate things when there is the chance of creating a long-term star than can earn a lot of money for a promotion over the course of a career. One legitimate fight can result in an injury that can stop a career dead in its track and all of a sudden the money dries up, it’s not a risk worth taking. Even a sport as apparently “pure” as sumo wrestling, with hundreds of years of history and tradition is well-known to be fixed at the highest levels of competition.


I think you might be conflating "Floyd Mayweather tarnishing his legacy" with "Floyd Mayweather handing a win-win scenario to someone everyone hates." It was an exhibition match, and at the end of the day, Mayweather v Paul not likely to get more than a passing mention when anyone discusses his legacy as a boxer. Meanwhile, Paul had basically a small handful of winning outcomes: he gets lucky and wins, the most straightforward 'win'; he gets beaten, and can say "of course I lost, it's Mayweather" and still comes out with millions of dollars; or he goes the distance as he did, in which case he can say he went the distance against Mayweather. All of the above come with a gigantic paycheck. At the end of the day, this match was certainly far more beneficial to Paul than it was to Mayweather, but seeing as this isn't a zero-sum game, the only mark this left on Mayweather's reputation comes from the fact that he didn't knock Paul out like everyone wanted. I wouldn't call that a tarnished legacy, especially considering this isn't all that different from the McGregor fight, which we can all agree didn't affect his legacy either. The time he fights a cocky celebrity, we will all still be excited to see them lose all the same.


So boxing is out of my wheelhouse, but I’m a huge hip hop head and I’ll speak from that area. Discussions about who’s the greatest of all time are super common and there are a ton of arguments to be made. A lot of the greats who were huge in their early days are still making music but to a much less calibre. Should artists like Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, and Kanye West all have less standing due to bad albums they released later in their careers? I would argue no, and I think most people would too. Even though Eminem dropped hot garbage like Revival, he’s the top selling rapper of all time and still has unprecedented story telling abilities and rhyme schemes. Even though Kanye West has fallen off the wagon and released a godawful half assed gospel album, he’s one of the greatest producers ever in hip hop and has inspired the majority of popular rappers. While newer output can change who’s the greatest in the game *right now* I don’t think it can affect legacy at all


Obviously Mayweather is an amazing boxer who could kick most of our asses with no warmup, but being a champion in boxing isn't quite the same thing as it is in other sports. There's not a season and a bracket that you work your way up. If someone thinks you've got real potential, they'll arrange for you to fight some other dudes, preferably ones who aren't as good as you so you can build up your record. Keep doing that for a while and attract the right attention, and maybe you can get match against serious contenders and eventually make your way towards a championship match. If someone *doesn't* think you have potential, they'll arrange for you to get your ass kicked to pad their favorite's record. What I'm saying is, every profitable sport is a balance between contests of skill and putting on a show, and boxing tends more towards the latter than most. Mayweather got where is in the first place by fighting carefully-picked scrubs. This isn't really different.


It's... a game. a sport. one that can be played with a serious competitive mindset, casually with minimal stakes, and as an exhibition between a pro and an amateur for purely marketing purposes. if you don't like one of those modes, you don't have to watch it. its existence takes nothing away from the other modes, and nobody is pretending they have any bearing on each other. Legacy happens in the professional setting, not in casual matches. If you don't like that exhibition matches get attention then you're missing the fact that their only purpose is to get attention. They're not supposed to be more than footnotes in the history of a competition sport, and I think with this question you're ascribing more importance to them than they have in that sense. Any narratives lending Paul legitimacy as a fighter due to this match are pure marketing and I'd think that should be obvious, especially if you're a fan of the sport.


I don’t know man. Paul challenged him; Mayweather accepted. That seems pretty cut-and-dry to me that it’s just a boxer defending his name/title. If Paul wanted to go into something knowing he was gonna get the smackdown then that’s on him, not Mayweather. In my mind it’s no different than some hotshot rookie coming out the gates and gunning for Mayweather, knowing full well that it’s not going to end positively for them. I say it looks worse on a pro boxer to turn down a fight. Mayweather can still win that fight without completely killing the guy, he’s got nothing to lose. At the end of the day, boxing is for entertainment and I can’t begin to describe how entertaining a one-sided fight is that goes on for a while. A fight that isn’t someone getting their ass beat, just not even being able to land a decent hit in the first place and the other guy dancing around them. It’s downright hilarious.


I think we may could agree that Logan Paul isn’t as bad as brother Jake Paul. Personally I don’t think he’s nearly as bad. They have both gotten into the boxing scene lately so it wasn’t Logan boxing out of the blue. Also Floyd Mayweather is a garbage person. They can both swallow each other’s cocks as far as I’m concerned. Speaking of Jake Paul he’s boxing former UFC fighters because he knows they have a bigger name than boxers and he has an advantage by limiting them to just their boxing skills. He’s probably going to beat Woodly then get a big money fight against a bigger name, lose then retire. It’s all about the money and if people are interested and willing to pay up then that’s what’s going to happen. Love these guys or hate them at the end of the day they are doing their hustle and making their money so what can ya do? Hate the game blablabla


I'm going to argue your point... kind of. Rather than to argue that he diminished his legacy by fighting Logan Paul, I'm going to argue his legacy was always diminished. Mayweather has consistently only picked sure wins rather than competitive fights. Muhammad Ali will always be the better boxer because he fought genuine talent, and he adapted his fighting style to defeat his opponents and if he lost, he returned and beat them (Joe Frazier). Floyd Mayweather only took fights that were a sure win, he rarely ever took a fight against a worthy opponent, he even avoided boxing Pacquiao, who is widely believed to have been the better boxer, until later in his career and when he was out of his prime. He also tarnished his legacy when he agreed to fight McGregor. McGregor was never going to be able to beat Mayweather in a boxing match, it was a money grab.


