I love her racing stripe! ❤️


A little King Cheetah inside her.


I thought she looked like a chunky snake with those stripes!


or avatar the last airbender


Name her Korra!






Well the cat looks well fed i would leave it


I’d name her Skid mark or Skids!


Give pets and scratches!


Did so for at least 15 minutes, but really had to go get my booster shot so I had to leave her :(


Did you meet her on the way back? If you did and werent in a rush you better have given her more that a meager 15 minutes of pets.


No sadly not, looked around for a bit in the area but didn't see her :/


This is a super shiny and well looked after cat. It likely went back home. Pets and scratches are the only thing acceptable to do in this instance.


This is what I’m hoping too.


Little bit irresponsible of the owners not to have a collar on it, but ye, that cat sleeps comfortably at night and eats well by the looks of it.


My cats are experts at removing collars. They usually disappear within a day.


She may have gotten outside without permission, or as others have mentioned, gotten out of her collar. My cat figured out how to get out of her harness in under 30 seconds. I ended up getting a special one that she couldn’t Houdini her way out of.


I would also like to know which harness! Cats don't actually have bones and mine slithers out of his so easily...


I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s actually a very small dog harness that covers the belly. It’s probably the most common type of dog harness where I live. [Here](https://imgur.com/gallery/l1eT5X6) is a photo. My cat also appears to have bones that contort but she has yet to escape this harness.


One of our cats absolutely hates collars, we’ve tried putting them on him but he takes it off almost immediately


We had a collar on our indoor cat until we got a mouse. Then I took the collar off to officially turn on his “stealth mode.” For the next 3 days he hunted and attacked his collar.


One of my mom’s cats was like that. We ended up putting her in a small dog harness with her tag attached. Boy did she look stupid with the shark fin on top.


Possible the cat had one of those breakaway ones and lost it earlier. My family used to get them for our cat and she would show up a few times a year after losing it.


Before my mom went on a vacation, we got our indoor cat, Callie, a breakaway collar. It was my first time checking up on the pets while my mom was gone, so we wanted that extra piece of security just in case Callie got out during one of my daily visits. Callie took the collar off within 2 minutes of first putting it on.


Mine lost 5, five days in a row


I know a lot of people who don’t like giving their cats a collar coz it can be a choking hazard if caught on a branch or smt (they all chip their pets tho)


You can get easy release/breakaway collars that will just unclip when this happens, They'd be around $5.00 USD a pop just buy a few of them


My family keeps a wood pile in our screened in back patio, my old cat used to walk straight to the wood pile, find an acceptable kindling stick, purposefully shove it under her break away collar and yank until it broke away, bat it to the side and walk away. The audacity of that cat astounds me to this day.


My cat Jiji tears those off of him in 30 seconds flat not matter how well fitted, and is the type that would squeeze in somewhere and get snagged. So he’s just chipped (but also is an indoors kitty, our other two indoors guys have collars in case they escape as well as chips)


It’s likely chipped. A collar wouldn’t last 10 minutes on my outdoor cat when I was a kid. Sometimes there is not much you can do about it.


Our neighbours would always leave the lost collar on our front door.


It's not always the owner's decision. Our cats *really* don't like collars and one of them even managed to almost get it off Luckily they always go around the houses right next to our and our neighbors can easily tell if it's a stray cat or coming from our house


I wouldn't fret, the cat looked well fed so it's being taken care of. The only thing to worry is it's super friendly and might approach a human who isa prick and would harm the cat. However, I'm sure the cat is a good judge of character, mine are.


>The only thing to worry is it's super friendly and might approach a human who is a prick and would harm the cat. Meeting friendly cats on the street is soo wonderful but also a part of me is concerned for them for exactly this reason.


That's why I always hope they can judge the situation quickly and react if needed. Gotta keep them cat-like reflexes strong!


Yes, that was my concern about her super trusting nature -- but, otherwise, lucky OP for that bit of serendipity!


