My first car was a black 1994 Volvo 940 wagon with heavy window tint in the rear. Compared to that thing, not even hearses look like hearses anymore.


Ugh, I also had a black 940 wagon. I miss the absolute shit out of that car and kick myself constantly for selling it. I’ve actually been really considering selling my mustang to get another one. Might be the only person ever who’s wanting to sell a 2014 Mustang GT to replace it with a 90’s Volvo wagon.


I have a volvo 945 right now and i will drive that brick until it explodes. I honestly adore it


Sold an is250 for an outback manual


I have had people call [my all black 960 wagon](https://i.imgur.com/A9DZuyN.jpg) a hearse and I can't entirely blame them when they did make a [hearse chassis of the 960](https://i.imgur.com/3M04380.jpg) and mine [came with the same wheels they use for the ambulance and heare versions](https://i.imgur.com/l4lhPml.jpg)


That first shot with the graffiti and closed down night club might be one of the best car photographs I’ve ever seen. Well done.


Thanks! Yeah I love that photo of the car, all shot with my phone too. It actually wasnt closed down, I shot this around May 2020 which was right around when the BLM riots were happening. This was downtown Greensboro, NC and all the shop owners were afraid of something happening so they boarded up their stores but people came out and painted and decorated all the wood over the next few weeks, it actually made the downtown strip very vibrant for the time they were up.


If she insists on an SUV, go for a black Lincoln MKT. That thing [*actually* looks like a hearse.](https://www.royallimohouston.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/lincoln-mkt-8-1000.jpg) (I actually couldn’t remember the model name, so I looked up “lincoln suv that looks like a hearse” and Google did not disappoint— everyone agrees apparently.)


>If she insists on an SUV, go for a black Lincoln MKT. That thing actually looks like a hearse. It gets even better, [they actually made them into hearses](https://www.heritagecoach.com/used-vehicle-2013-lincoln-superior-diplomat-hearse-c-88/)


Jesus, what a tragic looking vehicle


Imagine dying and this what you end up in for your last ride.


I would haunt whoever made the choice to shove me in there


OP should rent one of those and do a fake reveal.


That's one of the worst looking cars ever made imo


It looks like a pt cruiser and a minivan had a child they should have swollowed.


I cannot stand late 00s / early 10s Lincoln design language. Less so Ford, too. The massive Art Deco inspired tail lights and butterfly grilles, the weird random chrome overload. Like, why?


Yeah the funeral home down the street from me owns a couple of these.


It'll be great for moving boxes when you break up.


You can break up real fast in an RS6 Avant.


Or a CTS-V wagon.




*Catch him on the new action packed thriller Crazy Hearse!”*


Might just get this one: https://uncrate.com/maserati-hearse/


Listen, I don't want to break down on the way to my final testing place. How embarrassing that would be.


When I die I want it to be like Grandpa. Peacefully, in my sleep. Not screaming in terror like everyone else that was riding along in the car with him driving.


I remember my brother hunting for a used one a handful of years back. Had to settle on the sedan because he couldn't find one. Badass wagon though.


The guy who owns the tint/wrap shop I use for tints has a GORGEOUS cts-v wagon in a manual. I drool every time I see it


my dad just sold one of those lol


Or break up in style with a Volvo 1800ES


My favorite wagon.


Also for taking your new girlfriend camping.


Bonus points when the weather sucks and you can just sleep in the car


yea that was the one downside of owning a wagon, everyone always called me whenever something needed to be moved.


You need a friend with a truck. Or direct them to Home Depot or U-Haul


Meanwhile my friends and family kept being surprised at what fit in there. Even when it was my second time getting them to help me unload the same appliance.


I somehow fit a 65" tv in my hatchback. I'm sure a wagon can fit a ridiculous amount of stuff


I assume without the box, cause when I hauled a 65” with the box the hatch didn’t close. Had to keep the front windows down so it stopped sucking in exhaust into the cabin via the back draft lol Our primary highway vehicle is an IS350 and the rear seats don’t even fold down. I bought it back when I was either hauling something, or travelling far, but never both. The wagon has been great, last week I hauled a power wheels Jeep for my nephews, plus a bunch of boxes to move up to my house. I basically use for anything that isn’t outright dirty lol I’ve also hauled 2 dishwashers, and an entire kitchen worth of flat-pack cabinets (separate trips though).