It's not that deep - if Floyd was still in the rankings and still competing to hold his belts, it would be understandable as he'd be directly taking an opportunity away from someone who would otherwise be in a position to fight him (within the grounds of the rankings). This was nothing more than a spectacle and in some regards it brings the younger generation - a generation which doesn't engage much with present day boxing into the scenes. If unranked celebrities were fighting for commissioned belts then yes, it's ludicrous and criminal. If it's for nothing more than a spectacle, then so be it. Boxing exhibitions have been a thing for almost as long as the sport itself, we've just not been exposed to it until the recent rise of YouTube 'boxing'. It isn't about 'earning it' if both sides are doing it for an exhibition and both mutually agree.


What should diminish Floyd's legacy is the fact that as the *arguably* GOAT boxer, he basically carried the sport into obscurity. Every single one of Floyd's big time fights had massive hype and he's great at hype but his fights are boring. The only people that find Floyd an entertaining fighter are boxing nerds that actually know what their watching. Most regular people see a bunch of blocked punches and dancing. Casual fans aren't entertained by that. I think most people would rather see Conor knock someone out in 45 seconds than watch Floyd dance around the ring and land some jabs for 15 rounds. Floyd managed to make 2 fights with Manny Pacquiao boring. He's a boring fighter, a great boring fighter, maybe the best boring fighter and he was the man on top of the boxing world as it began it's decent into niche-dom.


Well it's not like a celebrity with boxing ambitions jumping the pack and getting a shot at the champ. It's more like showing up to YouTube to show someone a boxing legend, and it just happens to be Paul involved, vs a YouTube coming into the boxing world. Probably nobody that follows Mayweathers career in the future is going to think he wasn't a great boxer because he goofed around in retirement. That would seriously stuck if you spent your entire life boxing, only to worry about your legacy so much that you couldn't be seen doing anything boxing related unless it was a serious match. It being Logan Paul, on the other hand, will reduce Mayweather's respect with people on the internet who dislike Paul, but that's probably a different legacy than the one you're referring to.


You come across as someone who is upset by 2 smart men separating fools from their money. This whole post is a lazy opinion that everyone who’s out of the loop has. Mayweather is retired from fighting, this was a show for money and he was a character in the show. No one will look back on Floyd’s career and even remember this stupid thing,but the money will always be in his safe.


I think ppl fetishize professional sports too much. These guys destroy their bodies to do it. Is it for the sake of “the sport”? Maybe some of them, but ultimately they do it not as hobbyist or sport enthusiast but as laborers: they fuck their bodies up for money. There’s nothing wrong making money off a low risk event. Sorry if that makes you unhappy, but the viewer is out what? $50? These guys die young or go demented early because of their career choices. If they wanna get paid that’s their call. Combat athletes don’t always get paid, and that to me is far more upsetting than someone deciding to dick around in an exhibition match for some money.


Honestly people like me who aren’t boxing fans don’t find out that much about boxing on the regular. I looked into this fight because my husband mentioned it and it sounded silly, and then I looked up Logan Paul and thought, “Oh, he has a really punchable face.” (No shade, it happens). Then I wondered HOW punchable it was, and how this would affect a boxing match, so much so that I set an alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to find out the (obvious) results, and I also learned through this that Mayweather is 50-0 which is AMAZING! So from here, it seems like it just gave non boxing fans a reason to get excited about it, and real boxing fans mostly see it as just a show. Edit: welp, because nothing is allowed to be fun, looking into Mayweather led me to information about his domestic abuse arrests/convictions, and I firmly believe that beating a woman *in front of her children* is reprehensible and gross, so I can no longer even try to change your view. I would not have known that had it not been for this fight. So for me, his legacy did get kinda messed up by it.


Nothing Floyd could do at this point diminishes his career. His career was essentially over nearly a decade ago, he's on the senior circuit now lol. All of his recent fights have just been big headline PPV events to line his pockets. He's in the post-superstar phase that most boxers never got to, or weren't smart enough with their money to get to. Nothing he does from here on out has anything to do with his legacy, it's about making money and being an entertainer. You could argue, I suppose, that it affects his legacy as a person, but let's be real, Floyd has always been about making the most money possible. As a boxer though? His legacy is already set in stone.


>arguably the greatest boxer of all time There are MUCH better fighters with MUCH better records. >makes Mayweather seem too accessible. The rules were changed so it was nothing like a title fight. The point of an exhibition is to amuse the fans and answer those "what-if" scenarios. Also to make money. >diminishes his legacy It adds to his legacy. How is it different from MLB players playing a game with the local little league team? >minimizes the professional boxing scene Minimize means to reduce to the smallest possible amount. Mayweather isn't the end all, be all or boxing, and he is retired. There is way more to pro boxing than one man and one fight.