This is how cats disappear. You let your super friendly cat outside and a person finds it and thinks poor little kitty, I think I will take you home.


That was always what I was afraid of, my cat used to be like this. She would sneak out of the house, I have a big family, so people wouldn’t realize she snuck out if they left the door open a little too long. She would go up and greet strangers just like this. She has a collar but sometimes it gets lost outside. And people always make the assumption that if a cat is outside that it’s a stray. Like my heart would be broken if someone took her, that’s my baby. Plus she has health issues, needs injections twice a day. Fortunately, she doesn’t go outside anymore now that she’s a little older, I don’t know why, developed a fear of it.




Hopefully she has a home. She just seems overly friendly, and a healthy weight. Her fur was shiny too, so probably just out for a stroll and a hello. Hopefully.


It’s always painful to leave a cat behind :(


it is indeed.


I agree that this kitty looks very well fed and has a great looking coat. It's just a super friendly kitty out on their morning rounds. Consider yourself lucky to have this lovely diversion! PS. Thanks for getting vaxxed.


she doesn’t look particularly thin, so likely, with any luck she has an owner nearby the area who feeds and shelters her.


Don't be upset, leaving her was the right thing to do. Ignore the reddit circle jerk, that is somebodys cat. Cats are friendly and many don't have collars. The fact that it is very affectionate towards you is an even bigger indication that it lives with people. The amount of redditors that steal cats and get praised for it is unbelievable. Most cats are not strays, and when they are it's easy to tell because they are skinny and scraggly. Don't believe the internet hype


We used to keep a collar on our cat but legit went threw like 15 before we stopped he always came back without his collar lol


Same, we have a kitten who often loses his collar, and has a habit of sneaking into peoples sheds so is sometimes found looking rather dirty. The idea of somebody seeing that and then just 'adopting' him is horrible and reinforced by redditors


I agree but remember some pet owners are incredibly irresponsible. My neighbor straight up abandoned one of their pregnant cats that came to me for help. When I asked about their cat they said they have about 7-10 cats, they can't keep track of them and so if we would like to deal with the kittens to go for it but they "love" the mama cat. I should note two of their other cats were also pregnant at the time.. Well after I saw one of their beloved cats splattered on the road down the street, I took matters into my own hands. I got the mama cat medical attention, took care of the kittens and adopted them out and had the mama cat fixed after it was safe to do so. None of their other cats are fixed(facepalm). I bought a heated shelter for the cat for winter but she always ends up climbing our two story house to get in my bedroom so really their cat became my cat. I'm not sure if that makes me a horrible person but as I look at this darling cat who is, safe, warm and loved here asleep on my bed, I feel I did the right thing for this cat at the very least.


That is horrible absolutely, but people like that are the exception to the rule


Thank you!! I see so many posts being praised and if you ask about it you get the head bitten off you!!


This person is completely right. You would not believe how many cats I’ve had stolen from me. The last cat I.had was stolen from me and I refused to own a cat for almost 3 years because I was so tired of being crushed when they disappeared all of a sudden and months later seeing them down the street in somebody’s window. (Keeping in mind I would walk the street and ask all the neighbors and every time they would lie and say they haven’t seen my cat.) If a cat looks taken care of and is friendly don’t be that jerk that just assumes they don’t have a home and steal them. It’s not cool and I promise you the owners feel panic and pain when their cat doesn’t come home.




There is a kitty i see sometimes on my walks - looks dusty and dirty, has a nick in his ear. One day I was outside and his owner was mowing the lawn - she said he just liked to be outside and loves snacks and people, so he has a good life. The kitty you saw also was just saying hello <3


Some TNR programs will notch the cat's ear after it's been fixed. So if you see a cat with a notch it's probably a fixed feral cat :)


She's just being friendly. She's well groomed so unlikely to be a stray, she just likes attention. My neighbours cat spends summer afternoons lay across the pavement waiting for the school run foot traffic to pass and give him attention!


