Castlevania S04E10, "It's Been a Strange Ride" - Episode Discussion

Castlevania S04E10, "It's Been a Strange Ride" - Episode Discussion


How ironic that Lenore ended up in the life that she wanted Hector to live, and she chose to embrace the sun over live it.


Yeah she still had too much vampire in her I think. I kind of like that the show didn’t go overly sympathetic with her. She kind of was still a bit of a monster, but definitely a more decent one.


She didn't seem very apologetic, except for when the tables were clearly turned. Did she expect Hector to stop her? To force her to live that life? There was a lot of untapped potential in their story, I felt.


I also found funny how she didnt understand the beauty of the sun and yet after she dies Hector just enjoys its warmth


She's like "that's it?" and Heccy is like "yeah, that **is** it."


I interpreted it as them being too different creatures valuing different things. They may have had affection and even unhealthy love for one another, but Lenore still had Vampiric pride in her and Hector would never truly understand that aspect.


She truly rage quit. While Hector won the game. Slow and steady wins the race


Wasn’t Camilla the one who rage quit


Her as well I didn’t forget about Chadssac defeating her


Beautiful ending. Hector redemption, more bad ass Isaac. Trevor/Alucard/Sypha trio. Netflix definitely did a great job ending this series imo both the script and animation. You will still get some silly Castlevania fans (pre netflix series) who want Dracula to come back and just beat everyone cause "He is stronger" which will ruin the character development of everyone else. Glad Netflix got good writers to end a show this time.


Agreed, everyone got their moment to shine whether they were defeated or not and went out with style.


Nah man she ascended like Oogway


He matured finally. He started off as a little boy wanting human pets, then became a pet and now just less of a dick and learned lessons


Meanwhile Striga and Morona are having a time of their life topkek


They out of Carmilla's shitty plans, despite having an op Berserker armor


I can't help but think Isaac got really lucky they weren't back in time because Striga seems to be absolute beast with that armour


Striga is definitely at least 3rd or 4th most powerful vamp so far.


I mean besides Dracula and that huge red armored vampire (I forgot his name) she has to be strongest vampire there is


Dragan? Also is she stronger than Alucard?


I dont think she is stronger than alucard, It feels weird to call alucard a vampire, is he really a vampire?


Dhampir is the term.


God damn daywalkers.


Is she? She beat some farmers. It's really hard to scale where she is in my eyes. Awesome day armour is neat, but her troops managed to fight in daylight too once they had the intelligence to... dress appropriately. Tragen or whatever, armoured flail dude, really had a good showing on the other hand. Ripping off his own arm to use as a bomb? Metal doesn't even cut it.


She finally came to terms with the nature of being a vampire. And how it is against her values. Rather than live at war with herself, she removed herself from the equation. One less vampire to disturb humans learning and growing


It's also consistent with the dilemma all the Sisters were having this Season to the nature of their existence. Makes sense Lenora took the 'diplomatic' option, after all her time reflecting and her proximity to Hector.


I did find it very uncomfortable that the show decided to have Hector want/love her right to the end :// some Stockholm syndrome bullshit right there.


I kind of agree. But at the same time she kept him alive, when Carmilla would have done much worse to him. Also I honestly don’t think even he believes he deserves that much sympathy after betraying Dracula and also being responsible for deaths of thousands.


I thought Hector was going to confess his love for her and run over to her and block the sun 😭😭


Yeah I was really surprised that he didn't, but then it makes you realise how far he has grown. Especially when he tells her to 'be free', doesn't want her to be trapped even if he wants her to stay.


So we managed to unlock some super secret ending. When Sypha was trying to leave and being persuaded to stay, it reminded me quite a bit of the various endings in SOTN. Obviously neither Sypha and Alucard would have been alone at that point, but it's nice to have everyone stick together. Lisa and Vlad having a happy ending was also pretty nice. Some might think it might have all ended too nicely, but I'm happy that it all wrapped up nicely - at least for the heroes. At least I got to cry a bit when I thought Trevor really died. Hector and Isaac's arc ended in an interesting way. Isaac realized that it was really Carmilla behind Dracula's death, and Hector wasn't at fault. Isaac being called a King though and him mentioning conquest makes me wonder what he does after.