It was in a tv moving box, not the original one so probably slightly smaller. What year IS? I know the newest ones do have folding seats. Been kinda considering an IS500 lol but I'm sure I'd miss the hatchback space


2008, I'd hope they'd do that for the newer ones again (haven't checked). The competitors can I think (even back then), pisses me off. My wagon was meant to be my AWD beater, but I end up making that long trip in it anytime I have to carry anything even slightly long or awkwardly shaped that doesn't fit through the ski tunnel. I can't even fit a full sized Milwaukee Packout base in the trunk cause the handle sticks up (you can mod it to be removable though). Before the wagon, if I needed to haul around tools the big base box had to be stuffed into the backseat. I'm a Lexus fanboy, but if you've got IS500 money, I'd be looking at those German muscle wagons pretty hard. Not sure what age you are, but the wagon will survive contact with family life longer than the IS500. On the other hand when you and your future spouse start taking a hard look at the budget (to buy a house or something), a paid off Lexus will be quiet and dependable enough the wife will want to keep it. My BMW kept bringing attention to itself with expensive repairs, and left me stranded often enough my wife had no love for it (wasn't a wagon though).


Or to dispose of the body


An old Lincoln with a huge trunk does fine, I’ve been told.




Mine transported all my worldly possessions from Atlanta to Chicago with zero issues. 10/10


Big wagons are sweet but unfortunately the modern crossover SUV *is* the modern American wagon. I still want to pick up a Magnum SRT8 though.


I’ve always loved Magnums but I can’t get past the interior. I test drove one when I was car shopping and it was so so bad. The 2000’s were not a good time for Chrysler interiors.


Just rented a 300s on a trip and I can tell you the interior isn't much better than the Magnum I drove back on 05. Impressive how cramped the front felt for such a large car.


I tell people Chrysler is a Minivan brand now. I personally don’t see the appeal of the 300s, their only other cars.


The 300s were good until they gave up on the SRTs. A 300 Hellcat would have sold. They'll probably make those into EVs sooner if they decide to keep them.


What is sad is they still have 2000s interiors.


I know it’s a meme to shit on Chrysler quality but have you spent any time in any modern good Chrysler product? By good I mean wrangler, charger, grand Cherokee, etc. Theyre super solid inside and I’m always impressed by the way they look and feel.


The Chrysler Pacifica is still one of the best mini vans out there with a really plush interior. Can’t fault them on their mini vans that is Chrysler’s bread and butter.


My dad's 2018 Durango has a surprisingly nice interior. I still wouldn't own one though because at 5 years old the front end is already making creaking noises, but the interior itself is good.


The interior on the 17 Pacifica was actually decent. The brass trim looked really nice


First time I almost shit myself as a non infant was in a snowstorm on the highway in one of those damn Magnums. My mom was driving. It was a rental with all seasons. We were changing lanes and we caught a rut in between. I swear we spun about 5 times. That one in particular probably needed two new front seats tho. Christ. Great storage space though Haha


That's why I refuse to drive I-80 in the winter these days. Fuck, I-70 too unless I REALLY have to go somewhere. Inevitably, it's going to be a blizzard somewhere. And they'll be a constant crosswind. Couple years back we did a road trip in our cargo van. We didn't spin, but a 6000 pound van trying to get sideways will pucker your ass.


A Magnum R/T AWD is my dream car honestly. Those V8 Magnums are real scarce nowadays.


I got absolutely SMOKED by one of these the other day lol. It rekindled the love I had for them back when they were new.


Right. And something like the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser in the past is now a GMC Yukon XL Denali.


Does this [look like a hearse to you?](https://live-production.wcms.abc-cdn.net.au/0f4cbb19506229dc0bdf40c85b13ddcd?)


Is that an XE?


Looks more like an EX-orcist


That doesn't look like a hearse but I would say either a gravedigger owns it or a Halloween enthusiast. A hearse usually has a raised top.


She's not a car person. You are. Get the car you want.


This. Get what makes you happy. If it’s a situation where you need to share a car and both people are paying for it, then comprise. Otherwise, get a car you want. Because either she will be happy that you are happy or she’s the type of person you probably don’t want around forever.


Hopefully /u/BaconWrappedRaptor realizes that /r/cars is *the* place to look for relationship advice.