I have a cat living opposite my house which runs to the pub up the road to get all the cuddles :))


One of my cats has many friends around the neighborhood. He was gone so much I put a GPS tracker on him. I followed him around and so far I've met 4 of his friends who he likes to visit. A few of them sends me texts asking for him if he haven't been around for a while. I made sure to let them know not to feed him as he has a strict diet due to some feline IBD (which one of them learned the hard way, unfortunately). My guy loves attention and people, he will always greet anyone he meets as long as he feels safe. Several people wondered if I was only living here part time, but he simply likes to roam a bit and is usually home before I go to bed so he can snuggle up with me. I think most friendly, well groomed and healthy cats you meet outside have at least one home.


Cuddles, is that a new beer brand? Oh, [might be](https://revisionbrewing.com/beers/cloud-cuddles/)...




Reposting [this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/cats/comments/s0ks8k/found_this_little_girl_on_my_way_to_my_booster/hs2mkcj/).


You mean you know a cat living opposite your house which runs to the pub ...


there was a cat that refused to stay indoors that would go hang out on the patio of the bar i used to go to. eventually the owner just had a tag made for the collar that said "I'm not lost. I do what I want" on one side and a QR code on the back that had her info.


Yea this is why I don't let my cat out. She's adorable ( a British short hair with the biggest round eyes) and incredibly sweet and likes belly rubs. I could easily see someone going 'oh a stray!' (she's chipped) and I would never see her again. Well groomed, well fed cat = most likely someone's pet. Unless you have repeated interactions its hard to say whether or not a cat is not owned by someone. I know kitties love to go outside but I really encourage cat owners to keep indoor cats 1. It keeps diseases down 2. It helps the bird population 3. It keeps your cat safe, they will live longer and you don't run the risk of a stranger walking off with your beloved pet I'll get off my soapbox


I think this is a definite difference I’ve noticed from continents. Like here in the UK domesticated pet cats with their own great owners just roam free. I basically step father this one cat since he spends so much time sat in the garden with me, but I’d never see a cat on the street and think they’re a stray or try and adopt them. There probably are strays about but you’d probably never think about taking a cat you found outside back home with you here, just because pet cats are free roaming animals in this country. I always get a little concerned when I see people on here post like “found this guy on my way home, what should I name him” but I guess it’s different across the pond and cats outside are not the norm


Snap! I always think the same that these people have just stolen someone else’s cat! My two cats get outside, they probably only go like 5/10 mins from the house. Not far. But I’d worry someone would just go “oh look, a cat! It’s mine now!” (In UK)


People let their cats out without collars all the time in the US as well. Or let them out with collars, but cats are great at getting out of them. Obviously any responsible person wouldn't just steal a cat that's obviously well-fed and used to humans. Or, at minimum, would immediately take them to a vet to have them checked for a chip. But there are lots of irresponsible people out there. If you're in the market for a pet, go to a shelter, don't abduct someone's pet.


Yeah, the cat I have now was a stray. She was hanging around my parents' house and I was very hesitant to take her in because she was friendly and I figured it was someone's pet. However, she seemed thin and was outside my parents' house for most of the day while it was bitterly cold outside. We set up a box with blankets in the garage where she could get out of the cold. I put a collar on her with my number and a note asking for the person who finds the note to call if she belonged to them, but no one called after several days, so I finally took her in. She purred loudly all night when I let her sleep in my warm bed that first night.


I'd argue the irresponsible party is the one letting their cat roam free, especially with no ID or chip


I agree with this and if you want to take your cat out go for a car ride, get a cat backpack, leash train them. This is what I do with mine. We walk them on trails with leash. People assume that cats can’t be leash trained but just like dogs they can and some of them even enjoy car rides.


Aren’t all healthy cats well groomed? I thought if a cat is filthy it’s more of an indication of poor health than it being a stray cat.