Isaac is going to kill all the rude people, and open up a demon rehab. So they can better themselves. Think of it as redemption but the long way round.


"hey bro that beast is kinda scary can you please not bring it in" Isaac: 😤 😡


It bugged me soo much in season 3 that Isaac couldn't seem to comprehend why people were uncomfortable having his night creatures around... Also how incompetent the city guards were at fighting them (I don't think there were any night creatures casualties until the mind controlled town) despite being brave enough to tell them to gtfo.


It's almost like he was quite happy with the entire human race being exterminated a season before that or something.


I am GLAD Alucard got a very happy ending. I was afraid he'd become twisted after Season 3's events. I thought he was gonna go on a downward spiral and turn into his father.


I'm just guessing here, but I feel like if they had more seasons they were going to put Alucard down a dark path so he could have some epic redemption.


It mirrors his father’s. Distrustful of humans and cold, shuts himself off from everyone. Then a woman tries to get in touch and calls upon him to improve the world.


Greta also says the same line Vlad said to Lisa "I think I'll like you" to Alucard. I liked that callback


I'm just glad they didn't kill off the woman. My boi The Alucard is FINALLY starting to feel happy again. Let. Him. Be. Happy!


When Dracula asked Lisa if she was a little angry, I though she was gonna tear into him for going into a genocidal rampage and nearly killing their son. She definitly doesn't know about the shit he got up to lmao


That was weird what was the endgame there? Isaac, Dracula and Hector are responsible for murdering thousands of people and are unapologetic about it, hell Hector isn't angry at Lenore despite the hell and obvious trauma he went agaisnt her either and kills herself, they all are free from repercussions.


I don't see it as that exactly. To me they owned up to their trauma and the evil they did under those circumstances to move forward with their own resolve and ways to make amends. Doesn't make them free of their crimes, however, ultimately they shall work towards preventing such tragedy from ever coming to fruition again - that is their repentance.


The way you worded that was a really good way to describe it. Isaac's whole arc ended up with him as king of the night creatures and using his position to write wrongs among humans and help his night creatures repent and get better (Fly eyes became vegetarian after that Berry scene, I guarantee it).


so... many... memories...


>Isaac, Dracula and Hector All of them are like "Damn we had some wild days didn't we?" like my dude, literally antagonizing all human life isn't just a phase.


Yeah the show doesn't seem to take attention towards the consequences of genocide. "Oh a ton of my villagers just died? Alright, let's keep moving into the forest." the weight of the dead just disappears later on in the later seasons that i dont feel anything seeing an old woman get her whole head separated from the rest of her.


Isn't that just what's par of the course with \*death\* this season? Towards the end at least. There have been soo many characters dying it is less impactful. If they were to show regret for all the people dying, or reflect on it or whatever is expected in our minds when dozens of people die brutally. The story would not go anywhere imo. Its become common occurrence people dying by the day considering the world they live in. I did like how season 3 ended though but it was less on the note of a bunch of people dying but rather the Judge's "little pleasures". I do still see what you mean and I agree, its not as impactful when a vampire snaps the head off of a random villager or a night creature bites a random villager's head off at this point unless its a character we actually know


i have so many feelings, how did they wrap everything in 10 episodes is just \*chef's kiss\* Poor St. Germain had blue balls till he died


People call Hector a simp but good god, that is some multi-dimensional simping


5D super simping at its finest, but I love Saint Germain so it's excused.


5D simp with multiverse time travel


Dude had to summon another soul amalgation just to had a chance to see his GF. Then his GF just turned her back after all that simping. Still not a fan of him being a villain


Didn't like him as a villain either. I liked him as a character. But guess what he went through changes man. Simpin aint easy after all


the Treffy Belmont Village seems like a nice place to live in


It's the center of all magic, demon hunting, and science in Europe, if not the entire world. Some really special Belmonts gonna be born there


Isaac’s night creature nation is catching up fast


I hope if they show it in later seasons there’s a Treffy street next to Alu’s Hole road


I was so scared that the final scene was gonna reveal that Vlad and his wife was actually fused together and they were just insane.