People get too caught up in if it will "diminish his legacy", who the hell is keeping track of legacies? The guy was great at what he did for a very long time. If a famous basketball player can make millions of dollars playing 1 vs 1 games after retirement, who the hell are you to care? Either watch to support the athlete or shut the f**** up and move on with your life. If Floyd got into arm wrestling, went on to have a career of 0-900, he'd still be known as a great boxer. These athletes are human beings, you can't just kill them after their career to stop them from being known for anything other than that thing you like to remember them as.


At this point the ONLY difference between pro boxing and the pro wrestling is the predetermination of the results. Other than that, theyre the same formula for entertainment. Its hilarious when people are fans of one but throw hate at the other. Same can be said for the UFC. They all focus on selling you a story and a reason to either like or hate the competitors. For now the only thing differentiating boxing and UFC from wrestling is the real competion of it. Id bet that if either of the other two industries found out a way to financially capitalize on predetermined results, theyd toss the integrity of their sports in a heartbeat.


You’re talking about accessibility like everyone has the millions it takes to get into the ring with Mayweather. Me, you, or the random joe across the street wouldn’t even draw in a single percent of what Logan Paul did if we were fighting. I think it’s a bit ridiculous to be criticizing Mayweather when this is the kind of thing he’s on brand for and what made him his stacks. He’s cocky, he’s annoying, but he’s one of the best and practically no one can do shit to him in a boxing ring. He doesn’t owe the professional boxing scene anything because what he accomplished wasn’t handed to him.


Professional boxing has been, for a long time, a sport in which a champion turns down a legitimate fight against a legitimate contender because the money's not there - not enough to gain, plenty to lose. These guys aren't Miyafuckingmoto Musashi out here single-mindedly tryna fight the best people they can; they're here to keep the titles they have, gain new ones, and *make money*. I think if anything, it is a *less* important problem that a professional boxer do the inverse - accept a fight against a non-contender because the money *is* there - as you're describing here. The sport is a ghost of its former self because of the *other* thing.


Mayweather is NOT the greatest boxer of all time. Watch some YouTube videos of real boxers please. The technique of hit, hit then grab your opponent works but is not a greatest boxer ever technique. Watch the Mohammad Ali and George Foreman fight of 1974, 7 rounds of Ali taking a beating from a giant in his prime that knocked out every opponent within the first 2 rounds only to have George so tired in the 8th that he could barely lift his arms and then Ali knocked him out was one of the most epic fight ever and there were still just as good if not better fighters than Ali.


Mayweather fights to make money. He"s a prize fighter and fans have only known him as such. For almost all of his career he sucessfully used his skill to fight for the largest prizes possible. Now, because his days as a fighter are limited he has to do what he can to win more big prizes. I would guess that he also wants to retain his legacy as a champion. This YouTube fight gives him the opportunity to do what he does, and accomplish his gosls. It will not diminish his legacy because fighting for money and putting on a show for the fans is very familiar ground flor us.


I don’t follow boxing, but I feel like exclusivity actually diminishes the integrity of it more. I mean how good can someone be if they have to prescreen any who challenge them? What are they afraid of? Some upstart being better? Denying someone the chance to fight out of elitism doesn’t foster trust—it makes that guy seem like a coward. I could get behind people not wanting to waste time with a billion upstarts all fighting for the crown, but if it’s a plausible comparison—why shy away from it? Especially if there’s nothing to lose and all to gain in fame and money.


1)It really doesn't matter;the fight was unsanctioned. It couldn't hurt any of their legacies one bit. 2)Mayweather is a celebrity and makes money off of being relevant; so does Logan,so this was expected. 3)The professional boxing scene has been fucked for decades cause of fight rigging and choosing weaker opponents. 4) Mayweather is way more of a douchebag than Logan is. Logan has grown up. Mayweather is still talking about fucking money,or property or something. Bottom Line: This fight didn't fucking matter. Only Logan's and Floyd's bank accounts mattered here.


What about the old soccer players that go back on the field with 40+ and play other legends? Are they destroying the sport? Floyds and Mayweathers job has always been to entertain people. And they tried to do so. Tbh the fight was boring, but w/e. I can simply not understand why some people seem to have issues with everything that happens on this planet. Put your energy into a good career or family... >.< I bet you would be the first guy on this planet that enters the ring for 100 million dollars. And to be fair, if you would not do it, you are not smart at all.


>getting in the ring with a random YouTuber (granted a great money play for Mayweather) makes Mayweather seem too accessible. Accessible? What does that even mean? I don't understand how fighting a stunt opponent changes anything about how excellent Mayweather was in his prime (especially because record padding has been a part of boxing since like, forever). Delaying Pacquiao until he was well past his prime is a bigger has got to be a bigger blemish than a super fun exhibition match that's created buzz around boxing and earned Mayweather millions at age 44.


A few quick things here... He goes by Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Dude never pretended not to be up for an easy payday. These are only exhibition matches. I believe Floyd's last actual fight was in 2015 or so. He hasn't used his skills since then so nothing is diminished here. Boxing has always been an extremely shady and corrupt sport at the professional level. Even if this were a real match, boxing hasn't had much of a reputation to lose for a couple decades now. The only people who look truly bad are the people that bought the PPV for whatever reason.


