Just pointing out that you can be a fan of both the Z06 and 458, rather than having to choose a side and defend it. Both are spectacular cars.


Step 1: choose either the Z06 or 458 Step 2: be a dick about your choice


Math checks out


The two genders: Z06 or 458


I'm down for that


And if a Z06 believes they’re a 458 (or vice versa), we should support them in transitioning to become who they really are ❤️🏳️‍⚧️❤️




Hey now ;)


Step 3: Profit?


Step 3: Bench race other idiots on the internet. Step 4: Loss (because there are no winners).


With Ferrari maintenance? Good luck


That's largely a myth. Since the F430, their cars' maintenance requirements do not require engine out service or anything complex. In fact, they come with included free 7 year maintenance transferable if you sell the car.




Since the 360, but ferrari charges a premium on their parts. Finding someone to service it is also more. From a performance standpoint Ferrari is just more expensive. They aim to be a premium brand and charge accordingly. Chevy is a relative bargain. Dollar for dollar it will trounce a Ferrari, but it does not carry the same cache.


Cachet, fyi


I remember my friends judging me for buying a PS3 and an Xbox 360. Go fuck yourself I'm having twice as much fun as you.




They're both fantastic at what they're fantastic at. Personally I'm pure android, but if I saw a use case for an apple device I wouldn't even hesitate.


I have both. IOS suuuucks. But apple hardware is solid. Android is better by miles, and the hardware is pretty solid too.


You had twice as much fun for lots of reasons. Built in wifi meant not worrying where the router was. HDMI was alot better than wasting time plugging in component. BluRay became the standard, so lots of time watching movies. You could recharge your controllers, they would scramble for AAs mid game. Your console worked. While they would sit around waiting for Microsoft to send their broken machines back. You had a internet browser and superior networking for shares from computers. Their OS sucked. Need I go on.


Honestly my only problem with the Corvette in general is the Camaro-like design of its rear end. Looks cheap every time I see them in traffic On the other hand, I love that because of it I get to see more middle engined cars in traffic.


The C7 rear is so much better. Looking at it I think they just went too transformer on the rear. We just needed more sleek and classy back there


lettuce be real, they both look like rental cars from 20 years ago from the rear overall c7 has managed to age worse than c5


[https://i.ytimg.com/vi/epUk5dcP-CE/maxresdefault.jpg](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/epUk5dcP-CE/maxresdefault.jpg) tell me i am wrong


The base C7 didn't look good when it debuted IMO. That grill made it look like it was wearing a retainer. A C7 Grand Sport though looks right.


i was trying to find c5z vs c7z


Sounds like something a *loser* would say. *(Also, which of the two is your favorite? I intend to pick the opposite car and argue its superiority.)* /s


No! I must hate on every other car that I don’t like! Especially whatever you like! Are you not even a fan of cars or something?


Big fan of both cars. I can’t afford a Ferrari, but I can afford a Z06. But as much of a fan as I am of the car - and it’s by all reports utterly spectacular - I’m not willing to even consider buying one until it’s available at or below MSRP. I’m not paying a bribe for the “privilege” of buying a mass market sports car. That’s a sucker’s game.


So many of you are missing the point entirely. The 458 was the very last opportunity to get a particular experience, one with a high revving naturally aspirated FPC V8. You literally can’t get that anymore from Ferrari or any other supercar manufacturer. Chevrolet wanted to fill that gap the discontinuation of the 458 left, and you can now get a (apparently) similar experience from them. They benchmarked the fuck out of the 458 and the 458 Speciale, didn’t like the 488 as much, and built this car to replicate that experience as best they could given the constraints of still being a part of GM, and only being able to price the car accordingly. *That* is what Matt is talking about. People talking about the “prestige” or the “craftsmanship” (lol) of a Ferrari are missing the forest for the trees. If you want a 458-esque experience with a warranty, not only is this car the only way to get that, but it has apparently been very successful at that mission. Edit: The mental gymnastics some of y’all are performing for a car company are astounding. All we currently have to judge this car is the expert opinions of people who have driven more cars than you have; in Farah’s case, a lot more.