I thought cats that are used to being on the streets can also be groomed well enough to an extent? Just a genuine question because I just took in an injured stray who didn't look the worst! Albeit a little thin and had been hit by something!


I’m a certified TNR trapper for a no kill cat rescue, I specialize in hard to catch ferals and strays (I also work at an animal hospital and manage our no kill shelter) You’re right, cats who live on the streets can be perfectly groomed. Cats are amazing apex predators...they can be what we consider “homeless” but not a single piece of fur will be out of place. Most of the time if you see a dirty stray they’re either older or they have health issues (or they live in a warm climate and are fed daily so their lazy ass sits in the same dirt spot all day) My go to rule is that if you see a *friendly, healthy* cat - then it’s likely being taken care of by someone. Healthy means it’s getting a daily meal, and friendly means it has *positive* daily exposure to humans. Cats who have no exposure to humans are not friendly, they are feral and may as well be considered similar to a raccoon or possum because they are literally wild animals and will act as such So, healthy looking *and* friendly? It’s being taken care of, no cause for concern. However if one ever *does* decide to take in a stray, always check for large nipples first before removing a female as they could have kittens stashed in a bush somewhere.


Very accurate screen name (and thanks for being a great human!).


Thank you! Everyone assumes I wrangle vaginas!


I mean, why not both? :D One doesn't exclude the other, haha. 😁




Awesome, thanks for the info! My stray (I've taken ownership of him now because he doesn't have a microchip) took a few months before he could get close enough to eat in front of me. His behaviour got super weird when he came here really wounded after being hit by something - that was the first time he came allll the way up to me and ate out of my hand. Scary times!


Poor guy, he’s lucky he found you


I appreciate the compliment!


The two ferals I feed in sunny SF bay area are nice looking siamese. I discovered them as kittens after I broke my wrist and had to take the train instead of biking to work. The woman in the house was feeding them in the morning along her outdoor stray/feral that neighbors abandoned when they moved. I started brining wet food to them in the evening. They were TNRd. They were always there waiting for me and would come running. There were four of them and now there are two. I still go out for walks and feed them in the evening and most evenings they are waiting for me. Compared to my three year old cats the ferals are quite a bit smaller. They are friendly to me. Their tails go straight up when they come to see me. The two siblings are always glad to see each other and have to rub each other. The male feral will allow me to pet him. The female follows him and I get some pets in, but if she sees me petting her she is unhappy and moves away. If I show up and only the female is there, she won't get within six feet of me. She sometimes won't go near the food after I put it out and leave. In the summer, the cats often don't seem interested in food, but now that it's "winter", they are happy to eat. These are clearly feral cats, despite the male threading his way around my legs and purring and being happy. And just recently, he has flopped over on his side and shown me his belly! I have not attempted to touch it. I am just part of their routine.


On behalf of the kitties I thank you for your kindness and service. I would describe the male as stray versus feral as it sounds like he’s a friendly boy but just living on the streets. It doesn’t surprise me the other ones disappeared, outdoor cats have a drastically shorter lifespan than indoor ones, if they were friendly someone could’ve taken them in, or hit by cars, moved on to another food source etc It also doesn’t surprise me the female is wary without her brother...that behaviour is how I catch entire litters of kittens in one go. I find kittens will follow the bravest of the bunch and once they see them eating safely, will join them So instead of normal live traps I’ll use a drop trap, and man is it hard to resist pulling when you’ve got 3/4 kittens in there happily munching away...but patience is a virtue and that fourth one will eventually get jealous and follow the rest. Then the trap comes down and chaos ensues lol


There's a cat that has been hanging around my house for a couple of weeks, I love seeing new cats passing through the garden and I will always go to pet them but I'd never seen this guy before and now he is about every single day. I'm not sure if he's a stray, I can't book an appt with the vet to check the chip incase he's not about that certain time (I've two cats myself so can't keep him inside) but he's also not neutered which makes me think he could be a stray. I feed him because honestly I left my cat bowls out one morning to clean them and when I turned around he was eating the scraps from the night before and I felt so awful that he was hungry :( so now he comes for food all the time. I posted on a lost and found page but no luck. Hard to know if he's just choosing me to be his second owner or if he's just been dumped. He also keeps trying to come into the house too.