This was paid entertainment not real boxing. His legacy may be damaged and Mayweather addressed this after the show - *his kids can't eat legacy* (something to that effect). I think this introduced more people to the sport and may in the long run help it more than hurt it. Boxing has been in decline and I think more people would now watch a professional match after this introduction to the sport. I do think if this trend continues and boxing becomes a circus (think WWE) then yes it will minimize the sport and make it much less than what it is today.


Imo it made him seem more human. The dude is beyond rich and still willing to fight this kid just to help him start his boxing career. People are saying Logan just surviving is an accomplishment but mayweather made the comment that Logan wouldn’t survive vs guys his size which seems true. Mayweather was never a mike Tyson. He’s always been a business man that used boxing, his promo company and his managers to make huge money on fights he’s always had a high probability to win. Can’t blame him for this. This stuff just makes him seem smarter


Lol. Dude. Do you watch boxing? This is a CLASSIC riskless fight for PBF. He made crazy bank. Didnt really take any damage. Consider the flip side. If he lost, we boxing fans would have recognized that Floyd is over the hill and hasn't fought in years and is in the ring with a much bigger opponent. Or think about this. Most boxing fans dont care that Tommy Hearns lost a fight late in his career. Hearns was one of the 4 kings of the 80s. Nothing will change that. Just as this fight would mean nothing to boxing fans. It would only impact casuals.


I mean, boxing is basically just a money making fixed fight engine designed for the profit of the owners at the expense of lives. Mayweather can barely read and I'd be surprised if he wasnt spazing out by 50. Boxings only legacy is exploitation and corruption. If a dude wants to make 20 million dollars for an afternoon's work, let him. Doesnt diminish anything. Boxing, the organization, has no good legacy. Anyone who is smart enough to realize the genius move Mayweather pulled to get that money should respect him more after this, not less.


I was impressed to see Logan last 8 rounds. When Mayweather started walking him down and got a few good hits in I thought it was the beginning of the end like in the Conor fight. Props to Logan for hanging in there. Props to Mayweather for fighting a much larger, taller, longer, younger guy. Mayweather is not just 40, he’s 44. That’s 10% more than 40. He showed some wicked speed the few times he managed to get past Logan’s ridiculous reach. I wish it were 12 rounds so we could have a more definitive outcome. So I was entertained.


Counterarguments: > Floyd Mayweather fighting Logan Paul diminishes his legacy Mayweather already had a reputation as a defensive fighter with boring, disappointing fights (from fans who like to see knockouts). > minimizes the professional boxing scene I'll argue that the pro boxing scene is already a mess. Perhaps these kinds of farces will motivate pro boxers and promoters to improve their product since they will be losing market share to youtubers instead of actually skilled boxers. So in the long run, it may help pro boxing.


There is no legacy to diminish if there is no legacy. Mayweather had money, yeah we all know that, but the guy was a little bitch. Not only was Mayweather's fighting style shit and boring to watch but he is also known for beating women outside of the ring. Mayweather will never be remembered as a great fighter, I don't give a fuck if he never lost, Mike Tyson lost a couple of times and we still have a ton of respect for that man. He never cared about his legacy and it shows, hope the money makes up for it though.


I think you're wrong in your point about Floyd being accessible. You're underestimating the popularity and internet presence of Logan Paul. Don't forget that at the end of the day this fight was for money, and Paul was most certainly able to bring a lot of that to the table via his name and influence. You make it sound as though any Tom, Dick or Harry has the influence to get Mayweather in the ring. This isn't the case at all. Make no mistake, Paul is part of a very exclusive group of highly influential people.


I’m friends with a lot of people who are huge fighting fans that also participate in local fights. I have also been pretty into fighting for the past few years now. Boxing, is a joke. At least now. Nobody takes it seriously anymore and honestly I can’t imagine why they would. It’s not really the “fault” of celebrity fights as much as that’s a symptom. The UFC and MMA in general has really hit the scene hard and it’s tough taking boxing seriously because of it. Boxing just comes off as half-assed at this point


These are exactly the kind of spectacle events declining sports need to stay relevant in the mind of the average Joe. Getting an athlete that's one of the best of a generation to put on a show with a celebrity to make headlines and make millions isn't taking away from his record or the sport itself. A week from now no one will be talking about it. But there will be more and more of these in the future, tangential to the more conventional events, hyping up each other to gain as many viewers as possible.


Floyd Mayweather is 44 years old! He retired from professional boxing after outclassing people like Canelo and Manny Pacquio, so I don’t think his legacy is in too much trouble. The match was clearly described as an exhibition bout and was obviously a sensible business decision as proved by the amount of people who bought it, so I don’t know why anyone would have an issue with it- nobody would complain if Ronaldo plays a celebrity football match or if Magnus Carlsen plays chess against Bill Gates.


Well, I somewhat agree. However how Floyd spends money he probably could always use an extra 20-30million. It would be hard to not accept it in his shoes because who would pass up such an easy payday? On the flip, Logan doesn’t deserve to be in the ring on any national level fighting any professionals. I boxed for 8 years. If I make a YT channel and grow it and just call out people and talk shit do I deserve a match? No I don’t. I deserve to be made fun of until I disappear from my online presence.


I feel like it also gets lots of new people into the sport though. People used to say the same about NBA dunk competitions and stuff like that. In the end that and youtube highlight videos got me into watching basketball. I listened to some actual commentary from a boxer/boxing fan for 3/4 fights and it was pretty intersting. I've had world class runners enter local races and just take it easy and chat with other runners. No one needs them to smoke the local high schoolers that usually win.


