That is usually the intent. If they wanted them to survive and get picked up by someone, they would use a box. This is pure evil.


Or they’d take them to a shelter. The intent isnt survival it’s just disgusting😔


I saw nothing officer. Dude just suddenly yeeted into the air onto his head. Fucking wind, man.


"Rock, paper, or scissors" aka beaten with a rock, a million paper cuts, or stabbed with scissors.






"DarcAngel and sparkpaw were playing boardgames at my place between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm. I remember because I looked at the clock on my stove which said 8 pm and said 'it's 9 pm, we should maybe call it a night."




Would it not make more sense for them to go to prison? Also remember allot of nations have animal protection laws. This person could be banned from owning or even living in the same house as someone else who has a pet.




Reddit mods be like


People are horrible. This reminds me of when smeone threw a big dog food bag full of German Shepherd puppies out their car window on the freeway years ago where I used to live. Sickening.


I had a similar experience a few years back. Someone threw a litter of kittens out the window as they drove by our house. They just tossed them out without anything to break their fall. Six total. One died next to the road and another died from injuries soon after. We were only able to capture 3 (including the badly injured one), so only two found happy homes. Another one died and the last one just kind of hangs out in our property, keeping their distance from us.


One of our cats comes from such toss out. Some fucker just left whole box on the road. Poor boy was the only one to survive from entire litter and the fucker even put there momma cat for extra measure. They got crushed under the truck during the night. He made it out but they had to amputate his tail.


Our kitten was tossed from a car - our neighbor found one around the same time with road rash on his paws/nose so we’re pretty sure they’re from the same litter. Road rash kitten got medical care & rehomed with neighbor’s aunt. Our kitten wasn’t hurt as she was tossed into the grass area on the side of the road across from our house. She cried for several hours until I went poking into the wooded area & was able to catch her. We kept her and she adapted well with our older labradors. She’s prissy as hell and does cat zoomies at 3 am. So naturally, we adopted *another* kitten a few months ago to keep her company.


Thank you so much, both you and your neighbor and their aunt, for taking in these sweet kitty babies; we need more kind-hearted folks like you in the world, <3


I want to do what those people do to these cats to the people themselves. Such pychos do not deserve to be anywhere near animals. Happy cake day!


You're a wonderful person


He may not have a tail, but I'm sure he's grateful you saved him. To whoever left him and his family there, fuck you!


More like fuck you and I hope your life is miserable!!! There’s just no forgiveness for hurting animals like that and it’s worse that they could’ve dropped them off somewhere that takes them to help them!!! With social media like it is there’s an endless amount of advertising to get help for someone to take the animals off your hands and help them


For reals! All it takes is a google search to find a shelter, or a Facebook/Snapchat/instagram post to find a home. There is no excuse for dumping :(


Just to sort of turn things around a bit here...my wife and I found a litter of 3 kittens earlier this week. They were like a week old. We took them in, nutured them, gave them medicine, milk, etc...we brought them inside right before a storm hit. Shortly after the storm we heard another little meow. It was their brother, who had fought through the storm. We brought him in with his siblings. It's been about a week now. They're all happy sleeping together in a warm bed, healing from their injuries and getting lots of love and nutrients!!! We do this often. We have 14 cats now. We love them all.


Its the extra effort of violence that really gets me, like drop em on a curb in front of a business, not out a window in the middle of a highway. Psychopaths.


The kind of people who do this and don't feel haunted by it for the rest of their lives are likely quite miserable human beings anyway.


I agree; how heartless humans can be to animals is disgusting to the core! Rest in peace to all the sweet babies who didn't make it as a result of these a-holes' actions..pardon my language but my point still stands...


This is the saddest thing I heard today. The cat family got crushed and one surived😭 I'll go on a hunt for that fucker and for who crushed them!


He was super scared when we got him and was always hiding for a long time. Nowadays he's super magnetic and wants a lot of pets. Though, there are some issues that still plague him. I can't imagine how stressful and frustrating it must've been for him there for god knows how long. Waiting beside his all dead family locked in a box having no idea why his mommy doesn't respond.


