What was it like playing Caustic before the nerf?

What was it like playing Caustic before the nerf?


Ill generalise here, but all the way throughout the games lifespan theres been a reason to actually fear caustics gas and to run away from the area its affecting. Being able to actually present a threat to people in such a manner felt so good as it allowed you to much more effectively hold down an area or even force people out of an area, I remember one time yeeting my gas nade into a building a wattson was held up in and her ult wasnt up yet so it forced her and her team into the open where we were waiting, and that was so good. Whereas, now, caustics gas no longer poses a threat, its a nuisance more than anything. Every once in a while people may respect it but its not like how it used to be of people not respecting it, back before the nerf if people didnt respect it you were at such an advantage as caustic whereas now its essentially still an even playing field if they run into your gas to get to you.


It. Sounds. Euphoric 😭 What’s funny is when I play I can definitely see how he’s suppose to play. The tools are all there, they just don’t… work. But I’ve only ever known the version of his gas that no one minds pushing through 😂🤷‍♂️


It was euphoric, hopefully with the new buff they bring back that feeling


Oh God yes. I started maining him RIGHT before it all went down hill, end of season 6. I understood why they got rid of the disorientation and blur though. Today felt amazing when someone respected the gas though! I was doing my Strike Three finisher avenging a killed teammate and their teammate came to stop it but started missing and fell into a trap trap so they ran away lmao.


It was fun when the gas was actually a cloud and not a light fog 😒


those’s day take me back alot gassing people to death in bunker punishing players for not respecting you as a caustic wiping whole squads for their stupidity feeling like a monster hunting players in the gas it was something else to be a caustic main back then but there is hope he’s getting a buff soon it was announced


Those are my favorite clips. Bunker back on kings canyon. Man I wish I could have tried it!


it was the best feeling you could have as a caustic main


"Ahhh shit we got a Caustic... go Bunker" I miss hearing that 😢


You ever been casually looting and the all of a sudden theres an arc star/ grenade right next to you The panic that ensues is what it was like to go up against a caustic, logic and reason went out the window and the only thing that mattered was *LEAVING THE FUCKING GAS* now playing caustic Its like when you land off drop and the opp next to you gets the weapon and the lvl3 body shield so you start running for you life, and somehow manage to weave most of the bullets, get a Mozambique and clutch up with like 5hp.That sense of superiority is what it was like playing as caustic, before fhe nerf. In my opinion no defensive legend could compete with caustic, and this was way back in the day s1-s3, i loved everything about him, yes even his s1 traps that did fuckall damage, because they at least had the blinding and the slow unlike this new "gas" (im mad biased because i won my first two games as caustic, right after buying im in s1)


He was a menace in close engagements but was not all too great in the open. He was the first who straight clicked with me and played him until I got Revenant who I co-main with.


Playing Caustic before the nerfs was the most fun I've had in any BR. You were basically as feared as Darth Vader. Your squad was just happy you were on their team. The sight of a beautiful gas barrel would ward off most players and the people stupid enough to enter the lions den would soon be back in the lobby arguing that little smooth brain Timmy should have never taken that fight. Caustic was the perfect counter to Wraith and Octane. I would squad up with my brothers that were a BH and Bang mains. The tricks you could pull with that squad were amazing. Being able to see through Bangs smoke because of your gas placement was chess vs checkers. The pros are the main reason Caustic was neutered. Imperial Hal constantly cried he couldn't destroy people because they had a Caustic on the squad. I still don't think people understand the point of a defensive legend. Here's hoping Respawn brings gas daddy back to a respectable degree. Too many test subjects have forgotten their place in the world.




Actual fun.


The barrels being invincible before deployment was kinda great. It made caustic a much more aggressive character. Ofc they killed that off since he’s technically “defensive” But it used to be pretty nice to get a trap or two off in the open to get cover for your big hitbox. Although when the gas affected your teammates everyone generally did not like playing with you. If you think people hate caustic now, imagine him blurring your own teammates lol. All I want now is the damage back and the gas density to bangs smoke. Blur/disorientate is okay, but rn NOBODY is scared of taking gas damage. It might as well be a light smelly breeze.


Yeah, SOMETIMES I can get a few barrels off in the wide open for cover, but most the time they’re shot down before I can start thinking about healing. They use to be invincible though??? I had no idea!


I killed 3 stacks alone many times with caustic before this season but now its way harder he already pretty bad in open areas now it's useless so forgot fighting in open .. in close he still decent if u good at game and use traps right places at right time


If I'm honest, very OP. I had an over 15% win rate with only a 1.1 kd (my kd now is 1.8 but much lower win rate) I basically just lasted until final few squads and then demolished everyone with giant terrifying gas clouds, it was usually not close. I think a nerf was definitely required but they went WAY too far, making him completely unplayable now. I miss it but I've moved on to greener pastures for the time being, and am currently maining pathy.


You used to be able to camp in a building solo against a 3 stacked sweats and hold your own even better when they went in one by one now they just ape u


Imagine you have the heirloom, and it's down to you and one other squad. Two of them get knocked. You empty a clip of your R99 into the last one but leave them on 1 HP as they try to flee your gas. You crouch slide up to them and uppercut them with the Death Hammer for the win, your teammates cheering your name on voice chat. That still happens, but it happens a lot less often.


You would be able to punish the fools of apex,the suicidal rushers..You would be able to slow them down and blind them. People actually viewed caustic as a threat Instead of a mosquito