This thread and the comments convey such a highly explosive atmosphere that I feel like I've been transported back to the year when the R35 GTR came out. As you mentioned, everyone here is missing the point. Both cars have a high revving, glorious sounding N/A V8 engine placed in a midengine supercar which can be considered a concept from a bygone era nowdays. GM had the courage to revive this concept as a direct successor to the 458 and for that they deserve all the hype that we experience now. Having said that, it should be noted that the title of the article/video is a bit sensational though. Anyone who has spent a little more time with the Speciale would agree that by far the best thing about the car isn't the engine or noise, but rather the incredible, almost Lotus-like chassis. Even back then the Speciale was one of the few supercars that gave the feeling that the car was designed just for fun and not to win any lap time dick measuring contest. Since I haven't driven the Z06 myself, I can only rely on what others have said, and for example that Jack guy from the Savagegeese channel - who has bought a C8 Z06 as it seems - mentioned in his Carrera T review that even a T is a vastly more connected experience than the C8 Z06 - which makes me a bit worried regarding all these Speciale/Z06 - comparisons since the non-GT 992 aren't exactly the epicenter of driver's cars either. Is that a deal breaker? For 99% of people not, I have no doubt that the Z06 is a sensational car and I am really looking forward to finally drive it next year [(although here in Europe we won't get the US-version exhaust style and sound urgh)](https://i.imgur.com/7bvXihT.jpg). It also should be mentioned that Porsche GT models (because the comparison has been mentioned many times in this comment section) are far from perfect. But none of these cars can cure cancer, so maybe people should relax a bit and just enjoy everything special there is in the automotive world today and the C8 Z06 definitely belongs to that group. But for now every Z06 thread I've looked into it's just bench racers fighting over their favorite shitbox.


> This thread and the comments convey such a highly explosive atmosphere that I feel like I’ve been transported back to the year when the R35 GTR came out. I totally agree, but I think it’s pretty fun. Not every day that a car comes out that gets the autosphere this engaged. >it should be noted that the title of the article/video is a bit sensational though I mean yeah, but auto journalism is a business just like any other. You should be taking a critical eye to any piece of media, not just auto journalism. As for the rest of your comment, you are correct, but again, as I mentioned, we’re still talking about a GM vehicle in 2022. There is no going back to the good old days because they’re gone. Chevy had to build a chassis that would drive as good as they could make it with as little experience as they have with midship layout, and they had to build in the capacity for electrification that is an inevitability with this car. I’m just here to bask in the rays of a car that tries to do things not only that this company hasn’t tried before, but does things that seemed impossible to do in this age of increasing numbness, turbocharging, downsizing, and electrification. I love that The General did this, even if I have no intention of buying this car.


> Anyone who has spent a little more time with the Speciale I'd argue that 95%+ of opinionated internet commenters haven't even shared a postal code with a Speciale for any substantial time.


Having driven a 458, I now want a C8 Z06. The 458 is the single greatest car I’ve driven. I can’t imagine having that sound available to me every day I choose to drive it.


Personally I’m more a fan of the 812 Superfast. 458 was a fantastic car but the 812 is a brute that I love.


F12 - it’s like the 812’s unhinged feral brother.


Ehhhh that’s all yours lol.


It’s r/cars are we surprised people are obsessed with brand prestige?


the sub that gets memed on for liking Hyundais and Kias?


But but American car bad! AMERICAN CAR BAD!!! - a bunch of people in this thread


This is a wonderful comment and makes me happy.


I'd rather go for the real thing and take my chances with a 458 without a warranty. Corvettes will always be the "alternative" to the things that people really want.


Some people want the fastest production car available today for under $500k. Those people can now buy a Corvette.


GM’a alternatives to “the real thing” are far better these days in my eyes.


The great reviews keep pouring in.


How come American companies can still build big NA V8s and Ferrari needs to use V6s? Stricter regulations in the EU?


TBF Ferrari still uses a big NA V12 that revs to the moon.