This is just painful to hear...the worst nighmare of all time. Poor kitty 😭 pet him for me


On my commute this morning I saw a whole litter of roadkill on the freeway. Ruined my morning. I just don't understand how some people are capable of atrocities like that. It was sickening to look at the aftermath and could've caused an accident as well. If you're gonna drop them off somewhere then is it really so hard to go to a shelter instead?


My concept? They either can’t be bothered to do better for them, they don’t care or they like to destroy living things. If they really cared and didn’t want the "bother", they could have their female neutered and avoid the whole problem.


I'm so sorry to hear, that's nothing short of disgusting......rest in peace to the sweet kitties involved......also I agree; although a shelter may not be the most ideal place for a cat to be in, it is better than being tossed like literal trash onto a road...I don't usually wish bad on people since I am a pacifist, but people who do things like that...


I can't imagine condemning innocent animals to such a cruel fate and then going on with your life. How does that person function? What kind of monster do you have to be?


Exactly!! They are out there somewhere laughing and drinking and carrying on in life like they aren’t a guilty piece of shit for doing things like that!!!! Damn it hurts my heart to think of all the cruelty in the world. I’m not innocent and I’ve made mistakes but I just couldn’t understand doing these things.


We found my baby Arlo behind a barn abandoned and with FIV. 6 months old and still kicking, chilling by the fire


Saved a litter of four kittens someone dumped in the street in front of my then in-laws house on Thanksgiving. They just rolled up in their truck, then left the kittens in the middle of the street in a suburb. I was so fucking angry, on top of that my in-laws whom I was visiting for the holidays didn't really want to do anything about them. I scoured the city for a shelter that was open during the holidays and luckily found a no-kill shelter. Persuaded my then wife to drive an hour to the shelter and even managed to get them to foster homes by the end of the day. At least we managed to save them.


Thank you so much for being the savior to four little lives...........I'm sure they will be eternally grateful for your kindness, and trust me- I'd be infuriated because of that too, horrendous what our species is capable of.


I ended up saving four more baby kittens a year later. Usually I'm really lazy about getting things done and tend to procrastinate a lot. But after I saw them one night huddling together on a paper plate under a hedge, I could not stop worrying all day. They kept moving in and out under the crawlspace of my apartment, and the momma never showed up. I had a job interview the next afternoon, but instead of preparing for the interview I spent the entire morning making sure they were alright. I posted about it on my town's subreddit and that evening a whole bunch of people showed up and we spent hours to get them out of the crawlspace. Got each one of them to good foster homes. I like to think that my pent up anger sometimes leads to good things. I was facing the worst crisis of my life at that time, and was about to almost give up on everything. But my anger at that time helped me to take the initiative to rescue those kittens, and the act of rescuing them ended up giving me the final push to overcome every obstacle before me. I got that job a couple of months later where I'm now, and finished grad school. I also adopted a kitten after Hurricane Ida, who is now a happy companion for my cat.


I'm so glad you were able to rescue more sweet babies and even moreso that others helped and that they came just in time when you needed them most. Congratulations on finishing grad s-word (sorry for the censorship-- personal reasons) and getting the job by the way! I'm proud of you and I'm sure the kitties are, too. ![gif](giphy|W6QFPhpXJ7mQqbLrzX)


You're amazing ❤ people need to be more like you, frfr


Thank you! You’re a good person.


People fucking suck. Have you guys gotten that last one desexed via TNR so they're not adding more kitties to the equation?


Hopefully the other kittens were caught by a shelter or something, that's just horrible. I just adopted a beautiful big former tomcat who's about 4 years old and was only neutered a month before I adopted him. He's one of the sweetest most lovey cats I've ever been owned by, and I got the feeling he was kind of on death's door when the SPCA got to him. I'm sure grateful though. Hopefully those other kitties find/found a loving home, or at least a family or neighbourhood to stay close to.


What about the one with the dog that had it's legs taped together and mouth taped shut out in the woods.


Wow, that's serial killer shit.


People are indeed terrible, but people are also fantastic. You, for example, are fantastic for having saved as many as you could. You gave them a fighting chance at least.


What is wrong with people. Isn’t it easier to just go to the local shelter and drop them off there? Baby animals are so cute it should be in our natural instinct to want to take care of them. Are people who do those things just psychopaths? Some even drop off their own babies in garbage where I live.


