If i were you i would contact the veterinarian again and ask them what they recommend.


I had to sit down and get research papers out and do the entire work myself. Turns out I'm from a remote area where we do not have vets and even if we do, they're catered for humans and are highly inexperienced with animals or cats etc (they couldn't care any less). I'm from a small part of Asia where we only have quacks. So, gonna do what I can with the help I get here. Thanks so much ma mate! :)


When I had a cat develop fatty liver my vet recommended Fancy Feast- that’s what I used and still continue to use with the cats I have now. My other cat lived probably another 7-8 years after that diagnosis. He was 17 when I finally had to put him down.


A lot of people have been recommending this brand to me. I'll be sure to search for it. Thank you so much! :)


Can you get food delivered to your house? Or could your vet order prescription food for you?


I'm from a poor remote area and cannot afford much more. I recently found that I could feed him "Bellotta Tuna in gravy" and I'm hoping this won't kill my best friend like the other stuff...


Fancy feast is readily available in most supermarkets and it’s actually not a terrible food to give your cat.


Thanks mate! :) I'll be sure to check it out.