Aren't they currently in the process of replacing it with a turbo V12?


What? No. The V12 will be hybrid, but still NA


The V6 is lighter, has more torque, same power. It's also what they use in F1, so marketing is satisfied too.




i'm sure it's true from a pure performance perspective. I would be shocked if more than 10% of Ferrari owners bought them for performance and not for the badge or sound. I've rented a 5000 mile Ferrari California T for example and the steering feedback was closer to a Ford Mondeo than the sharpness of my Mx5, but the engine sound was enough to reach orgasm in a second lol I'd love to own a Ferrari one day , even if it's a Mondial, that heritage and reputation is heavy.


ITT: Op drives the spec sheets, super car owners are clout chasers.


and Richard eats a sandwich.




Image is a huge part of it, Ferrari has cultivated an image of exclusivity and class regardless of how accurate it is. Corvette owners tend to be more associated with....new balance shoes, cargo shorts, and the kids finally being off to college


Ferrari is a brand company that is car/racing focused, essentially.


I've heard stories that Enzo wasn't actually too big into selling road cars, he saw it as a necessary evil to fund his actual passion of racing.


I believe that's true, but the man died in 1988. These days they sell just as much merch as cars in revenue, and the racing teams are their advertising department.


Can I have your LC 500 pls?


Sure man




Get in line!


> and the racing teams are their advertising department. yeah cause theyre certainly not winning


It’s not that he didn’t like the road cars, he didn’t like the people that were buying them because they used the cars as status symbols.


Harley Davidson for finance guys.


Except Corvettes can actually win races against other manufacturers.


I remember hearing that Ferrari makes about as much revenue on merchandising as they do on cars, but that merchandising is considerably higher profit margin. So they make more profit from merch than cars.


People always say this but they actually have the highest margins on vehicles compared to any automaker, the volume is just small (avg 106k profit per car sold). They also made 5x more revenue selling cars + parts than they did on sponsorship, commercial + brand. https://www.statista.com/statistics/696098/net-revenues-the-italian-sports-car-company-ferrari-by-business-line/


Aside from the fashion stereotypes the Corvette is always pitched as a performance value but value isn’t what drives the luxury market.


Good point. And what a heck of a value. Dang em, I'm a Ford guy.


I'm also Ford, but we've never had an affordable corner carving track inspired car, but we do have the gt500 for straight lines rather have a gt40 than a vette, but its the value of the corvette that is mind blowing.


It's called the gold chain image.


You're forgetting the folding chairs and "one of a kind car with this interior color combination"


Tightening up my NewBalance shoes, Polo shirt, and cargo shorts as we speak. 😤


I thought moreso that the grandkids would be getting to college lol.






From what I've heard, that depends on the mobile home park. Apparently there are some really loaded dudes who live in trailer parks on the cheap and spend the cash they save on toys. There are absolutely $80k trucks all over trailer parks, so expensive cars aren't exactly unheard of.


Something something about when you buy a Ferrari you're buying an engine, and the car is just free add-on


upvote for the 124 :)


Thank you my Japanese cousin


The California is a bad example though. That was targeted at the American market for owners to cruise around in. It’s very much a lazy GT.


That’s actually what makes it a perfect example for the point he’s making


Well, not exactly, because the California is not the average Ferrari. That’s like basing your idea of Porsche and their drivers on the Panamera.


But the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne *are* average Porsche models.


But they are not the models that represent the company the most if you know what I mean. I someone says 'Porsche' I immediately imagine the 911 and when someone says Chevy I don't imagine a Corvette.


>and not for the badge or sound. That's the thing though, right? The Z06 has the sound, we've all heard it. And as for the badge, it's clear the new C8 is genuinely rehabilitating that for Corvette. The Corvette is still definitely no Ferrari, but I really would not be surprised if these start appearing in places like Miami and Los Angeles in parking spots where the 488 used to reside.


i think the mid engine really helps it earn it's spot as a supercar.


>start appearing in places like Miami and Los Angeles in parking spots where the 488 I can confirm that C8s are commonly found parked outside the clubs on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.