I’m married for 15 years, so I always feel confident with minor relationship advice. Also, marriage counseling can be super helpful.


100%. I love wagons, used to have a Volvo wagon that my wife hated and I loved. When I was car shopping a couple of years ago I really wanted another wagon and she swore she would never ride in it. So I got a mustang (which don’t get me wrong, I also love). She hates it and won’t ride it in either. So yeah, just get what you want, and let your wife have what she wants. Mine drive an Escape and loves it. I hate it with a passion, but I’m not the one driving it.


When we got our new cars, we test drove them and gave our input but the final decision was up to the one who would be driving it most.


I really wanted a wagon and my wife would roll her eyes. But it was going to be my daily, not hers. If she would prefer to have a bloated SUV that doesn’t handle well, that’s her choice. I got a car that could carry just as much, if not more, and was far more fun to drive.


My wife actually said the exact same thing. If anything that’s the opportunity for her to learn first hand why something is great. As car guys we’re all too familiar with “No no, trust me, it’s gonna be great, fancy Europeans drive these, it’s a thing” as she looks totally unconvinced. Now she actually loves our wagon. But covid allowed us to WFH, but housing prices meant it’s along a 200 mile highway mountain pass from our family/office, so the wagon got a chance to prove itself. It hauls a lot of shit, while being much comfier and getting there 45 minutes faster than we do in the truck. Although if she’s worried about it looking like a hearse, I might avoid the Cadillac one lol


My ex wife absolutely loved my DSM obsession when we were dating. /s


I never see that because the hearses always have a really raised back, so as long as it's got a flat roof i don't notice the similarity. It's also not like we don't have the same sort of hearses in countries where estates sell well.


>It's also not like we don't have the same sort of hearses in countries where estates sell well. Actually I've been seeing a lot of Cadillac escallades turned into hearse these days here in the states. Pretty sure you won't find that in Europe.


Good point, we either have ford Mondeos or Volvos as hearses, typically built off a saloon body not a estate.


Also E-Classes a lot of them are hearses here.


Get to ride in a fancy vehicle one last time :)


I'd still complain about the depreciation....one last time :(


Well, while somewhat fancy, E-Classes are also a huge [chunk of taxis](https://www.mercedes-fans.de/thumbs/img/News/16/38/01/p/p_full/mercedes-benz-umtauschprogramm-fuer-taxis-bis-zu-10-000-euro-praemien-fuer-e-klasse-das-taxi-in-den-schwerpunktregionen-13816.jpg) here in Germany or [Police vehicles](https://live.staticflickr.com/1753/42735856061_853e5c6657_b.jpg) (although my city has changed almost entirely to [Mercedes V-Class W447](https://files.bos-fahrzeuge.info/vehicles/photos/7/2/7/5/357720-large.jpg)). So hearses are also a natural extension of it as utility vehicles.


Occasional Jags too, if tje place is flash enough. Ive seen a bunxh of Xtype/S-type Jags converted to hearses/limos


Yeah, I think when these funeral homes trade in their hearses, they're going with SUVs these days. I think they look nicer honestly


Yep we just switched from a DTS to an XT5 hearse


Also vans.


I don't see that many vans down south here. Perhaps in some parts of the states they use vans but I wouldn't know about it. Of course we just tossed my grandad casket in a long bed chevy and that worked fine too.


And people say you don't need a big truck. Try putting grandpa in the trunk of a Honda Civic.


I mean without the casket he might fit haha


Trailer life.


I work with funeral homes pretty regularly and I've noticed the same...there are a few FHs that still use the classic hearse but I've definitely been seeing more escalades and sometimes a Yukon to move the deceased these days.


>Cadillac Escalades turned into hearses If that’s not the most American thing I’ve ever heard.


It's almost a rap lyric.


>Cadillac Escalades turned into hearses They say that I Triumph, yeah I spit fire verses.


Those raised truck caps remind me of a hearse more than wagons.


I mean hey, I’ve got a wagon that has split rear doors, which is basically a hearse. (Oddly, the state that I’m in classifies my car in the registration class that includes hearses and vans, despite not being a van)


Idk why but I'm the same way. I've never really liked wagons and never understood why people liked them so much in the car community. Everyone seems to be of the opinion that wagons are badass but I never got it. I'm also very biased towards coupes and two door cars so there's that.