You try turning down $50M - it’s like Michael Caine said about his worst film - “ [on Jaws: The Revenge (1987)] I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.” Nothing changes his impeccable record and if anything he quit professionally at the top of his game rather than like Ali or Tyson boxing past his prime. This way he stays in the spotlight, stays in shape and gets paid a fortune in the process. Win win win win.


Mayweather is arguably the best boxer of all time in the same sense that I'm arguably the best boxer of all time. He's the best of his tiny class in recent era for sure tho and the most famous out of active boxers (I'd probably put Tyson above him out of alive boxers and Ali above him out of past 50 years). Boxing has also just gone super down hill since its golden age (like 100 years ago). Its about money and thats what he made. I'd trade my integrity for $100 mill too so I'm not judging.


First, as many said, it wasnt a formal fight, but an exhibition. 2nd, and this is the important point. Boxing as a sport, is mostly for entertainment and profit. Championships ect, are just marketing tools to create suspense and excitements towards the match. Boxers are money driven, non of them would enter the ring for free. Mayweather's reputation still holds solid, he's still a champ, and now, he got paid a huge amount for fighting Paul, who is a whole weight class above him.


Exhibition matches have been joke fights since forever. What's different now is that the internet allows people completely ignorant about the sport to watch it and talk about it on an insane scale, so suddenly the joke fights get more attention than the real stuff. Btw Mayweather has been retired for years, he can do anything he wants and it won't change his record. And he was never the goat, he always dodged the fights he thought he couldn't win.


I would be happy to argue with you about the greatest boxer bit but that’s off topic a bit. I think a straight up money grab is completely on brand for mayweather. It has nothing to do with his legacy as it’s a joke of a match with no stakes attached. That’s like saying a retired hockey player going out and playing beer league with his buds diminishes his legacy. Only difference in my example is the blatant cash grab and tv coverage but it’s the same arguement.


I think if you had the chance to make 100 million for doing basically nothing then you would do it. You know these guys made virtually nothing coming up through the ranks. To get to the point where you can make this money is a privilege and he would be stupid to turn it down. His boxing record speaks for itself the guy is a god his fights are a masterclass and that will never change true boxing fans know hate him or love him Mayweather is one of the best.


As much as I didn't like the fight leading up to it, seeing Floyd hold up against the blows of someone way larger than him. I was expecting to see Floyd very hurt simply based on size alone, yet he weathered all 8 rounds. I think as someone who put too much value into catchweight bouts, I didn't realize that speed, experience and patience really pays off in these competitive arenas. I had more respect for Floyd after this than the Manny Paquao fight.


If Hashtag United got promoted to the Premier League, and played Man United/Liverpool ect, would minimize football? As someone OOTL with no interest in boxing, if Logan Paul is trying to become a boxer, hes entitled to fight whoever he wants to fight, Exhibition or League (idk what Boxing calls its real competitive fights). It would be the same as Hashtag United playing Man United in a friendly: as long as both teams agree to it, theres no problem.


Mayweather has always been an entertainer, he’s known as “Money” for a reason. This also further proved that. Boxing fans are still gonna watch boxing. This potentially now has a bunch of Logan Paul fans/non boxing fans watching boxing now. So there’s a solid argument that this further developed Mayweathers “Money/entertainer” legacy and that this further popularizes boxing. Also, seems like a lot of you guys don’t know what an exhibition is.


This does nothing to diminish his legacy, he’s retired at 50-0. He’s 43 years old and this was the equivalent of a sparring session for him, except he made millions of dollars. He is Floyd “Money” Mayweather for a reason. This was an exhibition fight with zero judges so it wasn’t going to affect his record. As for the professional boxing scene, any spotlight on the sport is a plus. And as was expected, Floyd dominated Logan Paul.


IMO in terms of choosing to fight logan paul, mayweather absolutely sold out. but there were reports yesterday that he could have netted upwards of $100 million for 24 minutes of his time, so he sold out really really well. the fight was decided to be an exhibition ahead of time, so it wasn't mayweather putting his record on the line; it was him using his earned celebrity status to make ~~some~~ a very large amount of money.


As someone who doesn't follow the scene, but watched the Paul brothers fight, it does seem more like a joke to me. The true integrity of the sport seems to have flown out the window. I also want to add that I'm not familiar with commentary on boxing matches, but the commentary from their fights have all been... Weird. Especially the one with snoop involved. Nothing but joking around, laughing, talking about unrelated things.


In the end, they're both just entertainers. That's it. This is just silly fun entertainment. It's not even a real match. It's exhibition. Just entertaining the masses for money. Saying this is ruining his legacy is like saying Daniel Day-Lewis shouldn't do a silly comedy with Shaq because it will ruin his legacy as an actor. Fuck that noise, make that silly comedy with that celebrity who can't act for shit if you want to. No one should take it seriously. Not everything needs to be serious.




Floyd's legacy is just as much about opulence as it is about boxing. That is his persona. Boxing as a whole seems to have been falling more and more into irrelevance ever since it's golden era and I don't see a reason to think it wouldn't continue to do so unless someone stepped up and tried to popularize it again. You might not like that youtubers can bring eyes to events but it doesn't seem like anyone else is trying.