The z06 sound is insane tho…


I mean let alone the uniqueness of an actual Ferrari. Isn't it safe to assume a Ferrari will have a far better put together and luxurious interior compared to the Corvette? I haven't been in either the Corvette nor the 458 but I feel like it's one of the main things that separates the Corvette from an actual *exotic* supercar, it doesn't have a very luxurious interior, premium at best.


You don’t buy a Ferrari to drive it, hell that seems to be actively discouraged among owners. I lived near a guy who has a 812, he had it out of the garage one day because he was rearranging stuff and I’ll never forget the puzzled look he gave me when I asked him where his favorite sports were to open that engine up and rev it out. Funny part too was that his garage was tiny, it’s not like he even had space to sit in there and admire the car. I’ve never owned a Ferrari so maybe you don’t need to be in direct visual contact with the car for your orgasms to feel better when you jack off, I always assumed you have to be in the garage looking at your odometer through the plastic bubble for that sex magic to work.


I have 16k miles on my 812. I have 2 buddies that are well into the 20's on theirs.


That’s refreshing to hear, they seem like they’d be pretty damn fun to drive. Nice color btw, the blue looks sharp.


Absolutely amazing car in every way. I tend to trade cars pretty often but the 812 is a long term keeper as there really is no replacement possible at this point. Same reason I'm interested in a new Z06. Unbelievable engine that will likely never be available again. Gotta catch 'em all.


Totally unrelated but can I ask what you do for a living? I’ve seen you on other subreddits talking about… expensive things. Love the 812 superfast btw! Definitely one of my dream cars


Sadly I have developed expensive tastes over the years. Comes with getting old I guess. As for work I'm an entrepreneur, mostly in the games space and related services space. Have done all the jobs in making games including lead designer, lead programmer, production etc. Also sold a company to Microsoft that I was a founder of (amongst a couple of other guys). Long time Corvette guy btw, have had a vette in my driveway for 20+ years including multiple new factory order cars. Just sold my 2015 Z06 to make garage space for the new Z06.


Are you John Carmac’s alt account? I know he used to tune and drag race Ferraris back in the 90s lol


Haha no. From what I can tell he's not into cars these days.


>You don’t buy a Ferrari to drive it, hell that seems to be actively discouraged among owners. Maybe in the past. All new Ferraris come with 3 year/unlimited miles bumper to bumper warranty.


Well yes but if you are cutting your precious resale price in half by putting on 5000 miles in the first year of ownership, the free warranty doesn’t really stack up


Rich enough to buy a Ferrari, not rich enough to drive it.


> I’ve never owned a Ferrari so maybe you don’t need to be in direct visual contact with the car for your orgasms to feel better when you jack off Fucking lol


I would've figured, out of all the new models, the 812 is especially what you'd drive other than the Roma. I see it as a "back-to-its-origin" GT car.


Plus one here…I was so disappointed in the California steering. To be fair I was running a Cayman at the time but my first Ferrari experience did nothing for me…


I’m sure it’s great but $200K is a hard pill to swallow. Especially after inevitable markups. I remember back in 2017 I was working a deal on a New Z06 that had been sitting on the showroom for over 3 months. MSRP was low-mid $80K and they were selling it for $75K before taxes. Slightly used ‘15-‘16 Z06’s were going for $58-$60K with low miles. I remember thinking that’s a LOT of car for the money. Not so much anymore at these prices.


$200k would be the markup. These start at $110ish MSRP. The hope is that GM builds as many as they can sell. They tend to with the Corvette.


The issue is 'start at', most if not all of these will be optioned up nicely


On the lot you’re right. But you can definitely spec it out (if you get an allocation of course). A bare bones Z06 would be my spec. Prefer the lower key look.