I love them because you get the practicality of an SUV with the handling and fuel economy of a car. I’ve hauled so much stuff in wagons and hatchbacks over the years; even moved across the country with one. I couldn’t go back to the small trunk of a sedan or coupe.


Its a car mullet. Sedan in the front, suv in the back. Its really the best of two worlds for an average buyer. Same with minivans for people who really need to haul a lot of people. However practical= uncool for a lot of folks.


I feel the same way, but it's a popular sentiment in the US outside of Reddit.


Growing up wagons were the lamest thing ever. Now as an adult I understand their practicality and feel they are better choices a good chunk of the time compared to crossovers. However, I am amazed as to why they are all of a sudden the bees knees in the car community. I have friends who drool over wagons and thing they're all the coolest shit ever and I'm just there like..."really?"


My wife says the same thing. I don't get it. On the other hand, I did manage to convince her to buy an Outback. But that's probably because it's ever so slightly closer to being an SUV shape with a shorter hood and higher suspension. Edit: The Outback is a wagon and you will never convince me otherwise - https://i.imgur.com/VTH7KqM.gifv


> But that's probably because it's ever so slightly closer to being an SUV shape with a shorter hood and higher suspension. It’s actually taller than some crossovers these days— e.g. the CRV and CX5. It’s a proper CUV in every sense of the word.


Having parked a more traditional mid-size wagon next to a new Outback, I don’t really agree. Sure, they’re taller than most wagons, but they look like a wagon, they have the overall design profile of one, their interior layout and use of space is very wagon-y, all that jazz. Both the Forester and the Ascent fit the CUV bill a lot better than the Outback does, which, even with its rather ridiculous height, is still very much in Legacy wagon territory.


> but they look like a wagon, they have the overall design profile of one, their interior layout and use of space is very wagon-y, all that jazz. I agree, Subaru did a great job hiding the Outback's size with aesthetics. But ultimately, the numbers don't lie. It's not just height-- the Outback has notably more cargo volume than a CX5 (32.5 ft^3 vs 30 ft^3 ), more front head room (40.1" vs 39.3"), and more ground clearance (9.5 vs 7.5). These are all traits CUVs are known for, and the Outback beats them regardless.


Which is why some of us loves wagons. Mid sized SUV’s are realistically smaller than a mid-sized wagon. The Outback is a wagon turned into a CUV by adding plastic cladding and increasing the ride hight. In Europe we got the Legacy Wagon until about 2015 or something and it was the exact same car as the Outback, just without the plastic cladding and 15cm ground clearance instead of 20. On the roof, when the Outback grew those huge plastic thingys and weird crossbar/rails for the 2011 model year, the European Outback still looked like this: https://i.imgur.com/8pliKB3.jpg 2015: https://i.imgur.com/vbzH1DS.jpg A lot of CUV’s are just SUV’s that look less like an American Full-size SUV and more like a European mid-size SUV. European SUVs tend to be more overgrown hatchbacks than tall wagons.


I parked next to a new one in my X3 the other day and it matches the X3 dimensions almost exactly. I’d say it’s firmly in the compact crossover segment.


It is extremely similar in height to my wife's CRV. The biggest difference is the length of the truck and height of the seating position. I do prefer my outback over her CRV though.


I have always thought of the Outback as a wagon no matter what it gets classified as.


Mine loves wagons. Our next car is gonna be a wagon or an suv but it’s gotta be electric according to her. Which means mine can be a 2 seater sports coupe.


It's your car not hers! Tell her to take a hike.


She won't have a choice when I don't let her ride in my sweet ~~hearse~~ wagon 😤😤


She seems like the type of person to refer to a Kia Sorento as a Jeep


or a "truck"


I try to just let people be, but this is the one thing that drives me absolutely fucking bananas. No, Susan, your Highlander is not a "truck". It's a big Camry with AWD and some ground clearance.


I’m guilty of this. I grew up around trucks predominantly, so anything kinda big with 4wd (or AWD I guess) I want to call a truck out of habit. It started with body on frame SUVs, but now those don’t really exist all that much. I also call my Jeep a car though, so you’d better watch out. Never know what my next move will be


I still refer to body on frame SUVs as trucks. Because, to be fair, they are mostly just trucks with a long cab and extra seats. But I draw the line at anything unibody unless it has a bed.