IMO these YouTube fights do absolutely nothing for boxing - good or bad. People watching the circus fights are mostly people who come and go with the social media presences And people who are into boxing fr will continue to watch blockbuster matches like fury wilder 3 etc Tbh I never really got why everyone was talking about what these YouTube fights mean for boxing - to me it’s absolutely nothing - good or bad


It’s no worse than him doing commercials or other endorsements. He’s just capitalizing while he still can. He will make an ungodly amount of money from this. Would you turn down millions to avoid a tiny blemish on your reputation? I would do the same thing if I were him. Not to mention it gets him back into the public eye in a big way which will make him more desirable for endorsements / sponsorships in the near future


Well that's if you assume he was fighting instead of just collecting a check. He had to let it drag on, on purpose otherwise it would have been over in like 20 seconds. It's like when a super famous academy award actor does Broadway at the end of their career. It's not exactly the thing they are world renowned at but it's close and it's fun for them. And if they can get paid for doing something they love why not?


It was an exhibition match. These types of matches have gone on for a long time. They didnt destroy the sport then and wont now. Boxong the last two decades has been stagnent. While I dont care to watch these exhibitions from the paul brothers, it has brought new viewers. Something pro boxing hasnt been able to do since MMA became mainstream. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exhibition_fight


Honestly if you understand boxing, especially if you've practiced it at least a bit, you will realize how much of an absolute monster Mayweather is. His insane boxing record is just icing on the cake, it is not what made him who he is as a fighter. His skill cannot be tarnished by this stupid publicity stunt. If you think it does, then you don't understand what boxing is about. No offense meant.


It wasnt a proper match but it still is so disrespectful for other boxing athletes (ones that train everyday to be the best while some random fckboi goes to fight a legend). I think it diminished his legacy because he wasnt able to ko Logan, it was just like 10mins of dodging and hugging. I hope this isnt a new trend that people do, that would kill all respect I have for one of my favorite sports.


I don't think it tarnishes his legacy in general because people that know and understand boxing didn't really take that fight seriously, or even watch it for that matter. I do think there is a more general point to be made though about YouTuber boxing ruining the actual sport of boxing, in the long run. I think over a long period of time this sport will become a joke if it carries on this way.


If you're 50-0 you get to have some fun. Whether it's watching McGregor re-evaluate his cardio, or getting pillow-fought by a you-tuber, you get room for fun when you've won the fights that matter. It's not like we saw something shocking from Paul. He fights like a high-schooler. Enthusiasm and little else. He throws hands like European football refs throw flags, but to much less effect.


Nahhhh. He’s paid his dues to the boxing world and has promoted himself to billionaire status. He has always invested in himself, and if he wants to take an exhibition fight to make some more cash then so be it. He did Logan Paul a favor and significantly increased his net worth. If you actually took the fight seriously you’re dumb to begin with. They’re in two different realms size wise, age wise, shit to prove wise.


Mayweather's legacy isn't that great to me anyways. He ducked a lot of fighters and never took a fight he wasn't sure to win. All the big names he took down he only fought after they were all well past their primes with few exceptions. On top of that he doesn't really have any memorable fights at all. He's an all time great for sure but tarnishing his legacy isn't all that much of a loss


Mayweathers Legacy is build on publicity stunts like this that made him hated and sold PPV's. I think most boxing fans are well aware that this is well within his character it's only more casual fans who seem to think that Mayweather was always this super respected athlete and not someone who built a career on being hates for his public persona who are shocked by recent events.


There is nothing to change here. This is a perfectly legitimate opinion. A youtuber had a bigger payday boxing then most professional boxers will ever see. For a sport that was already staring into the precipice of being completely out of the mainstream this hurts it more with boxing purists and doesn't really help it with people who were not into boxing in the first place.


Floyd made 100 million, probably more, for fighting Logan Paul, I don't think he gives a flying fuck what you or anyone else on the planet thinks about his legacy when he's making that kind of money for the circus show. He's gonna book more of these exhibition fights, make more money from them and not a single one will touch his perfect 50-0 record so he won't give a shit


It was an exhibition fight between a boxer who has been retired from the professional scene for a couple of years and a celebrity. People earning their way up only care about official bouts to raise their rank in their respective association, so it doesn’t affect any of them. The fact there were no judges should be tipping people off and no winner should have driven home the point that this was purely for entertainment.


Despite having absolutely no real meaning, Mayweather is the biggest draw and his presence brings a ton of attention to boxing, even if it's for dumb reasons. Those people booing didn't know what to expect, some of them will go learn about boxing and why Mayweather fought like that. I doubt the fight lost any boxing fans, and likely made some new genuine fans.


It's not good for boxing which is been having a hard enough time in recent years. Mayweather is not a greatest of all time boxer in my own opinion but thays another discussion. Makes him look bad for doing shit like this. I wasn't a fan of him doing the McGregor thing but this is even worse. Just money grabs and people are more than willing to oblige.


Two words "celebrity boxing". It's one of the best spectacles in tv history This is the samething It does nothing to minimize the professional boxing scene and those complaining about it aren't famous enough to get on or are just jealous of the money they are making. I can't wait for more. I hope we can get LeBron in the ring after he retires


Huh, your saying the guy who made a YouTube video mocking and making fun of Japan, culminating in actually recording video of a suicide victim’s body... that guy is damaging the reputations of people still working with him? Wellyoudon’tsay. God can we please toss people like the Pauls and Kardashians into the garbage and leave them there?