I knew that they got split by the way the emphasis on the cross blade splitting the rebus in half, but I thought something different would happen where Lisa would be unturnably angered by what vlad did after he died, further pushing him towards madness and thinking “fucking irredeemable humans”


i thought vlad having a second chance was very sweet. Honestly thought him and death were gonna pull some fusion magic.


Yeah dracula himself finally gets a happy ending all things considered


Better get used to calling him Vlad Tepes.


It is nice I think on a full season re watch it’s going to be a nice arc given how s1 goes. I was expecting a fusion to work and this is why he’ll be a villain in later seasons type thing. But this is nice to see. With s1 always thought she should’ve travelled with him and now they can


Alucard naming the village Belmont nearly made me cry, but him calling it Treffy just did me in. God I am so glad Trevor survived and they're all together Lenore was a dissappointment all the way through, and I'm not sure how I feel about Dracula and Lisa coming back to life - Dracula in particular - but the main trio is happy and that's all good and well with me


> Lenore was a dissappointment all the way through You take that back you heretic


I love Lenore , but they did poor with hear character All her character arc manipulating Hector into swearing loyalty to her was wasted. That was an amazing non-combat arc that did nothing in the end , because the ring did nothing to stop him from plotting against them, trapping Lenore and Carmilla , and didn't even stop him from cutting his finger off. Her dialogues and her suicide scene were amazing , but yeah , her whole season 3 amazing arc was wasted


That was my one major issue with the season. It felt like half a season's worth of the Styria plotline just got omitted for some reason.


When Syhpa said “Good luck with that” and gave that look to Alucard and Greta it broke me!!


Vlad going to Whitby was so absolutely great. Whitby is the town that inspired Bram Stoker when he wrote his book. What a reference.


It's also where the ship (by then a ghost ship because the crew have mysteriously disappeared) carrying Dracula arrives in England in the novel. I've been there actually, there is a really small and weird Dracula museum (more like a tiny horror house using props from the gary oldman/Keanu reeves movie).


>Dracula museum I had to go look this up immediately. Wow that looks super cheesy. And also - I want to go there. I want to take the Dracula tour and everything. Heh.


This was totally worth losing sleep over, amazing finale to an amazing season for an amazing series. Overall happy with little to any, if any, complaints. It’s definitely been a strange ride. (EDIT: Formatting and such)


I teared up when Trevor was alive. Such a rollercoaster of emotions.


Sypha’s reaction to it really got me. Heartwarming ending.


This got me the most. They made it pretty clear he survived when st germain touched the key and you see it light up, then you see the infinite corridor blue come through while death is exploding yellow/red. But her reaction was so well done.


You know, Alucard made shield fighting cool. That man knows how to fucking fight.


He gets a shield. Trevor gets a Holy Dagger-Cross Shuriken. And Sypha unleashes Lightning!


Honestly Sypha getting lightning is so satisfying. Like we clearly see the progression of it over the last two seasons


I wonder where the series would hypothetically go now with Dracula getting a happy ending and not really being a big bad anymore. I can't see the loop of coming back, being evil, then getting his ass kicked every 3 weeks with this Dracula like the games


Evil doesn’t need Dracula. His absence is replaced with someone who has twisted ambition. Think of cult who idolized Dracula and they will create someone to be as close as him to enact malicious will.


Pretty much this. If the first episode established anything, is that there is a lot of evil in the world as it is right now. You've got fanatics idolizing random deities and vampires trying to satisfy a power vacuum. Now that Dracula "really is dead" (to the vampire world), there should be a lot of hell


Honestly I thought the ending was going to be some sort of reference to the Sorrows duology, and now... I've got no clue. I *really* can't imagine them doing a sequel to this series with Dracula alive and happy. I suppose they *could* steal the plotline from Sorrows that there always needs to be a Dark Lord and have the whole fighting over who gets to be the Dark Lord, but I can't imagine them doing a skip all the way to the modern day to adapt that fully. Especially since Alucard would be *wildly* different to Alucard from the main timeline - no reason to be anywhere near so isolated from other people.


That cuddle


I liked the little detail of how their heads and arms together shaped a heart. Cute ending.


