I have a confession... Castlevania 64 was my first experience with the series and even after playing many of the other games, I FUCKING LOVE this game! I'm so sad that everybody hates it and it will never be added to any retro library. It's such unique and interesting game even on it's own.

I have a confession... Castlevania 64 was my first experience with the series and even after playing many of the other games, I FUCKING LOVE this game! I'm so sad that everybody hates it and it will never be added to any retro library. It's such unique and interesting game even on it's own.


Once you get past the forest in the beginning it's pretty well paced, I revisit it every couple years. Love me some motorcycle skeletons


I like the exploding ones too hahaha


I can't say anything of this version, but Legacy of Darkness absolutely kicks ass and doesn't deserve a fraction of the hate it gets.


I really enjoyed LoD when it first came out. I wish we could get a remake.


You and me both! I'm hoping it comes to NSO at some point.


Dude, I freakin love Castlevania on the 64. It is absolutely dripping with atmosphere. The gameplay feels good to me. The music is amazing. The fact that there are actual vampires running around trying to bite and turn you is just amazing. It feels like a Castlevania game to me. The second one on the N64, Legacy of Darkness, is even better. My favorite (most memorable) part of the game is the Castle Center where you have to carry the mandrake to the mandragora in order to blow up the giant wall. You can't be hit or jump while carrying it or it explodes. I spent hours running around that area trying to figure out what I had to do. Ah, but that was back in '99. Such a long time ago, but I still remember it well. A lot of games nowadays are forgotten shortly after completion. I hope they add this to the N64 section of the Nintendo Online service. I would upgrade to the NSO expansion just for this game if it was included.


I was thinking about the mandrake part as I was writing this! Fighting the bull too! I like that the 2 characters have different pathways through the game and that if you spend too much at the demon's store you have to fight him before Dracula! Unless they go ahead and add every game ever to the service, then I really think this game is extremely low priority... I never played 2, but I want to! The N64 is at my parents house in my home country, and I don't want to experience it on an emulator with poorly tuned controls/mouse and keyboard +the temptation to cheat when it gets difficult lol. Really unfortunate that I can't just use my switch to play it.


Dude yes two player co op


I bought a USB-toN64-controller adapter to make emulation better. It's worth it to play the old games again.




I think if you walk up to it and press the "examine" button, it works.


I was a kid when I played it but man that chainsaw guy in the hedge maze scared the eff out of me lol


And the dogs OMG


Once you realize you can still use your sword while paralyzed and killing the dogs removes the paralysis, it becomes a cake walk. That chainsaw dude was something else though.


I love it if only for the creepiest, most goddamn unnerving vampire designs I’ve seen. The one on the back of the box alone freaked me out as a kid. Wish Game Grumps had continued their playthrough. It’s actually quite a fun game with a really intense atmosphere.


Wait, it's a Game you can complete in three hours Max. They cancelled their playthrough? Why?


No idea, but they never even got to the castle. Their reactions to first seeing the vampires and being chased through the hedge maze would have been interesting.


It has gained more of a negative rep in recent years due to the AVGN episode, but if you look at reviews from the time it was fairly well received. As people have said, the atmosphere is great. It blends several genres together while also retaining the platforming and fast-paced combat that were the crux of the classic Castlevanias. It's a great template for if they ever do another 3D Castlevania. LOI and what I've played of LOS just felt smaller in scope by comparison. I'm also not a fan of the whole "stop and fight X amount of enemies before the seal/gate opens" ( 64 does that, yeah, but it's few and far between and serves for more of an "oh shit" response vs. "here we go again"). Dark Souls too is a good template. The only thing really missing from DS is the platforming, but the quick, brutal combat based on timing and decision-making is textbook Castlevania.


Dude, you are awesome, I wholeheartedly agree, this game was amazing


>It will never be added to any retro library. If the infamous Castlevania The Adventure can be played on modern platforms, this game deserves no worse; like, I haven't played any of the 3D Castlevania games yet, but I doubt by a lot that there's something worse than The Adventure.


Ehh...the N64 games have their flaws, but they're *nowhere* near as bad as The Adventure was. Really, the worst I can say about it is that the controls sometimes screw you over when paired with awkward camera angles, and one segment in particular is notoriously difficult because of being able to die instantly over the tiniest mistake while carrying around a volatile explosive (you can't take damage or drop off ledges *at all* while carrying it around, even if it's just a tiny scratch or the ledge is about as high as your character's ankles), but most of that shit is limited to the first half of the game or so and it at least gets better after the first couple levels.


