Saw this in my local graveyard on my morning stroll.

Saw this in my local graveyard on my morning stroll.


Morning stroll or mourning stroll


not trying to be mean nor a moralist but, don't you think is kind of f*cked up to take a photo of someone's grave you don't know just because their last name is the same as fictional characters and upload it to reddit?


That possibility didn't cross my mind till you said something. It's the first time I've come across the name and just thought it was kind of cool.


yeah i don't mean you had bad intentions but if that was my grave i wouldn't want someone to post it on reddit, sorry for being kinda agressive in the first comment tho


I guess I don't think I would care myself, but that's just me. No worries, if anything it will help me be more mindful in the future.


It's probable the grave and it's picture are already online on a site like findagrave.com and similar sites for people who enjoy doing genealogy.


Well, he’s dead…so he doesn’t mind. If you could bring him back to life suddenly, I don’t think whether or not someone photographed his grave and uploaded it it to Reddit would be top of mind lol.


fair take, but we can't really see the first name or anything (at least i cant make it out anyway) or the exact date of death (i only see a day and not a year) and OP never gave out a location, so it's not like anybody can go hunt the person down and actually identify them. the actual amount of harm done is pretty minimal to nonexistent.


legendary! You know there's some treasure underneath that stone.


[OH MY GGGOOODDD THIS REMINDES ME OF TREVOR BELMONT FROM CASTLEVINEA WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW](https://www.memeatlas.com/images/wojaks/wojak-soy-boy-huge-vertical-open-mouth.png)