Yeah, I think that's correct. My cats handle their own grooming and look fine. I can't think getting petted would improve their coat that much over a healthy stray.


It's not petting that improves their coat, it's things like no bugs biting them and a good supply of food. For a cat to look like that and be stray, it's either got a pretty nice life or was just recently abandoned.


Everything about that cat screams well cared for. Not just well groomed but look at that fur- glossy and obviously well fed. Also super friendly and affectionate.


I was gonna say, I never have to lick my cat to keep him tidy and well-groomed. He is very capable of licking himself.


Our neighbourhood tough cat Don Gingeroni does this, will pop around once in a while for a tribute of headrubs.


Lol "Let me make an offer that you can't refuse."![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|laughing)


He's an utter badass, like an orange fist, and a terror to the local birds. He demands tributes, we give them gladly.


> and a terror to the local birds That's a bad thing




literally came to the comments to say she’s being a slag lol


Leave her be, she looks clean, happy and well fed. She's probably just very friendly and out for a walk


My mom said the same, I gave her a bit of water and she looked happy.


I'm glad she did, she probably has a a loving home judging by her nic shiny coat and little round belly lol my cat is very similar in that she's always making friends


My family lived next to an elementary school. My mum looked out once and saw a kid carrying our cat off. My mum asked what he was doing and the response was "I found him." My mum told the kid he's our cat and lives here. The cat was so friendly he didn't mind being carted off by a child.


There was a cat who lived across the street from my elementary school too. We’d watch his owner let him out every morning; he’d trot over and get his fill of pets from a swarm of small children before heading back in and then returning for his afternoon sessions.


Lmao my biggest fear! My big boy is obsessed with children. He would be more than happy to be carried anywhere by a friendly kid. Or even to be drug by his tail to whatever destination. He’s a weird one.


“He already had a collar and everything, man ain’t I lucky to have found him!”


And I went to an elementary school where a cat would visit us. Any chance it was a tabby?


Yes, just accept the new friend, give her attention and water and leave her in her neighborhood.


Aw how sweet; it's nice of you to keep your mom hydrated.


Thnku gud hooman. I spek to cat gods on ur behalf.


Since it doesn't seem like anyone has suggested it yet, I think you should r/petthedamncat


Saw this after I posted lol. But seriously r/petthedamncat !


Pets and scritches. Probably someone’s pet


She looks very clean and well fed, just a kitty out ‘splorin


The only reason I'm doubting this is because she's very far away from a home. All there was around me was a highway and corporate buildings but didn't find anyone to stick with the cat and had to go to my booster appointment.




Came back after my booster but she was gone, I hope she's okay


Cats can go for miles on their walks, I really wouldn't be that surprised - maybe a bit worried if she's close to a highway, but it is what it is.


Cats can walk very far from home. Ours when i was a kid was crossing streets and taking a long walk, to go to the public park nearby. He had his friends there and was going every day. Eventually we learned a lot about his life from people working there, he was the super star of the park


I would read an 800 pages book about this.


What about 801


Aye, I could do that.


When my cat was young, she would hike up a mountain. First snowfall and she bounded out! She was gone for 14 hrs and I tracked her halfway up the mountain; 2 miles from home when I lost her tracks. Always ditching her collars, as well. These days, she's older and stays much closer to home, if she even leaves the porch. Thankfully, she's not friendly.


> Thankfully, she's not friendly. That really is the mood, huh. Only cat I ever had not come home was a schmoozer. I'm sure someone just fell in love with him and took him home. My current cat is a bush-hiding, tree-climbing, misanthrope, and she's always home in time for dinner!