Yea, not to mention getting an allocation is even harder. I really want one but i might just take the L and buy a c7 zr1. How expensive was your gt500, had a guy I know pay 90k for his lol


Taking the “L” by getting a C7 ZR1 😂 ZR1’s are also selling for $160K- $190K but if no Z06 allocations I can see that being a solid alternative. C6 ZR1’s are still high on my dream car list. Mine had an MSRP of $88K (they raised the MSRP for ‘22) I found a dealer locally that would let me special order my exact spec for $10K above sticker. Finding MSRP was impossible and knowing it’s the last year of the Shelby I went for it. No regrets.


My 1994 Miata is a Ferrari 458 Speciale but better


My Miata is best Ferrari because it's also red


It has happy boi flip up lights like them too


>My 1994 Miata is a Ferrari 458 Speciale but better It won't cost my mortgage or my soul to fix so I would agree in that respect


r/carscirclejerk leaking again


a clean one will soon be worth as much as a beat up ferrari...


Engine and drivetrain wise sure. But the c8 Z06 is no where near as gorgeous as the 458 Speciale.


What if I told you guys content creators say these things in order to get more hype on their videos. More shares, more comments, more viewer engagement. I'd love to see reviews that weren't fabricated head to heads and just appreciation of the car in question.


What an incredible feat of engineering. GM has built near-hypercar performance at a barely-supercar price. I'm floored that someone greenlit a naturally aspirated 8500rpm engine with today's emissions regulations. Gotta love it. If I wasn't enamored with my car I'd absolutely be on the list for one of these.


I mean even Jack from Savagegeese, who has a C8 Z06, in a recent review said the new 992 Carrera T was overall a more complete, refined package, and better to drive on canyons. I so admire the Z06's engine, but for what it's worth, I think you are certainly right to be enamored with your car. After all I've driven, I really don't think anyone does driver inputs better than Porsche.


What did the greenlighting, was the knowledge of profit attained through engines people want.


The new corvette is amazing as fuck........but it's not a ferrari when you buy a ferrari you buying the name the prestige the sound the craftsmanship you paying for all that I'm not trying to diminish the corvette in anyway its just not a ferrari


Oh but did you hear? Chevy is going to spin-off Corvette as it’s own brand, with a corvette sedan and a corvette SUV. They seem to think the name has a LOT more cache than it does


Cachet* Corvette does have a LOT of brand cachet. Obviously not on the level of Ferrari, but still. I'm ambivalent about the spin off, but I have no doubt it will be successful. People know everything Corvette branded is a performance bargain, but also comfortable and liveable.


Yeah so dumb... But I'd buy a Corvette Minivan!


everyone waiting on a Pacificat is signing up for this one


Alpha chassis Astrovan for canyon carving with the whole family.


ferraris are beautiful cars the vette is striking, but not real pretty


Ferrari has made some hideous things post-Pininfarina (namely the Daytona SP3 and the Purosangue)


Daytona is a low production specialty car though, designed to be pretty wild as it's a homage car. And I don't think there's really any great looking SUVs out there Ferrari 'main line' cars have been great looking for decades


Craftsmanship? Ferraris are not well built cars at all.


What exactly are you basing this on?


I was involved with development of the nsx. Honda took apart a 458 to benchmark. It was not great.


I have a buddy who owns a race shop, and got a 360 in to replace the steering rack and some other stuff. He had me get under and around the car with him, and it was like an endless stream of us saying “Dude, what the fuck” in unison lol. Thought it was a fluke, but my buddy said they’re kinda all like that, then I saw the Savagegeese vid where he shows the dash on the 458 shrinking and the seats coming unglued and shit like that.


We took one apart during C8R development and the BIW is pretty shocking.


> BIW Sorry, can you explain what this stands for?


Oh damn that's awesome. That NSX has to be up there when it comes to fit and finish, overall build quality, and materials used.


Please elaborate. What was not great? The materials used? Build quality of specific parts? What exactly are you referring to?


General fit and finish. The way things attached to each other. Weld quality. Design choices for some of the modules, like leaving big ass gaps that would easily allow for water ingress. Even the switch gear just felt cheap.