Yeah, but Mayweather said it himself plainly. “My kids can’t eat legacy”. He is doing what he does to earn as much as possible. Can you think of a way he could earn even more at this point in his life? He wants to build generational wealth. He even called the fight a bank heist after the bout. Go watch the post fight press conference.


It literally does nothing to his legacy - it was an exhibition match; not any different than any of the old-timey boxers that got in a ring with a bear. The Paul fight has nothing to do with his professional accomplishments and has no impact on what he did for the sport during an era where sub-heavyweight fighters were the main draw.


one could say this is a good speaking point to the poor pay for professional fighters. whatever you do for a living, imagine being offered a month of doing a fraction of your normal job for a heck of a lot more dough, and you of course will say yes. dude saw an easy check to make and took it i don’t think he can be blamed for that


To me his legacy was already diminished in how he’d coast out wins and dodged fights by asking for ridiculous pots in his favour that no one in their right mind would agree to (another way to say no I won’t fight you). I feel he wasn’t good for the sport when he was in it, let alone now with this joke of a fight he had with Logan.


Floyd actually addressed this very thing at the end. He agrees it does diminsh his legacy slightly, but at the end of the day you can't eat a legacy, and his bank account grows exponentially and he gets to go home to a way better house then you or I for this slight hit. He doesn't care, he's a business man first, fighter second.


Unless I am mistaken, wasnt Floyd also serving as his Own Promoter? The problem could simply be that his exceptional skill set in the ring is substantially different from that required to manage his overall career. I also imagine it must be incredibly hard to admit its time to hang up the gloves, especially for the greatest.


To understand what Mayweather was after, you first have to look at what he did with all his earlier prize money. It's certain he doesn't have most of it any more if he's doing this. Did he piss it away on bullshit? Was it stolen by his management? This wasn't exactly a risk for him, and there was a big payday which he clearly needed.


What should diminish Floyd’s legacy is his history of beating women, not this post retirement exhibition extravaganza . Get the fuck out of here with your weak ass take. Floyd is a bonafide piece of shit and I’d say it to his face knowing full well he could whip my ass. Fuck that dude, he makes Logan Paul look almost human.


I agree in the sense that it would be an accomplishment for a boxer to work his way up in the ranks to actually go against the greatest, Mayweather. And now some guy that hasn't been in the boxing circuit just gets to fight him willynilly. But, it's really all about making money at the end of the day. Can't blame them.


I know a lot of people are saying this but it is an exhibition. The only people taking it seriously are Logan’s fans (not shitting on them here) but they are 12-14 y/o. No boxing fan is looking at this and thinking there is any sort of real fight, hell there isn’t even judges according to the rules put into place.


I don't think this move has made anyone consider Mayweather less skilled or less of a GOAT so I think his legacy overall is intact just fine. Everyone I know sees this as the equivalent of having a high school MVP play Michael Jordon in a pick up game and can tell that Mayweather is doing this for an easy payday.


Boxing is one step removed from WWE. why don't ppl see this.... nothing about modern-day boxing is related to competition. Its a money grab at best... wtf do ppl buy ppv for any sport. Do you see the Olympics on PPV? Fighting is a money grab. It should be on cable TV like other professional sports. Shit is a joke


He's already said he doesn't give a fuck about his legacy, so why do you, OP? Why does anyone care what he does? Why does his record matter? Why do you care? I played every sport I could growing up but i genuinely do not understand how people like OP develop an emotional connection to some athletes data sheet.


>As a boxer who went 50-0, and who only fought the best of the best of those who legitimately earned a shot at the top through winning their way to the top, Negative. He fought has beens and washed ups. He also lost to Pacquiao. I can't believe that anyone watching that fight objectively thinks Mayweather won.


This Paul stuff has definitely made me look at boxing in a worse light, but I hold nothing against the people getting paid tons to fight them. If i had the chance to get $500,000 to take 3 punches from jake I'd do that in a heartbeat. Millions to beat up on Logan for a couple rounds wouldnt even be a question.


Muhammad Ali fought Antonio Inoki. Was the most garbage exhibition ever and should have ruined any respect either had in their respective professions and both were still active in their careers too. In the end it just ended up being a oddity on both of their careers and they were still bankable after.


I think this is a casual boxing fan opinion. I wouldnt be surprised if youve never even heard of Floyd before this. The guy’s name is “Money”. He didnt put his record on the line, hes still retired as far as im concerned. Man just came into the spotlight agajn to get a bag. Hes still one of the best. And as far as the “boxing scene” (lol), combat sports was birthed on spectacle. From the early days of gladiators and lions, the early UFC days where they matched morbidly obese guys up with smaller technical strikers. They wanted to put on a show and they did just that. Everybody’s talking about it


Exhibitions in boxing has been happening for a very long time….. This doesn’t diminish his legacy. He is still 50-0 one of the greatest boxers to ever do it. Y’all act like children around this subject. Act like his 1 exhibition fight undoes all his accomplishments and accolade. No it doesn’t.


Why change it if its true, why anyone would pay 50 bucks to see that train wreck and not even a good train wreck.. if hed knocked his ass out in the third after playing with him then maybe, maybe, but to watch him hold the dumbass up for multiple rounds... and he plans on fighting the brother..