Yep, Coco always knows what time it is! She's more cuddly with me. Begs my husband for food, sometimes, even pets. She's 9. Anyone else in the house? Poof\* She disappears. Still a general misanthrope, too. Crazy cat lady next door finally gave up trying to talk to her, about 4-5 years, ago.


I don’t remember where I read it, but I have read before that cats usually travel 2-5 miles from home when out splorin


In my neighborhood there are at least 10 Cats (spayed / neutered) that are allowed outside by different owners to run around and socialize. If a Cat is super friendly, usually that is a well adjusted domestic Cat. As others have mentioned, this Cat doesn't appear to be abandoned. All appears good.


Love her and squeeze her and hug her and call her George ♥️ Just kidding…the others’ advice is way better.


Here for the looney toons /tiny toons reference


Which was originally an Of Mice and Men reference!


went in for a booster, got a thorough cat scan as well.


Looks like somebody else’s cat.


Friendly, well fed/taken care of indoor/outdoor cat. You might stop by the area again later to see if it got back home


Def not a stray, just an outdoor friend saying hello. Give it some scratches and leave it there so it’s parents don’t worry.




I'm sorry 😭 it's hard to pet and record while in squatted position


I know ;). It just seemed like the perfect moment to link that sub ! You did great!


Leave her


Pet that cat


Cats are very similar to humans, Some are extrovert who need to all attention in the world and other 97% are introvert.


It looks healthy, not your pet so leave it alone


Do not adopt a healthy stray please. Probably someone's cat out on a adventure. I'd had my cat taken when she was fat and healthy and someone seriously thought it was a struggling stray.


Pet her and revisit this spot again soon so you can maintain this lovely friendship.


Came back after my booster shot as soon as I could, she wasn't there anymore 😢. I'm sure she'll be okay, when I gave her water she wasn't even thirsty, just took 1 sip and continued looking for my attention. She also gave me little love bites lol.


Little love bites? Oh, that's serious. She means business! :) Cats are creatures of habit. Sure you two will meet again.


I always wonder how many of these cats would have gone back home. Then someone else takes them home thinking they are stray. The real owners are left wondering what happened to their cat. I would say the cat looks healthy, so leave it alone.


Guys, stop telling people to take cats, ESPECIALLY if they look this well-kept. You don’t even know where this video was taken, so don’t come into the comment sections with this idea that cats are commonly chipped everywhere if they have an owner. Just because they don’t have a chip doesn’t mean they’re strays. Please don’t steal people’s cats!!!


I always think this when I see these posts


leave it


You've been chosen sooooo.......... Clearly you pet her until she is finished.


2 of my 4 cats roam around during the day then come home.. just leave the cat


i heard a new side effect of vaccines is being more appealing to cats


Give her a pet and then leave her be. Just because a cat shows affection and will have a fuss, PLEASE don’t pick it up and fuck off with it. My cat is incredibly friendly and will walk up to anyone for fusses, but she’s very well cared for and loved. I’ve lost her twice to idiots already.


I love friendly cats ! Make me feel special ❤️❤️❤️




Try stroke it’s belly


How does one know if a roaming cat actually belongs to someone?


They should have a micro chip. This would give information of the owner.




Someone probably owns it if it’s that tame. So leave it? Naturally


That's Maxine the Vaccine cat. Just pet her.


My mom had two precious kitties stolen by people in the neighborhood because they liked to go outside. Don't take the cat, the cat is completely fine and somebody's pet


Seeing all these people saying to take it home or adopt it worries me. My cat go's outside all the time


Pet her, that's my advice. She'd like you to pet her.


probely keave her, she might just be out on a stroll from her home is all. she dosent look malnourished or uncared for.




That’s someone’s cat, pet it and walk away


Clearly someone's cat just cheating on their owners with you. Distract and run is my go-to.