"it's just not a Ferrari" This shit is always annoying as hell. It *has* the sound. It *has* the craftsmanship (this engine will no doubt be more reliable than the Ferraris). And Corvette has enormous racing pedigree. The bottom line is, yes. You're buying the badge with a Ferrari. And if you actually care about that, you're not an enthusiast. You're a badge queen. Real enthusiasts will go with the car that is better 9 times out of 10, not the one with the better badge, and compared to many, many supercars right now, the Z06 is indeed the better car. Only thing I could give to anyone is a *new* Ferrari will have more soft fabrics and fancy brushed metal in it's interior, which is nice. But not much more. Not even close to 2x the price more.


The 458 has proven to be a reliable car. Let’s wait and see how the C8Z lasts before we start proclaiming it more reliable. I’m not saying it won’t be, but let’s not jump the gun here.


Clout chasing


Now they just need to hire some Italian designers..


It's better than a 10 year old Ferrari, impressive. >At $167,000 as tested, it’s not cheap, but considering F8 Tributo’s regularly sell for prices starting with a 4, the Z06 still keeps up its “Performance of a Ferrari for one-third the price” end of the bargain. The F8's MSRP is around \~$285K, but markups, inflation, and the difficulty of getting one has raised it to that $400k range. The C8Z is in the same boat. It'll probably be selling in the $200k range for a well optioned one.


>It's better than a 10 year old Ferrari, impressive Most current cars aren't better than a 10 year old ferrari bruh lol 😆


Including new Ferraris


Depends on what you're measuring. Track times? Zl1, Gt500, even the previous gen Z06. Drag times? There are 4 door sedans quicker.


What if you're measuring "sound and response of an FPC V8 behind your head, revving past 8k"? GM benchmarked the 458 because it's the last of an era for that kind of engine, not to measure their ~~dick length~~ performance stats against a 10 year old Ferrari.


Put modern tires on the 10 year old Ferraris and run it again.


Ferrari doesn't allow markups. But, you know what Porsche charges for options... Now consider that Ferrari doesn't even put prices in the configurator. They definitely charge for them. An MSRP starting with a 4 for an F8 would be high, but not surprising.


Ha I wouldn't know. I was only checking on the used market which has seen their values rise. I've also seen options on Ferrari's range from 10-50k. So I suppose the statement I quoted was close enough.


I know the vette has got a lot more power, but I might rather have a GT4 RS than a C8 Z06 for the same money.


I know people that have them sitting in their garage already and paid MSRP. Speculation like this does nothing.


You're right plenty of people will have them at MSRP. Plenty will struggle to as well.


As someone who appraises cars at “ huge national used car dealership” we had a z06 in with every option and we put $196k I believe and thats probably the low end


Which Chevy exec wrote this?


It's funny because Matt Farah is a Ford guy


And also somebody who has actually driven just about everything


More of a Porsche guy then anything


Road and track has been putting out a lot of pieces like this lately. The article about Honda’s shifters the other day also felt like paid promo.


This really does have the feel of a blog post rather than a fleshed-out article.


nah, finally someone confirmed why they're the gold standard feel free to list better ones


Nobody is cross shopping a Ferrari with a Chevy Corvette.


People do look at used Ferraris versus new corvette


A used Ferrari and new Z06? Absolutely they are. $150K-$250K price range gets you in the area of 430's, 458's, even 488's. People shopping for these cars are looking at the Z06 as well because its straight up a better car for that money.


The only people who are buying $200K Z06 is somebody who can't afford a Ferrari. I know many Ferrari owners, and no matter how good the Z06 is, they will NEVER consider a Chevy. It's not even about the performance, more about the prestige. Z06 is NOT a better car for that money. Maybe better performance in some metrics. But it's still a Chevy with the plasticky interior and forgot to finish back end with Camaro lights on it. For $150-200K, even the 992 C2S / GTS are better drivers cars with better build quality. If the Z06 was in the low 100s maybe $125K then I can see the value proposition, but at the current markups, it's a terrible value/investment/choice.


God this post is ignorant.