I didn't even need to read past your first sentence to clearly see that you're completely out of mind and your entire thread is pointless nonsense bullshit. Alright then, Dora the Explorer is arguably the greatest TV show of all time. Makes arguably about as much sense as what you just said.


Real shit. How to turn your sport into a joke with a entire generation. Great to know you dont actually have to work hard as a fighter to be able to fight the people considered masters and champions of the sport you just need to have enough internet clout from being a massive piece of shit.


I feel like capitalist realism and pastiche are very relevant here. Over time, every aspect of society gets homogenized, weakened and watered down. Commodification,if allowed to run its course, kills art and excitement. Floyd does have a point when he says that children cannot eat legacy.


Floyd said so himself. Legacy won't feed his children. He might be lowering his value in the professional boxing scene but considering that A he's 44 years old now, way past his prime and B that he hasn't won a fight in 4 years, the man needs a way to make money, a way for him to survive


The man is called 'Money' Mayweather. Certainly not 'sporting integrity' Mayweather. What he fights for is in the name. And that's fine. He just happens to be a dick in the meantime. So hate on him for his domestic abuse or general entitlement but his legacy as a fighter is fine.


No he's right, but Floyd is a big spender and has a life to maintain. That's his prerogative and I can't fault him for that, dude is the greatest boxer ever but it's not his job to prop up the integrity of the sport when the sport never propped up itself's integrity or Floyd's.


The issue is not so much putting on a dogshit event, it's that so many people are willing to support such garbage. It's hard to blame the promoters when you see the draw. Also hard to blame the participants when you see the payout. Continuing to bring it up only fosters more.


These YouTuber fights brought life back to boxing, maybe they’re not the best but nobody cared about boxing over mma anymore, also Mayweather stated in the pre fight he “retired from boxing, not entertaining” it was a show they put on, they went hard and made it last 8 rounds


Logan Paul has money. He essentially just paid Mayweather to have a fantasy slap boxing match with him. Somewhere they managed to squeeze money out of it. They both got paid greatly. All in all, just rich people having fun and making a profit as they usually do or try to do.


Mayweather continually says he's there to make money. He'd beat up your grandmother in a nursing home for money. He didn't go 50-0 by fighting the greatest. He picks his fights. Him beating up someone who stands no chance for money is basically a summary of his entire career.


Do boxers even box professionally for reasons other than money? Why would you let someone who punches for a living punch you unless you were getting paid? Mayweather saw this as the easiest payday ever. Why would he not get paid 50 million to beat up some U tube turd.


I dislike his style with a passion, just as a soccer fan I hate the teams that defend the entire game and win for a single goal. But it's a style and he owns it. But if I was in his place and someone offered me a 7 digits check for clowning in a fake fight I'll do it 🤷🏻


1. Fighting Logan Paul doesn't undo anything Mayweather did in his career. 2. Muhammed Ali also fought gimmicky exhibition matches including an 8 round draw against an NFL player and a 3 round draw against an NHL player. Does anyone question his legacy because of this?


It would’ve been entirely different if Floyd knocked Logan out. But instead floyd just put on a WWE match, maybe that will be his next career move. The professional boxing scene has been dying tho. UFC has was better marketing. Boxing is like the oldies of martial arts.


Boxing can’t get more diminished than it is. People originally liked it because it was the best way to see incredible athletes fight each other. After ufc came out, people realized that boxing is arbitrary, has too many rules and is absolutely nothing like real fighting


Professional sport *and* YT are platforms that use content creators' labor to harvest money. The more you clutch your pearls, the more free advertising you provide as you discuss your concerns on social media. *The products work as designed.*


I dont get why so many people are hating on these guys… like its part of their job as entertainers. I can guarantee anyone in this subreddit will fight literally anyone in a ring regardless of their history or legacy for 100 mill? Like let the man live (both of them)


Mayweather diminished his legacy when he decided to beat on women. Boxing hasn't been a legitimate sport for the past 20 years or so now and these sorts of celebrity exhibition matches are a last ditch effort to get the younger generation interested in a dying sport.


I really don't think it does anything to Floyd's legacy. It's clearly a move by a man that's getting pretty old to gain a bunch of money, and who can blame him? I feel like the type of thing being one of my biggest boxing events cheapens the sport considerably.


This was a money grab. Nothing else. Both took advantage of suckers and both are trending thanks to posts like these, that are eager to hate on either douchebag. You’re part of the hate hype that made this fight possible. Legacy for a retired boxer is nothing. Legacy doesn’t pay well after retirement but throwing a fake fight and getting a payday equivalent to hitting the lotto pays really well.


Does he make money from it? Because if he does, then there's absolutely no reason to not go into the ring and teach a jackass a lesson. Who loses? Mayweather's record becomes 51-0, he beats the F out of Logan Paul, and he makes a ton of money doing it. The accessibility part isn't a big deal. He can decide to fight whomever he desires. And his decision will almost always be financially motivated.


Lmao his name is literally Floyd Money Mayweather. It's about paper little one not the legacy of a sport. Boxing knows what they are doing by drawing in viewership and changing up the playbook to out perform the UFC by paying these fighters some cheddar


I really don't think it does. I believe so because it was an exhibition match and Floyd Mayweather said he was doing it for fun. Also it shouldn't diminish his legacy because it couldn't have been serious due to the fact that Mayweather retired in 2017.