Yes, the friendlier they are, the better taken care of too, usually. A cat that needs shelter and help most likely wouldn't trust you enough to get close to them...


Too many people on this sub are okay with stealing cats. The cat wanted pets. Pet it and move on.


There was once a post similar to this and they told OP to keep the cat while it was clearly wearing a collar. Infuriating.


D use, you didn’t find her. You met her. Don’t kidnap someone’s cat, they’ll hate it.


It probably belongs to someone, dumbass. Dont steal someone’s fucking cat…..


Are you asking us if you should steal someone's cat? I feel like that's what you're asking us. I haven't prepared myself to answer such a stupid question - give me a minute while I compose myself... Ok. The answer is no. No you should not steal things that belong to other people. That is a bad thing and doing bad things is bad.


You are so kind to be concerned. I agree this kitty looks well taken care of.


That cat has a home for sure. Give pets and love but don't steal


Dude, leave it. That's clearly somebody's cat.. look how healthy they look. It's normal for cats to be let outside and roam free.. you'd be the opposite of a hero for "saving it"


Well 1st of all.. *pet her immediately!!!*


Ask her to stay 4 feet away unless she is vaccinated as well 😤. No but really she looks well taken care of, just on a little stroll :)


there is a Ginger Tabby who lives near a bike path in my Town. He sits on the bike path any days it is nice out, and has a tag with his name, that says just pet me. Friendly cat.


She's thanking you for taking care of your health and being considerate of others by getting your booster! (My furmidget was extra cuddly after I got mine last week and felt a bit sore for the next few days) 😻


She’s adorable! With a coat that healthy it’s possible she may have an owner, so the best thing for now would be to take her into the vet and get her any shots she may need and a spay, checking for a chip while you’re there :) No chip means you’re one step closer to being able to keep her with no guilt LOL! After that, joining local lost and found cat Facebook groups and watching for posts talking about her would be a smart idea, but I wouldn’t recommend posting IN them just because there are lots of messed up people willing to pretend to be cat owners so they can take them and sell them, using that money on…. stuff… My last piece of advice would be to put up printouts of just her picture and your phone number! I saw the idea in this Reddit before, but basically it whittles down potential callers to only the most determined of scammers and the actual owner (if she has one) since it doesn’t say anything about whether she’s lost or found. Good luck, and I really hope you’ve found yourself a true stray kitty! I would keep her in a heart beat lol ;)


What gorgeousness. Obviously has a family somewhere.


Boob the snoot and continue your journey to get your booster.


Is this a snake?


Unless it’s obvious that an animal is a stray, starving, sick, abandoned, don’t DO anything. Just because an animal is outdoors doesn’t mean it needs rescued. You may be taking someone’s deeply loved family. That’s not being a hero.


Does she have a colar/chip/ear tattoo? She seems super used to humans so she prob lives with some


Booster the cat


Pet her and move on, she's someone's pet.


Don’t steal someone’s cat


Its a fucking cat. Leave it the fuck alone its not asking you for help its saying whats good


Stroke her then be on your way


She looks well cared for. She belongs to someone


Likely she someone’s pet looks healthy and friendly. Say hello and go on your merry way


You thinking about stealing it OP? Better go take that booster real quick now.


She looks too well-kept and clean for being a stray...she is just gorgeous, but I am afraid it is not adoption day for you, today :)


Was never considering this because my cat would probably kill any other cat that comes in his territory. I'm just concerned since I had to leave and this area is next to a highway. My sister is going to get her booster now and check if the cat's still there.


Not every cat is a stray that needs to be fucking rescued


This cat is very friendly around people so I’m sure it belongs to someone. The “what should I do?” Question baffles me. Were you seriously thinking of stealing someone’s pet? At most call animal control and they’ll try to find it or pick it up from you if you could get it in your car


Pet her and scritch her and get your booster.




That’s a healthy well fed cat. It clearly has a home so leave it.


Leave it