God, I can’t remember the last time I watched a show that had such a legitimately happy ending. It’s honestly refreshing, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


It's also just a great ending. It certainly is refreshing after multiple series I followed having ended in a shit way.


when I heard this was the final season I was nervous because it seemed like a rush with so many storylines left to play out, plus the whole death coming and Dracula coming back, but it wrapped up very nicely, unlike another show which had an 8th season that I very much liked.


Yeah this season has two endings really, the Forgemaster ending and the Belmont ending. Both were fantastic!


>! I wish we got to see what Isaac in the epilogue. !< >! I didn't understand Lenore's suicide at first but then I understood why she did it(might make a post to elaborate). !< >! Simon Belmont is already here poggers. !< >! Alucard is fabulous as always. I wish the trio reunited early on. !< A satisfying conclusion and worth losing sleep for. The best season AFTER season 2.


Please make a post on >!Lenore's suicide!<, I think the dynamic is really interesting. Personally I was surprised when Hector didn't go rushing out to stop her but then it's been a while since I saw how much she manipulated him in s3.


Lenore's also grown fond of Hector and remorseful of her actions towards him before as evidenced by her apology for doing such and not being able to be there by his side to atone and help him heal his heart. However as one redditor pointed out here: she doesn't want to be eternally at war between her diplomatic, rational, compassionate and frankly human side and her sociopathic, hungry, and ambitious vampire self. She just wants to be free of the conflicts that stem from the vampiric virtue of 'wanting stability'. Hector could've talked her out of it given time and comparison to human life but it probably wouldn't get through Lenore as even if it did work, she would've hated to stay with Hector and see him quickly fade away and eventually leave her alone to face her inner contradictions once again with no foil to sort through it with.


I guess Dracula's good ending is to make sure our protagonist's good ending as well. Remember at the start they're getting tired of chasing down these cults trying to resurrect Dracula. Him actually being alive AND happy will make sure any consequent attempts on reviving him won't work.


I think that is partially why the spin off would HAVE to be a prequel. It wouldn’t make sense for them to end it on a good note and have Dracula go crazy in the next series.


I'd be amped up if Alucard and Dracula team up to beat some big bad tho.


Spectacular wrap up to this story. My only complaint with the season has to be that weirdly long conversation between Varney and Ratko. It seemed to go on for a lot longer than necessary and Ratko seemed to be repeating a lot of his points. Also Zamfir had some green needle implanted into her neck during a fight. What exactly did that do?


The needle was to track her location I guess.


This being the end of the castlevania show (For now) feels weird to me. I love this show and now knowing that this was the last season for those characters just makes me sad. I really hope that some will come back soon enough in some kind of way since this show is great. I hope the Bootleg universe is still being produced.


The “Bootleg Universe” is rumored to continue on with Devil May Cry.


You get a happy ending! You get a happy ending! you get a happy ending And we all get happy ending! Isaac? Maybe next time. Overall, enjoy the series. Want to see more about what Isaac does next though.


Saint Germain didn't get a happy ending, he no bang his girlie because he was a very bad boy and pretended to be god. He got a suitable ending.


Germain bad boy, papa no let bang


I thought the girl rejected him. She turned her back on him didn't she.


Technically, she gave him the stone to sorta open the Corridor, but she left. I just think she was grateful and wanted him to have the fun of exploration, just not with her.


I think what u/niaz1265 is referring to is that last shot of the corridor with her silhouette visible. She could have stepped through to be with him, but I suspect she managed to see the monster he'd become in his quest to find her again and rejected him. Fitting irony.


I don't think she ever wanted to be together with him. He enchanted her with his talk about the corridor and she fell in love with the idea of traversing it while he fell in love with her instead. She never made any real attempts to reunite with him, despite how many attempts he made for her. Each time he was there, she was conveniently just out of reach. I think she just picked the corridor over whatever life she would've had had she stepped out (whether he stayed alive or died in her arms.) It seems like what she wanted and what he wanted were vastly different, he thought he knew her but he didn't. He spent his whole life searching for someone that he couldn't even be sure loved him back.


Saint Germain was such a simp. Even Hector gets to have sex lmao.


I think he's Lady friend was an illusion set by death to get him to do all this. She never talked which is beyond strange.


Personally I think it was to portray that Saint Germaine didn't really have a deep relationship with this woman. He was just obsessed with her and liked how she made him feel. The flashbacks are from his perspective and not once does he linger on anything she says or does, just his actions and words surrounding her.