Sadly some local shelters are so full they aren’t accepting new intakes at all right now. That doesn’t excuse abandoning animals at ALL - they’re still vile scum - but if someone would even think about doing that, they’re definitely not going to go through the effort of trying to get an appointment for a shelter that might not even be able to take them. It’s sad :(


I’m not saying this is ethical at all, but if they’re going to drop them off like this, what’s to stop them from just dropping them off in front of the shelter and at LEAST giving them an option to take them in? Especially with puppies and kittens. People tend to adopt younger animals first. Either way, there is NO excuse for this. Humans really are the worst animals. Get your animals neutered and spayed. If you can’t, and you can’t take care of a litter, then don’t have any animals. Easy as that.


I agree with that like then just drop them off at a place people will find them. Or idk ring someone’s bell!


Or just don't throw them out the window. I understand not wanting to deal with a litter of kittens/puppies and not giving a fuck about them, but *tossing* them is needlessly cruel.


Also, though people seem to forget but you can have your pets fixed. Hell, you can even do it for free, at least cats. There's one in my city, I just say it's part of the trap neuter release program. They give it a little clip on the ear and waive the $27 fee. Then I don't worry about kittens.


I am known for helping cats in my very rural neighborhood that already has a large feral cat population from the ’50-’70s when the humans were here logging. I have about 15 cats I feed. I get any cat that appears on my property TNRed. I have fixed neighbors' cats. And I have two new ones that were just dumped, probably this week. I know they are not from the local feral colonies because their tuxedo and those guys don't last long here, too easy for predators to see them. Anyways my point being, I wish people would stop dumping cats at me. However, I would rather them leave them where I can find and care for them than being dumped on the side of the road, or worse, drowned in the river, which is still a common practice here for population control. Our shelters won't take them, have cameras and will prosecute for animal abandonment. It leaves desperate people with few good options. It's just a really sad situation. I also go around when I see a “free puppies” son and offer to pay for there dog to get fixed, supply transportation and such. Some people are so truly grateful, others won’t let me. I see spaying and neutering as the only solution. I would love it if the government could get on board and supply these services to everyone. Give vets some student debt relief to provide spaying and neutering to the public and maybe some tax relief incentives for people who’s pets are fixed. I don't know but I think us humans can do better.


Couldn’t agree more! I live in Mexico and we have a lot of street cats and dogs in my town. There are also some great animal welfare groups here that offer low cost vaccines and spay/neuter. I try to catch as many cats as I can to at least have them fixed. Poor things.


Give ME the litter of German shepherd puppies! Holy hell, they'll have homes within the hour. Some people are disgusting.


A shelter by me has a sign posted @ the front of their property saying not to do this, AND they have cameras & threaten fines/legal action for dropping off animals. They want you to take them inside & fill out a 5 page form for each seperate animal you drop off.


That’s good to know. And it sucks of course that I have to even suggest this in the first place as it creates more work and puts the burden on them instead of the irresponsible pet owners. If a plastic bag is the option for this sick individual, then those 5 pages of paperwork is definitely too much for them to do. Let’s hope for better people in society.


People often left a box of kittens outside de vet clinic, where I live. I mean it sucks but at least it's a place full of pet lovers and they might find a way to owners. I don't understand why you'd not at least give them a chance. My mom found a box with kittens in the middle of a forest once on a weekday when almost nobody goes there. You want them to be eaten by a fox or something?? Leave them outside the supermarket, elementary school or shelter if anything! I'd love a free kitten!


I’m not trying to excuse anyone dumping animals in the woods. Not at all. Just curious - is it possible someone saw the pregnant cat and couldn’t catch her so they left a box there as some sort of shelter? That’s something I would do. Of course I’d be checking it all the time as well.


No the box had been closed by a human. Mom heard kittens mewing so she looked inside. They were super young too, we raised them under the infrared lamp with our (hobby) chicks for a few weeks while giving kitty milk (from the vet, I assume) with syringes. My dad was asthmatic so we weren't actually allowed cats in the house but we ended up keeping both, roaming the grounds and taking shelter in the garage. Mom would sometimes wake us up by putting a kitten (later a cat) under our blanket in the weekend haha.. Good memories..