That’s how I am. BOF suvs are trucks, just not pickup trucks.


[SUV's are technically considered "light trucks" in order to get around fuel efficiency standards.](https://whautorepair.com/what-classifies-as-a-light-truck/) Surely we can also refer to them as trucks.


I call my Fiat 500 a truck. Old habits lol


You're going to hell for this


God my mom keeps referring to her Traverse as a truck and it drives me nuts. My dad calls it a station wagon which drives her nuts.


Call it a van for maximum nuttery.


SUV’s are called Jeeps in a lot of countries. I didn’t even know that Jeep was it’s own brand until my family moved to US 16 years ago.


It was like that in the US too, can’t remember exactly when it changed but early 90’s any SUV was called a Jeep for sure. Notorious BIG even had the line “in the Isuzu Jeep”


So everyone in the UK?


Where I am from Jeep literally means any SUV.


There's also people in my country that also refer to all carbonated soft drinks as "Coke."


Lol me as well. A Toyota RAV-4? A Jeep. A Toyota FJ40? A Jeep.


I really thought this was going to be about antique covered wagons. Pretty disappointed tbh


Same, came here to bash horse driven carriages


i love wagons i dont get why few people like them you get all the practicallity of an suv but the sportiness, handling and fuel economy of a sedan


Here's my two cents, from someone who grew up in Finland where wagons are more popular than sedans. Wagons dont look like hearse when they have flat roof like Audi A6 Wagon. i just IMO like more the look of a sedan, thats why premium cars like 7 series, A8, S- Class and other F-segment cars are always sedan to finish the premium look. ​ you buy what car you like dont let someones opinion push you away from buying the car you like.


My wife wasn’t sold on the wagon either. Got an E61 535xi touring as a daily for more practicality and to keep miles off my M3. Long story long, she loves it, it’s so comfortable, and it’s taken us on a dozen road trips over the past year. Get a wagon and if she still doesn’t like it, time to trade it in… the girl, not the car ;)


Since the mid-80's the station wagon has been supplanted by SUVs ans minivans in the market. It makes sense that people of a certain age might see hearses as the predominant example of a wagon, particularly given they they're more noticeable. I like them, I currently own 2. In many cases I think the wagon version of a vehicle is more attractive than the sedan.


It made sense that the minivan would win but the crossover mania is just marketing to soccer dads


I mean... so do wagons lol, that's as soccer dad as it gets in the US


It’s ok to be a soccer dad/mom, what’s cringe is vacuuming goldfish crackers in your highlander thinking "at least I don’t drive a minivan"


Which is just as cringe as vacuuming goldfish crackers in your wagon thinking "at least I don't drive an SUV" Do you really think buying a sedan with a long back makes you a race driver or something? lol the snobbery is so obnoxious. Liking wagons isn't a personality trait.


> Liking wagons isn't a personality trait. /r/cars in shambles


Don't let that put you off buying a wagon.


The well designed ones look nothing like a hearse IMO. I wish there were more options for wagons here, idk why everyone wants to drive something that handles like shit and gets worse gas mileage


Show her the rs2 avant


She will just think that’s old


Throw away the whole girlfriend


You should watch Harold and Maude with her https://blog.consumerguide.com/harold-maude-car/


I love that movie


All I want is a Honda Accord Sport manual wagon. Is that so much to ask?


There needs to be more wagons if you ask me! I always love wagon versions of cars that we normally see as sedans. The Acura TSX Wagon is one of my faves. The Cadillac CTS wagon, bad ass. He'll I even had a subaru outback wagon that was great.... I'd never buy another one but that one was cheap and awesome.


> The Acura TSX Wagon Saw one on the highway yesterday and I had to ask myself if I have ever seen one before. They are rare.


I've come across a few. There was a guy in my area who had one on bags, nice wheels, he went all out. They are definetly rare, but not as rare as the lexus is300 sportcross. THAT has to be my all time fave wagon, even tho I am a hard-core honda fan. The TSX Wagon is a close 2nd.




I'd have to agree with you there.


Always glad to see the Sportcross get a mention when the wagon conversation comes up. I feel like it's always forgotten about 😂 Wouldn't trade mine for anything!


You have a unicorn my friend. If I remember correct, which I probably don't and I'm dyslexic, but around 5000 were made and that's it. Cherish it forever.