This is a very good take and would explain how easily Saint Germaine renounced to his ethics: he was already twisted to begin with.


She didn't even have any lines, right?


We never heard her voice and only saw a still face.


When Death was in his true/big form, her outline was present in the infinite corridor before it closed. I don't think there's a reason for Death to fake that. Also, I doubt Dracula was dead when she met her. I don't think Death was planning for Dracula's resurrection before his death.


Imagine if she'd sounded like Varney


Says to S. Germain : “u want some of this Varney ass?”


"I amma eat yo soul, shit it out and put it back in" "Beat high you could ever hope to get"


Isaac always wanted to help people and life stomped that out of him early. I think him forgiving and building his own vision for a better world is the happiest ending he could hope for.


I just want to see him explore humanizing the night creatures and exploring the world. Maybe a future spin off series on him would he great.


Just one long episode of Isaac and a night creature sitting together having a philosophical talk about life.


Because of the way the show ended, I think a Castlevania sequel series is likely. They made very sure to let us know that this child is going to be a thing, and that the Belmont legacy will continue. If I had to guess, Netflix is probably going to have a sequel series hundreds and hundreds of years down the line with Simon Belmont taking the helm, and seeing how the world has changed with Dracula having slowly reintroduced himself into the scene.


I don’t see why Vlad should be bad guy again. The entire series deviates so hard from actual storyline.


Be interesting to see a scene with the new Belmont and Allucard roll up ready to fight and Dracula is chilling in a fishing boat minding his own business.


Castlevania slice of life spin off series. Fishing with Vlad




I think it's hilarious that the vampires in season 4 are trying to bring back Dracula so he can continue his rampage, but when Dracula does get revived he's like "Nah, man, I just wanna chill with my wife."


Well he was rampaging because his wife was taken but since my boy drac got his wife, the world is gud.


man just wants to grill


Castlevania slice of life spin off series. Fishing with Vlad


I don't think it will be a sequel. Just a new story in the same universe, like a run of a comic book hero by a new author. Vlad is redeemed and alive.


The series deviates from the storyline a lot man, this is gonna be it's own thing with Castlevania elements fom now on, hell from Season 3 on it was already apparent. I remember I did complain about the plot diverging in Season 3, but that was because they promised an adaptation of the events, after knowing that I didn't mind.


Had the season ended on the 9th episode rather than the 10th I could easily see a second series happening. However with both Vlad and Lisa alive it makes absolutely no sense for him to be the bad guy again unless they decide to kill off Lisa again I'm honestly confused as to why they gave him the happy ending if they plan on doing anything else with this series they could have just as easily had Vlad be brought back to life by himself and it would have worked for setting up a sequel


Dracula you better move away from that giant fuckoff window before the morning pal.


Is he even vulnerable to sunlight? He fucking tanked a fully charged hit from the Vampire Killer like it was a slap on the wrist.


I mean, intense sunlight does damage your complexion.


Other vampires: instantly turns to dust. Dracula: oh that stings a little, maybe I should find the sunscreen.


Yeah, if any vampire aside from Alucard is immune to the majority of vampiric weaknesses, it’s fucking Dracula.


I always thought alucard was immune as he is a half vampire, therefore the sun just weakens him, if that, not just outright kill him like Lenore.


Nah, he has all the perks of being a vampire with none of the downsides. I think even holy stuff doesn't bother him.


I thin any vampire/human hybrid will be weaker than their vampire parent. It just so happens that Alucard's vampire parent is one of it not the most powerful vampire in existence, so he is still above the majority if not all pure vampires. It goes to show how large the gap is between Dracula and the next most powerful pure vampire, that gap being so large even Dracula's hybrid son can best them. My head canon anyways.


Considering that the trio had to triple kill him before he *actually* died, I'd say that he can handle the sun just fine.


He did suggest to Lisa when he was talking about traveling about going to London, a "cozy little spot on the northeast coast, very little sun," so take that for what you will about sun vulnerability.


Sun immunity doesn't mean he *likes* it, though.