The people who dump puppies and kittens don't view animals as intelligent creatures that think and feel and have value and deserve humane treatment. "It's just an animal," is what people like that will say. I absolutely, totally, and completely disagree--passionately--but that's how they are.


Abandoning is one thing when you have nowhere to take the kittens. It's fucked up but if you place them somewhere safe where people can find them, the kittens have a chance at least. Tossing them out the window of a moving car/into a river is just serial killer shit and there's no excusing it.


Absolutely, no excuse at all. Stuffing them in a bag or box and throwing them in a dumpster or on the side of the road is psychopathic.


That would really only apply to private shelters. Public shelters shouldn't be able to turn them away, but they'll euthanize the ones they can't handle. Euthanizing is better than letting them slowly starve to death or get run over by a car.


A girl yeeted her new born hard into a dumpster in my state a few months ago in my state you can hear the baby hitting she threw her so hard. They caught her on video doing it. We have laws that allow babies to be dropped off at fire stations, hospitals, and police stations no questions asked. Some people dumpster diving found the baby before it was too late. Girl could have just handed the baby over like a decent person and never thought about it again. Now she's facing federal charges.


This is what happens when there's no social structure in place to help people with sex ed, contraception, adoption and abortion, if necessary.


We have good access to abortion,adoption, and contraception in the state. We're actually one of the few with late term abortions. Sex ed is lacking but it is every where. The girl said she wasn't aware she was pregnant, that happens that's why the drop off laws were passed.


We had stray show up December 2020... Called around, no shelters take cats in the area. Joined a FB lost animal page and posted. Decided to get him neutered and now he's our best friend.


I hate people


Dash cams are for more than just accidents. If you see something like this, pull over but leave the car running to keep the recording going. Take out your phone and get an uncut video of you walking up to it and opening it. Then send the videos to the police.


This one is especially perplexing. Do you know how much money you could get selling German Shepherd puppies? That person isn't just an asshole, they're stupid too


My mate and his misso paid $5k for a German Shepherd puppy. Even cross breeds you can't get one for under $2k


Meanwhile, my goofy ass rescue shepherd with attachment issues and two brain cells was $400 from the local RSPCA 😂 People truly pay insane prices for puppies.


I can’t fathom this. Why wouldn’t they try to sell them. You could easily get hundreds of dollars per puppy and if you truly want them gone quickly sell them for $50 each or something.


....or just take them to a shelter. Any shelter will take animals no questions asked.


This is simply not true in high volume areas. I adopted two street rescues a couple of years ago. The agency holding them routinely gets more cats than they can handle, volunteer fosters are paying out of their own pockets to help house, feed, and care for these animals. They’re stretched to capacity to the point where they only take critical cats off the streets or kittens (because those usually adopt faster). It might seem obvious that you shouldn’t abandon animals, but if someone is struggling to afford basic necessities for themselves and their family, the calculus changes very quickly.


Spot on. I’m trying to re-home a former stray and every shelter in my area is either flat-out not accepting public surrenders (only taking intakes from city/county animal services) or so backed up that you practically have to win the lottery to get an intake appointment. If you truly are just a vile person - and plenty of people are - why would you go through all that effort?


Yep. Went to give a shelter an old lady stray, she said no and tried to make me take her home. I couldn't afford it. Told them to take her again...She takes my ID goes in, comes back out and tells me if I left her I'd be on the "No adopt" list. I said sure, gave her the leash and walked off. I can't afford an old stray, I have kids and a family. I didn't want a senile dog to get ran over.


Well yes. But if someone is a cruel asshole they’re not going to do extra work to dump them somewhere for free.


100% untrue. Shelters dont have infinite money or resources either.


One of my cats was found in a box on the side of the road. Fucking wild that this is a valid option in some people's minds. He's a gorgeous shorthair grey with grey-green eyes and the most friendly and curious cat I've ever had. Their loss 🤷‍♂️


Ours was abandoned on the road too. Beautiful black kitten with silky fur. In a way, I’m *kinda* glad she was abandoned because otherwise I would have never gotten a cat again. But once we brought her inside, failed with the SM postings advertising a ‘lost kitten’, & when our kids saw her- it was over. We were keeping the cat. we even adopted a second black kitten a few months ago to give her a playmate because she kept attacking our elderly labradors’ tails in an attempt to play with them.