Somebody in my neighborhood has a Buick TourX, even that looks really good. The benefit of all that extra space makes perfect sense. Also 4-door vs hatchback equivalent. I was hoping Subaru would bring back the WRX hatch but no luck, ended up with a GTI which has gobs of room with back seats down.


Hubby and I have a TourX and we love it. We get a few looks around town. They're pretty rare where we are. I love that we can lash the canoe to the top when we go camping.


No offense intended at “even Buick looks good” but I don’t think people would associate that with a Buick wagon. It’s slick! Definitely don’t see many of them around, and sure folks have to do a double-take to figure out what it is.


The secret to its good looks is that it's a rebadged Opel Astra.


We need more reliable Japanese made wagons . In Canada there’s only German ones available to buy new.


My wife likes to say that hatchbacks and wagons are like fanny packs, they may be practical but they look stupid.


Give her time. I converted my wife over to the wagon side. While we don't have one yet, she sees the RS6 as our holy grail car, and the A4 Allroad as a somewhat realistic next car.


Yeah, but what if your 'Hearse" has a twin-turbo V8 producing more than 600 HP?


I hated on wagons until I got one, albeit for free. I had to live with one in order to appreciate. The V90 and RS6 are both gorgeous.


My wife and I recently bought a VW golf Sportwagen. 6 speed manual and AWD. It’s friggin awesome. It has the useful space of a SUV but the economy of a car. We have roof rails and haul kayaks with it easily. She set up the rear hatch with a pet divider and dog bed for our dogs to ride in comfort. Wagons are awesome. But I feel this will be our last wagon as they are more and more rare. We couldn’t justify buying a Volvo wagon. And the Subaru Outback and Forrester have become more crossover-like.


Have you seen the VW Arteon wagon? It. Is. Glorious.


Wagons were family haulers from the 1950s through the 1980s so they earned a strong stigma as being mom-mobiles. Then the minivan came a long in the 1980s and offered even more practicality for families and replaced the wagon nearly overnight and earned it's own stigma as a mom-mobile. Then the Explorer came along and moms and dads thought they could still be cool schlepping a load of kids and kid accessories around in an SUV and the SUV craze started. These never acquired quite the same stigma as wagons and minivans (although I have seen people who grew up being dropped off at school in them reject them but not at the same rate as wagons and minivans). Then someone realized you could cross a car with a SUV and make a crossover and marketing, beancounters and consumers all rejoiced and here we are today. I submit that real wagons don't exist anymore. Everything passing itself off as a wagon is really just a hatchback. Real wagons have an extra couple of feet of rear overhang compared to their sedan/coupe counterparts and they definitely don't slope down to accommodate any aerodynamic concerns - real wagon tailgates stand tall in defiance of laminar flow.


My girl told me same thing and them i bought and audi allroad and bagged it lol


My wife says the same thing. I actually own two wagons because if one hearse is good, two is better! In all seriousness, get what you like. Depending on the wagon it has more room than most crossovers, which continues to surprise my wife and her parents. My V70 can fit a 65in TV between the wheel wells, and fits comfortably length wise with the 2nd row seats folded down. It will also fit a 6x5ft shed from Costco, but not so comfortably. You have to move the front seats way up, and leave your wife and kid at Target to get it home.


If she was alone in thinking this we would have a lot more wagons.


When I die, bring my body out in an e63 wagon.


Imho, those are the ideal cars. Enough room for stuff, and still the performance of a nice sedan. Go away with these stupid SUVs. They are not much more offroadable than a wagon, and are horseshite on the street.


Just tell her how little strange pussy a wagon will get you. That will change her tune.


Who is buying this and who will be holding the title? Obviously you guys aren’t married and she likely won’t be driving it.. At least you gave her a warning.. My husband isn’t a fan of my land yacht 71 Riviera but I didn’t ask him for a dime to buy it so that’s that 😜


The trick is showing them that wagons are like sleek versions of SUVs, instead of utility versions of sedans.


Don’t make a decision based on your girlfriend, if you get a car that she likes and then you guys break up, at least you’ll still have a car you actually like.


Just tell her it's a low profile cuv. Not a wagon


But most SUV’s are just tall wagons.. and that’s ok??


Buy a wagon


Yes! Pretty wild how far we've come since the Oregon trail.