He probably invented sunscreen before anyone else


so was the "murder-suicide pact with god" made after anything from the games?


yeah i was also wondering if it was a easter egg of sorts but i cant think of anything at the moment


If anything I think we should look at Lament of Innocence for an answer, as it's the only game predating the show. Maybe something about Walter? Joachim?


Can anyone explain to me, please, what Belmont said about the dagger being made by a “mad wizard blacksmith to enact a one-sided suicide death pact with God”. I cant find any reference.


I did wish Trevor stayed dead but honestly ? It's so refreshing to see a happy ending that isn't sappy or overly emotional just for the sake of it. It was so beautifully done I think this is a perfect ending for an incredible season and one of my favorite shows ever.


Overall I'm pretty satisfied with how it ended, I was worried it would feel rushed, but fortunately it didn't, they wrapped things up with each character pretty nicely. The animation quality was also absolutely stunning all throughout this season. The fight sequences were especially well done, it felt like they went above and beyond for them, especially the fight with Death. Also, there was no way Lenore was surviving after all that she did last season. The message that would send would definitely raise some eyebrows.


Personally, I would have preferred that Vlad and his wife would have stayed dead. Regardless on how he was feeling, Dracula did some atrocious stuff. He does not deserve forgiveness. Beyond that, I loved the ending. Glad my man Trevor did not die. I hope they do call the village Beltmont.


Dracula may not have deserved the happy ending but Lisa certainly did.




Yeah, after everything Dracula did, it doesn't seem right for him to have a happy ending, but it's not the worst thing in the world.


Honestly? Him being alive is part of Lisa's happy ending.


Finished it just now and I have never been so satisfied with a series ending in a long time. I know some people would say that the ending is "too happy", but I love the main trio so much, so I'm glad they got their happy ending.


Especially for a show with so much death


No I think it fits. In a show with so much death, destruction and pain actually a happy ending was actually earned imho and was more of a surprise than having everything be sad and painful again.


Much prefer this compared to the ending of, say, Devilman Crybaby.


the trio was fkn badass all throughout the end Usually when something great doesn't get more time/episodes people get all depress but with something as good as Castlevania, I'm happy it ended this way. and it's definitely something worth rewatching from time to time


Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little messed up Lisa and Dracula are not going to tell their teenage son they are indeed alive and okay?? I might be wrong here but personally feel like it’s extra traumatic for Alucard to know his parents were alive for a while and didn’t go check up on him but instead were riding off in England having fun


They did mention they would reach out to him later on, but that he needed time to live life without them. Time heals wounds.


If they were in real corporeal bodies maybe they'll surprise him somewhere down the line with a sibling or something


Ahhhhhh it was so good! I don't give a fuck it wasnt sad enough or whatever. I teared up a bit when I thought Trevor died, same when Sypha decided to stay, same when everyone got happy endings. I watch a shit ton of prestige television and this was honestly one of my favorite shows in years and years. So. Fucking. Good. I regret nothing about staying up and binging it straight from midnight even though today is gonna suck


A nice call back to the original novel by having ~~Dracula~~ Vlad go to Whitby


That argument between ratko and Barney was such a clumsy attempt at telling us what the characters are about. Clumsy exposition Edit:Varney


Ratko and who?


Ratko and Death, imo that scene went on too long and didnt make sense considering he was Death and all


It was to hint that Varney is more than what he seems but I agree.


They did better showing there's more to Varney than meets the eye by having him open Saint Germaine's shield. I thought the exposition with Ratko was a bit stretched, but I didn't mind. And I'm on the party that thinks that not every character needs a lot of exposition, especially that vampire commander that invaded Alucard and the villagers. He came, he saw and almost conquered. No need to give exposition to newer characters with an already almost bloated finale.


Honestly I agree with you. There didn't really need to be any more new fleshed out characters and that's not something I usually say about a series. I actually kind of disliked Varney's character in general. Basically just felt like a Godbrand 2.0. The reveal felt meh cause who actually cared about Varney to begin with and then the fact that his speech patterns carried over really took me out of the fight as it was happening. I always thought they killed Godbrand too early and think it would've been much better if they had him take on Varney's role in this season. Now *that* would've been a reveal.