Choices matter. Either stop to help the puppies if any survived, or chase down the vehicle and run them off the road. Blegh. Disgusting people. Animals deserve none of that treatment.




Dude I wanna say same but that’s scary so I’d probably just take a sneaky video where you could clearly see their face and then post it on this subreddit And then rescue the kittens of course


Scary? The type of person that does this isn’t scary, they’re all blubbering cowards, easy ass kicking


I agree fully. An ass kicking is completely warranted


Some people are just truly horrible. There is no excuse, just desex your pets/take unwanted kittens to a shelter. Just don't be an a..hole please.


Yeah. A lot of shelters aren't taking drop offs, and many charge to take them. People struggling to make rent are probably not gonna pay. My sisters cat had kittens about ~9 months ago, and she is still trying to adopt the last one out. I'm considering adopting him, if he is still available when I can afford a pet again.


In most places in the US they won't charge if you say you found them, but they do try to get compensated for surrender. However, at least in my state, county services cannot turn away surrenders. It means they have to sometimes euthenize for space, picking the least healthy or adoptable, but that is still a more humane process than throwing them on the street or putting them in plastic bags.


I will NEVER understand the plastic bag. All of the suggestions you made are great... But let's pretend you are a garbage human with no decent human qualities. At LEAST abandon them on the street. Give them a fucking fighting chance. The garbage bag is just sick.


True. If people see a bunch of kittens on the sidewalk someone is probably going to help them, but they have to be visible. Hell, another cat might even care for them if they can get to them.


My state (RI) has a lot of problems, but we're good at caring for our animals. Always in the top 5 no-kill states.


no-kill is a thing. They are also known as animal sanctuaries. There are probably a couple of low volume shelters who literally just stop taking animals if they are full, and end up with several un-adoptable animals and refuse all newcomers. All other shelters are unfortunately not as good as you might think. If you donated your mother's body to science, and the university sold her to a science lab, who used her body to test their latest bomb, would you be upset at the university? But the university didn't blow up your dead mother. They are a "no-bomb" university. No-kill shelters have limited space and budget. The reality is that if adoption doesn't work out, eventually they will pass the animal to another shelter who will euthanize the pet. "no-kill" shelters are certainly better than your average shelter, but don't be conned into thinking an animal in their care can't be euthanized.


Thats exactly why adopting from county shelters or a neighboring county if you are a no kill county is so important. Government run animal control will never close for low demand, because we need animal control for our safety and quality if life.


Your sister should have had her cat neutered. And if she can’t afford that she shouldn’t really have a cat.


Exactly. Either way, not an excuse to do this kinda shit.


People need to learn that part of pet expenses is getting them fixed. If you can afford to feed your pet but not fix them, you cant afford that pet period.


I’m in the USA and my city has several programs to get it done at no cost to owner. No excuses.


And even if there aren’t free ones, rescues will often help, there are low cost vets, people will chip in, and there are clinics that only do spay and neuter and do it very cheap.


Exactly! If you truly can not afford it, most if not all states have at least one program to help


Or just leave it inside like any other pet...


Even if they are indoor cats they should be spayed or neutered because cats are little escape artists. And once they have a taste of the outdoors they will keep trying to get out. My neighbor found a kitten once and when we located the owner she was like “I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building, that’s crazy he got out”.


We didn’t spay our female cat because she’s a decidedly indoor cat who has no interest in anything farther than the grass and dust within 5 feet of the back porch. She ended up with a uterine infection that cost us over $1k in vet bills for emergency surgery, plus a ton of worry and sadness. Female cats should get fixed regardless because it’s apparently a common health issue with cats who go into heat and never have kittens.


Call the shelter and ask a low or no cost spanded for her cat. There are also other rescue groups besides the SPCA and Animal Control that can be of help. The kittens just keep coming if you don't do something. It's nice that your sister is finding homes for the kittens but it gets out of hand fast.