Lmao I’m buying a $200K Z06. I could afford an older Ferrari. Not new though, no. That’s a completely different price range. And you are just plain wrong. I have a solid car group which is mainly exotics. My old 1000+whp C7 was the cheapest car in the group. Many of them, including Ferrari owners, fully agree that car is better than all of the entry level supercars and that they wanted one but were too late to get on a list. They can’t wait for mine to come in so they can check it out. There is one other member in the group getting a year 2-3 Z06 who also owns a 720S and supercharged Huracan. He is buying the Z06 instead of different exotic. One guy in the group got rid of his 458 last year for a 911 Turbo S Exclusive edition and said it was the best decision he’s ever made. Ferrari’s are all about brand name, the actual cars aren’t on some unobtainable level above the competition. The Z06 is better in every measurable metric.


It's also impossible to buy...


This thread is why I've stopped reading /r/cars regularly. Buncha haters lmao.


And way uglier. Why did they ruin this cars design with all the gaudy black plastic looking accents. C6 last good one. Maybe c7


This z06 is way better than the base look. It finally feels cohesive.


I like the Ferrari more. It's also prettier. Checkmate.




Why not? It's a better engine – more power, better sound, no Ferrari-level maintenance or quirks – on a decade newer platform with all of the benefits of years more experience building sports car chassis(es?). The only thing I think you could argue is that hydraulic steering on the 458 is probably better.


How does anyone know how reliable the engine will be? Lol. A 9k rpm FPC engine will have a high rate of failure compared to your average LS/LT V8


The 458 is also one of the most beautiful cars of the last 30 years, whereas the Z06 looks like a Great Value Lambo that someone bolted last gen Camaro tail lights to. The Speciale in particular does have those awful fender vents, that break up the body lines but still, it’s leagues better looking than the Z06. I’m sure that the Z06 is a far superior vehicle in every objective measure though.




65 more horsepower and 62 more lb ft of torque. Not much of a debate.




Yeah you're right. Ill take the slower more expensive motor anyday. Ferraris are at least known for their reliability.


Better chassis. Better engine. Better parts availability.


Better ingredients, better pizza




As a sports car, absolutely.


That’s incredibly disingenuous. Is anyone saying the Corvette competes with a Chiron in performance?


The Z06 (3LZ, carbon-fiber wheels, carbon fiber interior trim, front axle lift, carbon fiber targa top, $166,205) is 3,666lbs. C&D's long-term Stingray (2LT, front axle lift, magnetorheological dampers, Carbon Flash wheels, $79,170) was 3,665lbs. I only included packages that might have an impact on weight, btw- I excluded painted calipers and marked up paint colors. There's a difference when Ferrari comes out with a performance model- they actually make it lighter (the 458 Speciale was 200lbs lighter than the Italia). So does Porsche. So does Audi. So does Lamborghini. In fact, almost every single manufacturer makes their performance models lighter... except Chevrolet. Every one of those manufacturers' cars that have similar performance to the C8 also have higher prices, because it costs money to make higher-performance versions of cars that have carbon fiber bits that *actually cut weight meaningfully.* This isn't to say the Z06 isn't fast, because it is, or that it's not good, because it's probably pretty good in the context of what it is. On paper, it's faster- which for a track car is objectively better. But subjectively better than a car that weighs somewhere near a quarter-ton less and has better steering? That's an important question to ask.


Chevy would rather make the car bigger. To fit even wider tires. Thats how they get such good skidpad numbers. When everyone else is on 245/305 they are on 275/345.


What loads you to believe the Ferrari has better steering?


I'll take the 458 thank you. Regardless of performance, the two cars are not even in the same league.


If only the Chevy engineers made the rear look more like this, the car would be a 10/10 with looks and performance. https://i.imgur.com/ww6YIRm.jpg


That’s a no from me dog.


Of course it's better than a Ferrari that hasn't been produced in 7 years and is 2 generations behind. That's not a shock. The only thing shocking is that it's that ugly


Why do people even bite as titles like this. Just laugh and move on.


Can't wait to get mine. I'm going white with a blue stripe and blue interior. Full Z07 package exposed carbon, 3LZ, lifter and machine face wheels.


No, it isn't.