I've finished watching and pulling that Dracula / Lisa card at the very end, unprompted left me with mixed emotions and a head full of "What". I'm also a tad bit annoyed that Lenore suddenly dropped all the "The real people are talking" persona and suddenly became sympathetic. I was waiting for it to be addressed all season but it just...wasn't.


I always felt like Lenore was acting harder than she really was. Her real personality was somewhere in between the one she uses to trap Hector and the one she uses around her sisters, particularly Carmilla. She really cared about Hector, she was just pretending that she didn't. Their relationship is weird and more than a little fucked up, but I totally buy that it's mutual.


Given we got to see him so casually strolling the castle and the level of banter they had after the ring this season i would agree that it was mutual.


I mean he legit told Issac that she was off limits right after Issac had forgiven him


Honestly, I thought it was goin to say “20 years later” With a new vampire/night creature hunting school in the town of “Belmont.” I’m thinking somewhere out there, there’s got to be some night creatures left over right? And see Trevor as an aged man but able to train and alucard who hasn’t aged in a day cause obvious reasons *cough (vampire) is now a proud father and professor. But I’m content. Also did anyone notice change of animation in the Trevor vs. Death? Was that by choice? Or did they run out of time and or money?


I'm glad Dracula and Lisa are living their best life but if they're going to continue the series in the same universe while still basing it off the games, what are they going to do? Kill off Dracula and >!do Aria of Sorrow!


I think that the ending we got is possible precisely because they're not continuing the series. If anything, a future Castlevania series would probably become a victim of the reboot phenomenon that destroys so many other properties. In any event, I can't see Adi Shankar working on any potential future entries, so it'll never be like this again.


I really enjoyed that the animation was outstanding from start to finish... however I really feel like that is could have used a couple more episodes. other then that Issacs still continues to be my favourite character and I am hoping that there will be another season.


All in all I’m pretty happy with the ending. Sad the series is over but I’m not frustrated or angry with how it went down. Mostly I’m happy with the characters who made it out alive. Hector was my favorite and I spent so much of the series bracing myself for him to die. Woobie characters like him are almost always killed off and it was nice to see him survive, without the writing being contrived or pandering. Trevor’s close call had me anxious as hell for awhile, even though I was pretty sure Saint’s last twitch saved him. I’m just sick and tired of the ending it would’ve been if Trevor didn’t make it. The one where the hero dies, finally declaring his love in his last moments, but we’re meant to be okay with his sacrifice because his love is pregnant and that makes it all fine??? Like no. The Hero doesn’t live on through his child. That’s still a kid without a father and a woman who lost the love of her life. It’s not a happy or even bittersweet ending and I’m tired of it being pitched as such. No amount of heroic dad stories fixes what that would have been, just a sad ending... so heck yeah I’m glad Trevor lived!


I know I'm gonna sound dumb but I didn't understand one of the dialogues in this episode when Trevor comes back on the horse: Trevor: If I didn't come back I know you would've named our child Trefor. Sypha: How did you even know? Trevor: Please. This is me. How do you think I've been staying single and carefree all these years? Sypha then gets pissed and drops him to the ground. Why? Could anyone explain why that was offensive? English isn't my first language.


He fucks lots of girls before and knew when to skidaddle


Oh shit, I just realized that he wasn't saying that he knew that she would name him Trefor. He knew that she was pregnant. Now that makes sense lmao


Wow, this Hector and Lenore subplot really sucked overall. I feel like we missed an episode, because they didn't do enough to set up their relationship like this. They completely dropped the sex slave aspect which might've been a good thing, but then they make them act like a generic couple? What? I like both characters, but can't buy their interactions throughout this season. Glad Sypha can carry on the bloodline. Part Belmont and part Avatar, pretty good combo IMO. If this wasn't the last season I'd be mad that Trevor got killed off, but it's the series finale so it works. Alucard's ending is pretty satisfying too, found something to live for and gained a connection to humanity. Hope he gets to hook up with the hammer chick. And it turns out Trevor's alive which is good too. I should've known it was a fakeout. Yeah I'm typing while I watch the episode, sue me. I see that Vlad and Lisa are back too, that's just Disney magic shit. A little too much maybe?