Yeah, we got the cat and kittens fixed first thing through a low income, low cost pet clinic. When she had adopted her cat, she was told it had been spayed already. (That turned out to be a fucking lie)


Here (non breed) kittens go for atleast 300 - 400 Euro.. - No shelter will have a kitten longer then a day. seeing this is just insane.


If you put kittens on Craigslist people will want to adopt them within a day. My cat had babies almost two years ago and I’m pretty sure I could have given every single one of the kittens to a good home within the first day. (I was kind of crazy and was interviewing everyone so it took me longer, but that’s just me) I even found a home for another kitten who was almost an adult who lived next to a restaurant but was super friendly to humans. Again, tons of people reached out about her and she wasn’t really even a “kitten” anymore (I’m just mentioning this because people more often want to adopt kittens not adult cats). She’s in an amazing, loving home and I still get pics of her from her mom. And while I’ve heard there are psychopaths on Craigslist using the kittens for dogfights, there are also a lot of good people who just want a kitten. It’s really not difficult if you’re just not complete shit and just think of ANY alternative to just tossing some innocent babies out in a fucking bag or box.


Then they could be dropped off at the front door of the shelter before it opens. There is always a better way than putting them in a bag.


Neutering should be free/mandatory. If you want an unfettered pet you need to have a permit for it.


Wtf is wrong with people. Tied shut, why??


To kill them. They don’t want them, nor want them to live. It’s brutal.




I hate people






A person saved them though. At least we have that.


Or they staged the photo for internet points


Sadly I already considered this. I choose to go with the saving narrative. Of course I guess this could be a documentation of bagging the kittens and leaving them in the gutter.




I used to live out in the country with my bf at the time. People dropped their cats off regularly at our house. At one time, there were 34 feral, unvaccinated, unfixed cats in our yard. In the spring, each female had another litter of at least 5. We couldn’t get near these cats to pet them bc they were very skittish. They all looked rough. Missing eyes…legs…tails and ears. Sometimes, the female would eat her young. Sometimes, a male in the colony killed the babies, especially the young males. They killed the grass in the yard with their urine. They sprayed everything in the yard, including the vents on my car so it smelled like ammonia whenever I used the AC or heat. I stepped in poop on the way to my car every morning. We had no birds, no squirrels, no frogs or turtles. The chicken coop was in constant jeopardy. The cats just kept multiplying. The local shelters were full and wouldn’t accept them even if we could catch them all. I called every no kill place in 250 miles, begging. I finally got a barnyard cat charity to come out to me and catch each one, fix them, vaccinate them and give them back (nowhere else would accept them that could guarantee they wouldn’t be killed). I cannot tell you how much I dreaded kitten season bc I spent months of sleepless nights, nursing kittens back to life. Some didn’t make it and it was heart wrenching. Regardless of visits to the vet, heating pads, feeding with kitten formula every couple hours and stimulating their genitals with a warm rag to go potty, I lost more than a few. I will always be thankful for Barnyard Buddies for at least making sure we didn’t have 20+ more each Spring. I would never ever kill an animal. I have no idea how someone could toss a bag of kittens anywhere.


You're a good person.


I lived in farmland too and the amount of cats and dogs that just got let go down there was vile. My bff and I would routinely lead dogs back to her house we would find while out walking. We all fed the feral cats (and subsequently raccoons lol). People are gross but you seem really nice :)


That’s like a cat lovers worst nightmare. Just want to help them and make sure they’re not gonna be sent anywhere just to be killed, but at the same time they’re making your home a living hell. Glad you eventually got a solution. You’re good people.


Mf gf has like 60 feral cats at her house and more than half a pregnant. All the cats now have Dwarfsmm and die in less than a year. It took forever before I finally convinced her to just let them die because they are so so so inbred. They literally have kittens that never grow past the “kid” stage of a cat.


I understand. Ours were very inbred as well. A lot of the kittens never saw 3 months, regardless of my constant care. I urge you to see if there is a charity near you that will set traps for them and at least fix them and give them a rabies vaccine. We went through 25 lbs of cat food in 4 days for 34. I can’t imagine 60!


