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That’s awesome to hear!! I am ok today, still struggling, It’s nice to see others make it through though 🤗


Thankies so much💖 I ams sending huggies & healing ur way☺️ I is here for u fwend 💓


Thank you!! I feel much better today :)


Yayyy!! I'm so glads you feelin good today!! You dids so good getting thru the yucky days to get here! I's gettin to play games an snuggle my kitties so it's a great day 🥰


Oh my goodness Thankies so much fwend! So so kind & sweet 💖 that sounds like such a fun day! What games r u playings? c:


*huuugs* Cozy Grove! And LoL!


My day was too big. But that’s ok. Now I get to relax until Daddy finds out I didn’t finish my chores yesterday. :)


Hiii…🤭 I’m a little late but congrats on your good day! That’s awesooome🥹🫶🏻 I didn’t do all the homework I was supposed to today so I’m a little stressed oops😖 I’ll try to finish it tomorrow morning because I have even more homework planned to tomorrows😥 but I did do the dishes that I kept putting off and Daddy was proud of meee🤗❤️❤️


I quit smoking and I’m working in therapy with some really deep stuff. Tbh today is the first day I haven’t been utterly depressed for a really long time either. I’m happy for us!!!!


Glad you better , afraid mines gone more worst lately . Starting over alone with no friends or family around , so as you could guess the loneliness didn’t help. But I’m trying to get out more . So hanging in there . One foot in front of the other is all we can do . Right ? Chin up everybody . Any day above ground is a good day! The rest is just details!


Hey same here! Had a really simple day at work and a very relaxed, no responsibilities evening. Happy day! Keep that happiness and remember to smile :)