I really dislike that they made Lenore helpless when they clearly showed her as being pretty powerful last season. A lot of the developments for characters were unexpected but made sense but her changes were just frustrating. I think they tried to have them be a lovely couple to throw us off from Hector's machinations but they really missed the mark. They pretty much completely brushed off the ring control business. It might as well not have happened with how it developed as he was able to undermine their plans, act with agency, and seemed to genuinely care for Lenore in the end anyway.


I think the point was that no matter how powerful you are externally, having a weakened resolve or a now hopeless view of yourself will always be more potent a weapon against you than anything else.


I guess in those six weeks they came to terms with their situation and got rid of the slave thing, I mean Hector wasn't walking around on a leash. Definitely wish we got more scenes between them tho I feel like this season as a whole made vampire more nuanced. Like yeah they feed on humans, and there are bloodthirsty and insane ones, but they are described as bloodthirsty and insane by other vampires. They’re not all sadistic monsters. Striga, Lenore, and Modena are all proof of that.


Striga even seemed to feel a bit bad about the poeple she killed in her artorius get up


That was some of the coolest nonsense I've ever seen


I loved the ending Lisa and Vlad got very wholesome that Vlad can live the life him and Lisa always wanted plus they may go see alucard in the future too.


Enjoyed the season overall. Death felt a bit random. Isaac/quartet over and done with half way into the season - felt this could have been developed further with Camilla as the big bad and my fav trio teaming up with Isaac to take her and her army down.


I just don’t get Germains lover, did she actually love him or just used him to get in the Infinite corridor? Or was she an illusion created by Death to give him a purpose to bring back Dracula as a Rebis? Also, on a side note, I love how Trevor and Sypha straight up leave the people at Targovishte and never remember to go back and help them out.


I don't think she used him, but I do think she doesn't want to be with him.


out of curiosity, whats gonna be the name for Sypha and Trevor's child? I don't see them thinking of names....


Trevor JR. Just to piss off Trevor.


Trevor and Sypha's kid didn't have a name in the main timeline's games as their kid never appeared on screen. In the games, Christopher Belmont was the next known Belmont of the Belmont clan, but his game, *Castlevania: The Adventure*, takes place 100 years (1576) after Trevor's game, *Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse* (1476). Officially, Christopher is Trevor's great-grandson, so there are two unnamed Belmonts between them that the show could take liberties with. In the *Lords of Shadow* games (specifically *Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate*), Trevor and Sypha's kid ended up being Simon Belmont. That series also had Trevor become Alucard and Dracula originally be Trevor's father Gabriel, so it's pretty different from what's established in the Netflix adaptation. As Leon, Hector, and Isaac weren't in the *LoS* universe, I'm thinking that they'll continue to refer to the original timeline for source material from here on out. This totally makes sense as they basically started making things up during the *LoS* games like Satan being the big bad, Dracula having a magic mirror that shows the truth/future/fate, and Dracula waking up in a modern day European city and having to perform stealth missions to take down a bunch of cultists that are trying to resurrect their father Satan.


I honestly think this series is one of the best animation out there. All the fights had so much creativity and well executed choreography its honestly mind blowing. I loved every second of it. If anyone has any suggestion for another anime/animation with such great fights please tell me! I watched atla, korra, one punch man and FMA brotherhood.


I think hector and lenores story was the most fucked up the entire thing because despite all that happens they still fell in love in the oddest way. Lenore never intended to love hector just keep him as a pet but found herself going to talk and spend time with him when she was struggling. She said he was her let yet he still had so much free space time and everything. It's also clear hector fell in love with her and wanted to protect her. Despite the fucked up things she did he fell in love. It wasnt fully Stockholm syndrome aswell as they fell in love mutually and as he finds it she decides she's had enough and dies doing the thing he talked up. Its so fucked and tragic but also somehow beautiful in the oddest way.


Really enjoyed this series. I'm hoping we get more later down the line.


Me too, but I hope they handle it as a completely fresh story. No trying to explain how Dracula turned evil again. Let Prince Vlad be free. Let's get a new asshole Dracula from a new canon.


Varney's story was so boring for me. I'd rather we have the backstory of the 4 vampires that carried the hermaphrodite body instead, as they looked like special vampires. Great ending though, what a way to close the series


I'm almost certain that one of those people was that purple old forge master lady that spoke with Isaac in season three