The only problem I had with Castlevania 64 is that the technology limitations just weren’t ready for a 3d jump just yet. So I bet a remaster would change a lot of people’s minds. Look how many people are loving skyward sword now, after writing it off all those years for shitty motion controls


You should try Legacy of Darkness, you can basically unlock a better version of Castlevania 64


I, too, have a soft spot for early 3D games that pre-date Ocarina of Time laying out the groundwork. I'd love to play CV64 again!


The title screen music is amazing, I literally listened to it all the way through the first time I booted it up back in middle school. Game def has a special place in my 64 library.


I still love the mood and atmosphere of this game. There's a lot of little things that are nice touches too like using your sword instead of whip.


I love the N64 games and I own them both. I saw the first game for literally 10 seconds when I was like five and that stuck with me forever and then like 20 years later I bought them both. I have all 3 DS games as well played SOTN etc... These is still my favorites And I would love to have them made in the Netflix animated series as The stories would adapt very well imo


My first Castlevania experience is generally disliked aswell so I can definitely sympathize with you, my guy.


I'm already half-way through this game and it's FAR better than Lament of Innocence for me, which was my first mainline CS game after being introduced through the Lords of Shadow games. LOI bored me to tears.


You’re not the only one, I love this game too. I think the main reason this game gets so much hate is because a lot of people who played Castlevania 64 and then bought Legacy of Darkness were expecting a brand new game like a sequel, and they were super salty that it was more like a dlc expansion. I missed the first one and only only played Legacy of Darkness, so I enjoyed the hell out of it! I guess it was mainly a miscommunication with the marketing or something. But yeah, the mandragora puzzle was really fun and memorable. I also just really enjoyed how immersive the world was. You literally start on a boat, then travel through a forest, then the courtyard manor outside the castle, and eventually the levels deep inside the castle match what you would expect too, all the way up to the clock tower. There are times when you have a nice view, and you can see places you already visited in the distance, or places that you’ll eventually visit. I really like video games that do that, Dark Souls does that really well too. I think my favorite parts of the game are the demon merchant who you eventually have to fight if you spend too much, since you signed away your soul, and I also really enjoyed the garden maze with the chainsaw guy who keeps chasing you. The music is really good too, especially Malus’ theme on the violin, and Rosa’s theme.


The camera and the platforming are a little awkward, but they're manageable with some patience and practice. They were early 3D games after all, that was how it was back then. Other than that the N64 Castlevanias are masterpieces. They're the perfect blend of horror and action.


I dont hate it. I couldnt hate any Castlevania and Castlevania is my 2nd favorite gaming franchise of all time! Also CAN WE PLEASE get this on Xbox and Playstation?


WOHA WOHA whose raging on CV 64? I owe it everything Its made me who i am now, It was a perfect game. It Captured Both the fast pasted action and the horror elements that are seen though out CV. and its affects on CV can be seen even today. As i remember reading that when they where making LoS reinhardt was some of the inspiration for Gabriel Also you can see the affect its had on both lecarde chronicles game and those game as far as i'm concerned are CV fan or not there part of it. and Just look at cornell he made it in to Judgment. and i could go on. BUT the main thing is there I nothing to be ashamed of I Love even after all these years its till an amazing game, that i have been inspired By it for my fan Novel So I agree with you its the Perfect CV game.


Man I played this on an emulator and still loved the game. I also played much later than it came out, and the atmosphere is just on point. Legacy of Darkness is also amazing, and had so many characters to play. The hate it gets is so bizarre imo.


I definitely gotta play it to completion at one point. I tried it out a little while ago and while the controls didn’t jive with me per se, that’s almost a universal curse for N64 games (where you have to get used to them). I’ve got a bunch of Castlevania games I still gotta play -


It was my very first exposure to Castlevania aswell. I played it and liked it, but it didn't become an obsession, so i only went back to this universe when the Netflix show was released (boo i suppose, lol). And that's where i discovered the game was...not very well regarded, haha. Still holds a special place for me too, even though it really didn't age well.


I didn't hate it, but I preferred Legacy of Darkness, the 'sequel-remake-rerelease' for Castlevania 64. It fixed a lot of bugs and stuff that C64 had, and added new stuff.


This one, Legacy of Darkness, Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness should be released in a collection. Also we need the DS Collection for those three.


I don’t hate it. It’s just one of my least favorite. I was only able to tolerate playing through it once. Maybe if I had another chance to play it, my feelings towards it would be different.


I played the nes version for all of 5 min when i was really young at a friend's house. Then the Xmas came when i got a 64. A year after it had come out. EB games accidentally sent me resident evil 2, Lode Runner 64, and Castlevania 64. That game was amazing but it was a little over my head. I really want to revisit it. I feel like the anime has fueled a resurgence in love for the series. This makes me hopeful that it will be added to the roster. Im going to buy the advance collection when i can afford it, so they see a potential of profit. Even though i have a gba emulator on my phone.