A friend from college told me about how he grew up on a farm. They always had farm cats, but they weren’t well domesticated and over years became horribly inbred. His father was incredibly cheap, so he wouldn’t waste bullets on anything but a cow or coyote. His father would literally take the little retarded inbred kittens and throw them against a stone wall. My face was in shock when he was saying this, and I remember his voice cracked and he started to cry a bit… then he told me his father made him do it when he just became a teen to ‘help out at the farm’. He said he literally went to university so he would never need to work on the farm ever again because of it.


This is why you should spay your cat. I don't know where you live but I'm in Europe and in my country it's compulsory to spay your cat or you can't get it chipped. Cats are actually handled very well and you don't see so many stray cats in the streets. I visited countries (Greece was one of them) where cats are not dealt with, not removed from the streets to be put in shelters and they just reproduce exponentially. You find strays everywhere, extremely skinny, eating rubbish from anywhere they can find it. Not only it's sad, but everybody suffers from it. Cats are animals, not toys. You're responsible of your own pet. You can't get a cat and refuse to spay it for whatever reason. Please, people, be responsible and spay your cat. You will never have the trouble of unwanted kittens, you won't have to beg overcrowded shelters to take your cats. If everybody did that, we would never see this comment's situation or this post's picture. Spay your cat !




Cheapest way to transport them all at once is my guess, so that whoever did this can tell themselves "not my problem anymore" and get away with it


How do you get to be the type of person who does this shit? What kind of horrible childhood trauma could possibly make you this evil of a person?


People make me sick


This makes me physically nauseous.


Literally same. I just can’t with humans


WHAT THE FUCK? why are cats being put in sealed bags what the hell,


To kill them. It's to ensure that they die. The person who did this wanted to kill the kittens. They wanted the kittens dead. Dead kittens were the goal.


People are shit.


I am so glad you found them. Look at those innocent little faces.


those poor babies my goodness. i cant even bare to look at their faces honestly i dont pat myself on the back for many things but ever since taking in two abandoned kittens i found on the streets of the Bronx and watching them go from fearful to absolutely loving life its just made me so happy and proud of myself






Check Dumpsters too please


Yes, I found a kitten in a taped up box in a dumpster. Turned out to be a great cat


Honestly why would people do such horrendous things


I mean, fucking hell! My cat had kittens, and I found all of them a good home and then had her sterilized. We kept one.


Because they are cowards who should be buried alive. If one has animals and can't take care of them or find someone who'll take them in, they should at least have the decency to euthanize them.


I believe some people are just evil. And remember some if not most all serial killers start out harming animals


They are no better than beasts, broken "people" will no regard for anyone or anything but themselves, devoid of empathy.


I got attached to cats ever since I saw something similar.. I now owned and take care of 8 cats since they were kittens. It is been about 7 years already that I’ve had them.


Thank you! I live on a farm and so we have 6 cats but whenever someone drops one off at the side of our house cause they see the farm we always welcome them to the family


Wow that’s a lot of cats. Thanks for taking them in and taking care of them, you’re their hero.


This comment was actually stolen from when this thread was posted 2 years ago. https://www.reddit.com/r/Wellthatsucks/comments/bp0oz4/when_you_see_on_the_road_a_bag_with_the/ennqqaj/


What the fuck, man... I'm tired of this site.


Spay and neuter people, spay and neuter. Either that or don’t get a fucking cat


> Spay and neuter people That's one way to reduce the number of assholes in the world.


I just reverse googled this picture and found this image was already posted in the past in like 2019. So I'm guessing OP isn't the one to actually find these kittens. Still, whoever did this is a horrible, horrible person.


Woah the fuck would TIE CLOSED an easily suffocating PLASTIC BAG on kittens?!?!


Is it hard to give away kittens or something? If I’d allow it my girls would take all the kittens.