I genuinely suspect that when people say things like that it’s more indicative of what they believe other people might think, rather than their own thoughts. Maybe not every time, but this is surely a candidate.


Yup, my wife says the exact same thing. I'm pretty sure she heard it from someone else, and then repeats it knowing that wagons are out of vogue.


Wagons are superior imo, but I'm Swedish and biased


If you want a sport wagon, go buy a sport wagon. I have one and absolutely love it.


Idk which wagons are you looking at, but the only wagon that looks like a hearse to me is the mercedes e class wagon. Other wagons are hot baby. Especially the audi a4/a6 avants


I’ve looked at Volvo and Audi wagons pretty seriously. And I agree, I think they look fantastic. She’s someone who dislikes “small cars,” which basically means anything that’s not an SUV or Truck.


Yep, forgot to mention volvo v60 and v90, they look so good, especially in the CC trim. If you have the money, I'd go for audi wagons with a 3.0 tdi/tfsi engines, maybe in allroad trim too so they kinda look like suvs/raised wagons.


I'm a huge fan of VW/Audi diesels, but diesel is $6.50/gallon where I'm at right now. I think VAG's best engine right now is the 3rd/4th gen ea888 2.0TSI. It can handle gobs of power while still being drivable, reliable, and even efficient when cruising. My 350+hp GTI still gets 37-38mpg on the highway at 75mph. I've seen some pretty awesome Golf alltrack builds with similar hp numbers. I think that's a perfect fun wagon. Imagine a manual 350hp wagon that can get good enough mileage you'd actually use it to road trip. That's kinda the dream.


Volvos however are expensive as fuck and they are always kind of small inside compared to their outer dimensions. The v90 is huge.


What about an Audi A7, They make a fantastic compromise between a saloon and estate, and my dads A7 was honestly more practical than his new E class, which has the single stupidest boot I've ever seen in a car thank to it being hybrid


USA stereotypes lol


Audi avants are a nice place to be I have to say


That's what me mom said too. Don't care, if Im rich enough Im buying one. Probably not gonna be though.


In the U.K. estates (or wagons) actually have a bit of a trendy status. The Audi A4 estate, Passat estate, Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate etc are not consider ‘uncool’, rather the trendy alternative for the practical family — those that do the school run, weekend trips to the tip and driving holidays across Europe — and still desire something that will leave most cars a dot in the rear view mirror when the lights turn green.


Hot Hatches are a fair compromise. You might get more speed out of this compromise, work it to your advantage!


My wife, on the other hand, is very sad that I'm selling my E63S Wagon. She likes the "if you know you know" feeling when we drive it.


*Screams manual V70 R at top of lungs*


I wish I had a longroof. They're awesome. Current favorites: Volvo V60 (nvm - discontinued in non-XC trim) The Golf AllTrack got pretty nice in the higher trims Audi A6 AllRoad and god help me but I really wish I'd moved on the Buick Regal TourX (a rebadged Opel) The BMW 3 series with the straight six/turbo six If I could truly afford a recent year V90 (non-XC) I'd really consider trading for it. It's way too nice for me, but I can try to clean up my act.


my wife's the opposite, she drives an E61. It's been draining our savings as of late so currently in the market. Too bad there's not a lot of wagons, leaning towards crossovers now


In that case, when I die, carry me to my funeral in a hybrid econo-crossover.


Tell her you don't like too much junk in the trunk either and leave her wondering.


I own an E39 sport wagon and I’m never selling it. Could not recommend more strongly. Rant warning: the US’s obsession with SUVs that can’t actually do off-road stuff and such makes no sense. Like I said, if we rule out true body-on-frame hardcore SUV’s built for heavy duty towing or off-road driving (which are far from the most common variety on the road) then what we’re left with is overpriced junk that is just a wagon but worse. Roughly the same cargo/passenger space, more expensive to buy, worse handling, worse gas mileage, worse ride, worse repair bills (the design is harder on components like suspension and brakes), and worse looking. I know, know eye of the beholder and shit but come on there are damn few if any truly beautiful crossovers and a well-designed wagon is much better looking (this is not to say there haven’t been ugly wagons, there most definitely have been). Again just to be clear I don’t think only sports cars and such are capable of be good looking; I’m actually a big fan of vintage off-readers like Land Cruisers, jeeps, etc. but the TL;DR of all this is that wagons are criminally overlooked here in the states


We need more goths