Or give them to a shelter at the very least


I'm not sure about kittens but once I found an abandoned stray puppy (LARGE dog - I wish I had the money to keep him) and he was just seconds away from getting hit by a car. It was about 7am and I convinced him to get in my car. He was SO SWEET and kept trying to get into my lap to snuggle but I had to keep placing him back in the passenger side so I could drive. Anyway. None of the shelters were open. There was no place for a drop off at that time since they rejected any new animals that early. I drove into a different county in hopes to find people with their own shelter and boarding options to take the dog in but they all turned him away even though they clearly had the space and clearly had the resourced to take over. It got to the point that I even asked a cop for help. He obvious wouldn't take the dog to give to the shelter (I had to be at work. I even drove to work and explained in person why I needed the extra 2 hours to get this dog some place safe). No one wanted to help. I eventually found this place (huuugge land) of a dog sanctuary run by this lady. She came out of her house and immediately knew what was going on and wouldn't take the dog. So I dropped the makeshift leash I made and walked away leaving the dog in front of her and said "I promise this is not my dog. I'm just a good person trying to find a safe place for this dog with a safe person that has the resources and ability to take care of him. You can take the dog to the shelter but I have a job. I make minimum wage. You have an entire piece of property dedicated to dog boarding and training. This is your field. This is your problem now. I'm walking away without the dog now. I'm not a bad person" It's really fucking hard...


It's only 8am and I'm pissed off now.


People are so awful. My cats were abandoned as newborns in a box with their mother. The shelter that rescued them gave the mum some other abandoned kittens and she fed them too. They are absolutely beautiful cats with great personalities.


I don't believe in Hell, but I want there to be one just for people who do this shit.


Heartless ppl! I couldn't do hurt any furball even if my life was on the line. I couldn't live with myself.


Poor little babies


Ok, why the fuck is someone tying up kittens in a bag to make a post about this?


I get the skepticism but, It’s sadly more common than you think to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised someone has photos like this


Sadly, I see this too often here. This pic was taken in the Philippines judging by the SM plastic bag.


And it's an at least 2 year old repost https://www.reddit.com/r/Wellthatsucks/comments/bp0oz4/when_you_see_on_the_road_a_bag_with_the/


Yeah, like I’ve seen a box of kittens before and I just lived in Virginia. Last time 2 out of 4 didn’t make it. Burying 2 dead kittens was probably top 5 worst experiences in my life. People suck, like I understand not wanting kittens but just get your cats neutered, there’s clinics that do it for free or insanely cheap but they won’t even do that. Fucking trash


There was a post earlier of a French guy saving kittens from being grinded in a garbage truck. Someone just bagged up kittens and threw them in garbage.




I'm pretty sure the bag was meowing. And taking few second just to make an informative post later that might save the lives of other kittens is pretty worth it.


I agree people always get so angry about these posts, but now it has informed a lot of others on the internet.


After seeing this post circulating Facebook two years ago, I found 4 kittens clinging to life tied up in a Walmart bag. Wouldn't have even thought to check the bag had this post not been fresh in my mind. Now all those bag kitties are healthy and in forever homes.


Oh god!! - I can’t stress enough; SPAY AND NEUTER !!! Help local rescuers TNR (trap neuter and release !!) - donate to them and ASPCA…. Ask your city hall to create programs to spay and neuter so we avoid all this suffering.- it kills me. I help a local rescuer this kills me. Please guys, teach your friends and family about this. …. Also … can you post this to r/nyc ?


People are scum


I know it sounds horrible, but for your own safety, shake the box first. I don't mean "excited 5yr old at Christmas" shaking, but just enough to confirm it's not a snake or opossum. The kittens/puppies won't be any worse for wear with a little vibration, but you will be if you get tagged by something venomous or infectious.


Are there local humane societies that would pick up these babies if someone called? Would be good if local news, especially this time of year, would educate people on how to handle these situations. And then if they still do the wrong thing beat the fuck out of them.


Who tf do these kinda thing yo, fucking monsters. 😡


I won't say what i'd do if i ever saw somebody just dump. kittens or pups like this.It wouldn't be kind. Justice would be quick and harsh. Thank God the kittens were found.


what the fuck is wrong with people.


One of my kittens came from a plastic bag found in a bin by the shelter we got them from, nearly a year ago. Absolutely disgusting practice. Nonetheless we couldn't have a more loving and wonderful cat.


This is just sick. Is it so hard to put it in a box with some holes?


I fucking hate people dude. This makes me sick to my stomach and makes my heart literally hurt. How can someone do this rather than just dropping them at a shelter? I've never understood how people come to the conclusion that this is the best choice


How could someone be so fucking cruel!! This makes me sick!! Those poor babies!!




😡🤬 To whoever abandoned those babies in a closed bag of all things!